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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   09/13/19  (322)
Anyone else refinancing house soon?    09/18/19  (30)
When I was 9-10 yrs old I recall watching Leave it to Beaver with nostalgia    09/18/19  (3)
"Listen, no one wants to take your guns...but seriously, give us the guns" (libs    09/18/19  (20)
Libs went from "dont want to take your guns" to "anti-democratic not to take em"    09/18/19  (4)
LOL @ Fed cutting rates when ORANGE IDIOT says BEST economy EVER    09/18/19  (2)
is UCLA worth 400k? You decide ITT    09/18/19  (10)
vietnamese slaves serving you at a “Japanese” establishment    09/18/19  (4)
Good luck FINDING my guns libs, they're buried under gallons of cum    09/18/19  (1)
What is the "39" in Evan39's moniker? Was he once only a 39 year old Twink?    09/18/19  (11)
fed cutes rate as Trump demands, DJIA immediately starts crashing. Trumpmos?    09/18/19  (30)
What kind of GUN should i have to defend my 1br shithole?    09/18/19  (9)
Michael Sam is not on an roster today because he is openly gay    09/18/19  (77)
Jim_Kelly & Others: DESCRIBE The Specifics Of A Dead Bedroom?    09/18/19  (121)
Jalen Hurts tearing it up at Oklahoma is a bad look for fraud Saban    09/18/19  (37)
Rate the vocal fry of this consultttant shrew (video)    09/18/19  (2)
"AutoAdmit?" Rach says. "AutoAdmit, like, XO? It shut down in 2007."    09/18/19  (2)
Washington Post: Nobody's is trying to take away guns. Let's take all the guns    09/18/19  (11)
Really hope that reincarnation is real because this life = shit    09/18/19  (1)
DOWN TO 196    09/18/19  (2)
GOY tp sending a snapchat selfie of mass grave @ babi yar: “fuck nigs dude    09/18/19  (3)
wtf is there to do in the south of France    09/18/19  (23)
Clemson & UCF = virtually identical preseason SOS (UCF blacklisted from t4 tho    09/18/19  (1)
how much do i have to lift before im strong enough to beat my wife    09/18/19  (1)
GameStop to rebrand as fast casual “gamer hangout”    09/18/19  (28)
Wife turned me down again for sex. Taking questions.    09/18/19  (147)
ITT poast your address    09/18/19  (6)
Tommy T bouncing on your cock "I drink JUICE you MAFcumskin JUICE goodBIRDSHIT"    09/18/19  (50)
u can make 20-30% annual return on SP500 index EVERY yr so why not do this    09/18/19  (1)
Tattoos are no more artistic than graffiti is    09/18/19  (3)
ITT signs you need an anullment/divorce    09/18/19  (11)
Girl who fell from high rise onto parents' Rolls Royce filmed porn scene from ER    09/18/19  (1)
0% chance that 2pac was a straight man    09/18/19  (5)
I literally cannot pay my bills due to lack of cash    09/18/19  (66)
RATE this Arkansas radio ad targeted at blacks (audio)    09/18/19  (19)
wow ok    09/18/19  (1)
Pittsburgh Pirates pitcher arrested for trying to have sex with 13yo girl    09/18/19  (2)
People magazine names Michelle Obama most beautiful person of the decade    09/18/19  (2)
$hut thi$ $hit down    09/18/19  (4)
Jeremy Renner's band is actually really good    09/18/19  (11)
do you put a piece of tape over your laptop camera? zuckerberg does    09/18/19  (14)
do you put a piece of tape over your ugly wife? zuckerberg does    09/18/19  (2)
Max Stier (New Kav witness) has a wife Obama appointed to DC circuit court    09/18/19  (6)
Local gamer David Hogg describes chilling secret Nazi meetings in Gamestop basem    09/18/19  (1)
Bernie Sanders unveils $2.5 quadrillion 'Housing for All' plan    09/18/19  (31)
When I was 9-10 yrs old I recall watching girls' beavers with nostalgia    09/18/19  (1)
should I do this interview? Already accepted a job    09/18/19  (4)
Any torrents of the Rutter guide ?    09/18/19  (5)
TRUMP totally TANKED the stock market this week and NO ONE talking abt it    09/18/19  (26)
weed is for fags    09/18/19  (11)
