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Ever been around kids (4-6yo) who u can tell are gonna be very smart?    11/24/17  (18)
Working on Black Friday is boring. Rating posters as Roman/Byzantine emperors    11/24/17  (38)
Top 15 College Football Jobs RANKED    11/24/17  (27)
yes honey, the Jews are opening up a demonic portal with Saturn and Sirius    11/24/17  (1)
trumpmos passing info to Chinese invasion force to piss off the libs    11/24/17  (1)
rate this blonde with her chad    11/24/17  (2)
little ditty, bout peanuts and "men", two gg alts tryna bring down lawman    11/24/17  (7)
600K in SF, 500K in NYC, 400K in DC, 300K in LA, or 200K in Chicago?    11/24/17  (2)
reminder: peterman lost 3 years of law school tuition in crypto. LJL!!!!    11/24/17  (55)
One dominatrix I'm looking at offers "public dominant dinner dates"    11/24/17  (3)
Would YOU buy this 1.75 million dollar mansion in Riverside, CA    11/24/17  (11)
I"m def doing this dominatrix thing,. but maaaaan    11/24/17  (3)
JFC, just the sound of women's voices fills me with rage    11/24/17  (4)
America is such a 3rd world shit hole now (video)    11/24/17  (3)
biz idea: collect cum in a jar for 11 months then throw handfuls on random ppl    11/24/17  (1)
Scott Frost to Nebraska is done deal, allegedly (link)    11/24/17  (4)
What's everyone up to    11/24/17  (10)
More about Christianity's metaphysics is wrong than right. But the cost of being    11/24/17  (28)
Peterman is now worth over half a million dollars from crypto. U? Poast.    11/24/17  (13)
can anyone here defend modern star wars?    11/24/17  (13)
I'm starting to think the point of being human is just to troll IRL    11/24/17  (9)
Should I watch WEEDS or THE AMERICANS?    11/24/17  (4)
Peterman's eyes rolled back as he rides me."use the dildo too, daddy!" he shriek    11/24/17  (10)
People without unlimited data plans: do you always have to monitor your usage?    11/24/17  (8)
Apple is a total shit GC shell company now    11/24/17  (47)
So making 100K in Texas >>> 300K in NYC?    11/24/17  (74)
dont discuss sex, religion, politics...    11/24/17  (1)
Rich boomers who have never worked hard telling you to work harder    11/24/17  (1)
What's a reaosnable price to pay for "total domination"?    11/24/17  (12)
Are 'dominant' and 'submssive' real personality traits?    11/24/17  (1)
Jim_Kelly's inlaws eating doritos with chopsticks, trying to figure out football    11/24/17  (16)
do any straight males have a "Plus" size iphone?    11/24/17  (33)
Wtf wells from the bachelor is dating sarah hyland    11/24/17  (1)
Why Putins Foes Deplore U.S. Fixation on Election Meddling [NYT]    11/24/17  (52)
little ditty about Peter Maaann    11/24/17  (9)
Any stock pick tips for this week?    11/24/17  (24)
Julia completes IQ test for 4th time in a row: "Finally, it got my score right!"    11/24/17  (84)
bought ETH at $376, sold at $204    11/24/17  (89)
People are going digital & global. If the state doesn't keep up it will be obso    11/24/17  (1)
Know a guy who makes $40k month as a day/swing trader.    11/24/17  (44)
FUCK | HUMAN | BEINGS    11/24/17  (1)
How to get high with no drugs?    11/24/17  (22)
"Yeah grandpa, I get it, I get it. I fucking told you that I play Call of Duty"    11/24/17  (12)
So I want to become open and honest but still scared of parents on FB    11/24/17  (1)
Disney planning a Star Wars: the New Class spinoff    11/24/17  (1)
His rod, is an awesome rod it rains from heaven and earth! With jizz, cum, power    11/24/17  (4)
JFC why did I just spend $29.99 on Civ VI?    11/24/17  (15)
Beckersted unretire to poast scholarship here    11/24/17  (17)
jon bodega is really good looking    11/24/17  (1)
