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your organic ex-girlfriend, still giving you the same look after all these years    03/22/17  (5)
created a slack bot that notifies you everytime an ETH thread is made on xo(link    03/22/17  (2)
London attacker was reportedly "fed up with ETH threads" (link)    03/22/17  (6)
Ho Lee Fuk: Just fell for an Apple iTunes Incorrect Invoice Scam    03/22/17  (2)
Hmm so WLMAS got utterly pwned again? Will he disappear    03/22/17  (7)
Heard PK Subban interviewed he was surprisingly articulate and intelligent    03/22/17  (4)
How happy are Jews that rural proles are dying in droves    03/22/17  (75)
why are people bidding $28 for a coca-cola bottle on Ebay?    03/22/17  (1)
Rate this teen girl 2nd cousin (pic)    03/22/17  (21)
earl should buy a house in Orange County & commute to work    03/22/17  (6)
Donnie T's on the back up. Drug free so put the crack up.    03/22/17  (1)
Its crazy that people can live on 50k    03/22/17  (42)
XO mastermen, evaluate this amicus brief aginst Mismatch Theory    03/22/17  (7)
How groupies are trawling firm websites and LinkedIn to seduce associates    03/22/17  (55)
Dr David Duke intelligently sums up GC with a single tweet    03/22/17  (46)
Dr David Duke sums up Muslims in London    03/22/17  (7)
Entire BYU cheerleading team suspended after "strip poker" snapchats (link    03/22/17  (21)
HYS ppl -- what % of your classmates are out of law entirely?    03/22/17  (2)
Hey earl, did you go to LA's jewelry district to buy your fianc's ring?    03/22/17  (7)
"Ivanka's office is pure nepotism!" *let's first lady try to reform healthcare*    03/22/17  (5)
How long to learn SQL?    03/22/17  (20)
Alexis Sanchez gives rousing speech at the Emirates #LondonStrong    03/22/17  (3)
FBI: Why'd u do it? FR bomber: "Islam." FBI: *slams desk* Don't make me ask agai    03/22/17  (141)
Are there college-educated people who don't get the logic of the contrapositive?    03/22/17  (26)
former biglaw associate marrying norwegian actor in vikings    03/22/17  (1)
Just bought shares in "full day of rageposting about RSF" big rally imminent    03/22/17  (1)
Woman wearing a "pussy hat" survived London attack today (link)    03/22/17  (1)
LOL so Trump WAS wiretapped?? Are libs EVER not wrong?    03/22/17  (5)
Any SECURITY CLEARANCE-havers on the bort?    03/22/17  (57)
Terrorist attack outside of Parliament in London    03/22/17  (50)
For a few years in early 2000s all girls walked around with midriff showing    03/22/17  (24)
Lasik Surgery    03/22/17  (41)
"Am I Finally Done with White Guys?" (link)    03/22/17  (14)
Who here likes working in coffee shops? WHY?    03/22/17  (10)
Guy sends fake invoice to his student loan company and gets them to pay him (lin    03/22/17  (3)
Maverick should have fucked Goose's wife in Top Gun. What a piece of ass    03/22/17  (16)
Viper from Top Gun - AKA Tom Skerrit, is 83 years old not flame    03/22/17  (3)
Boom your thoughts on this "bitcoin" shit?    03/22/17  (7)
Home ownership is pure hell spent all night pumping water put of basement    03/22/17  (20)
Hurry you still have time to make a facebook post about when you were in London    03/22/17  (1)
Bout to cop dat Switch. YNY    03/22/17  (4)
Is this doctor showing too much cleavage in her hospital head shot? (Link    03/22/17  (5)
what was your first car (memories thread)    03/22/17  (13)
what's scalia's best case (school related)    03/22/17  (21)
How many of you watched Gorsuch's confirmation hearing just to swoon over him?    03/22/17  (1)
*shitlaw boss cracks knuckles, pops in Myst CD*    03/22/17  (6)
Judge Gorsuch at SCOTUS hearing argues law school is a scam NOT FLAME    03/22/17  (33)
