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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   01/17/20  (356)
ggtp flying 24 hours for 15 minute HR screener in Charlotte    01/18/20  (10)
GGTP's JPM interviewer turning into Freddy Krueger: "Welcome to inhouse, bitch!    01/18/20  (4)
Violent Pornography.mp3    01/18/20  (2)
WTF happened in 1971?!?? (Chart)    01/18/20  (18)
Rate my GF's fantasy    01/18/20  (29)
apparently the fruit of the loom logo never had a cornucopia in it?    01/18/20  (2)
Watching videos/vlogs of cute early 20s girls. Mood improves temporarily (DTP)    01/18/20  (14)
Anyone watching this J-Rock fight today?    01/18/20  (1)
Metal bros what is good contemporary metal to listen to?    01/18/20  (43)
How are diners profitable w/ the amount of food they have to purchase and waste?    01/18/20  (6)
XO Poa (a poem)    01/18/20  (1)
Hey ggtp I made this Less Than Jake cover for you    01/18/20  (8)
Chandler: does this faggot ever stop whining?    01/18/20  (26)
Dirte fires up GRINDR    01/18/20  (5)
heard 2 moms bashing another mom for having a TTT stroller. ljl.    01/18/20  (216)
"I don't call it a blow job because it's not a job. It's what I do." (Peterman)    01/18/20  (5)
“Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now” plays as Halford rides away with mannequin d    01/18/20  (1)
This apartment has everything    01/18/20  (46)
Rate me as a businessman    01/18/20  (9)
The Box what is Sam Hyde like irl?    01/18/20  (37)
What do gamefaqs poasters look like IRL?    01/18/20  (1)
Fallen in love with coworker who's in a relationship with a lesser version of me    01/18/20  (15)
Hungry Hungry Hippos except it's Henry Aaron in a sea of black dicks    01/18/20  (1)
SUMMON GOY GUN NUT: I'll be heading over to Market at Magnolia in like 5    01/18/20  (1)
I have decided to leave xo to pursue other opportunities    01/18/20  (9)
Uppababy most prestigious stroller brand?    01/18/20  (17)
So sick of Rawlsian political and moral theory    01/18/20  (30)
Reminder: Trump lost by 3 million votes then GOP got gaped in next 3 elections    01/18/20  (4)
lol so dirte just found $1M+ in crypto in his crawlspace?    01/18/20  (5)
Can ppl on XO make millions as poets?    01/18/20  (1)
Let’s have some fun! Let’s figure out life and how to live in paradise reach    01/18/20  (1)
all I want is a loving virgin wife, 3 non-gay kids and a family crest    01/18/20  (12)
hundreds of new 180 poasters just waiting for registration to open    01/18/20  (8)
5'7'' incel dork dreaming of wife, family that not even a literal prince can get    01/18/20  (1)
Lib friend naming son D'rone    01/18/20  (126)
Royal Caribbean claims grandfather KNEW window was open (link)    01/18/20  (10)
Partner in midlaw or biglaw associate?    01/18/20  (46)
johnsmeyer, box, mcdonalds tp, benzo/tsinah feud--this is a good season of zozo    01/18/20  (15)
Roger Ebert and Martin Scorsese's 10 Best Films of the 90s    01/18/20  (22)
LIFE is GREAT and ALLAH is amazing    01/18/20  (24)
Some childhood photos (CSLG)    01/18/20  (76)
yale sociologist goes undercover as irs foia coordinator to study autistic behav    01/18/20  (2)
rate this female redditor's theory of male dating behavior:    01/18/20  (50)
Spent more than $200 on groceries today    01/18/20  (14)
For real, TSINAH is clinically obese.    01/18/20  (13)
I guess I'm a stupid goy    01/18/20  (3)
🚨🚨🚨SPACE FORCE NOW HAS UNIFORMS🚨🚨🚨    01/18/20  (12)
Fuck it. Applying to Caribbean DO school. Whokebe, any tips on how to get in?    01/18/20  (7)
"sure tzatziki sounds good" "note to self, make tzatziki/peterman thread later"    01/18/20  (5)
/r/FemaleDatingStrategies discussion on replicating Meghan Markle's success (lin    01/18/20  (1)
