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Who are the Top 5 Most Based Jews to ever live?    02/02/23  (18)
Harsh Truth: Ashli Babbitt got exactly what she had coming    02/02/23  (17)
Kikes please explain this shit. (pics)    02/02/23  (6)
Most prestigious street suffix?    02/02/23  (23)
what’s the main draw of Dallas? Worth living in?    02/02/23  (6)
Did GJR insult my wife?    02/02/23  (3)
she's an 8 but she is 8.    02/02/23  (1)
Are women just mad that they aren't men?    02/02/23  (5)
she's an 8 but she has a kid    02/02/23  (11)
Do you feel helpless when the taller man gets over on you?    02/02/23  (15)
Hey mainlining friend! Fuck these frauds! We will be chill friends IRL    02/02/23  (8)
"order photos" popup on wife nudes on phone    02/02/23  (1)
What's the most confusing movie you've ever seen?    02/02/23  (79)
Solo here. How do I hire an associate?    02/02/23  (15)
Joseph Kennedy was based af    02/02/23  (1)
9 years ago one of the biggest topics on xo was blacks crossing street slowly    02/02/23  (8)
ChatGPT: Give me an argument for why women should have kids early    02/02/23  (1)
Thinking about going full apple tard    02/02/23  (6)
Chinese spy balloon currently hovering over US airspace    02/02/23  (34)
They said it couldn't be done. But I have proof otherwise.    02/02/23  (1)
GTTR is a hell of a lady, GTTR's husband. You are very lucky.    02/02/23  (112)
Former FBI Director McCabe: FBI must put Hunter laptop store guy in jail    02/02/23  (46)
Anyone here have ZERO tattoos?    02/02/23  (110)
Should I try out Seeking Arrangements on my next work trip instead of Tinder?    02/02/23  (10)
You: "Why do my eyes hurt?" Emilio tp: "You've never used them before."    02/02/23  (84)
Nuclear family. Stay-at-home wife. Three children. Church on Sundays.    02/02/23  (7)
Is part of being TradCath being childless and single at 27?    02/02/23  (1)
Did anyone else get the Final Jeopardy Clue right?    02/02/23  (3)
What are some appropriate occasions to wear a 3-piece suit? Can't think of any    02/02/23  (16)
Trans freak has two trans kids. What a coincidence.    02/02/23  (22)
lib take on what Republican base wants (that Trump is slow on)    02/02/23  (1)
IMPORTANT: why no azn quarterbacks in NFL if they are so smart?    02/02/23  (4)
Which musician (non-singer) has the highest ratio of fame:talent?    02/02/23  (41)
goddammit i got my initial mortgage offer approved    02/02/23  (1)
what’s a normal day of eating for you    02/02/23  (20)
What kinda name is "Klebold" anyway    02/02/23  (6)
Ilhan Omar ousted from house Foreign Affairs Committee due to antisemetism    02/02/23  (19)
Harvard schmarvard can you make a margarita son?    02/02/23  (1)
ER doctor run down and randomly murdered while biking in California    02/02/23  (1)
Did you just call him a buttgoy?    02/02/23  (1)
any chill ipad / iphone games?    02/02/23  (10)
EPCOT was a monument to the Faustian Spirit, now it serves up Marvel slop. Sad!    02/02/23  (3)
Why do "religious" goyim only go to Church 1x/wk? Jews go 3x/day, Muzzies 5x/day    02/02/23  (5)
My Goliath Birdeater tarantula tried to attack me.    02/02/23  (3)
🚨 Project Veritas Pfizer Part 2 is up    02/02/23  (17)
modern life has ruined me. i want to date a woman who enjoys the odd gangbang    02/02/23  (1)
Do you like Zyn?    02/02/23  (4)
"Are you listening to me?!" your wife barks, interrupting your suicidal thoughts    02/02/23  (117)
Anyone here recommend skydiving?    02/02/23  (13)
Did whok marry some sloppy drunk whore just for content creation    02/02/23  (7)
2 years ago, one of my dads went out to buy vape juice and just never came back    02/02/23  (26)
Libs ecstatic about "ethically sourced" AI-generated kiddie porn (link)    02/02/23  (10)
