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Trump was baffled when Sessions recused without asking him    12/14/17  (55)
It still baffles me how even our bort libs regularly eat up MSM talking point    12/12/17  (8)
Future people will be baffled that we had a huge military; didn't defend borders    12/07/17  (4)
Barbaro baffled as dozens of new horses rush past him, engulfed in flames    12/06/17  (3)
Regular corporate people are baffled by DeltaView Redlines    12/04/17  (26)
Terence Tao flipping back and forth between Clauses 9.2 and 7.6, utterly baffled    12/03/17  (46)
anglocucks "baffled" by how Christians support Trump    11/26/17  (2)
Baffled SEC Jenkins: "so you had zero inside info. Bought them for a" meme"? "    11/22/17  (44)
Another Millennial BAFFLED by a Sunday Newspaper    11/12/17  (11)
It baffles me that men are still marrying in 2017.    11/07/17  (14)
"20+ alt " lawman conspiracy rises in the polls, experts baffled    10/26/17  (1)
Why is Pedro on the panel, he cannot speak English. Gary Sheffield is baffled    10/13/17  (2)
Trumps spectacular, unending, utterly baffling, often-wrong campaign launch    09/23/17  (1)
bros right now they are laughing at us over on L | S | D (BAFF 4 UNREADS)    09/20/17  (1)
MSNBC: London baffled by recent surge in acid attacks    09/17/17  (7)
Scientists are baffled when they try to systematically study/understand humor    09/11/17  (9)
Infant sized coffins sold out nationwide, authorities claim to be baffled (link)    09/01/17  (7)
   08/21/17  (1)
Educators Baffled as New Homes for Confederate Statues See Test Scores Improve    08/15/17  (1)
it's baffling that there's a market for "broadway shows"    08/09/17  (4)
Researches "baffled" after marooned IGWC survvies on own urine for 4 months    08/04/17  (3)
Engineers baffled by 'microaggression' workshop at conference    07/30/17  (1)
Engineers baffled by 'microaggression' workshop at conference    07/30/17  (6)
NASA "baffled" by apparent galaxy of "giant space spiders"    07/25/17  (6)
group of ex hippie moron boomers baffled by taqueria menu, hold up line    07/20/17  (1)
lib here. baffled by libs' love of illegal immigration    07/07/17  (1)
"And how would you like it cut?" *hands TMNT cereal bowl to baffled ex-stripper*    06/19/17  (6)
why are women so baffled by computers. theyre worse than boomers    06/01/17  (6)
French faggots baffled after young mus bro gropes woman on live tv    05/30/17  (10)
MI5 agent consulting with baffled FBI colleague    05/22/17  (4)
Consuela's combination of stupidity and self-assurance is truly baffling    05/20/17  (9)
scientists baffled by tufts student's superhuman intelligence    05/08/17  (3)
Really baffling how blind libs are on reporting the Berkeley protests    04/16/17  (2)
Blitzars: scientists baffled, could srsly be ALIEN communication    04/15/17  (3)
Kenny is one of the more baffling poasters here    03/23/17  (9)
I have totally BAFFLED the squirrels at my bird feeder    03/16/17  (6)
Lib Edict is baffling RE: immigration, healthcare, tranny rights, big gubmint    03/15/17  (11)
still kind of baffled by liberals' recent hard on for Islam    02/24/17  (5)
TT baffled as Transformer noise plays every time he takes a shit    02/23/17  (4)
Maggot infestation at San Diego Korean church has investigators baffled (link    02/20/17  (5)
do BAFFtas hold any prestige?    02/12/17  (1)
chilmata explaining his new way of peeling an orange to a baffled jury    02/12/17  (3)
Judge Carlson listening to your argument looking completely baffled and confused    02/06/17  (1)
Ever meet someone who immediately baffles you with brilliance???    01/29/17  (4)
Libs baffled: Trump, not their President, is somehow doing the president's job    01/28/17  (5)
WaPo: Kellyanne Conway's electoral map is so baffingly distant from reality (lin    01/12/17  (19)
