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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   05/23/19  (295)
chipotle got so shitty so fast    05/23/19  (25)
Has anyone here ever had a "toxic" friend?    05/23/19  (4)
Always lol at Franzen ripping off Nabokov with his birding shit    05/23/19  (6)
UNC lib steals pro-life sign, gets immediately stopped and arrested (vid)    05/23/19  (37)
financial advisor here taking your q's    05/23/19  (52)
Foxes in Chernobyl Now Making Selves Sandwiches (link)    05/23/19  (65)
If Hitler cared about his "volk" why did he send millions of Germans to die?    05/23/19  (9)
Bort olds, how 180, when parents let u rent a movie and a game from blockbuster    05/23/19  (38)
uh no bloodacre, you get in for piety, not "pie eating" (st peter)    05/23/19  (10)
Estimate Nabokovs IQ    05/23/19  (11)
32 y/o, peak physical attractiveness, wife two kids    05/23/19  (2)
Margot Robbie: "I like to suck off depressed, bland men with pointless jobs"    05/23/19  (5)
Any actual flaws in the production of Chernobyl?    05/23/19  (8)
ho-ho-ho-lee shit bros...Tony Robbins is the OG n-threader    05/23/19  (12)
Interpol most overrated band of all time    05/23/19  (1)
Totally straight porn series of HOT ALPHA MUSCLE CHADS...having sex w women    05/23/19  (2)
Extroverts account for 89% of all words said, 2% of total useful communication    05/23/19  (13)
would u date an objective 9 woman who had a penis?    05/23/19  (26)
Remember when libs ended the career of Neil DeGrasse Tyson?    05/23/19  (5)
80smos: Anthony Michael Hall's real name is lulzy    05/23/19  (7)
psychedelics are flame    05/23/19  (36)
If I take enough stimulants I actually enjoy socializing with people    05/23/19  (28)
Nerdy law student with tortoise glasses, cupid's bow lips, slightly chubby butt    05/23/19  (6)
guy told me he has multiple cell phones charging at 3 different McD's locations    05/23/19  (3)
Assange indicted under espionage act, facing 180 years    05/23/19  (12)
Now molest him to the left. 3 claps now yall. One squanch this time.    05/23/19  (10)
Emilia Clarke Watched Hitler Speeches to Prepare for Big Game Of Thrones Moment    05/23/19  (20)
not flame trying to be a virtuous person just turns you into an incel loser    05/23/19  (129)
Bozeman vs Butte vs Helena vs Missoula    05/23/19  (37)
Charging Rent When Your Adult Kid Moves Home    05/23/19  (17)
No offense but I'm gonna need DTP and "prince" tp to drink bleach, and die    05/23/19  (2)
Previews for Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (Tarantino) is out. Thoughts?    05/23/19  (49)
Lifehack: wash the day's dirty clothes as you shower every night in your shower    05/23/19  (1)
The WNBA’s male practice squads lose to women all the time — and enjoy it    05/23/19  (1)
Fucked a new 21 yr old from the club last night. TURDSKIN TWIST.    05/23/19  (14)
Chipotle but with melted cheese    05/23/19  (4)
"I've felt the hate rise up in me!" *masturbates elongated nose*    05/23/19  (1)
List your top memories of QUIZNOS    05/23/19  (12)
Motivational speech    05/23/19  (1)
Nothing like a woman getting mad at u for something you did in one of her dreams    05/23/19  (1)
i live prince. Nothing better than someone who has a 107 iq and opinions about    05/23/19  (4)
Man turns 27 inch pizza into personal pizza    05/23/19  (2)
What is the cr watch to buy for someone who doesn't want to spend thousands?    05/23/19  (53)
Tony Robbins' next self-help blockbuster: 'I'm OK; You're a Nigger"    05/23/19  (1)
Just do train all of tony's scientists and engineers, have tony loyalists    05/23/19  (1)
Blacks arguing for Harvard to rescind Kashuv's admissions    05/23/19  (5)
Weirder turn of events: XO Lindsey Graham or XO Daenerys Targaryen    05/23/19  (3)
