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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   06/18/19  (302)
Hilarious. Blacks are going to bring down Buttigieg campaign    06/24/19  (18)
Guy I interviewed at my firm yesterday wore THIS to interview:    06/24/19  (2)
Google exec in leaked video: how do we prevent Trump from winning in 2020? (Link    06/24/19  (6)
Were you a SEGA or Nintendbro?    06/24/19  (28)
Bernie Sanders to propose canceling all $1.6 trillion in student loan debt    06/24/19  (79)
Remember Vegas (💀💀💀)? LOL    06/24/19  (1)
Im 27yo. Girl i liked said im a loser cause i still live w parents    06/24/19  (49)
Do a lot of millennials with college degrees actually work retail?    06/24/19  (6)
Why do primes call back 5x immediately after you decline their call?    06/24/19  (4)
Remember Verge (XVG)? LOL    06/24/19  (3)
im mentally stable and have a loving family and myriad network of great friends    06/24/19  (4)
Ljl if u think buying a gun and shooting paper range targets will keep u safe    06/24/19  (45)
Big dick men like Luis suffer iq drops when they get hard    06/24/19  (1)
15 yr old girl on Quora describes how mom caught her masturbating (pics)    06/24/19  (2)
whok, you're in danger living in Australia    06/24/19  (13)
ITT name prole things that you like.    06/24/19  (40)
what’s your favorite video game?    06/24/19  (22)
Paul Ryan lisping through tears: "Trump wouldn't read my powerpoints"    06/24/19  (1)
hypo: no race ever existed in all of history except blacks    06/24/19  (17)
Anyone watched the series Dark (Netflix)?    06/24/19  (5)
Pitchfork music site still exists, had no idea    06/24/19  (3)
So every lib calls them “concentration camps” all of a sudden (week of June    06/24/19  (15)
Am positively fed up with goyim. GTFO of my country.    06/24/19  (5)
Tucker saved the world.    06/24/19  (69)
Libs still have the ability to absolute floor me with their insanity    06/24/19  (24)
What would you say are the top 5 U.S. cities to live in?    06/24/19  (76)
XO Bernie: How to pay for it? Have you SEEN how much aid we give to Israel    06/24/19  (1)
Anal on first date = wife material?    06/24/19  (25)
VP Stacey Abrams makin up her mind if she gonna let Joe finish up the first year    06/24/19  (5)
BERNIE: "and to those who already paid their debt, something far more valuable:    06/24/19  (6)
if biden is the nominee, who will libs "yasss queen slay"?    06/24/19  (8)
Reminder: most likely to have paid student debt, white males. Least likely    06/24/19  (10)
Website bans support for 'white supremacist' Trump administration    06/24/19  (1)
Dream Team starting 5 vs. Embiid/Steph/KD/Lebron/Kawhi, who wins?    06/24/19  (3)
The Next Twelve Months of Nate Silver's 538.com Headlines:    06/24/19  (350)
Lol at Bernie, Booker, Warren, Yang just dropping cash from helicopters    06/24/19  (1)
"Now a lighthearted question, Sen. Sanders: fave movie?" "Africa Addio."    06/24/19  (4)
Pay the minimum: loan forgiveness in some form is inevitable    06/24/19  (2)
MY bovine spongiform encephalopathy!    06/24/19  (1)
The euphoria of working at McKinsey, Bain or BCG is just indescribable    06/24/19  (11)
Why does Nature make mentally ill girls so easy to fuck, breed?    06/24/19  (1)
Board olds: Remember when DVDs replaced VHS tapes?    06/24/19  (66)
What is the most prestigious browser magnification to browse xo at? (xo 2039)    06/24/19  (3)
If I was a black person, I would be so ashamed of this reparations bs    06/24/19  (55)
Prohibition worked: alcohol consumption didn’t fully recover until 1960s    06/24/19  (36)
AssFaggot's "gf" is me in drag in front of a webcam    06/24/19  (5)
Haha geez these guys really hate modernity lol    06/24/19  (1)
