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By unhinged pumos about you · Past 6 hrs / 24 hrs / week / month
STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   06/18/19  (302)
Bumble date-what should I take her to, Escape Room, axe throwing, or Top Golf?    06/18/19  (17)
How do I find the good threads on here    06/18/19  (20)
fuck this gay planet burn it all down    06/18/19  (5)
California Sperm Bank: 5'7"? DING, FAG!    06/18/19  (1)
Sonmos how will you help him navigate this insane clown world    06/18/19  (2)
zoomer vs boomer vs doomer (video)    06/18/19  (3)
3 billion + women on earth, none of which want to carry your genes into future    06/18/19  (3)
average neanderthal male could bench 300-500 lbs.    06/18/19  (33)
good place to buy cheap shit i can smash into pieces?    06/18/19  (4)
libcrusher180 is true to his moniker    06/18/19  (4)
Friend is sexting one of the neighborhood moms he met on halloween    06/18/19  (5)
avoid mcdonalds they dont have any deals right now    06/18/19  (9)
Do internet routers go bad?    06/18/19  (12)
Dude in a kayak just went past my window (I'm on 14th floor)    06/18/19  (16)
CSLG - have you ever personally tried a case?    06/18/19  (39)
Guess how many FBI/NSA agents post here    06/18/19  (20)
my job is so fucking shitty    06/18/19  (1)
Young People, Especially Males, Opting to Killself    06/18/19  (4)
At this point I don't even want to win I just want to see others lose.    06/18/19  (5)
Thinkpad X230 Falling Apart. What To Replace With?    06/18/19  (6)
On pace 2 fuck 1000 girls by the end of 2019.Taking ?s ITT on 1000 girls fucked    06/18/19  (77)
The Mandatory Pre-Marital Abstinence    06/18/19  (13)
everything fucking sucks    06/18/19  (4)
Off duty cop accosted in CostCo, 2 innocents critically wounded.    06/18/19  (30)
blackpillers are worse than niggers    06/18/19  (7)
WASP GF: 10 yr reunion at Miss Porter's; SHREW GF: Leaves CFB game in 2nd qtr    06/18/19  (3)
Does TCTP post less because he is happy now?    06/18/19  (7)
Mitch bracing his base for the inevitable: PR/DC statehood    06/18/19  (26)
ok enough jokes and shit, when is Wiemar republic ending? im ready to kill    06/18/19  (5)
Alaska girl murders her best friend based on mere offer of millions - link    06/18/19  (4)
The great thing about Pride? All the freaks and their supporters congregate.    06/18/19  (1)
Still support Trump 100%    06/18/19  (7)
Bar owner told me barely anyone under 30 goes to bars now. Lots closing down    06/18/19  (65)
whats the point of this charade? this isnt life... we must kill libs.. KILL!!!    06/18/19  (1)
adopt chink babies a dime for the dozen, that's all i need for 10 cent squanchin    06/18/19  (3)
Robert Pollard: making beautiful rock music for alcoholics    06/18/19  (7)
Jail made benzo a top poaster. I'm thinking of doing some crimes myself now    06/18/19  (1)
130K salary. Honda Accord or Lexus ES?    06/18/19  (43)
Harvard Young Republicans: Why We Support Rescinding Kashuv's Acceptance (link)    06/18/19  (2)
Middle class inner world. Daydreaming about paying off Volvo    06/18/19  (5)
Retired law partner unretires, becomes law clerk - link    06/18/19  (12)
I heard there was a secret gym, where Yanny went to give out stims    06/18/19  (11)
McDonald's coffee guy voice:"not before I've had my poz load." (tsinah)    06/18/19  (8)
"Maybe I can put the kids in private school" - middle class inner world haver    06/18/19  (1)
Truly bizarre how few American women that are actually feminine these days    06/18/19  (28)
Jerome Powell: Fed will consider "marginalized groups" during interest rate deci    06/18/19  (5)
Went to fancy bathhouse w babbydood so he could see penis in action    06/18/19  (5)
