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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   12/07/19  (352)
high school coach takes team to post-match dinner at Hooters    12/15/19  (4)
The reefer madness is real    12/15/19  (7)
Man running marathon slaps cute reporter’s butt, libs identify and ruin life    12/15/19  (184)
Under pressure, Hallmark pulls gay-themed wedding ads    12/15/19  (13)
What is money even good for?    12/15/19  (2)
Trumpmos fear no Dem candidate other than Sanders    12/15/19  (66)
Marriage Story is like American History X    12/15/19  (2)
paid $35 for a container of Whole Foods Slop    12/15/19  (2)
Farewell forever XO (TT)    12/15/19  (41)
Guy films himself harassing minorities who leave their grocery cart out (link)    12/15/19  (72)
Morningside Heights Victim Came to Park to Buy Weed: Police Union    12/15/19  (1)
nights remember when i had to put apple cider vinegar on my penis    12/15/19  (1)
That moment you realize Dupa is right    12/15/19  (3)
Clinton Foundation confirms it did not report $1M donation from Qatar    12/15/19  (4)
Nick Fuentes on GYMCELS    12/15/19  (12)
Well I for one totally believe that DVP is now a CS PhD student...    12/15/19  (6)
masturbating to failure    12/15/19  (2)
Look, my own daughter is trans, but    12/15/19  (1)
Everyone on Trump’s side of the table in the Pelosi photo looks embarrassed to    12/15/19  (48)
Biden: I hope teachers touch their students, tell them how much they love them    12/15/19  (1)
How degenerate must Al Gore be now to not be jumping back in the fray?    12/15/19  (2)
What will be some emerging opportunities to cash in on boomers dying off?    12/15/19  (8)
"This English teacher tells it like it is" - LOL @ the UK    12/15/19  (4)
Shitlaw boss begins cross exam with Miranda warning    12/15/19  (29)
Brb abt to make a fucking MAN of spaceporn jr like his ‘father’ never could    12/15/19  (1)
Explain middle class people who go to all-inclusive resorts for $700/night    12/15/19  (46)
Michael Moore believes Dem will win PV by 4-5 million in 2020    12/15/19  (3)
luis listens to reggaeton in his eternal blue Mazda CX-5    12/15/19  (5)
To get around Paris Agreement, European countries import wood pellets to burn    12/15/19  (6)
Breaking: NYC Ballet casts niglet as lead in Nutcracker    12/15/19  (31)
shopping cart in cart corral nationalism    12/15/19  (2)
Neil deGrasse Tyson just said he'd be Bernie's running mate if he asked him    12/15/19  (6)
takes lots of courage and iq to post poast etc    12/15/19  (2)
went to a "comedy club" in NYC Friday night. was awful.    12/15/19  (1)
Reminder: Obeezy supports overthrowing the gov't bc Trump said pussy in 2005    12/15/19  (6)
mpa screeching about daddy dick and luis saying im gay in monotone    12/15/19  (3)
Trumpmos: Can you even really Deny that Trump said Pussy?    12/15/19  (2)
Rach hiring Amanda Black St. James to dance at XO holiday party    12/15/19  (1)
It sucks that 180 places were ruined by SHITLIBS and 120 places are more sane    12/15/19  (6)
ITT provide an object assessment of where you are in life    12/15/19  (3)
New Dem Governor of Kentucky restores voting rights for 140k felons    12/15/19  (1)
dancer strips at Seattle conference on homelessness, agency director suspended    12/15/19  (13)
Trumpmos what brand of Russian vodka is best?    12/15/19  (7)
🥇 All the beauty pageant winners are black. 🥇    12/15/19  (32)
remember that Jordan Peterson interview where he curled his legs up like a cat?    12/15/19  (8)
I 'fought BREXIT already 'appened?    12/15/19  (1)
Ordered that sugar-free orange Fiber Cult recommend stuff. Arrives today.    12/15/19  (21)
how much of a delta do we have between the Youtube Alt Right and the Blog alt ri    12/15/19  (1)
Patriots in fight of their lives vs 1-12 Bengals    12/15/19  (1)