anyone seen tatami galaxy?    05/23/19  (4)
tony on tucker    05/23/19  (1)
Attorney Hospitalized with Cracked Skull After Grueling Image Training Session    05/23/19  (2)
Just do train all of China's scientists and engineers, have Chinese loyalists    05/23/19  (24)
Can someome explain the squanch meme?    05/23/19  (10)
Putin bans use of US chips in supercomputing projects    05/23/19  (5)
Tulsi on Tucker.    05/23/19  (2)
When will the squanch threading end?    05/23/19  (25)
the angels are paying matt harvey $11 million this year    05/23/19  (1)
Agile Scrotum    05/23/19  (10)
Trump orders declassification of all Russia investigation materials    05/23/19  (8)
Girlfriend has been teasing me about threesomes with her friends    05/23/19  (1)
this image destroys Are Repitle    05/23/19  (10)
$42 worth of Amazon points. What should I buy?    05/23/19  (1)
NYT op-ed blames liberal NIMBY for CA housing crisis. LJL@comments    05/23/19  (51)
Diversity [in host country] is (((our))) greatest strength!    05/23/19  (3)
Amerikkka i$ done here homele$$me$$ can’t be $olved by amerikkka    05/23/19  (5)
tony turdskin    05/23/19  (1)
ITT:Defend anerikkka and convince me why I shouldn’t leave for good    05/23/19  (4)
master tony agreement    05/23/19  (1)
"THIS IS WHEN I REFLECT" the power-introvert bellowed at the chatty barber    05/23/19  (11)
tonylasers    05/23/19  (4)
How do Trump supporters feel that none of his promises are really panning out?    05/23/19  (11)
tony luis tp    05/23/19  (13)
Bllllddddrrrdrdrdrrrr what happened to that GOY    05/23/19  (10)
Chipotle was absolutely third world today    05/23/19  (79)
JPMorgan Cock & Co.    05/23/19  (1)
“Rage of the Ancients!” he roared as he collated the documents at the HP Pri    05/23/19  (3)
Biggest upset in Jeopardy history    05/23/19  (4)
If you have a fat wife, how do you redeem yourself?    05/23/19  (12)
I’m a poaster, you’re a poaster, be a poaster too    05/23/19  (1)
Terminator-Game of Thrones-Marvel Crossover in the works hehe    05/23/19  (1)
the Mario Batali tomato sauce empire is DEAD. Can't find it anywhere    05/23/19  (4)
I'VE HAD ENOUGH. OUTING DGB ITT    05/23/19  (9)
Effete male and anxiety-riddled woman calling themselves "the Resistance"    05/23/19  (2)
reddit aspies discuss how to poast MPA threads:    05/23/19  (14)
shrek keeps breaking into my room, claiming my ricehoal is his swamp    05/23/19  (1)
reproduction is an act of the will of the spirit as it rouses the flap of realit    05/23/19  (1)
CharlesXII here, doing a readthrough+review of Ready Player One    05/23/19  (495)
Tim Cook, Tony Horton, Rick Perry, Tim Tebow, Lindsay Graham    05/23/19  (2)
Christ in his kingly character, Christ in his kingly character    05/23/19  (1)
Rate this model and her 5'7 fat rich bf    05/23/19  (1)
Rate This Jewess (PIC)    05/23/19  (2)
Posting from La Pharmacia in Cancun, taking ?s    05/23/19  (7)
LOL @ Susan Hennessey. LOL @ Law.    05/23/19  (1)
If you imagine the extroverts noises as gorilla noises it becomes tolerable    05/23/19  (1)
Rate this moniker I'm reverting back to...    05/23/19  (1)
Craziest named person u know    05/23/19  (16)
Introverts go bald solely to avoid small talk during hair cut    05/23/19  (15)
LOL @ the spastic retard noises women make while getting fucked    05/23/19  (4)
Where did the everyone on XO being a truck driver meme come from?    05/23/19  (5)
You can do anything but you have to rig it in your favor like everyone else    05/23/19  (4)
Frigid Offices Might Be Killing Women’s Productivity    05/23/19  (31)
Extrovert local reporter:"Thoughts on new dog park?" Introvert: Screams, runs    05/23/19  (6)
2068: Scientists at National Zoo give up on Asian breeding prog.    05/23/19  (8)