Olympic figure skating champion Alina Zagitova plays clay court #tennis    06/18/19  (21)
is dating a conservative woman with a penis the only way to avoid metoo entirely    06/18/19  (5)
Vermeule pwns Leiter    06/18/19  (9)
I always felt that python was shit but used it today, amazed by it    06/18/19  (13)
Chad and Ivanka Trump hook up (video)    06/18/19  (4)
Yes, Boys Suck Each Other's Penises - Even Your Boyfriend! (Teen Vogue)    06/18/19  (12)
rich inner life obstructing your cognition tp    06/18/19  (18)
tv show idea: penis show but all the penises are the twin towers    06/18/19  (6)
Black girl kissed me at strip club & gave me strep throat    06/18/19  (2)
San Francisco looks to become the first US city to ban all e-cigarette sales    06/18/19  (6)
I’ve had sex with 18 trans/femboys and only 2 bio women in 2019.    06/18/19  (18)
should I start drinking alcohol semi-regularly?    06/18/19  (11)
extroverted co-worker filing complaint to HR accusing you of "attention neglect"    06/18/19  (6)
"I'm free, finally free!" *reloads page* "Fuck."    06/18/19  (5)
dull ache in testicles - this might be the end bros    06/18/19  (2)
So basically nyc is half full of abandoned apartments with decades old corpses?    06/18/19  (11)
Clique Law    06/18/19  (38)
cowgod, poast your phenotype    06/18/19  (4)
The Minority Report movie was ok, but the Minatti Report DJ Clue Mixtape was 180    06/18/19  (2)
Newest hipster trend: Using unrefined ores, i.e, "mine to table"    06/18/19  (10)
Bros I’m getting so jacked it’s sickening. Look like a white knight    06/18/19  (6)
Newest hipster trend: cars that run on raw petroleum --> "Drill to Tank"    06/18/19  (1)
The time I tried to kayak across Lake Michigan    06/18/19  (72)
just had to "reload" stapler with new staples fuck this rat race    06/18/19  (15)
animeboi needs shitpipe tore up hes on gay chatbort    06/18/19  (6)
Continue to pray to Yellowstone. Concentrate on the magma chamber.    06/18/19  (8)
Don't hide your tuchus from your children    06/18/19  (2)
RIP 'He Hate Me'    06/18/19  (2)
Newest hipster trend: Wearing raw cotton, i.e, "plantation to body"    06/18/19  (2)
Ljl @ commuters    06/18/19  (18)
Libs have clearly demonstrated the threat of the slippery slope    06/18/19  (32)
Can't get over how 180 GOY tp is    06/18/19  (27)
phineeasgage to still poast?    06/18/19  (2)
John Cusack redpilled    06/18/19  (43)
Kids can handle the kink at Pride parades, families say (HuffPo)    06/18/19  (74)
Rach, is there any way we can larger font sizes for NIGGERTHREADS?    06/18/19  (14)
Coffee snobs ITT. Rank these chains    06/18/19  (37)
The polls showing Biden is up double digits over Trump are correct    06/18/19  (83)
Side chick told me she has "only" been with 10 guys LMAO    06/18/19  (16)
Libs going after single family homes (NYT)    06/18/19  (130)
Mom got diagnosed with lung cancer    06/18/19  (13)
Yoga is the gateway to SATAN    06/18/19  (15)
things are going on all the time    06/18/19  (1)
he has what he takes, but can he get in the zone?    06/18/19  (2)
Of you haven't read the bonfire of the vanities stop what you're doing and read    06/18/19  (8)
Thinking about buying a classic car. Any tips?    06/18/19  (14)
Hogg: Was "Really Excited" About Taking Math 55 With Kashuv    06/18/19  (1)
Bill you fag    06/18/19  (4)
Only 60 more women before NYUUG blows his brains out! Countdown ITT!!    06/18/19  (4)
What's up with proles and hoarding pets?    06/18/19  (4)
CA CPS Removes Child from Home of Racist Parents (link)    06/18/19  (1)
What's on DAZN this week    06/18/19  (7)
Earl's fat cock and my stormdrain shitpipe=winning combination.    06/18/19  (4)
Stuck a finger up GF"s shitpipe and felt POOP in there    06/18/19  (39)
