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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   09/22/19  (328)
Did the Holy Spirit exist before the Pentecost?    09/22/19  (10)
If You're Not Scared about Fascism in the US, You Should Be (NYT)    09/22/19  (19)
What kind of GUN should i have to defend my 1br shithole?    09/22/19  (12)
South Korea's young men are fighting against feminism    09/22/19  (3)
Is it prole to drive a STICK SHIFT car?    09/22/19  (19)
Idea: Chain of Casual Indian Restaurants ala Olive Garden    09/22/19  (8)
Former Playboy cover Jenny McCarthy to become "Jeremy McCarthy" FTM    09/22/19  (10)
I'm a dirty little PeeKnuckle BOI    09/22/19  (1)
non-whites are going to have to go. it's quite clear imho    09/22/19  (6)
How many drinks per day do you average?    09/22/19  (24)
Rach if you’re still here    09/22/19  (2)
Does Daniel Jones have good arm strength? - video    09/22/19  (1)
Mere Zionism    09/22/19  (3)
Is Reading 10 books a year respectable?    09/22/19  (7)
My 6'3 overweight coworker says he can be fat and still get LAID    09/22/19  (6)
If You're Not Scared about Feminism in the US, You Should Be    09/22/19  (1)
ITT signs you need an anullment/divorce    09/22/19  (14)
Isn't "crime" down because people have nothing to steal?    09/22/19  (4)
Rowan Farrrow writing essay for NYer about XOXOHTH!    09/22/19  (110)
are libs really that clueless about what's going on or just playing dumb    09/22/19  (3)
Stay Single Until You Meet A Guy Who Does These 70 Things    09/22/19  (31)
Airpods on. Kobe sneakers on. Going to play some Bball by myself    09/22/19  (3)
Nunes: Biden is done here    09/22/19  (3)
In hindsight, did Jeffrey Epstein have a 180 life?    09/22/19  (8)
just got to Day 2 without alcohol    09/22/19  (14)
Mid 20s professional resume touting "likely letter" from Ivy and # of APs taken    09/22/19  (9)
do not pester Henry Aaron, he is mentally ill    09/22/19  (12)
Should i cop this used pickup truck for 7k    09/22/19  (29)
for my "staycation" time i will drink chocolate milk and read scholarship    09/22/19  (1)
XO MLB crew roll through    09/22/19  (361)
How dumb do you have to be to not be religious    09/22/19  (24)
Bigmarriage -- constant fear that your bedroom will die out    09/22/19  (1)
Trump + GOP campaigned in WI/MI in 2016, Hillary didn't, he still barely won    09/22/19  (21)
Bigshrew - constant fear that your eggs will dry up    09/22/19  (1)
So Democrats are literally accusing Trump of what Biden actually did re Ukraine?    09/22/19  (12)
lol the WeWork guy is Jewish and raised in Israel? Color me surprised.    09/22/19  (17)
Biglaw - constant fear that your work will dry up    09/22/19  (7)
Trump's newest 12-D chess move: giving Biden campaign a big boost    09/22/19  (1)
How do AutoAdmit scholars feel about Citizens United?    09/22/19  (11)
Guy who has fucked 990 girls. Taking ?s on the final leg of epic Bildungsroman!    09/22/19  (39)
He is a gunslinger after all.    09/22/19  (1)
Underrated quality in wife? Thinks you are hilarious    09/22/19  (10)
Haaretz: Trump Distancing From Bibi Because He Only Likes Winners    09/22/19  (20)
RATE this article on "gun control"    09/22/19  (9)
Anything better than reading some really interesting scholarship    09/22/19  (4)
Lost interest in women    09/22/19  (9)
endless articles about white nationalism and shrews' sex lives    09/22/19  (3)
Is America going to be another version of South Africa or Zimbabwe some day?    09/22/19  (1)
wow great wedding at a winery with a dyke officiant    09/22/19  (2)
Is Shostakovich Second Waltz the best piece of classical music ?    09/22/19  (44)
30/30 win v 35 Remington for bear?    09/22/19  (17)
