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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   01/10/19  (244)
Birdshits who brag about having brown hair that "turns blonde in the summer!"    01/17/19  (3)
USPO has a 14 monitor setup to megapost from alts of every conceivable race    01/17/19  (4)
Rate Mike Tyson's podcast gift to Joe Rogan (vid)    01/17/19  (1)
Sen. Durbin gave the best reason for the Dems not to cave - link    01/17/19  (3)
The Dark Crystal was an amazing movie with it's own world    01/17/19  (5)
dupa here. not getting a 4runner. Just found we're having twins. not flame.    01/17/19  (18)
Real Talk: I'm surprised more people don't consider "Gold Collar" careers    01/17/19  (11)
Official XO racial census    01/17/19  (34)
i think my fb interview when pretty well    01/17/19  (2)
Do workout guys still do dips? I never hear of people doing dips anymore    01/17/19  (7)
REMINDER: Trump is 180 as FUCK    01/17/19  (34)
Brett Kavanaugh sweating nervously as the shutdown nears the second pay day    01/17/19  (24)
Totally smitten with 27 yr old shrew after 1st date    01/17/19  (63)
Trump cancels Pelosi’s field trip over her misbehavior    01/17/19  (178)
Prince Philip after crash today: Women are ghastly drivers!    01/17/19  (3)
reminder: venkatesh/boner pussy MAF about not having blue eyes    01/17/19  (1)
THIS is OUR COUNTRY's FUTURE    01/17/19  (8)
Trump could start mass deportations today to pressure Dems on wall    01/17/19  (3)
Libs: why is NEVERWALL worth keeping the federal gov't closed indefinitely    01/17/19  (72)
Filet mignon with bearnaise sauce is the POTUS of steak.    01/17/19  (3)
Who was most EVIL character in Sopranos, Wire, Breaking Bad    01/17/19  (80)
Real Talk: Tomahawk Ribeye is the only steak worth eating    01/17/19  (4)
2012 GOP primary was laughable looking back    01/17/19  (8)
SHITLIB skeksis using dark crystal to steal your essence    01/17/19  (10)
Pelosi spends $1000 a week on alcohol?    01/17/19  (2)
Brunette TOAS throws pot of scrambled eggs onto blonde TOAS (VID)    01/17/19  (1)
*Kavanaugh sweats as Nat'l Zoo closed may have to take kids to $ix Flag$ this    01/17/19  (1)
I want to line up five girls and play their buttcheeks like a big bongo drum set    01/17/19  (13)
Xo pumos, how do you take out underage girls who can't get into bars?    01/17/19  (7)
new poaster here. baby goldstein is the greatest meme ever. also i hate niggers.    01/17/19  (77)
Dems look silly not giving Trump the pittance he's asking for a wall    01/17/19  (3)
What music is Pelosi listening to after WH intern asked her to "please hold"?    01/17/19  (8)
I rented a 90lb jackhammer over the weekend; arms still feel tingly    01/17/19  (1)
Merrick Garland issuing unanimous decision to order value size Frosty for lunch    01/17/19  (28)
Just got back into Rocket League. Still the best game.    01/17/19  (35)
ironside what do u think of this asian lawyer with tasteful implants?    01/17/19  (85)
Reminder: Chandler is literally OBESE    01/17/19  (21)
RE: Your attendance at our practice group lunches    01/17/19  (16)
Anyone else enjoy absolutely nothing about practicing law other than money?    01/17/19  (17)
hey chandler fuck you nigger    01/17/19  (1)
what is light    01/17/19  (4)
How can you be conservative when this happens DAILY in ameriKKKa?    01/17/19  (1)
whats better? 150k pension or 10mm saved retirement?    01/17/19  (38)
Little confused..which poaster is Venkatesh and is Rice U any good    01/17/19  (17)
who else got stuck with their gayest moniker besides dupa    01/17/19  (85)
normal for network news to openly cheerlead Trump enemies?    01/17/19  (1)
jfc pelosi was leaving rhe country for SEVEN DAYS?    01/17/19  (1)
MTV reality show about Johnsmeyer: Jersey Short    01/17/19  (3)
Reminiscent of Titanic scene, string quartet plays in the back of parked bus    01/17/19  (1)