2025: "Nocoiner?" asked the disheveled man behind you in the BREADLINE    02/02/23  (72)
*your son pretending to eat cat food* "look dad I'm a NOCOINER"    02/02/23  (90)
Anyone here a little pro-Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold?    02/02/23  (5)
LOL Luka at 23 is already better than lebron ever was.    02/02/23  (1)
can someone explain the virtues of stoicism?    02/02/23  (7)
I never considered that Klebold and Harris were just kids until a few minutes ag    02/02/23  (5)
"At least I'm not Spaceporn Junior," Junko Furuta thought    02/02/23  (9)
DC-mos, is 7th & G (NE) good or bad?    02/02/23  (1)
asians from borneo got to madagascar before africans did    02/02/23  (5)
“Men” who spend free time doing anything other than fucking asian pussy 🤣    02/02/23  (8)
Columbine shooters never lived to see PS2, Gamecube, or Xbox    02/02/23  (11)
most underrated regional accent for a hot chick?    02/02/23  (3)
new dem slogan: "embrace death"    02/02/23  (1)
Had a horrible joke played on me at work    02/02/23  (1)
Kleboldianism    02/02/23  (1)
My Day as a Social Influencer 💪    02/02/23  (3)
If the Russians are massing at the Uk border, why can’t Ukraine do what Israel    02/02/23  (2)
(WaPo) The $400K conundrum: Why America’s urban rich don’t feel that way    02/02/23  (147)
April 20th, 1999 - Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold are found.    02/02/23  (2)
the difference b/w Joe Burrow and being an Obama-era brunchman is 5 inches of he    02/02/23  (1)
Chinese balloon is a test. We must strike back decisively.    02/02/23  (3)
Air bnb house while on spring break vacation?    02/02/23  (4)
On Cumming: Memoirs of a Nullo Spammer    02/02/23  (1)
does anyone wanna play mechwarrior 5 mercenaries w/ me    02/02/23  (3)
crazy how helicopters/airplanes can shake the ground    02/02/23  (1)
Is Mayor of Kingstown the most accurate show about the nature of niggers?    02/02/23  (1)
what's the best book title, regardless of content or quality?    02/02/23  (136)
luis, im back to on double cheeseburger diet    02/02/23  (16)
pet stores in the 90s were 180    02/02/23  (1)
Is Biden really going to run?    02/02/23  (1)
"We can't rule out the possibility there's a baby in the balloon"    02/02/23  (1)
Just finished my first jury trial in 3 years    02/02/23  (14)
Rank Marino all time if he won that Super Bowl    02/02/23  (4)
I get a 150k payday if I can manage to not get fired/laid off    02/02/23  (4)
Completely furked SHIT up selling COVERED CALLS    02/02/23  (26)
a recent xo thread where people didn't know what purposivism was made me sick    02/02/23  (2)
Running list of GJR retirement threads    02/02/23  (5)
Top 5 all time QBs now that Brady retired?    02/02/23  (66)
Have you blocked women you had feelings for?    02/02/23  (2)
Hey chud. You're not allowed to "not care" about Ukraine. People are dying.    02/02/23  (11)
Biglawyers 10+ years in: how is your life?    02/02/23  (54)
xo poaster goes on date (video)    02/02/23  (1)
As an older guy, do you ever stop falling for much younger women?    02/02/23  (21)
E-celeb delivers healthy child during unbroken Overwatch 2 Twitch stream    02/02/23  (1)
What one consumer item most captures America's decline and fall?    02/02/23  (1)
Grey Poupon launches brand of upscale sparkling water, Clear Poupond    02/02/23  (1)
Minnesotan gets six months in jail for raping two girls under age 10 (guess race    02/02/23  (10)
Meeting on med mal cases in a couple hours    02/02/23  (18)
Anyone here truly overcome depression?    02/02/23  (36)
Priest explaining to GJR he can't absolve her for tomorrow's sin against BP.    02/02/23  (17)
Shitlawyers, have you bros encountered any 180, black "street names"?    02/02/23  (3)