Don't sweat impeachment, Trumpmos. You guys still have QAnon.    12/15/19  (22)
Seattle city leaders hire transgender stripper for their homelessness conference    12/15/19  (7)
England has always been a nation of immigrants    12/15/19  (2)
Is it true rich guys on the Titanic graciously let women have all the lifeboats?    12/15/19  (8)
just found out that a nigger i know failed her surgery boards    12/15/19  (12)
seems like in general ppl know more about jews and they’re popping up everywhe    12/15/19  (1)
Holocaust survivor: Bernie is no Jew    12/15/19  (10)
Tsinah: "im in Florida voluntarily!" *Studies for out of state bar he cant pass*    12/15/19  (44)
Spaceporn: worst PR debacle since "I'm with her?" (repost #3)    12/15/19  (14)
If it's easier for cons to move left on economics than libs to go right on ident    12/15/19  (4)
LOL @ bio women! This trans girl looks better than 95% of them.    12/15/19  (19)
*CSLG tossing dimebags w/business cards from parade float in East LA*    12/15/19  (5)
had 8 cinnamon rolls why do I do this    12/15/19  (6)
Urban Meyer is sitting in Dan Snyder’s box at the Redskins game    12/15/19  (3)
best thing about crypto is the friends you made    12/15/19  (26)
So wait, Labour is the anti-Semitic party while Conservatives are pro-Israel?    12/15/19  (10)
LMAO Fox's resident shitlib Chris Wallace blows out Comey in interview    12/15/19  (13)
TRUMPTARDS: Single Payer healthcare is TWICE AS POPULAR as "building the wall"    12/15/19  (3)
catholic friend refused to drink jameson, would only drink bushmills    12/15/19  (5)
Can't believe how religious "Santa Claus is comin to town" was    12/15/19  (8)
This ragdoll sim made me chuckle    12/15/19  (2)
rate this cat with his waifu    12/15/19  (7)
are most/all escort agencies controlled by criminal gangs?    12/15/19  (2)
Russia hacked my toaster, turned it up to 7. Breakfast was RUINED.    12/15/19  (9)
“Relax, he’s cool. He’s deep state. He’s one of us.”    12/15/19  (5)
Women’s beauty peaks at 29    12/15/19  (28)
He's gay! He's dead! He's hanging in my shed! SPACEPORN JUNIOOOOOR!!!!!    12/15/19  (3)
Just did 1 rep of 340lbs on bench while listening to Rammstein (CSLG)    12/15/19  (15)
haven't seen a funny lib in years    12/15/19  (5)
what if I were really into Yu-Gi-Oh cards    12/15/19  (4)
Little New Englanders    12/15/19  (1)
Just called my boss. Meeting her at noon to discuss work, ask about $$$    12/15/19  (32)
You guys all know I'm a Huge Jew here - some thoughts on Germany    12/15/19  (94)
Board libs overthrow of the government bc Trump said pussy in 2005?    12/15/19  (1)
Watch Schiff tapdance around the fact he lied about FISA abuse    12/15/19  (3)
what are u getting ur parents for christmas?    12/15/19  (10)
So good sense of humor indicates intelligence and all the best comics are black.    12/15/19  (32)
are feminine gay guys just all going trans now?    12/15/19  (27)
Boris Johnson is Trump except...    12/15/19  (50)
San Francisco DA Promises To Get Tough On Gangs As Crime Soars    12/15/19  (10)
Remember being taught as a kid how Germans in 1930's inexplicably went insane?    12/15/19  (71)
diversity bringing Christmas cheer into ur life as u watch niggers rape ur daugh    12/15/19  (3)
Is America great again yet?    12/15/19  (2)
When we look back in time at the 2000-2019 era, wtf will we even think?    12/15/19  (29)
3 AEPi Bros At IU Beaten Up For Trying To Attend Goy Frat Party    12/15/19  (1)
If you're Indian I want you on the first cargo freight back to your shithole    12/15/19  (3)
biglaw lives it's CHRIS ASH    12/15/19  (1)
labour, your response?    12/15/19  (12)
Rate this lady who spent $70,000 on Louis Vuitton    12/15/19  (45)
Why doesn't lomachenko fight bud crawford    12/15/19  (69)