The Scott Alexander article is right on point re: neoreaction    09/22/19  (4)
Remember kratom? What happened to that stuff    09/22/19  (12)
luis I’m trying to suck my own dick    09/22/19  (1)
so Netan-ya-jew is going to jail now? Trump take notes.    09/22/19  (1)
Taking tomorrow off should I get Drunk and High tonight    09/22/19  (12)
"So what do you do for work?" "I'm a field nigger slave for Jews at a law firm."    09/22/19  (1)
Insane how Trumpmos can't stop talking about politics    09/22/19  (4)
Oh wow interesting political thread    09/22/19  (113)
whatever the next "crypto" is we'll probably miss it because we're so old. lmao    09/22/19  (1)
I hate when XO is just crappy political threads.    09/22/19  (14)
Ungh I love hot teens and political racisms (bald fat xo poa    09/22/19  (1)
Just got into a quarrel with my wife over Brock Turner’s ACCUSER    09/22/19  (1)
I dropped 3 inches on my waist TCTP    09/22/19  (18)
Oh neat opinion on politics    09/22/19  (5)
Is it illegal for employers to fire underperforming female employees?    09/22/19  (1)
Why do Mexicans let their kids run around without supervision?    09/22/19  (27)
Any Olds here remember how risque it felt when an older kid gave then a copy of    09/22/19  (1)
All jokes aside. Is marriage to be avoided? Can 2 people just not get along    09/22/19  (3)
So we've had night mode for years and no one said anything?    09/22/19  (6)
Crypto nuts: what platform has lowest fees?    09/22/19  (5)
Besides baby goldstein, what are Henry Aaron's other forcememes?    09/22/19  (2)
Henry Aaron (401k balance = 0) likes to megapost when stock market drops    09/22/19  (5)
Just got back from the shooting range    09/22/19  (1)
Sad that neither of Breaking Bad, Sopranos, The Wire could be made today    09/22/19  (9)
Jeff Bezos to evan39 while cuddling post-coitis, tell me again about Luis    09/22/19  (14)
watching Shanghai Fortress on Netflix    09/22/19  (1)
Wow, I dropped a quarter on the ground ITT    09/22/19  (2)
status on bans Henry Aaron / "project" / baby goldstein?    09/22/19  (3)
ATP Sept 16-22 Thread - Leningrad | Metz #tennis    09/22/19  (13)
if you're not an ephebophile you're a god damned faggot    09/22/19  (1)
Taylor Swift has one of those faces that looks obnoxious as a fat    09/22/19  (17)
Henry Aaron = board cancer    09/22/19  (28)
"What My 'Knockout Game' Experience Taught Me About My Unconscious Bias" (Vox)    09/22/19  (61)
Kavanaugh really did it for evangelicals, abortion and gay marriage illegal now!    09/22/19  (1)
If you make less than 150K a year you aren't human    09/22/19  (4)
Donny and Boogie Down in their LR Defenders circling Luis in his Corolla in Sunn    09/22/19  (2)
Maori woman, follow up re free speech - did you want to be fired from biglaw?    09/22/19  (6)
Global 🧢 capitali$m telling you to buy your iPhone 11 pro    09/22/19  (1)
Is it conventional to wear your Masters degree university's sweatshirt    09/22/19  (5)
Rewatched Ward-Kovalev 1. Judges got it right.    09/22/19  (1)
Should I cop new iPhone 11? At $699 it's practically free!    09/22/19  (2)
Are Texas Rangers basically just state police?    09/22/19  (7)
Dudes grill some hot dogs in Australia - giant fucking lizards show up    09/22/19  (3)
Filioque MegaThread 9/22/19    09/22/19  (1)
Are there any shows even close to as good as Mad Men, Sopranos, Breaking Bad, or    09/22/19  (28)
LOL at how adoring mousy white girls get around tall black men (gif)    09/22/19  (62)
Why does the same stuff in Italy and Japan cost like 3x as much as here?    09/22/19  (1)
Thoughts on appendix carry?    09/22/19  (1)
At the sound of music singalong at the Hollywood bowl    09/22/19  (6)
Stripe CFO is super young    09/22/19  (3)