Russians fight like shit. How can Ukraine lose to this?    02/02/23  (5)
bort Russiacucks are 90% azns and prole whites who have never been to Europe    02/02/23  (16)
One of my three dads is transitioning. How many dads do I have now?    02/02/23  (5)
90% of the key to success in biglaw is being a non-obese female    02/02/23  (1)
Virtue won't return until everybody is perfectly sociopathic. No margin in it.    02/02/23  (1)
Do people actually make money with tax sales?    02/02/23  (6)
Stuff Only Prole Kids Know About (Buzzfeed)    02/02/23  (23)
Anyone in SoCal get solar panels and regret it?    02/02/23  (82)
What was the first video game you ever played?    02/02/23  (46)
Butthurtlib.mastodon.eu    02/02/23  (2)
RATE this tweet    02/02/23  (2)
Run Rabbit Run opening about logging onto xo after a decade to poast a bit more    02/02/23  (1)
Sitting on toilet waiting to shit. Look down. Turns out I already shat.    02/02/23  (4)
HHI/NW threads make me hate myself and want to die.    02/02/23  (39)
Is it weird to meet your wife on a "dating app"?    02/02/23  (58)
What's the highest value target Ukraine can hope to hit with these long range bo    02/02/23  (1)
Why do they call millennials “the first Gen to do worse than their parents?”    02/02/23  (8)
'almost time for march madness.' 'Oh, I love basketball.' 'Basketball?'    02/02/23  (1)
Utah Jazz just traded one of their bench players to the all star team (link)    02/02/23  (3)
Mormon transwoman is basketball wunderkind. They call xim the Utah Jazz.    02/02/23  (1)
Russia showing off dat Msta-S more and more now, the BMPT too    02/02/23  (1)
my goodness rate this Jared Taylor 40 second clip (absolute smackdown)    02/02/23  (4)
logical pozitivism    02/02/23  (2)
ITT you link to interesting and funny Lex Tp threads    02/02/23  (31)
What's more prestigious? "Applicable Law" or "Applicable Laws."    02/02/23  (10)
Do you say "Regardless of How" or "Regardless How"    02/02/23  (4)
How's BigLaw 10 years in? *thread is about alcoholism*    02/02/23  (1)
yo Pole Troon    02/02/23  (3)
Orcrist, the Goblin Cleaver tell me proper way to contact&consult with med Mal l    02/02/23  (5)
Dedication to "truth" is clearly a dysgenic evolutionary trait    02/02/23  (50)
I used to love to tease my esl college students about the sun going around earth    02/02/23  (1)
Not flame. Poaster died in the Thailand home of another poaster.    02/02/23  (31)
You think Russia counts these guys in their KIA figures?    02/02/23  (9)
I Can't Handle the Antisemitism This Year (r/Teachers)    02/02/23  (48)
Solars Panel    02/02/23  (1)
Solar Panels: yet another type of Goy Kryptonite subscription services    02/02/23  (4)
Curb Season 12: Cheryl gets back w Larry & convinces him to get Solar Panels    02/02/23  (1)
Ricky doing insane capoeira moves on ketamine while alzabo drums intensely. nude    02/02/23  (14)
I don't own the solar panels, I'm just leasing them. That way there's no risk.    02/02/23  (2)
The depiction of the Romanov's murder in The Crown was great.    02/02/23  (1)
Were Flaubert (M Bovary) & Tolstoy (A Karenina) cucks to have glorified cucking?    02/02/23  (4)
You can fix everything in your body and have it all hard reset refresh be perfec    02/02/23  (6)
Email girl exposes Melvin coworkers during zoom call for commenting on her looks    02/02/23  (15)
Despite his copious poetic output, women never seemed to cotton to "Shortfellow"    02/02/23  (1)
Can I eat dinner tonight or would that be weak and stupid?    02/02/23  (5)
AOC gets SPICY on the House floor (video)    02/02/23  (19)
Discovered: Frasier spec script written by John Updike    02/02/23  (3)

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