poncho tp    12/15/19  (1)
XO Bibi Kicking Out False Flag Likud Voters Before Closed Primary    12/15/19  (1)
Army Navy Cadets Flashed White Power Sign: Investigation Opened    12/15/19  (24)
CSLG, if you couldn’t practice in California, what other states would you set    12/15/19  (25)
This Week's Torah Portion: Jews Mass-Circumcise GOYIM Town, Then Massacre Them    12/15/19  (20)
I love how CSLG tags his posts. So 180    12/15/19  (9)
You're locked in a retirement home overnight. You have a sock full of marbles.    12/15/19  (12)
Seems like the goal should just be to work for the deep state    12/15/19  (1)
Multi-7 figure case going to mediation Monday (CSLG)    12/15/19  (24)
That stabbed girl's death is sad as fuck    12/15/19  (20)
mrs. thunder collins riding u in a jeep as u drive around gunning down homeless    12/15/19  (24)
a lot of pro-Frank Thomas poasting lately    12/15/19  (6)
this activist greta eating beans    12/15/19  (8)
If the Ottmans did not choose to trade Chinese, Indian, and Arabic advancements    12/15/19  (1)
Caro Woz: "I Can't"; to fuck full time #tennis    12/15/19  (21)
Babyface (1975) orgy scene (link)    12/15/19  (1)
LJL at Djokovic being sponsored by Seiko #tennis    12/15/19  (16)
GOP congressman switching to Democrat over Trump's crimes (CNN)    12/15/19  (4)
👓 Does anyone here have reading glasses yet? 👓    12/15/19  (4)
will trumps new exec order re: judaism, impact race-based admissions at HYS?    12/15/19  (3)
VID Of Lance "Rafa" Nadal's 2019 Trophies At His Museum (VID) #tennis    12/15/19  (3)
Apostle Paul under attack on Twitter for lack of empowered females in Epistles.    12/15/19  (1)
Literally saw two HIJAB girls dancing at club last night    12/15/19  (19)
The most critical aspect of Christianity is replacing your will with god’s    12/15/19  (32)
Reminder: a man named “Dupa” has 4 kids, u impotently rage online, childless    12/15/19  (20)
A dildo which I already destroyed from overuse (tsinah)    12/15/19  (7)
colby covington v usman promo is absolutely 180 and a parody of XOXO    12/15/19  (2)
With a name like Chasten it seems like his parents somehow knew    12/15/19  (6)
Trump wearing Gold Plated Menorah around neck like 80s rapper at GOP convention    12/15/19  (4)
Colby Covington is 180    12/15/19  (5)
Trump faced down coup attempt, lacks balls to arrest criminal coup conspirators?    12/15/19  (104)
Any crabs in a barrel need to express their impotent rage this AM?    12/15/19  (1)
dupa is a good sport    12/15/19  (1)
aging, feeling disconnected, simultaneously reckoning with and missing your past    12/15/19  (2)
What is banker comp like these days?    12/15/19  (28)
Will obeezy killself after Trump is acquitted and then re-elected??    12/15/19  (10)
I have the worst life of any xo poster    12/15/19  (30)
What Does Tucker Carlson Believe? [The Atlantic]    12/15/19  (5)
*peterman doing sultry rendition of "Santa Baby" to 345 lb trucker w/Santa beard    12/15/19  (6)
Here's the difference between UJTP and RSF    12/15/19  (36)
Star Wars Rise of Skywalker is going to be trash right?    12/15/19  (1)
Shitlibs are already trying to cheat    12/15/19  (2)
$41,500 in attorneys fees for denied admissions on a minor impact case (CSLG)    12/15/19  (84)
Reminder: Michelle Obama has a large penis bulge that's really hard to explain    12/15/19  (18)
Delhi pipe rapist: "No need to hang me, pollution is killing me already"    12/15/19  (4)
DOJ attorney in Twitter war with Holocaust museum    12/15/19  (18)
“I see you listed depopulation of Europeans and Zionism under interests    12/15/19  (5)
REMINDER: Morning in America expects a "silent majority" to elect Trump    12/15/19  (65)
Libs promote Russiaphobia because imagine an alliance    12/15/19  (6)

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