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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   02/12/19  (255)
[Update] I [31m] found torn-up remnants of a Plan B box in the kitchen garbage.    02/18/19  (13)
WLMAS, how are things going with the ladies?    02/18/19  (1)
Sergei Skripal on his death bed from Novichok poisoning    02/18/19  (1)
Servers not making good money is a myth    02/18/19  (7)
naughty boys can run, naughty boys can hide, but Pickle Rick will alwaya find    02/18/19  (2)
“Just tip” anyway while billionaires Slave their workers and you pay more    02/18/19  (1)
Lol at how fucked in the head you are “I’ll just tip anyway”    02/18/19  (1)
Henry Aaron is amazing, said Henry Aaron posting as Voodoo Child    02/18/19  (14)
Is the show Designated Survivor good?    02/18/19  (2)
Permanently delayed gratification    02/18/19  (29)
American woman who joined ISIS: "Oopsie, this was a big mistake"    02/18/19  (25)
Who is Enki?    02/18/19  (7)
Libs surveying smoldering, ruined Amazon HQ2: “Well, we did it    02/18/19  (2)
Pelosi DELETES tweet in support of Smollett after recent revelations (link)    02/18/19  (5)
If you want to change the world, start off by blank bumping your poast    02/18/19  (14)
Gunneratttt: 180 poster    02/18/19  (6)
Dupa's kid watching a Cardi B video as Dupa rants about being a good parent    02/18/19  (1)
>50% of the girls in my sorority were servers and brought in mad tips    02/18/19  (2)
opening riff to Sabbaths "Into the Void" as app 6 spread her legs    02/18/19  (4)
*Trump walks up w electric guitar* "jews did 9/11", he squawks through talk box    02/18/19  (2)
xo POLAND gets Israel-Central Europe summit canceled    02/18/19  (1)
Kushner is basically Charlie the Intern from Bojack    02/18/19  (1)
Indian Army literally fucking their enemies in the ass (video)    02/18/19  (18)
jared: "just fire comey hehe let criminals out of jail hehe sign budget bill heh    02/18/19  (2)
Oldest known wild bird gives birth at 68 years old on Midway Atoll    02/18/19  (3)
"Harm Reduction" drug policies are destroying San Francisco (link)    02/18/19  (15)
silent hill but the nightmare world is just growing up as spaceporn's "son"    02/18/19  (6)
Got in a big fight with lib brother and his shitlib gf over MS13    02/18/19  (58)
Do old fa$hioned way! Hit motherfucker$ with pipe and take what you want    02/18/19  (23)
Summer Glau was big deal for a while then career just tanked    02/18/19  (2)
TMF you should try training your shitpits like this (video)    02/18/19  (3)
johnsmeyer kicks off stilts & removes mission impossible-style spaceporn mask    02/18/19  (18)
i lost 43K in a coin called *bitcoin private*    02/18/19  (34)
RAV4 vs CR-V vs Outback vs something bigger (Pilot, Highlander, etc.)    02/18/19  (36)
bort olds: why were wayne and garth always “hurling”? some 90s thing?    02/18/19  (5)
Want the world to be right.. “tipping” just encourages more slavery    02/18/19  (6)
good true detective episode tonight    02/18/19  (18)
“Tipping” needs to end    02/18/19  (7)
Confessions of the 6 figure server    02/18/19  (5)
It's pretty much impossible to tell the Jesus story w/o Jews hating it    02/18/19  (1)
ACP: could NIU upset Vanderbilt this fall    02/18/19  (1)
Reminder America is $ick! you can be dead four months in Walmart parking lot    02/18/19  (11)
America is a cum-stained international bordello for transient mud third worlders    02/18/19  (21)
Nigger dummy spic easy money Jew fraud fire oven up America burn    02/18/19  (20)
10,000 Japanese men get naked and wrestle over a “magic stick”    02/18/19  (1)
Brandi Love got into porn to help her heart attack-victim husband    02/18/19  (32)
Bar specialization is a great thing for SOLOs    02/18/19  (3)