should i subscribe to sam hydes gumroad again    09/18/19  (1)
Olden days: glimpse of stocking, shocking; now: 24/7 HD Rape of the Sabines    09/18/19  (1)
everyone in office talking about Boalt @ Ole Miss, can't get any work done    09/18/19  (1)
Just found out my wife can come from penetration alone    09/18/19  (8)
As you get older, going to sleep isn't the issue. Waking up is.    09/18/19  (1)
As I get older I’m losing even my capacity to hold opinions    09/18/19  (18)
really want to FREAK OUT and GO CRAZY    09/18/19  (1)
As of 9/18/19, 48% of the ATP top 108 come from 6 countries #tennis    09/18/19  (11)
Neoliberalism destroyed in NYT.    09/18/19  (1)
You can hide neath your pumo & study your flame.    09/18/19  (1)
Ohio State hasn't been challenged yet. They should be scared shitless.    09/18/19  (1)
should i get a masters degree    09/18/19  (14)
I want to talk about college football online and on the web    09/18/19  (11)
tommy, what can birdshits do to better serve the subcontinental master race?    09/18/19  (1)
Just found out I can come from penetration alone    09/18/19  (3)
Has this board talked about the old NBC show “My Two Dads”?    09/18/19  (1)
Your wife just found out Doobs can come from penetration alone    09/18/19  (2)
We need to crack down on the plague of Left Handers in the US    09/18/19  (7)
Board history buffs and/or Nazis: explain the Beer Hall Putsch    09/18/19  (4)
Has this board talked about the old NBC show “Ed”?    09/18/19  (6)
Do drugs and a portal will open in your office for escape!    09/18/19  (1)
Just found out your wife can come from penetration alone    09/18/19  (2)
I feel like I'm tasting my mouth    09/18/19  (4)
((Teens are pledging not to have children to fight climate change))    09/18/19  (27)
hey lamarcus things arent going so well for our enemies at sonny mcleans    09/18/19  (1)
Transfer Portal ranked #19 in AP preseason poll (link)    09/18/19  (3)
WeWork IPO back on the table after rebrand to "co-gaming space" (Bloomberg)    09/18/19  (4)
u ever see these office lifter freaks w GIGANTIC lunchboxes    09/18/19  (3)
Boiler Room a spa compared to WeWork.    09/18/19  (2)
New mailman is female. Mail went from being delivered @ 1 pm sharp to    09/18/19  (1)
Ever notice how all of these famous (((pedos))) have similar names?    09/18/19  (1)
I feel like I'm wasting my youth    09/18/19  (11)
has anyone seen ragnus dinner wow classic relaunch?    09/18/19  (1)
TommyT what other topics have been featured in KKK Magazine recently    09/18/19  (10)
What was the first cassette tape or CD you purchased?    09/18/19  (73)
American Airlines Mechanic Intentionally Damages Plane to Get Overtime    09/18/19  (25)
Shitlibs will absolutely come after your 401k/IRA once the boomers die    09/18/19  (12)
Felicity Huffman pleads guilty gets 14 days, Lori Loughlin faces 40 years    09/18/19  (15)
Summon Drake Mallard    09/18/19  (3)
Summon SEEKING mastermen    09/18/19  (3)
What's the worst event in human history not attributable to the Jews?    09/18/19  (7)
doodikoff i just read jalen hurts is *younger* than tua tagovailoa    09/18/19  (2)
Girlfriend thinks all TV shows before steaming were live    09/18/19  (8)
Googling guys from rehab to see if they're still alive tp    09/18/19  (3)
Biden has lost his marbles. Gives speech about beating a black guy w/ a chain.    09/18/19  (65)
Rate this right wing femdom blog fan comment    09/18/19  (30)
I'm a faggot but only for smelly turd men like TT    09/18/19  (1)
If something happens IRL and it doesnt get posted about here i'll never know    09/18/19  (6)
Why is AGWWG increasingly common, WGWAG increasingly rare?    09/18/19  (2)
Pic: I think Jeffrey Epstein may be one of those demons in The Devil's Advocate    09/18/19  (5)
Novak Djokovic: "Injury more serious, not sure when I will return" #tennis    09/18/19  (3)