Of all the secondary character XO poasters of the past, I miss NASC and Baff the    01/11/17  (8)
Im baffled by people's stupidity    01/04/17  (8)
it still baffles me how bad libs fucked up    01/04/17  (7)
Atlantic reporter tasked with covering middle America BAFFLED by Trump win    01/01/17  (1)
Officials baffled by bike trail maggot infestations (San Diego Union Tribune)    12/29/16  (1)
DBG baffled by can of WD-40: "Do i rub it in my ass?"    12/16/16  (2)
is whokebian/baffian diversity beneficial for a tweetbort?    11/21/16  (3)
New Yorkers Baffled and Anxious After Trump, One of Their Own, Clinches Election    11/10/16  (5)
Trumptards BAFFLED when HIllary playing the victim card responds with women    10/08/16  (2)
NYT: Liberals See Hillary Clintons Focus on Big Donors as Bafflingly Dated    09/22/16  (2)
LJL @ libs "BAFFLED" by Crooked Hillary's Corruption    09/22/16  (1)
Old school XO check. Who remembers Baff?    09/09/16  (5)
It's baffling how Hillary's anti-white rhetoric is winning her this election    08/29/16  (33)
Baffling that there are people who prefer NYC to LA    08/27/16  (10)
It baffles me that most men marry right when the women is on the decline.    08/25/16  (37)
NIGGER ATTIRE is truly just baffling.    08/13/16  (13)
Baffled that just a few years ago I thought Neutral Milk Hotel was genius.    08/11/16  (5)
any1 else baffled by euro violence? one of life's mysteries    07/25/16  (2)
NYT (2017): Increase in Muslim Radicalism in Europe "puzzling" and "baffling    07/14/16  (27)
The thing that completely baffles me about GWU law's ranking    06/09/16  (3)
Bewildered and BAFFLED by board drama    06/06/16  (4)
can someone please explain this political cartoon to me? i am baffled    06/05/16  (6)
Unintentionally hilarious NYT article about libs baffled by "Redskins" poll    05/23/16  (24)
i used to think IQ was just dickmeasuring. now i'm baffled at why we don't use i    05/18/16  (7)
Trump headlines baffle me "Trump denies posing as publicist"    05/14/16  (4)
As a Latino, I am baffled that whites don't want to preserve their heritage    04/01/16  (3)
Doctors baffled as chilmata enters year 4 with his "broken" toe    03/30/16  (4)
Brussels-bombing brothers best baffled Belgians    03/23/16  (1)
I'm just baffled at why smart policy wonks on this site don't support Rubio.    03/04/16  (1)
Scientists baffled after finding Chicago resident who has never been shot    02/18/16  (5)
LOL at this Clinton corruption (link). How any dem can support her baffles me.    02/04/16  (21)
reporter baffled as Palins abortion rant leaps from Trump to Justin Bieber    02/03/16  (7)
Ben Carson Unloads on Putin with Baffling quote    01/30/16  (14)
the fact that 99% of political class/media are baffled by Trump = proof they do    01/26/16  (1)
know a BAFF who started 1L at Suffolk a decade ago, how fukt is he    01/23/16  (1)
Eggs are so fucking gross it baffles me that people can eat them.    01/12/16  (9)
Death cultists who worship warlord pedophile are murdering rapists. Libs baffled    01/06/16  (1)
cousins threw literally only INTs last yr, throws 2 today, coaches baffled    12/28/15  (6)
baffled garrulous autists    12/18/15  (1)
Baffles me that psychology exists as a field of study. It is destructive.    12/17/15  (26)
media forcing Amy Shumer on us still baffles me    12/13/15  (15)
I'm baffled by dating app shrew psychology    12/09/15  (7)
Libs, admit that you're baffled by dems' pro-terrorist rhetoric    12/06/15  (2)
RSF's morbid addiction to XO is baffling to me, says a lot about the bort    11/30/15  (81)
I like pop music - Coldplay, Rihanna, J Bieber et al. - but am BAFFLED by    11/30/15  (6)
I'm actually baffled by how anyone could think studying law was a good idea    11/13/15  (16)
Completely baffling to me that no football team has ever gone on a labor strike    11/09/15  (1)