Very few people IRL could even comprehend this board    05/23/19  (17)
Underwater transatlantic cable lets you say nigger anywhere on the globe    05/23/19  (3)
in denial about wife's herpes lesions tp    05/23/19  (1)
min IQ to enjoy Wendy's?    05/23/19  (13)
Yahoo answers is complete garbage    05/23/19  (4)
HoldUp's cock and my manhole working together like 9.2 and 7.6    05/23/19  (1)
Official post-dem convention polls prediction thread    05/23/19  (34)
All a non fat 5+ has to do is put a short skirt on    05/23/19  (7)
Fleet week is the absolute worst in NYC    05/23/19  (13)
Go huskers and huskies! Nebraska 9th best state Washington #1    05/23/19  (4)
So are the dice loaded or is it legit out there?    05/23/19  (15)
Minority males... are you disgusted by DNC pandering?    05/23/19  (137)
Spanx Rode the Wave of the Obesity Epidemic in America and Made Billion$    05/23/19  (1)
Fuck Stitches. New(((White))) South Florida rapper on the scene is 40-50x better    05/23/19  (19)
Autistic Gayness working together like 9.2 and 7.6    05/23/19  (2)
Picture of sea turtle choking on yarmulke sparks movement toward paper based    05/23/19  (3)
If extroverts heard their own words, would they go insane?    05/23/19  (3)
life is a video game...    05/23/19  (3)
Put extroverts in trains & camps so they can all meet each other cr?    05/23/19  (5)
RATE this all-Female transactional boutique law firm    05/23/19  (121)
We mocked him, but arrow TP was the main thing holding the bort together    05/23/19  (1)
Should I hire a catcher and throw heaters on the street where kids play?    05/23/19  (2)
Best cheesesteak ever, Geno’s or Pats?    05/23/19  (58)
met lawman8 IRL. basically looks like a Tom of Finland sketch    05/23/19  (12)
AOC: Growing cauliflower in community gardens is colonialism    05/23/19  (36)
Hey alexa is faggy retard posting right now? "Please be more specific"    05/23/19  (2)
Annoying burning man types who babble about drugs but shun cocaine    05/23/19  (2)
Finally got that pic of us on the Trump Train!    05/23/19  (1)
What would happen if you tape recorded an extrovert and played them back to them    05/23/19  (1)
300 million years of evolution on display as i tear into a jimmy johns bag    05/23/19  (10)
New Study: Extroverts "basically vampire ghouls," should be "burned on sight"    05/23/19  (4)
Chick playing acoustic guitar loudly queefs & the mic picks it up (video)    05/23/19  (3)
*****OFFICIAL MIDGET PORN THREAD*****    05/23/19  (2)
Do you guys think squanch threads grow on trees or something?    05/23/19  (1)
IQ rates are falling in Auto Admit. Experts are puzzled as to why. (Link)    05/23/19  (2)
*cancels a blank bump on a 172 thread because i don't like the poaster*    05/23/19  (11)
Squanchtanamera, come here son, squanchtanamera    05/23/19  (5)
IQ rates are falling in Western countries. Experts are puzzled as to why. (Link)    05/23/19  (31)
Mobb Deep's The Infamous is 180    05/23/19  (4)
Fuck it. I'm bringing back Swatch watches. Which one should I cop?    05/23/19  (4)
Reverse mortgage can be your answer to retirement    05/23/19  (1)
Female consultant at wind turbine corp "leans in", gets decapitated (link)    05/23/19  (10)
XOXO POLL: Which of the three Dark Triad Personality Disorder(s) do you have?    05/23/19  (17)
I can pretend to be an extrovert for about 30minutes in a group setting    05/23/19  (9)
Thinking about working my way through entire Gary Busey filmography    05/23/19  (11)
extrovert sniffing ur body for sunchips as u stand motionless like jurassic park    05/23/19  (12)
Introvert filmed on hidden camera ordering "Moons Over My Hammy" at Dennys    05/23/19  (9)

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