Im 27 and still live at home but pay for all the utilities and groceries    06/18/19  (84)
RATE this photo a reporter snagged of the Dallas gunman getting ready to attack    06/18/19  (29)
Actual way xo was better ten years ago: everyone knew the lore.    06/18/19  (1)
*peterman and tsinahs wrestling match over toupee escalating to anal in 30 secs*    06/18/19  (162)
I honestly think Libs may tone it down and chill once Pedophilia legalized    06/18/19  (2)
Recommend a show for me to binge watch    06/18/19  (2)
pisco sour tp    06/18/19  (1)
Britney Spears is great    06/18/19  (8)
Remember chris Crocker? ("Leave Britney alone)?    06/18/19  (40)
a certain chill kind of drilling small holes in mig's head to let the stupid out    06/18/19  (2)
FLW do you ever attach legs to your lathes & just let them run wild    06/18/19  (4)
luis, i'll pay you to come saw my head off as i look at binance    06/18/19  (24)
my god, that lawyer is having a christ centered relationship w my wife    06/18/19  (16)
What's currently blocking the construction of the wall between Mexico and the US    06/18/19  (2)
Embassy/Int'l Law mastermen: suppose I'm sprinting through downtown amman    06/18/19  (2)
One set of footprints in the sand, Jesus was railing your wife back in the room    06/18/19  (2)
Once you accept determinism you no longer feel regret, dwell on the past    06/18/19  (4)
how many diapers have i changed, arrangin cheesy pizza dates, squanchin boys whi    06/18/19  (4)
Gumnos - really good sale on one of the best .45's ever made (HK 45)    06/18/19  (4)
Homeless guy holding sign saying "Free digital rectal exams"    06/18/19  (3)
Copped Steinsaltz's Talmud Vol.2 Part 2 (381pp) for $4 today.    06/18/19  (4)
51st State Puerto Rico's Gov. signs first bill, making La Cucaracha state song    06/18/19  (2)
Asians are truly repulsive, morally speaking    06/18/19  (2)
Georgetown University Christ Center    06/18/19  (3)
Viennese Actionists watching 2019 pride parade: “haha wow holy shit    06/18/19  (4)
Why Can’t Everyone Get DD’s? (ironside)    06/18/19  (2)
25 “years” since oj Simpson shit proves “Time” is Flame 🔥    06/18/19  (13)
pumos are going no fooling medically diagnosed level insane right now    06/18/19  (1)
Let's help Rach pay to lower XO Server into 100 year Time Capsule    06/18/19  (1)
ATP June 17-23 Thread - Halle | Queens #tennis    06/18/19  (15)
clitdick cumskins are *extremely* jealous of WGWAG gangnam fuckboi in mustang    06/18/19  (21)
I may not be the mayor of Stimpoleton but I know one thing and thats I lift nude    06/18/19  (1)
Things I stopped caring about by my mid 30s    06/18/19  (14)
Trump Set to Live-Tweet Democratic Debates    06/18/19  (1)
Self-Help books if they were written by NYUUG    06/18/19  (6)
Kids should handle the twinks at Pride parades, families say (HuffPo)    06/18/19  (3)
Why Can’t Everyone Get A’s? (nyt)    06/18/19  (35)
MPA: sexless trad relationship with youthful bumble 7. You: purell at desk    06/18/19  (4)
Hey, hey, MPA, how many boundaries did you respect today?    06/18/19  (5)
what does lawman8 think about trump's plan to round up illegals?    06/18/19  (8)
How 180 would it have been to have a Neanderthal bro    06/18/19  (19)
Reminder, Trumpmos: women have been selecting the fittest males for millennia    06/18/19  (8)
I go to bars, places are crowded, hot chicks everywhere, there's no problem    06/18/19  (1)
Any country where sodomy's illegal would to be crazy to legalize after seeing US    06/18/19  (4)
How emasculating was The Hangover (2009) to the dental profession?    06/18/19  (8)
ITT: Post your percentile of Neanderthal variants    06/18/19  (18)
“I respected her boundaries so hard last night,” MPA bragged to his empty ap    06/18/19  (1)

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