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STICKY: New account requests   09/18/18  (219)
Sleep Deprived and Flu. Best time to watch Solo: A Star Wars Story?    09/18/18  (16)
Would you ever spend 25k-50k on a high end matchmaker?    09/18/18  (3)
BREAKING: Dem's now saying Ford won't testify unless there is an FBI investigati    09/18/18  (4)
cac here poasting for a short bit, taking & giving Qs    09/18/18  (58)
Sickly, how many languages can you speak?    09/18/18  (23)
Been washing hair with cold water & kosher salt only. Looks & feels 180    09/18/18  (1)
Libs are really gunning for college football    09/18/18  (44)
It is truly sad Libs can't get beyond their delusional hate to see good in Trump    09/18/18  (42)
QAnon: Trump will undergo fake impeachment and resign to run a secret right-    09/18/18  (5)
Kavanaugh's buddy Mark Judge wrote multiple books about getting blackout drunk    09/18/18  (1)
Hillary Clinton: The legitimacy of the 2016 Presidential Election "is in doubt"    09/18/18  (16)
Upset Jew, can you list some of the "white cultural problems" you mentioned    09/18/18  (22)
What income do you need to live comfortably with 300k house?    09/18/18  (45)
The ugliness of Terence Tao's wife is pretty damning    09/18/18  (22)
Libs were right about Campaign Finance- just look at all these big money jews    09/18/18  (1)
Kav 49 or under votes sinking like a ROCK    09/18/18  (11)
Hypo: Kav confirmed, Roe overturned within 3 years. Predict the fallout    09/18/18  (12)
ITT: Poast l33t homemade dinner ideas    09/18/18  (7)
I "owe" consuela like 25 bucks at this point    09/18/18  (17)
Chi Spy DiFi: FBI should investigate Kavanaugh before we allow accuser to testif    09/18/18  (8)
Realistically, raising the price of iPhones would've finished Trump    09/18/18  (5)
Apple to add "TrumpTax" line to all future iPhone receipts if he imposes tariffs    09/18/18  (92)
Don McClean American Pie = Boomers getting a nostalgia circle jerk in their 20s    09/18/18  (1)
Travelmos: Sign Up With T-Mobile Just For Free International Data & Cancel?    09/18/18  (13)
Shitlibs are losing their minds because Sesame Street said Bert/Ernie aren't gay    09/18/18  (22)
*boner police selecting his Jewish wife based on her ruin value*    09/18/18  (3)
Bootsy collins was funnier than any 2018 comedian    09/18/18  (2)
Fucking with my black fiancee's ex-employer over sick pay    09/18/18  (18)
ScreenTime on new iOS is truly 180 - a rare gift from GC    09/18/18  (3)
remember, never go outside or do anything ever    09/18/18  (5)
Kav in 2015: "What happens at Georgetown Prep stays at Georgetown Prep" (link)    09/18/18  (3)
when will we hear from all of the other people at the rape party?    09/18/18  (3)
"hey I saw your MeToo facebook post. I meant no harm could u plz take that down    09/18/18  (7)
most prestigious way to arrange books on bookshelf ?    09/18/18  (9)
basically we need to use the internet to turn people into christians    09/18/18  (1)
MDH, I got out of representing my dad on his doomed traffic ticket    09/18/18  (7)
Tom Arnold and Mark Burnett get into fist fight at Emmy party over Trump N-tapes    09/18/18  (6)
crypto to rebrand as "cloud-based financial ruin solutions"    09/18/18  (11)
New leak shows Julian Assange sought Russian visa in 2010    09/18/18  (11)
Hypo: Kav confirmed, SCOTUS proclaims Trump King, all libs die. Predict fallout    09/18/18  (5)
i want to fuck this guy in my philosophy class so bad    09/18/18  (13)
Never forget: TBF had an alt named "West End Girls" using black woman's pics    09/18/18  (3)
Strzok after Comey firing: We need to open the case weve been waiting on now"    09/18/18  (34)
Carolinas to be blanketed in pig shit and coal ash. Thanks Trump!    09/18/18  (2)
think i have athletes foot but im definitely not an athlete    09/18/18  (2)
Best books of the 21st century    09/18/18  (56)
