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TT baffled as Transformer noise plays every time he takes a shit    02/23/17  (4)
Maggot infestation at San Diego Korean church has investigators baffled (link    02/20/17  (5)
chilmata explaining his new way of peeling an orange to a baffled jury    02/12/17  (3)
Officials baffled by bike trail maggot infestations (San Diego Union Tribune)    12/29/16  (1)
Doctors baffled as chilmata enters year 4 with his "broken" toe    03/30/16  (4)
Baffles me that psychology exists as a field of study. It is destructive.    12/17/15  (26)
I'm actually baffled by how anyone could think studying law was a good idea    11/13/15  (16)
i'm still baffled earl couldn't cop biglaw    06/24/15  (14)
Regular corporate people are baffled by DeltaView Redlines    02/09/15  (25)

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