Why isnt the iPhone X more praised here?    11/24/17  (16)
Gonna clean my AR-15 while drinking Coors and watching tranny porn. FUCK LIBS.    11/24/17  (16)
Peter-mannnn. Hold the ether on your own (hold the ether all alone) peterman    11/24/17  (16)
jinx voted for Hillary, right?    11/24/17  (2)
The Chinese character for -Autoadmit- literally means Bald Suicide Faggot    11/24/17  (2)
American Beauty was one of Kevin Spaceys best acting jobs    11/24/17  (6)
Starting to think I'm a nut for living in NYC    11/24/17  (11)
Fake Internet money is awesome    11/24/17  (2)
where is exeunt    11/24/17  (6)
FAKE | DIGITAL | MONEY    11/24/17  (4)
Losing Bartertown mayoral election by 1 vote...now vice-mayor. Console me    11/24/17  (1)
* * * * * HUGE CHRISTMAS TREE SHORTAGE * * * * *    11/24/17  (10)
If you're not a Christian you're insane.    11/24/17  (44)
Should I become a professional dick sucker? (watchmen)    11/24/17  (8)
Escape from NY but Snake is an introvert who has to infiltrate a party    11/24/17  (3)
Making money without working is 180. Working for money is 120.    11/24/17  (8)
best feeling in sports - crack HR off a fastball?    11/24/17  (18)
Rex Tillerson making high level foggy bottom libs do FOIA requests all day.    11/24/17  (10)
apparently chandler "hurt his wrist" and is in a foul mood    11/24/17  (7)
Moderately chubby DDD gf claims to be a virgin before me    11/24/17  (11)
Every time I open up to people I end up being reminded people are utter trash    11/24/17  (15)
Live tuna wink$ in black turtleneck holding up new $3000 iPhone    11/24/17  (5)
I don't want to sell my ETH because I'll get raped in taxes    11/24/17  (13)
rate these chicks at their 10 year high-school reunion (pic)    11/24/17  (27)
i'm here for scholarship tp    11/24/17  (7)
How do people Past 80 feel about today's Modern World    11/24/17  (5)
every day i'm glad i married my wife    11/24/17  (5)
Jews, thieving is not enough, it's time to actively start killing Goyim    11/24/17  (3)
Heyyyyyyy Venable Venable Venable Venable VENABULLLLLLL!! (Nats infield chatt    11/24/17  (4)
DIAPERED | TRANNY | WIVES    11/24/17  (2)
Just made 44 out of 52 free throws    11/24/17  (8)
Thinking of secretly investing some of my spouse's money into crypto...CR?    11/24/17  (6)
I think I'm going to hire a dominatrix (light femdom not hardcore shit) takin qs    11/24/17  (11)
so non-crypto holders gloat when it's crashing, furious rage as it moons    11/24/17  (10)
max iq of someone who believes 9/11 was a government conspiracy?    11/24/17  (21)
INTP hunters using Nicolas Refn DVDs as bait    11/24/17  (3)
bring tha mothafuckin ruckus    11/24/17  (1)
Just jerked off my bro assfaggot. Felt like I was reading fucking Braille.    11/24/17  (16)
Has your SO ever said "it's not real until I tell you"?    11/24/17  (1)
Any Houston O&G mastermen here? I have a couple of qs    11/24/17  (31)
Can trannies get warts on their frankencocks?    11/24/17  (2)
"There's something about you, it's hard to explain" "It's probably my autism"    11/24/17  (2)
chicken choker chandler "hurt his wrist" (masturbating), attacks my dinner! Sad!    11/24/17  (2)
Rating Poasters as Tyler Perry spec scripts I'm working on    11/24/17  (1)
Rate these cute Harvard sorority sisters (SFW)    11/24/17  (16)
Shrew GF: "you're ok but Chad was bigger" 2nd cuz: "NIGGER NIGGER NIGGER NIGGER    11/24/17  (57)
My roommate LEAVES his room to TAKE phone calls    11/24/17  (1)
Boner Police looks like Josh Hartnett in Black Hawk Down but w a ~220 IQ    11/24/17  (1)
if you have ptsd you need a sophisticated philosophy of good and evil    11/24/17  (3)
XO Pirates trade Charlie Morton to the Phillies for like a 30 yr old A pitcher    11/24/17  (3)