Alan Keyes shits on gay marriage as nonsensical (VID)    09/18/18  (1)
u guys realize that if abortion is banned we'll see a massive crime wave in 15 y    09/18/18  (9)
So sick of this shitjob and grind    09/18/18  (20)
Yale 2018: LGBTQ students outnumber campus Republicans    09/18/18  (43)
Don't worry guys, poasters on the husker fball message bort say we can beat Mich    09/18/18  (1)
Apple exempt from Chinese tariffs. I am steaming mad    09/18/18  (6)
LOL at Mitch complaining that Dems are delaying the confirmation process    09/18/18  (2)
rate Brooke Burke (mother of 4) at age 47 (pics)    09/18/18  (15)
it would be interesting if sports like golf and tennis had weight classes    09/18/18  (5)
DIANE FEINSTEIN's hometown newspaper rips her for the delay tactic    09/18/18  (2)
Women are uninteresting and men are endlessly fascinating    09/18/18  (1)
Finally took the plunge with a tranny escort 10 days ago, now have flu symptoms    09/18/18  (24)
"It is, uh, important that we, uh" *spouts smug platitudes as country burns*    09/18/18  (4)
Kavanaugh accuser will back out of hearing, calling it too traumatic to relive    09/18/18  (25)
when a black person argues your side and doesn't GAF about opponent arguments    09/18/18  (1)
looking back I wasnt adequately warned how terrible life actually is    09/18/18  (9)
REMINDER: every poster is hiding a triviality as an insight only they understand    09/18/18  (21)
Law themed ASMR-girl dressed in pantsuit whispering about ur attention to detail    09/18/18  (1)
XO is fraudlies shit right now.. all wrong    09/18/18  (9)
Ironside Eating A Big Bavarian Meal Tuesday Afternoon Before 25 Hour Fast Why?    09/18/18  (3)
LOL Rudy just admitted the Stormy Daniels payment was to help the campaign    09/18/18  (21)
Going to date and try to wife next thoughtful girl I meet that likes me    09/18/18  (48)
literally in awe at how worthless my poor ROI gf is to my general QOL    09/18/18  (10)
Judge Kavanaugh had the opportunity to boink Mercedes Schalpp but didn't    09/18/18  (28)
Stormy Daniels' mom is huge Trumpmo, wants him to run for POTUS four more times    09/18/18  (6)
Had date with subjective 9 last night (pic)    09/18/18  (30)
Houston will win the World Series, calling it now    09/18/18  (11)
So Kavanaugh perfect gentleman with qt Mercedes Schalpp but rape ugly sjw? lol    09/18/18  (1)
doughy guys with thick glasses lecturing you with nasal voices    09/18/18  (4)
Dealing With Personal Tragedies In Open Office Environment    09/18/18  (5)
even a King sits on a hole where shit pours out of    09/18/18  (1)
flatulent and horny in an open office environment    09/18/18  (2)
Rate this business idea    09/18/18  (2)
The Case for a More Multicultural Japan    09/18/18  (179)
1300s A.D. ASMR~ Nun Takes Care of You In Bed {You Have the Plague}    09/18/18  (4)
"Trump has yeti pubes and a dick like Toad from Mario Kart" (actual quote)    09/18/18  (28)
hungover and anxious in an open office environment    09/18/18  (4)
Insurance Companies are satan.    09/18/18  (2)
everything in christ    09/18/18  (1)
Everything libs do is shitty and weird and gay    09/18/18  (1)
boner police what're we drinking tonight    09/18/18  (2)
XXXTentacion and Lil Peep have their debut song Falling Down    09/18/18  (3)
In revolutionary road why does that guy turn off his hearing aid    09/18/18  (2)
Jew was hasty granting Kavanaugh confirmation. lol xo:    09/18/18  (4)
Holy shit, Arthur "The Fonz" Fonzarelli was a Jew?    09/18/18  (10)
why doesnt longwangpoontang get as much hate as LTM?    09/18/18  (12)
Kavanaugh in 1989: "I'm American because my ancestors came here by boat, not pla    09/18/18  (2)
Hurricane Names Are White Names - And That's A Problem    09/18/18  (2)
Strzok wanted McCabe to investigate Trump?! Guess I'm for closed borders now    09/18/18  (1)
/*\ Retiring Sen Jeff Flake wont vote on Kav, will let successor vote instead/*\    09/18/18  (10)