Asian/Indian men crushed by the reality of AGWWG and IGWWG    09/18/19  (2)
I'm 45 and I don't feel like I've started to live yet    09/18/19  (3)
Is Adam Devine the hardest working comedian actor in the game right now?    09/18/19  (3)
LA Noire aged extremely well    09/18/19  (17)
when did retarded and faggot become NOT OKAY to say    09/18/19  (7)
Has there ever been a truly great female CEO of a public company?    09/18/19  (26)
Ram Dass is ready to die    09/18/19  (15)
Long Live the Resting Bitch Face [VICE]    09/18/19  (1)
My newly single male neighbor is taking my wife to dinner tonight. Weird?    09/18/19  (44)
Rate the quality of this Cindy Crawford deep nude pic.    09/18/19  (4)
Shitcons: any movement on RBG death?    09/18/19  (52)
how can i turn $1 million into 200k in passive income per year thx    09/18/19  (28)
RAGING TWITCH THOT goes off on viewers (cleavage) (sfw)    09/18/19  (1)
Selling my own line of bodybuilding supplements (CSLG)    09/18/19  (5)
TRUMP: I only hire the best. ALSO TRUMP: Jerome Powell sucks!    09/18/19  (4)
Marissa Mayer tanking Yahoo! is OKAY, NOT HER FAULT.    09/18/19  (111)
RATE this gore ASMR video    09/18/19  (2)
Rate this aspiring school shooter who threatened to kill 400 people    09/18/19  (2)
in 1950s & 60s factory workers had huge 2-story homes w/ tire swing in yard    09/18/19  (2)
It's funny when you see your old sidepieces get married on FB    09/18/19  (1)
“GODDAMNIT JINX WHY CANT YOU GET ME PREGNANT?!” raged whok reading PF post    09/18/19  (12)
Private Birdshit adding “Iran” stamp to passport alongside Iraq and Afghanis    09/18/19  (3)
What exactly is causing housing prices to be so insane allover California?    09/18/19  (16)
Tommy has turdpilled me completely    09/18/19  (2)
Tinder Pink: $89.99 to boost among sluttiest females    09/18/19  (2)
Indian robocaller taunting you about juice freshness    09/18/19  (2)
"donny" aka jigesh patel of ahmedabad, gujurat/fremont, ca, database admin    09/18/19  (46)
"helen's parents are coming & she'll prob make that chink slo--hey who joined?"    09/18/19  (4)
Democrat Migrants flooding into the South    09/18/19  (32)
Ljl sellcucks mad you didnt get your 50 basis pt cut    09/18/19  (2)
Just talked to a retired postal worker.    09/18/19  (33)
Struggling to figure out what I want for lunch today    09/18/19  (1)
I was in a TRUE PROPE HOLE    09/18/19  (1)
has there actually been a hapa school shooter other than Elliot Rodger    09/18/19  (1)
"and thank god it was a girl. didn't want a school shoot--hey, who just joined?"    09/18/19  (8)
"he's got evelyn's eyes. sometimes i wonder if he has a sou--hey who just joined    09/18/19  (9)
Bros been on a cycle of LDG-4033 fucking RAGING huge gains already    09/18/19  (2)
Ironside, What Piece Of Shit Is Missing? #tennis    09/18/19  (2)
"Maintenance began today on the Nate Higge- I mean Higgs Boson collider today    09/18/19  (1)
More video of goyims destroying their children's video games    09/18/19  (5)
You ready? Looks like Republicans are definitely trying to start a WAR again!    09/18/19  (2)
Why are people so fat despite more people going to gym???    09/18/19  (70)
ITT: Video highlighting how MSM has pivoted and is ALL IN on Warren    09/18/19  (62)
Kid’s prole hockey team parents bitching about getting charged for hotel room    09/18/19  (10)
ITT: xo musclestuds & twinks poast their favorite staple meals    09/18/19  (6)
N.Y. judge barred from bench for posting noose image with 'Make America Great Ag    09/18/19  (5)
Anyone married to a woman they can't have intelligent conversation with?    09/18/19  (22)
Askav's tight asshole is like a fireplace for my penis    09/18/19  (18)
Major Reason Seinfeld Is Worse Than Curb: Elaine (Women) Not Funny    09/18/19  (41)

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