RIP to who cares tp, he lived a good life    02/18/19  (8)
Want to commit suicide b/c I'm a biglawyer in Dechert's NY office    02/18/19  (13)
Rachmiel hurling the XO servers into the fires of Mt. Doom.    02/18/19  (9)
Man killed in port-a-potty fire outside Baltimore Ravens stadium    02/18/19  (2)
place is great    02/18/19  (2)
The iron chains of NO FRESH JUICE (the XO Birdshit story)    02/18/19  (4)
Obamacare - ultimately - was a Rube Goldberg contraption    02/18/19  (4)
your potential dies off exponentially every time you have sex    02/18/19  (4)
Trump throwing wrench into Rube Goldberg machine of 21st century diplomacy    02/18/19  (5)
Mar-a-Lardass is now trending on Twitter and Trump is reportedly fuming    02/18/19  (20)
should i get tested for HSV & HPV also or is that flame for dudes?    02/18/19  (10)
power move: bring guitar and talk box into office, use it in every meeting    02/18/19  (1)
Nikki Haley appears on panel w Trump coup head Brennan, tags him on twitter    02/18/19  (13)
Trump vanquishes China in Trade War! #MAGA! (link)    02/18/19  (4)
Anyone awake?    02/18/19  (15)
jews have over played their hand this time (vid)    02/18/19  (10)
scratched my new name onto a glass window pane, pointed at it to GF    02/18/19  (2)
CNN already sending Biden the "No More Fucking White Males" message    02/18/19  (12)
ITT: poast images that make you lose all hope    02/18/19  (95)
nobody - not even your wife, family or country - has your best interests in mind    02/18/19  (25)
ITT: Rate my wife's 37yo tits    02/18/19  (42)
REMINDER: Johnny's the best that's ever been    02/18/19  (15)
Westword season 2 is really 180. I'm pissed at XO for telling me it was shit    02/18/19  (4)
Rolling Stones Paint It Black plays in bckground WMTP plugs nose and pushes fart    02/18/19  (1)
Happy Presidents Day    02/18/19  (3)
ive been upfor 36 hours withour adderall or blowcaine    02/18/19  (2)
Farting so hard your FitBit registers 14,000 steps    02/18/19  (12)
In 1940's the AVERAGE US IQ was around India's current level, then 18+ rise    02/18/19  (22)
Jussie Smollett attacked by "hipster doofus" at LA's "The Laugh Factory" (CNN)    02/18/19  (3)
You were “loaned” 500k to to not learn anything ljl    02/18/19  (11)
Ever wake yourself up with the vomitous odor of your own death farts?    02/18/19  (3)
Farting so hard that you pop a blood vessel and gag to death on your own vomit    02/18/19  (7)
farting so hard rudolph predicts something correctly    02/18/19  (5)
farting so hard john popper breaks into a harmonica solo    02/18/19  (42)
farting so hard 10,000 millennials begin bouncing up and down in unison    02/18/19  (2)
I walk around Chicago with a noose looking for gay niggers at 2am all the time    02/18/19  (16)
i dislike jews    02/18/19  (1)
Did you know COMMUNIST CHINA now owns a chunk of REDDIT?    02/18/19  (2)
Judicial Watch obtains documents showing FBI covered up for Hillary Clinton    02/18/19  (18)
Hot big tit teens in disney Minnie mouse hats    02/18/19  (30)
"I found another daddy penis" (Spaceporn Jr. collecting acorns at the park)    02/18/19  (47)
Spaceporn’s wife’s son bullied at school for being unable to fart with noise    02/18/19  (15)
Do THROWERS exist in BIGLAW?    02/18/19  (12)
eth fucking mooning    02/18/19  (1)
He savagely rammed it up my ass... whispered whok to the nurse    02/18/19  (7)
Spaceporn here. Really want to try adderall. How to cop w/out prescription?    02/18/19  (12)
bloked.com -- black chicks getting fucked by Andy Capp lookalike British guys    02/18/19  (14)
Husband wants to spend $75k on fake internet currencies    02/18/19  (95)
Wheres the fucking money lebowski?    02/18/19  (10)