path is wide open 4 someone to become kenny g of the lute. yuge untapped market.    01/18/20  (1)
I've never seen "lawyers" as jealous as you guys are of CSLG    01/18/20  (17)
Meghan Markle gave birth to the ultimate anchor baby    01/18/20  (5)
"third year law student specializing in intellectual property" *practices dui la    01/18/20  (2)
Study: Bitcoin going to $50,000 this or next year    01/18/20  (15)
You are a broken man if you actively pursue condom sex    01/18/20  (22)
Should I start worrying about climate change    01/18/20  (1)
Space Force: stopping aliens > ICE: stopping “aliens”    01/18/20  (2)
Why did we never hear about “deep state” until Trump was elected?    01/18/20  (5)
Spritezero the Zealot    01/18/20  (1)
Meghan Markle married into the Royal Family less than 2 years ago. 💥💥💥    01/18/20  (3)
Tmf how do I get a job at the intersection of law, technology and whatever    01/18/20  (19)
One day Deshaun tp will be dropped off in front of my home by a Reptilian UFO    01/18/20  (1)
"is that adderall or dorito dust on your face?" tsinah: *adjust toupee* "both"    01/18/20  (38)
This isnt a game to me, screamed TSINAH as he upended the Candyland board    01/18/20  (28)
jfc, can't believe benzo's pumo is responsible for tsinah's obesity    01/18/20  (3)
"haven't seen a backdoor that wide open since tsinah got in2 gradschool(tsinahs    01/18/20  (19)
TSINAH sent me a cease and desist letter in 2015    01/18/20  (57)
Do you keep your "good" pills in a safe?    01/18/20  (3)
tsinahs asshold thrives at the intersection of flying J and all 3 lsat sections    01/18/20  (5)
damn too bad tsinah showed his face in an autoadmit chatroom    01/18/20  (2)
Watching TSINAH try and forcememe himself into the Cali shitlaw clique is lulzy    01/18/20  (22)
Rabbit Air purifier goes ape shit if I vape a little    01/18/20  (1)
What kind of women does Stevie Wonder find attractive?    01/18/20  (2)
Box how old would your babby be today?    01/18/20  (1)
I sue you I'm a rawyer    01/18/20  (2)
"my mental illness is my super power" tsinah thought as his toilet went unplunge    01/18/20  (2)
Life hack: make ice coffee, call it cold brew, charge twice as much    01/18/20  (4)
so UK finally got Brexit but we still have no fucking wall    01/18/20  (25)
Remember playing CDs on ur computer and those designs would show up?    01/18/20  (3)
Just dropped the L bomb at a restaurant I'm a regular at    01/18/20  (12)
addicted to options trading    01/18/20  (15)
Harry and Meghan will not use HRH titles - palace    01/18/20  (20)
Wife & daughter left me for 2 weeks, how to cope?    01/18/20  (1)
Intel is done here    01/18/20  (82)
1st Space Force Division reassigned to Iran    01/18/20  (1)
I'm a Taiwanese immigrant, and a white nationalist.    01/18/20  (1)
Jewish guy asks blacks in Brooklyn why they're beating up Jews. SHOCKING respons    01/18/20  (52)
Rate this broke college student    01/18/20  (94)
What's the angle between your erect dick and your abdomen/upper pelvis?    01/18/20  (17)
Is post-Brexit Britain still doomed by immigration?    01/18/20  (8)
*gets wheelbarrowed out of a sonic drive in* "what? i have mono." (tswift)    01/18/20  (34)
girlfriend wants to try sex where we roleplay as babies    01/18/20  (132)
I really wish doobs would post again. He was my friend    01/18/20  (29)
180 Longread About How SJWs Destroyed Google Employee Morale    01/18/20  (8)
Spent more that $200 on brunch today    01/18/20  (22)
Order Appointing Pauper Counsel and Order to Contact Public Defender entered.    01/18/20  (1)
This CSLG fellow makes my skin crawl    01/18/20  (44)
Whenever I go to the store to buy beer I come home with rice and milk    01/18/20  (1)
Can't believe DTP actually fucked a guy and enjoyed it    01/18/20  (5)