RE: "Spitter" found at your desk    01/17/19  (8)
Kavanaugh showing Thomas how to make fire ass lean with Skittles    01/17/19  (4)
Kavanaugh patiently waiting in line at Jose Andres relief kitchen    01/17/19  (1)
Kavanaugh 'solving' Roe v. Wade on blackboard during his graveyard janitor shift    01/17/19  (35)
"We were going to Brussels for you guys!" *out of work coal miner nods solemnly*    01/17/19  (7)
Libs judge Hitler by the color of his skin, not the content of his character.    01/17/19  (5)
Ginsburg died two hours ago. rumor is that no one will know for months.    01/17/19  (1)
my brother is a 180 Trumpmo    01/17/19  (3)
Stock picks for 2019?    01/17/19  (86)
OMG THE ROAD IS WET *cant drive normally* (California)    01/17/19  (19)
20yo at work with a son and a boyfriend in the army sending me racy photos    01/17/19  (48)
Saudi teen refugee: Starbucks, bacon, eggs, & bare legs (link)    01/17/19  (44)
a fat man named "Dupa" has three (3) children. you: zero (0) children    01/17/19  (46)
how much money does uspo get paid per xo post?    01/17/19  (3)
Are these sandals too boomer?    01/17/19  (10)
How do these Chaebong Hyung links exist since nyuug is barely months in    01/17/19  (1)
2018 law firm financials    01/17/19  (8)
odd fact: HoldUp hasn't posted here since the government shutdown started    01/17/19  (2)
Any summer camps to make sure your kid is woke?    01/17/19  (2)
Hawaii judge orders AF1 to depart    01/17/19  (1)
describe the xo worldview    01/17/19  (58)
We've mapped entire Neanderthal genome and could clone if we wanted    01/17/19  (1)
You (Netflix). Any good?    01/17/19  (10)
Michelle Pfeiffer in Batman Returns"    01/17/19  (32)
staind “its been awhile” playing as u fondle genital wart and remember j sha    01/17/19  (3)
Rate the picture Wikipedia uses for representation of the entire human species    01/17/19  (8)
Is it normal to ask for 8% annual raises over 3 years in Union K negotiations?    01/17/19  (2)
Just try not 2 4get. That the meek inherit earth.... (Staind)    01/17/19  (15)
110 lb indian guys wearing Vineyard Vines and boat shoes    01/17/19  (10)
do teen girls think it's 'manly' when lawyers 'play through' chronic back pain?    01/17/19  (25)
are these pants too gay to wear in the summer? (Vineyard Vines)    01/17/19  (35)
Dupa cums in happy meal gives two kids HIV    01/17/19  (6)
evil Drumpf voters hung noose, "whites only" sign inside GM plant (link    01/17/19  (4)
/! RIOT in Chicago 2nite: 3 cops AQUITTED of covering up Laquan McDonald /!    01/17/19  (5)
There are massive similarities between Hitler and Jesus.    01/17/19  (11)
Mueller Report: "Additionally, several important rules of grammar were reckless    01/17/19  (1)
Rate the fake Twitter account Michael Cohen created to flatter himself    01/17/19  (1)
Rate this Japanese guy's rant about Chinese women wearing kimonos:    01/17/19  (9)
It's depressing that the world's wealthiest man was texting this garbage    01/17/19  (126)
Sorry for the typos. This message was sent from a life raft    01/17/19  (21)
"I want to taste your taco-flavored kisses for the rest of my life"    01/17/19  (2)
The California pension crisis is going to get very bad    01/17/19  (58)
Nutella's son drawing school shooting in his "Precalc for Preschoolers" workbook    01/17/19  (20)
what's the difference between "a priori" and "a fortiori"    01/17/19  (8)
Alexa, have raven haired 49yo sent to my front door    01/17/19  (3)
Hawaii judge rules that Pelosi trip is still on    01/17/19  (5)
MUELLER report out: Trump a "useful idiot" and is compromised with embarrassing    01/17/19  (1)
   01/17/19  (2)
Xo Rudy: “There’s no collision if he was going to win anyway”    01/17/19  (2)
When Bay Area RE market crash?    01/17/19  (2)
Trump just RTed gif of Harrison Ford saying "get off my plane" in Air Force One    01/17/19  (3)