Lots of people are saying Spaceporn should be raped to death by 70 IQ niggers    02/18/19  (17)
Disney changing name of Spaceship Earth to Spaceship ShitSlavePlantation (WSJ)    02/18/19  (2)
what complaints do blacks have anyways? last president was black.    02/18/19  (4)
here i am at kids playroom w all these families, my head full of xo poast filth    02/18/19  (6)
Hey, hey! This is MAGA country!    02/18/19  (3)
Sold sex for the second time. Taking Qs    02/18/19  (38)
Black family reunions with matching "FUK WHAT U HEARD 2019" t-shirts    02/18/19  (3)
rate me as a poaster    02/18/19  (14)
d00d who maed it inventing Vine killedself at 34    02/18/19  (19)
i get the most pussy out of anyone on XO and those pussies belong to hot girls    02/18/19  (3)
mr. jinx sighing with relief as a ladyboy busts a nut in his ass    02/18/19  (12)
You're young 30s or less why don't you enjoy the pussy?    02/18/19  (3)
Can anyone get away with talking back to their boss? Or are they canned ASAP?    02/18/19  (8)
I have been rocking the dopest dashiki to work lately.    02/18/19  (1)
said “fresh juice” 3x in front of mirror & TT appeared in full newcastle utd    02/18/19  (4)
Luis why are you not reading Back Mechanic by Stuart McGill?    02/18/19  (4)
xo Abe reelected    02/18/19  (9)
Go to your “doctor” you will be treated off web md ljl    02/18/19  (31)
Considering texting Netflix gf "I'm gay"    02/18/19  (7)
Taylor Swift what should I do? Cr way to Live friend?(BOM)    02/18/19  (1)
Taylor Swift is right! Why tip? You’ll never see these assholes again    02/18/19  (8)
its insane how we lie to kids about what *america* really is    02/18/19  (2)
im in extreme nonstop mental anguish and pain    02/18/19  (8)
this world is a nightmare    02/18/19  (3)
hindus stepped on white trash turf...    02/18/19  (3)
Tubgirl but it's jinx shitting three litres of cum in a muddy alley in Pattaya.    02/18/19  (11)
Where does jinx get the $$$$$$$ to get fucked by all those ladyboys?    02/18/19  (12)
ladyboy busts a nut in mr. jinx's eye. mr; jinx wipes it off.    02/18/19  (7)
mr. jinx plays 'In a Sentimental Mood' after a ladyboy busts on him in Pattaya    02/18/19  (4)
At bar at Santana Row YardHouse looking for Luis    02/18/19  (10)
Dirte and other outdoor Bros. Do you know anyone who owns a SHERP?    02/18/19  (5)
anyone here buying a private jet?    02/18/19  (12)
   02/18/19  (2)
Westin Heavenly Bed at home: prole or nah?    02/18/19  (4)
Is keeping track and doing "6 minute" timesheets in Law really a pain?    02/18/19  (2)
You know why toysr us failed? They didnt do enough playroom shit.    02/18/19  (46)
Focus group tonight: total fucking blowout. Boss smilin like a possum!    02/18/19  (7)
ATTENTION    02/18/19  (3)
my IQ is 2    02/18/19  (1)
wow now im only down 50% of my crypto portfolio    02/18/19  (1)
Nothing on Earth sounds better than a freshly made Monte Cristo Sandwich    02/18/19  (1)
intercourse    02/18/19  (1)
Time is flame 1916 put gas in car 2016 put gas in car ljl    02/18/19  (35)
have you ever exposed your penis to intimidate someone?    02/18/19  (7)
MAGA country nigger    02/18/19  (8)
OK to lie about sick family member in job interview to justify relocating?    02/18/19  (23)
You never see anyone again anyway so why care?    02/18/19  (3)
It’s all flame lol at you    02/18/19  (2)
blacked.com spinoff featuring black women fucking dorky asian and jewish men    02/18/19  (19)
Yeah and being a doctor you can treat people off web md ljl    02/18/19  (2)
plucking a big juicy onion off of the tree, peeling the membrane, taking a bite    02/18/19  (19)
Every time I think I'm the stupidest poaster, I realize there's someone stupider    02/18/19  (5)

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