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FBI "Failed To Preserve" Five Months Of Text Messages Btwn Anti-Trump FBI Agents    01/21/18  (105)
Cliffs on RSF meltdown?    01/21/18  (42)
anyone here actually WANT to be on a jury?    01/21/18  (37)
Has anyone been to an actually all-black party?    01/21/18  (31)
wife has gotten a lot meaner, short tempered, demanding post-baby    01/21/18  (29)
I called the Jaguars winning    01/21/18  (29)
Remember when Hillary got chucked into a van like a side of beef?    01/21/18  (26)
Got kicked out of a dinner party for making fun of entire table    01/21/18  (25)
I've met so many millenials in their late 20s and early 30s who have never    01/21/18  (23)
is WMTPs cringey, boomer-like use of "urban language" part of his shtick or esl?    01/21/18  (23)
Outdoorsiness peaked in the 90s    01/21/18  (22)
u ever meet an xoer type irl?    01/21/18  (19)
So Dems shut govt down, hurting citizens, to help non citizens?    01/21/18  (19)
Tired of Pats, but they are the Trumpmo team    01/21/18  (18)
Haha sorry again about last night. I think I've been masturbating too often lol    01/21/18  (18)
Pentagon documents reveal Russia is developing doomsday weapon    01/21/18  (18)
Any converaheros left on here who believe in civil liberties above nationalism?    01/21/18  (18)
should I buy an F-150 Raptor?    01/21/18  (17)
A PAKISTANI MUSLIM owner is about to beat a JEWISH PATRIOT owner    01/21/18  (17)
Trump's America: Two Army Captains Do FAGGOT Marriage At WEST POINT    01/21/18  (16)
lol eagles already self destructing    01/21/18  (16)
CA shitlibs to companies: give us half of your tax savings!    01/21/18  (16)
libs are losing is over the Pats winning    01/21/18  (15)
People already shirtless and bleeding in Philly.    01/21/18  (15)
the philadelphia eagles are the whitest team in the NFL    01/21/18  (14)
Inviting a HOT tinder slut to a firm event, cr?    01/21/18  (14)
Anyone use Amazon Fresh? Worth it?    01/21/18  (14)
Being married is 1800000 with the right person    01/21/18  (13)
I'm Denis Leary. I say "pal" because it makes me sound tough.    01/21/18  (13)
Cant blame Brady for this loss    01/21/18  (13)
Decided to drop all my smartphone zombie "friends" today    01/21/18  (12)
CharlesXII, what are your thoughts on this necklace?    01/21/18  (12)
Rate the single mom who rejected me after i sent her my pic    01/21/18  (11)
Resolved: critical acclaim for Miseducation of Lauryn Hill = early shitlib BS    01/21/18  (11)
Feel bad for Bortles you guys    01/21/18  (11)
first one to make me laugh gets 1000 NIGR    01/21/18  (11)
How do people stand watching commercials (NFL) in current year?    01/21/18  (11)
anyone else here in their local lions club chapter    01/21/18  (10)
haha did that guy leave you alone after i left?    01/21/18  (10)
Do I have a "dadbod" stomach? (NSFW pic)    01/21/18  (10)
Brady missing Gronk and Edelman.    01/21/18  (10)
Just banged a 17 year old DIME last night. Taking ?s    01/21/18  (10)
Google seemed unassailable. Now they are messing with search.    01/21/18  (10)
KRUGMAN offers another HOT TAKE on crypto    01/21/18  (9)
Nick Foles keeps saying 180    01/21/18  (9)
being catholic had a brief social cachet when JFK was POTUS    01/21/18  (9)
I hate how Americans call it soccer too haha    01/21/18  (9)
Has anyone been to an actually all-chingchong party?    01/21/18  (9)
why do poor mexican peasants in america fare better economically than african am    01/21/18  (9)