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Orange County residents literally look down at Los Angeles residents of    04/30/17  (62)
Mexicans monopolize all the public parks in California on Sundays    04/30/17  (41)
Do employers care about credit score ?    04/30/17  (22)
the DEFINITIVE lifehack to get you out of your cycle of chronic procrastination    04/30/17  (19)
Real Estate lawyers: can u sue a RE company for revealing personal info on FB?    04/30/17  (19)
What do you think of Pho?    04/30/17  (14)
SCIENCE: I tell (you) a story about my gay (sex) life with stupid (paren)theses.    04/30/17  (12)
SCIENCE: Word salad horseshit from SUSAN FRANCES REED    04/30/17  (11)
wait trump LITERALLY said that the NK issue "trumps" trade wrt China    04/30/17  (10)
Mom still makes us go to church with her on Mothers Day. How do I tell her no?    04/30/17  (7)
Would u sodomize this tranny?    04/29/17  (7)
Is separating Whites and Colors in Laundry still a thing?    04/30/17  (6)
Are these HS cheerleader uniforms appropriate?    04/30/17  (6)
SCIENCE: A big dam was built. Local residents saw that.    04/30/17  (6)
Slate: Why are Navy SEAL missions so unaccommodating to women?    04/30/17  (5)
Dr David Duke explains why he wants to protect white ppl    04/30/17  (5)
Spent 160 bucks on mothers day flowers because i almost forgot it was today FML    04/30/17  (5)
BEST Place to raise a family in these states: CA, NY, WA, OR?    04/30/17  (4)
haven't poasted under this moniker in maybe a month and forgot how to do it    04/30/17  (4)
thinking about quitting my job and poasting 24 hours a day    04/30/17  (3)
Atlantic: Why are tactical firefights ISIS Stronghold Raqqa so terrible for wome    04/30/17  (3)
Who came up with flame non-equity partnership first?    04/30/17  (3)
Never taking mom to brunch on mothers day again. Waited 2 hours for a table    04/30/17  (3)
JJ Redick choked against the Jazz.    04/30/17  (2)
Jews have been kicked out of 109 countries. Nope. Not their fault!    04/30/17  (2)
Pope issues beautiful message of "trans inclusion" on Mothers Day (link)    04/30/17  (2)
Pinellas County, FL faces massive teen joyriding epidemic:    04/30/17  (2)
Pronouns are 2016. I demand the right to pick my nouns and adjectives.    04/29/17  (2)
But daddy, you can just tell them that you're *also* a globalist    04/30/17  (1)
"Wop" standas for "With Out diaPers." It's an acronym!    04/30/17  (1)
Yesterday, Trump held a rally instead of the (((WH Correspondents Dinner)))    04/30/17  (1)