Reminder: Peterman's NW almost as high as Nutella's LJL    11/24/17  (17)
Injured my wrist fuck my ass    11/24/17  (5)
VOLCEL / NOFAP ROLL CALL ITT    11/24/17  (20)
Hypo: wife drawn randomly from Instagram or from Gathering of Juggalos    11/24/17  (33)
Welp...there is always next year (Mets fans)    11/24/17  (16)
Phillies sack manager Sandberg    11/24/17  (3)
Phillies Fire Charlie Manuel, Ryne Sandberg is New Manager    11/24/17  (12)
a Good man is a very, very dangerous man who has that under control    11/24/17  (4)
chandler ate my dinner    11/24/17  (4)
back on the sauce after ~2 weeks JFC drinking is horrible    11/24/17  (10)
every day i'm glad i married my juggalette wife    11/24/17  (4)
chandler rate my dinner    11/24/17  (6)
Just woke up from 2 year coma...is NL all star team basically just the Mets?    11/24/17  (7)
sadclown tp singing "Kaposi's Sarcoma" to tune of "Hakuna Matata"    11/24/17  (26)
XO Utley still buttraping the Mets without lube even as a Dodger    11/24/17  (2)
Crypto bros, have you guys heard about pink sheet stocks? You guys are gonna lov    11/24/17  (12)
How much $ would you have right now if you'd just HELD your ETH    11/24/17  (15)
Phillies great Ryan Howard signs with the Braves...    11/24/17  (2)
ur grandpa playing COD WWII: "Where's the gay sex? That was the best part!"    11/24/17  (1)
My tinder pics are shit    11/24/17  (11)
TEEN VOGUE: its ok if innocent men are accused of sexual assault    11/24/17  (43)
YOUR NEW YORK METS win their third straight NL East title!    11/24/17  (2)
Mad jelly of the people with 1mm+ crypto gains    11/24/17  (2)
XO Mets are going to dominate their division for years to come    11/24/17  (17)
She said im a crybaby i cant be your lady    11/24/17  (1)
Google "Asian Instagram" and "Asian Instagram Ugly" images ROFLROFLROFL    11/24/17  (7)
So it's p much guaranteed that the Mets win NL east every year next 5-10 yrs?    11/24/17  (4)
Did you know that some people study YEARS for the LSAT?    11/24/17  (49)
Millionaire uncle giving me an advance on my will payout, buying me house in CA    11/24/17  (6)
Anyone want to know what fixed effects are?    11/24/17  (1)
Just had a nightmare of Trump losing in 2020 to some fat Indian bitch    11/24/17  (1)
I don't want to sell my ETH because I'll get raped in Texas    11/24/17  (3)
So, Trump really is like Hitler. Both named Time's Person of the Year    11/24/17  (2)
I tried and I strived and I lost    11/24/17  (9)
Alex Trebek is smart the way prosecutors are skillful.    11/24/17  (1)
Funny reaction of women after touching boner    11/24/17  (27)
Is BCH a decentralized Chinese wealth transfer    11/24/17  (2)
So this is what goes on Friday night on XO? bunch of mentally ills jew threading    11/24/17  (4)
LJL at sexhavers, stuffbuyers, and thingdoers    11/24/17  (11)
{$} Official Black Friday Deals Thread {$}    11/24/17  (53)
Love my niggas, but where's my bitches?    11/24/17  (2)
just do a 47x gain on ETH after being flat previous 12 months, not a bubble nbd    11/24/17  (9)
"more juggalo wifes !" - xo poa 2017    11/24/17  (4)
Regret dumping a girl on an almost daily basis    11/24/17  (46)
thingdoers expect us 2 screenwatch 4 hrs and then just come chill like its nbd    11/24/17  (3)
i shake with rage whenever i see a tranny with a penis larger than mine    11/24/17  (7)
Rate this chill alpha bro's thanksgiving day bachelor feast    11/24/17  (1)
*sends out dat /surrender from gaming discord*    11/24/17  (6)
"Sup Brady" (Vocaroo)    11/24/17  (85)
Honestly, Jews aren't taking near advantage enough of Goys like they should    11/24/17  (15)
what happened to iphone 9    11/24/17  (6)

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