If I was single I'd go to adult summer camp    03/22/17  (3)
Hitler describes how Jews gain money    03/22/17  (1)
25yo lawyer gets elected by poasting on "autoadmit" (NYT)    03/22/17  (2)
WARNING: this 30minute documentary WILL make you anti-Semitic    03/22/17  (8)
The Day in the life of a Credit Suisse Private Banker--Business Insider-Pictures    03/22/17  (41)
STICKY: Trader: "Who put this dick on my back?!" during live TV broadcas    03/22/17  (1)
lol that "T14" girl from facial abuse got knocked out of the T14 because of GULC    03/22/17  (22)
poast a pic of your dog    03/22/17  (76)
poast the hottest college and/or law school girl you've ever seen    03/22/17  (5)
Remember back in the day how Chads would wear wristbands everywhere    03/22/17  (2)
Judge Gorsuch SHOVES (((Al Franken)))'s SHIT IN at SCOTUS hearing    03/22/17  (25)
Hypo: You're 5* high school football recruit and top student with perfect SAT    03/22/17  (47)
having tremendous success IMAGINING a weighted blanket & not actually using one    03/22/17  (8)
Wtf is up with trump twitter? He stopped poasting.    03/22/17  (8)
Rate this HAPA's blog..."longingfordeath&quo
   03/22/17  (42)
twins: thoughts on the fact that schizophrenics can tickle themselves?    03/22/17  (5)
Reminder Dave Mirra killed himself    03/22/17  (1)
fav thing is the smell of law school girl hair that was maybe washed 2 days ago    03/22/17  (5)
Rate this korean woman getting beat to death with a garden hose (video)    03/22/17  (4)
Biglawyers meeting for "happy hour" at 11 pm    03/22/17  (13)
mediocre looking law school girls who look up w/ tired eyes and are in love w/ u    03/22/17  (3)
BAM! You wake up floating on a skiff in the upper bay    03/22/17  (7)
college students call out "Jewish Privilege"    03/22/17  (62)
There is a Korean Autoadmit-like site called ilbe    03/22/17  (28)
Why are choker necklaces very popular among young white women right now?    03/22/17  (16)
Trump banning shitpits would do immense good for the country    03/22/17  (10)
Why are choker BBCs very popular among young white women right now?    03/22/17  (1)
I would eradicate all shitpits free of charge if trump asked me to    03/22/17  (1)
How has no politician ran on an anti-shitpit platform?    03/22/17  (2)
Block party set for eve of Ryancare vote in Owsley County, KY    03/22/17  (6)
study group got in "epic trouble" for drinking during class    03/22/17  (4)
evan39 did you ever take the LSAT    03/22/17  (1)
Mailcall thread (March 20, 2017)    03/22/17  (13)
your organic ex-girlfriend, hanging on your every word as you two play catch up    03/22/17  (2)
Former Biglaw Partner Bumped Off in Chicago    03/21/17  (45)
might not graduate law school    03/21/17  (8)
ever told a girl about your poasting habit?    03/21/17  (13)
law students discussing how much they love the law    03/21/17  (1)
question re. auto insurance    03/21/17  (17)
Would you live in Nazi Germany without Jews ?    03/21/17  (13)
What do Sotomayor's law clerks think of her? Are they embarrassed?    03/21/17  (20)
MFH landlords arrested for illegally evicting tenants... guess race?    03/21/17  (19)
ever get any awards during law school?    03/21/17  (8)
most prestigious jeans size? e.g., 34x34    03/21/17  (44)
o me so horny    03/21/17  (1)
WTF is the deal with this genius guy?    03/21/17  (2)
Why is the shit at Crate and Barrel so expensive?    03/21/17  (58)
Ari Melber is what an XOer would be like if chill and cool    03/21/17  (4)
BREAKING: Eric Trump's wife is *NOT* JEWISH    03/21/17  (3)
Millenial tells Baby Boomer who insulted millenials to SHOVE IT    03/21/17  (1)
Gorsuch: I have one client; It's the law.    03/21/17  (6)