There's a heavy resignation to my current depression (DTP)    01/18/20  (8)
Found Valtrex in my wife's purse.    01/18/20  (47)
Who's your $$$ on? McGregor or Cerrone?    01/18/20  (13)
This is UJ btw    01/18/20  (3)
a 12-page dfw endnote about boner police's increasing disillusionment at tufts    01/18/20  (4)
I want, more than anything, for my wedding to be a crab feast.    01/18/20  (2)
2 secretaries were looking @ me from down the hall & one mouthed "bowlcut autist    01/18/20  (13)
I feel like throwing my bowlcut head right out the window    01/18/20  (5)
NOTICE: everyone with "TS" in their moniker must fill out this bingo card    01/18/20  (16)
hey box can you archive all of tsinahs poasts and send them to me? (benzo)    01/18/20  (6)
I'll fuck a new IQ into your dumb bitch ass    01/18/20  (4)
fucked a super tight korean shrewish pussy last night raw taking 3 qs    01/18/20  (1)
Nate Silver is an example of IRL Asperger's    01/18/20  (7)
Thing-doing and being with people makes time move more slowly?    01/18/20  (2)
having a pretty good day today    01/18/20  (1)
First time I met MPA I saluted him like tom cruise 2 David miscavige    01/18/20  (26)
GODWINSON    01/18/20  (1)
TSINAH: If you don't like my archive, then leave the bort!!! Problem solved!!!    01/18/20  (86)
women are digusting, their pussies are naturally hairy    01/18/20  (1)
just got foia response: "u shoulda gone to a better law school" (tsinah)    01/18/20  (13)
Vegetarians: Plants are alive too and you murder them and eat them    01/18/20  (8)
Bangbros.com uses underage girls on the Reg (guy who knows)    01/18/20  (91)
Why do alcohol companies always say "drink responsibly"?    01/18/20  (30)
don't follow any stupid england "news" whats the deal with "royal" family    01/18/20  (1)
esoteric freemasonry tp    01/18/20  (8)
I've been at brunch for 14 straight hours    01/18/20  (28)
have not met a single *woman* over 26 that is marriage or mother material    01/18/20  (10)
I wouldn't piss on your contract if it was on fire.    01/18/20  (7)
a non-stop series of contiguous one-week relationships with genetic women    01/18/20  (3)
what’s ur game plan for the next 5 years    01/18/20  (3)
an extrovert with a fade and a half beard asking if you've seen new marvel movie    01/18/20  (13)
benzo is soliciting my poasts off-board    01/18/20  (8)
this bowlcut guy really gets it    01/18/20  (14)
Luis, how much money did you lose in crypto? Do wife and parents know? (DTP)    01/18/20  (15)
After cumming buckets inside his ass, he licked me clean with his tongue (DTP)    01/18/20  (11)
Scarlett Johnasen looks like pure utter shit    01/18/20  (11)
Explain Intel trading near all time highs for me    01/18/20  (7)
Modern life is now a constant series of midlife crises from age 20 to 70    01/18/20  (5)
700 calories today    01/18/20  (2)
What should I do now that I’ve attained spiritual enlightenment?    01/18/20  (1)
People used to sail across the ocean in leaky ships using wind as power LJL    01/18/20  (1)
FUCK pigeons who don't wear tiny hats    01/18/20  (1)
Anyone own a trump condo? It’s 180 as fuck    01/18/20  (1)
Jewish Pain and Screamo: How One Jewish Woman Is Elevating The Art    01/18/20  (9)
landline next to the toilet was the peak of 90s luxury    01/18/20  (2)
Important announcement for guys with goatees: it’s not 1998 anymore    01/18/20  (10)
Pornhub star Hulk Hands is 1800000    01/18/20  (15)
Anyone’s GFs still keep in touch with their exes?    01/18/20  (15)
Highly rec “the hidden reality” for some 180 mind bending Jewish physics tha    01/18/20  (3)
Haha I have no idea why that word was in my autocorrect!    01/18/20  (33)

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