Portland, Maine had the second largest rise in rental rates in the U.S.    06/24/19  (6)
3 100-mile radius nuclear bombs you have to launch in any 3 cities, go    06/24/19  (6)
Trump: "Crazy Bernie wants to give handout to lawyers and Drs, PAYE must end!"    06/24/19  (1)
Summer is over    06/24/19  (11)
Interviewing for Product Management Roles    06/24/19  (208)
Just found out my wife bought a bridle at a sex shop a couple months ago    06/24/19  (1)
Revelation: evan39 = MadCatDisease    06/24/19  (6)
ITT: We speculate who created Donald Trump    06/24/19  (387)
Thunder Collins dragged before Hague Tribunal for having another child    06/24/19  (1)
I’m really glad Zurich changed his moniker to “Bacon, the Cocker Spaniel”    06/24/19  (2)
Peterman visits Dominican Republic, male tourists start dropping dead    06/24/19  (3)
“Yeah I met him on Grindr and no he didn’t use a rubb... hi who just joined?    06/24/19  (5)
"whokebe" literally means cum bucket in Thai    06/24/19  (4)
she had an ANAL ORGASM    06/24/19  (7)
Board legend taking anal input, fisting    06/24/19  (16)
“No, I heard this in VH-1. ‘Hurts so Good’ is about anal. Hi, who just joi    06/24/19  (6)
Been drunk the past 24 hrs not flame had a 180 productive day    06/24/19  (5)
9th Circuit DESTROYS brief from DLA PIPER and MTO    06/24/19  (53)
Netflix's False Story of the Central Park Five    06/24/19  (90)
ARISE WAGECUCKS! Another week of service to your ratfaced masters awaits!    06/24/19  (81)
Board Comic-mos: Ho Lee Fuk The Dark Knight Returns is 180    06/24/19  (1)
What sort of "man" says, "not gonna lie"?    06/24/19  (3)
wondering if u guys remember something specific concerning 2016 election    06/24/19  (2)
Quiet capital flight dents China's sway as $1.2tn 'disappears'    06/24/19  (10)
has tamerlane tp undergone METAMORPHOSIS?    06/24/19  (62)
Halford aiming & then plunging a caprisun straw into Doobs balls    06/24/19  (11)
I saw this image on the Facebook page of a prole girl from my HS:    06/24/19  (4)
Tamerlane was one of the highest IQ poasters to ever grace our fair boart    06/24/19  (17)
Tamerlane is running 180 and running Asian supremacist shtick right in the heart    06/24/19  (12)
I want to see the Hudson River engulf NYC    06/24/19  (3)
2015 had intellectual titans: tamerlane, j shad, and ugh...halford; today: LJL    06/24/19  (5)
🍆 STUDY: Women prefer penises that much bigger than average. 🍆    06/24/19  (36)
Remember this? Lib woman berates Lyft driver for having Hawaiian doll    06/24/19  (7)
Got completely blackout yesterday and sent my boss some weird comments    06/24/19  (5)
bernie 2020    06/24/19  (3)
Jfc that Pauli artem bare knuckle fight was garbage dogshit    06/24/19  (1)
I've stopped tipping, eating pussy, cumming during sex, and lifting heavy    06/24/19  (9)
TS Amanda here. Need help transitioning.    06/24/19  (18)
Whok rank, bags groove, blue trian and cookin    06/24/19  (8)
Let’s blow this whole fraud system close all prisons forgive all debt duck it    06/24/19  (3)
ddc: 139 iq 35 yo adult man here and i--omfg a 24 yo latina vagina????!!!!!    06/24/19  (19)
There’s day labor jobs apps get money loaded to debit card    06/24/19  (2)
fuck yes tp    06/24/19  (1)
Not gonna lie. I did a thing while I was adulting.    06/24/19  (2)
rate this pic of Chris Reeve, Frank Gifford, and Dutch Reagan    06/24/19  (9)
What a NJ Jewish woman thinks of NJ/NYC Jews    06/24/19  (10)
Neonazi Story Hour at local library    06/24/19  (7)
Daddy Doesn't Live Here Anymore 2: Return of Darnell    06/24/19  (1)
what're some Jew hating organizations I can support?    06/24/19  (2)
Need an emergent sex act asap    06/24/19  (1)
just pick something to kill you already    06/24/19  (1)