Guys! There's a girl here! You can talk to her in that "cac" thread and she rep    09/18/18  (1)
THIS is why you're going bald, baldmos    09/18/18  (30)
ive seen the the bottom of a man and its basically just retarded    09/18/18  (1)
RATE the Nike CEO's artwork    09/18/18  (22)
Former FBI Deputy Andrew McCabe seeking IMMUNITY DEAL re: Clinton probe    09/18/18  (48)
how come James Ellroy is shielded from progressive pantshitters?    09/18/18  (1)
:D, stick this in your kale pipe and smoke it (link)    09/18/18  (1)
Brett Kavanaugh tossing your tied together shoes onto a power line.    09/18/18  (1)
The Diapers of Young Werther    09/18/18  (6)
Idea for novel: liberal SCOTUS clerk sexually harassed by her ju    09/18/18  (123)
How can $cott Fraud go from undefeated to winless?    09/18/18  (22)
Kavanaugh HS girlfriend claims "All he wanted ever was anal."    09/18/18  (1)
Think about the externalities of living in mud cosmopolitan America    09/18/18  (51)
Currently watching APOCALYPTO    09/18/18  (33)
Cuomo's MTA during rain    09/18/18  (3)
in medieval times, unfamiliar pieces of fruit were often referred to as "apples"    09/18/18  (10)
Climate Change could help end racism and white people (link)    09/18/18  (8)
James Joyce Jr. looking on Backpage for a "prostitoot"    09/18/18  (5)
apple in cup (pic)    09/18/18  (7)
Chinese tourists cause commotion checking into Swedish hotel    09/18/18  (69)
obama is a muslim terrorist    09/18/18  (4)
Look, some folks got tariffed    09/18/18  (3)
TV show idea: THE JUSTICE, a shitlib fever-dream about Kavanaugh    09/18/18  (9)
First off, I love men. Actually that's all I wanted to say (MPA)    09/18/18  (2)
To avoid a reckless driving ticket, all I had to do was suck off a nigger cop on    09/18/18  (3)
Do you consider babies born to legal green card holders anchor babies?    09/18/18  (5)
How similar are the Anita Hill accusations and events to today re Kavanaugh?    09/18/18  (6)
"Just stream this Nazi kkk video over company wifi, goy"    09/18/18  (1)
The drum break in Spin Doctors "Two Princes" is sick as fuck    09/18/18  (1)
xo should like this: women sizes 0 - 28 try on the same dress    09/18/18  (75)
Libs kill off Roseanne character by having her die of opioid overdose    09/18/18  (51)
Fat shrews in one piece bathing suits protesting Kavanaugh in DC (pic)    09/18/18  (3)
Jeff Flake: "I wouldn't leave my daughter alone in the same room with Kavanaugh"    09/18/18  (2)
FBI crawling through your parents' attic looking through old yearbook comments    09/18/18  (7)
Dolphins dragging you under the waves and raping you while you drown    09/18/18  (5)
Found out my boyfriend of 2.5 years has been married for 5 years.    09/18/18  (5)
Brand New Upset Jew tp Diss Track. RIP xoxohth:    09/18/18  (11)
Boomie what happened to the Husker$ this weekend?    09/18/18  (5)
Japanese pool player styling in interviews    09/18/18  (4)
This Kavanaugh thing is completely insane    09/18/18  (6)
Is there an "Alt-Left"?    09/18/18  (11)
Jeff Flake says he will not vote for Kavanaugh, "John McCain would understand"    09/18/18  (1)
*Peterman leans head on trucker's shoulder.* "Tell me again I'm your rig piglet"    09/18/18  (7)
Thanks Mohammed! But the child bride is in another castle    09/18/18  (1)
Is she saying trump has a little mushroom clit piss button?    09/18/18  (1)
what's the goldilocks iq? 145?    09/18/18  (6)
Thank you Mario! But a lot of people are saying that our incredible princess is    09/18/18  (2)
Silent Ganges - Maneesh De Moor.mp3    09/18/18  (1)
every dork with a Toad tattoo now has Trump's cock on them    09/18/18  (1)
Bloodacre I have my 2nd possibly 3rd date with that chick tonight.    09/18/18  (12)
Wife wants to name daughter "Brinleigh". What should I do?    09/18/18  (16)

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