Senator GRILLS Judge Gorsuch re accusation that he discriminated female attys    03/21/17  (4)
Lindsay Graham asks of Judge Gorsuch would repeal Roe v Wade    03/21/17  (8)
Shrew & author of a blog says Gorsuch responses 'lacked substance'    03/21/17  (9)
how many of you love law school    03/21/17  (13)
Judge Gorsuch tells jokes at SCOTUS hearing    03/21/17  (4)
DESCRIBE what these women at the Gorsuch hearing were thinking.    03/21/17  (5)
REMINDER: Gorsuch posted on XO as rk982.    03/21/17  (9)
law school classmate casually spitting on toilet paper and wiping your ass    03/21/17  (1)
do you have a law school sticker on your car    03/21/17  (5)
Tommy Turdskin and To Be Fair OUTTED in Federal Complaint lull    03/21/17  (447)
Judge Gorsuch rips apart Democratic Senator    03/21/17  (1)
Judge Gorsuch GAPES Sen Ted Cruz at SCOTUS hearing    03/21/17  (2)
Estimate the Wise Latina's IQ...and LSAT score?    03/21/17  (9)
why is radio still analog if TV is digital?    03/21/17  (8)
anyone want to explain iqbal and twombly    03/21/17  (5)
How absurd is a $3mm house for a family making $800-900k?    03/21/17  (55)
Judge Gorsuch destroys (((Sen Feinstein))) in SCOTUS hearing    03/21/17  (36)
Why don't False flag trumpmos challenge his actions in comservative jurisdiction    03/21/17  (22)
2016 Law Firm Financials    03/21/17  (137)
Who knows how the civil war would have ended if that ship full of Samurai hadnt    03/21/17  (36)
Rate: 45 yo man with 27yo girlfriend    03/21/17  (17)
What's so bad about payday loans?    03/21/17  (27)
Jared Kushner To Build A BJC At 666 Fifth Ave In MFH    03/21/17  (1)
A little decree about archiving    03/21/17  (378)
Should I cop these oxford leather shoes off eBay for $2.95?    03/21/17  (5)
Rate This Jewess    03/21/17  (5)
Need Dining Suggestions for Baltimore Inner Harbor    03/21/17  (1)
You're a female or faggot if you don't know what a radiator is    03/21/17  (2)
Creating a safe place so I won't suffer from cisgender microaggressions    03/21/17  (1)
Average dying person in US leaves Earth with $25K student loans    03/21/17  (3)
Would you buy this Honda mini van    03/21/17  (3)
salaryBULL taking control of your projects in a meeting in front of everyone (hu    03/21/17  (4)
When did Bill Simmons rebrand himself as "Tig Notaro"?    03/21/17  (1)
about to enroll in a private MFA program to find a wife    03/21/17  (5)
just got asked to leave a law class for shooting fireworks    03/21/17  (2)
3 years enough to learn Japanese?    03/21/17  (49)
when you get on stage to do standup what's your best opener    03/21/17  (8)
POLL: you're favorite brand of beer    03/21/17  (13)
just found out i failed c&f (character and fitness)    03/21/17  (9)
have to turn myself in to jail today for the "bar exam"    03/21/17  (1)
Lifehack: pick women up in the air and smell ass then say she needs 2 be changed    03/21/17  (9)
Business people/salesman speak in simple, clear 5th grade language    03/21/17  (9)
Lady Mountbatten used to walk naked in front of her turdskin servants    03/21/17  (3)
More "heavy" body mods and academia    03/21/17  (3)
Lamborghini Diablo >>> modern Lamborghinis    03/21/17  (1)
literally lol    03/21/17  (2)
Woman makes just under $4k/ every 2 weeks selling stuff on Ebay    03/21/17  (7)
if you had to get on stage and do 15 minutes of standup how would you do    03/21/17  (12)
Lol there are house flipping shows on TV again? Real estate crash incoming    03/21/17  (5)
law school is easy mode but constant landmines hanging around    03/21/17  (4)
got in huge trouble with UGA today    03/21/17  (5)

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