Spending 1 month in Mexico City. Ideas re stuff to do?    09/22/19  (10)
LAVER COUPE thread #tennis    09/22/19  (12)
"diaper diogenes" , "project" some of baby goldstein creator/pedo's alts    09/22/19  (4)
only good thing about Trumpmos = they have low life expectancy    09/22/19  (7)
Henry Aaron ODs, goes to hell, is convinced Satan is actually Obeezy    09/22/19  (2)
Republicans believe they can hold the house    09/22/19  (11)
This Soho apartment has a 20 foot long private rooftop pool    09/22/19  (9)
So libs have no shot at the Senate and probably not the House after Kav? LOLOLOL    09/22/19  (8)
Republicans are so fucked in the House    09/22/19  (25)
lol @ "rooftop bars" - filled with wiggers, russian hookers and mystery ethnics    09/22/19  (1)
Rate the Van Gogh hanging in this chick's bedroom:    09/22/19  (2)
if Bernie drops out, Warren could consolidate support and win the nomination    09/22/19  (1)
13 yr old you watching in horror as you load Bailey Jay in HD on your computer    09/22/19  (2)
Who will get the Dem nomination: Biden, Warren, or Bernie?    09/22/19  (13)
Usnews undergrad rankings are rancid flame. Caltech not even t10?    09/22/19  (21)
Trannies in LA are really attractive.    09/22/19  (12)
Pet peeve: people under 50 that drink coffee after dinner    09/22/19  (38)
wow, a "speakeasy" themed bar. very creative.    09/22/19  (1)
Jafar tp    09/22/19  (1)
Pollsters Say Democrats Might Fall Short In Retaking the House    09/22/19  (40)
Some bitch just came into Chipotle and asked the tortilla girl for a wrench.    09/22/19  (1)
It's cute how Trumptards think they can still keep the House    09/22/19  (21)
if Trump campaign serves to reinvigorate Jeb to defeat Hillary in the general,    09/22/19  (6)
Let’s think up ways to nullify the house’s power. Any ideas?    09/22/19  (7)
Look at what Princeton has become (pics)    09/22/19  (66)
Imagine the lib meltdown when the GOP keeps the house    09/22/19  (7)
Trumptards: you really think GOP will keep the House?    09/22/19  (25)
NYT Libs already preparing excuses for Dems not taking the House (link)    09/22/19  (8)
making a ludicrously complex org chart of all my dads, jafars, and xo bfs    09/22/19  (5)
Four years of Hillary as POTUS would crush me    09/22/19  (6)
Times of Israel: Jewish funds keep refugees flowing into Europe    09/22/19  (24)
Trumpmos are too complacent about 2020, understimating Warren    09/22/19  (4)
Just copped odds on Kovalev at 4.8: 1.2...Bet $100 on him    09/22/19  (1)
the only SALVATION for the US is 16-24 years of DEMOCRAT RULE    09/22/19  (77)
Kavinsky's "Nightcall" plays as luis drives his Volt through an endless tunnel    09/22/19  (38)
A literal J-POP star just transferred into my law school class holy shit    09/22/19  (6)
Operation Rickshaw: De-Asianification of North America    09/22/19  (1)
She just chooses her words carefully. She's not reciting a script.    09/22/19  (2)
NY judge fines landlord $17K for threatening to call ICE on illegal immigrant    09/22/19  (14)
chandler how is your gay faggot dog did you sit on him and crush him yet fatass    09/22/19  (5)
Women like dad bods like this    09/22/19  (2)
sick baby goldstein creator tries to put a yarmulke on Trump Baby float    09/22/19  (9)
time for unhinged venkatesh/henry aaron spammer gook to be banned    09/22/19  (3)
FYI, Clintons were holding onto Biden Ukraine bombshell as long as possible    09/22/19  (4)
time for Henry Aaron to put himself to sleep    09/22/19  (5)
Today, Netanyahu, tomorrow his lapdog Trump    09/22/19  (1)
Henry Aaron switched one of his alts to "see you on the western sky" FYI    09/22/19  (3)
Daniel Jones looks legit for the Giants    09/22/19  (7)

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