American "middle class" in 2017 = meth heads that wear "Vineyard Vines"    01/17/19  (8)
Video of a party where blindfolded people hold snake, guess type of snake    01/17/19  (4)
Pelosi to Trump: "Reschedule" State of the Union address or submit it in writing    01/17/19  (73)
SD police report a green Dodge Challenger hydroplaning out of control on 805    01/17/19  (3)
Does Mark Wahlberg ever bust out a random performance of Good Vibrations irl?    01/17/19  (2)
So the CEO of WeWork leases buildings he owns back to WeWork    01/17/19  (42)
I'm a cad, but I'm not a fraud. I've set out to serve the Lord.    01/17/19  (1)
Rami Malek has an identical twin brother that doesn't look quite as creepy    01/17/19  (1)
Re: Our audit of your 2018 hours    01/17/19  (5)
rest home nurse records 91yo Alzheimers bro speedrun Sonic 2 in 16:33 (link)    01/17/19  (4)
RE: YOUR BILLING FRAUD    01/17/19  (25)
PSA: it's a good idea to get a loan even if you dont need one    01/17/19  (21)
ITT: Examples Of GC Flooding The Market w Similar Products Owned By Same Company    01/17/19  (98)
boner police's yearslong crusade against vineyard vines    01/17/19  (14)
Giuliani: "Russia didn't exist at time of alleged collusion, it was the USSR"    01/17/19  (1)
Fantasymos: read Empire of Thorns, best series since Name of the Wind    01/17/19  (1)
I'm an angry Punjabi and here are my thoughts on US politics (xo poster)    01/17/19  (2)
shane buechele intends to transfer. who wants him?    01/17/19  (1)
General Counsel Of CA Public Employees Retirement System: $470,000 in pay. U: po    01/17/19  (4)
Google employees melt down over the use of the word "family" (link)    01/17/19  (79)
Yes I'm short. Yes I'm a dork. Yes I'm still slaying gash on the reg    01/17/19  (2)
Oannes, as described by the Babylonian priest Berosus, had the form of a fish    01/17/19  (5)
Sarah Huckabee Sanders: Texarkana 10/10 BBW QUEEN    01/17/19  (17)
How long until a radical canadian musbro beheads that refugee?    01/17/19  (3)
lawman8: "THE NEGROES TOOK OUR DATES!!"    01/17/19  (3)
Facebook is utterly depressing now    01/17/19  (19)
Prison guard greeting new inmates: "Wow, holy shit. MORE BLACK GUYS!"    01/17/19  (20)
That "Tinder District" Date Lab psycho has a podcast called "Just the Tip"    01/17/19  (8)
Xo '07: International Law! Xo '17: Singing l'internationale    01/17/19  (14)
Santa Monica Observer says RBG about to retire. Legit source?    01/17/19  (8)
What happened to the Top-Law-Schools.com forums?    01/17/19  (14)
"We have to wait until after the impeachment before we have Supreme Court nomine    01/17/19  (7)
anyone else have the shame of benching as much as their deadlift    01/17/19  (1)
Trembling before G-d    01/17/19  (1)
Any way to stream Barrett Jackson online?    01/17/19  (1)
*saves chandler via rescue stand up paddle board*    01/17/19  (1)
Former friend of Lauren Sanchez says Jeff Bezos would be 'stupid' to marry her    01/17/19  (12)
Trump: "we are getting crushed" also Trump: "why can't I get a deal?"    01/17/19  (1)
you'd have to be insane not to squat and deadlift    01/17/19  (2)
Do you and your wife/gf go to bed at the same time?    01/17/19  (45)
Something magical about Japanese city pop    01/17/19  (7)
Can california/illinois print SCRIP to cover unfunded pensions?    01/17/19  (2)
Hey bros. Wife just worked my scrotum like a speedbag & my testicle popped. (Thu    01/17/19  (2)
xo is legit too low IQ to get the glibacre shtick    01/17/19  (1)
Rate my story about wild sex with hot shrew I had (wilbur mercer)    01/17/19  (7)
"How do u plead?" Giuliani: "He pleads guilty but that's not a crime your honor"    01/17/19  (9)
Pelosi hires Academi (formally Blackwater) to fly her team to Afghanistan    01/17/19  (3)

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