Idaho doesn't get enough credit    06/24/19  (1)
Theology Analyst    06/24/19  (4)
Women are fascinated by penises    06/24/19  (2)
idea: hardcore porn that only zooms in on participants' mouths during sex    06/24/19  (4)
who cares    06/24/19  (4)
Klamath and Siskiyou Mountains are underappreciated    06/24/19  (1)
Ice-T: “This one’s a real sicko. Did a thing called the playroom hotdog.”    06/24/19  (11)
LOL - Chrome prompts me to translate page when I click on a Bboooom thread    06/24/19  (7)
LA invests additional $42 million to curb homelessness, it does nothing    06/24/19  (132)
LOL so Rigondeaux looked like ass today against a bum    06/24/19  (1)
"Hello, who just joined?" (front of human centipede as new Jr. Assoc is sewn on)    06/24/19  (58)
your son says she is a girl. what do you do    06/24/19  (75)
Injecting espresso into my balls before assfucking Luis    06/24/19  (26)
fair to say that 95+% of anti-semites here are ching chongs?    06/24/19  (1)
I'm no 14 yo white girl but Billie eilish is a fucking angel sent to this earth    06/24/19  (1)
Lol at this black chick getting job offers on twitter for being black (link)    06/24/19  (123)
So Booom has been posting Maltese proverbs this whole time? Sharing the wisdom o    06/24/19  (6)
Booom's Maltese heritage keeps him looking young, unfair advantage    06/24/19  (4)
My wife's experience working with the homeless    06/24/19  (131)
i have nothing left to take    06/24/19  (1)
Minimum to perform execution per pop?    06/24/19  (3)
Rate this expected Texas death row members last statement    06/24/19  (2)
Capital Punishment: Them without the capital get the punishment.    06/24/19  (3)
Lol how dead this place is    06/24/19  (2)
All maybe 3 poa$ter$ a$leep 😴    06/24/19  (1)
Bands/musicians whose biggest career hit is VERY SHITTY    06/24/19  (178)
Boulder vs Fort Collins vs Colorado Springs    06/24/19  (5)
Baltimore looks like it would be a cool city if not for Blacks    06/24/19  (1)
One stim makes you larger and another swells your balls    06/24/19  (8)
Would it be crazy to marry a prole chick?    06/24/19  (74)
Study shows white men pay off student loans, black women pay nothing    06/24/19  (126)
Would you respect your 34yo co worker if he were dating a 19yo girl?    06/24/19  (119)
chad?    06/24/19  (1)
You dont need your balls. You dont even need your dick.    06/24/19  (9)
Would it be funny to get dick tattooed with polka dots? Sunglasses on balls?    06/24/19  (6)
Re-evaluating long held belief to settle down and start family    06/24/19  (15)
Gonna make some poor girl suck my disgusting smelling balls    06/24/19  (1)
whok, its a nice Sunday evening in America. You otoh, are already working, ljl    06/24/19  (12)
none of the dick pills work    06/24/19  (1)
Like 11 of the toughest prisoners up against NFL team NFL teams gets destroyed    06/24/19  (1)
Make all prisoners guards and make prisons just for dirty cops and lawyers    06/24/19  (5)
aphex twin - nightmail 1.mp3    06/24/19  (5)
A woman is accused of playing a game of 'chicken' with her SUV and her kids    06/24/19  (1)
tranny on euphoria is very clutchable    06/24/19  (3)
Never had a student loan got full ride why all the loans?    06/24/19  (2)
Give crooked cops and ads the needle! Close all prisons END it all    06/24/19  (2)
Needle in the arm makes pain go away for good    06/24/19  (1)
What happened to “#”?    06/24/19  (2)
Let’s do it all just re distribute all wealth social justice full lib    06/24/19  (2)
Let’s unleash Bernie! Al sharpton all!    06/24/19  (2)
Everthing$ all flame 🔥 forgive all debt of any kind extreme $ocial Justice    06/24/19  (2)

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