BAFF for unreads.    10/13/15  (1)
Doctors baffled by girl who cant stop sneezing    10/07/15  (2)
NYT: The world is intrigued, mystified, scared, and baffled by Trump    08/29/15  (8)
nytimes "baffled", "perplexed" how mississippi MUSLIM could want 2 join isi    08/23/15  (5)
Retailers baffled as Elmer's glue and panties completely sold out in Manhattan    08/20/15  (1)
Analysts baffled as Daily Mail reveals web hits down 70%    08/19/15  (3)
is anyone else into The Baffler    08/13/15  (6)
baff for unreads    08/03/15  (10)
I once was taking an EPIC smelly shit in LS baffroom & 2 black doods walked in    07/08/15  (1)
Apparently there is a picture of a man on Mars baffling scientists (link    06/29/15  (6)
i'm still baffled johnsmeyer couldn't cop cop    06/24/15  (5)
i'm still baffled earl couldn't cop biglaw    06/24/15  (14)
David Blatt is completely baffled right now    06/16/15  (10)
Your future husband, tipping a baffled diamond district Jew    06/15/15  (5)
Dily Mail: Maryland woman can "shoot fire" out of vagina. Doctors baffled.    06/09/15  (1)
Neil DeGrasse Tyson "baffled" by GMAT data sufficiency section    05/22/15  (2)
garrulous | baffled | turdskin    05/13/15  (1)
bob baffert looks like a caricature of a boomer millionaire    05/02/15  (2)
Does BAFF still post at lawschooldiscussion?    04/04/15  (1)
Baff for unreads    04/01/15  (1)
Apple's #1 Fanboi Rush Limbaugh "absolutely baffled" by iWatch    03/10/15  (7)
Regular corporate people are baffled by conference calls    02/09/15  (13)
BAFFLING: bitchmade faggots unite in Iraqi Kurd microbrew pub    01/24/15  (1)
ESPN compares Kobe and Jordan; uses baffling choice of stats    12/15/14  (11)
XO compares Lance and Roger; uses baffling choice of stats    12/15/14  (1)
BAFF213 taking ?s    12/03/14  (2)
Baff213    12/03/14  (2)
SJWs baffled by this one weird sign at Ben's Chili Bowl    11/21/14  (4)
Remember Baff? He just became a judge in Massachusetts.    11/12/14  (4)
feminists utterly baffled that men rather look at a pretty face    11/01/14  (1)
My cousin is a self-hating Jew and it's totally baffling    08/02/14  (5)
BAFFLED by the lack of Bar threads    07/31/14  (17)
iggy izaela completely baffles me    07/17/14  (7)
Baffled LA game wardens: "something" protecting area wetlands    06/08/14  (7)
Baffled by front page...realized I searched "Jew"    06/07/14  (1)
YOU'RE OLD: BAFF is three years away from Social Security    06/04/14  (1)
i m baffled, this whole elliot rodger thing doesnt make sense    05/24/14  (12)
it's baffling that like 80% of straight guys don't get vasectomi    05/17/14  (1)
baffled gypsy to RSF: "I said, 'thinner'!!"    05/17/14  (22)
Twitter failing to attract more people. Investors baffled.    04/29/14  (1)
hated of homosexuals is kind of baffling    04/13/14  (1)
URBAN ELITIST is BAFFLED that Iowa has something PRESTIGIOUS    03/27/14  (1)
We mocked him at the time, but it looks like BAFF made partner:    02/04/14  (1)
It's truly baffling how Alan Watts is never spoken about on xo    12/20/13  (5)
ITT: Commonplace behavior that baffles you    12/02/13  (4)
Why do some ppl find criticism of liberalism so BAFFLING?    11/16/13  (5)
Feinstein 'baffled' by Iran sanctions push (DBG)    11/16/13  (5)
Libs baffled, no clue why Pharisees hated Saint Michael    10/12/13  (4)
I'm pretty baffled over the recent debacle in the BB saga    09/23/13  (1)
black lady asked me where the baffroom was    09/21/13  (2)
Murray is utterly baffled by Heterosexuality    08/20/13  (3)
What happened to BAFF?    07/23/13  (7)
Murray is utterly baffled by Xo Janowicz    07/05/13  (12)
Lib friend baffled by Corporation for Public Broadcasting    05/03/13  (5)
Study baffled why rich white kids have more "allergies"    05/02/13  (1)

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