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PrestigiousBitch is an unhinged shitlib    02/21/18  (22)
US did pretty terrible in WW2 europe- correct?    02/21/18  (11)
Remember your first true love? Lol you stupid faggot    02/21/18  (9)
Had a legit Keyzer Soze moment when I learned the true meaning of Thunder    02/21/18  (9)
Real Talk: No man is scared of a pit bull. They smile in submission.    02/21/18  (8)
the idea that you're a victim really is poisonous    02/21/18  (7)
lol at this movie Valerian, twink lead actor, shitty lead actress, dumb plot    02/21/18  (6)
James Damore's memo is sexual harassment, according to U.S. labor board lawyer    02/21/18  (6)
WaPo: Russian meddling is "worst attack in America since 9/11"    02/21/18  (5)
Started wearing driving shoes into the office    02/21/18  (5)
Upgrading desktop: 32gb ram to 64gb worth $250?    02/21/18  (5)
when will cryptofags admit they're just gambling    02/21/18  (4)
u can retire on 400k    02/21/18  (4)
Ask not what you can do for your country - ask what white people can do for you!    02/21/18  (4)
Brenden Dassey statements to be immortalized in SCOTUS.    02/21/18  (4)
from mush you came and to mush u shall never return :(    02/21/18  (4)
Rate this govt job i applied to w the city of los angeles    02/21/18  (4)
Pallas Cat looking at list of forcememes: I maed it? Meow i maed it    02/21/18  (3)
Trump bringing normal Americans on stage during rallies was a masterstroke    02/21/18  (3)
Daily Stoic, 2/21/18    02/21/18  (3)
take the OFFICIAL daily stormer "are you a Nazi?" test    02/21/18  (3)
The best thing you can do in life is give up all hope    02/21/18  (3)
Dr Federer Is Like The Smart Guy Who Doesn't Turn In HW, Aces The Tests #tennis    02/21/18  (3)
XO on the vanguard again re: liberals want you to accept criminality    02/21/18  (2)
He hath thuch a cute Pallath Cat, Grimes lisped    02/21/18  (2)
D-day troops in landing craft refreshing binance as bullets whiz over heads    02/21/18  (2)
"dont time the market" to dont fear the reaper    02/21/18  (2)
Why nowhere to stream Fargo s3?    02/21/18  (2)
I loved hearing my grandfather's D-Day stories    02/21/18  (2)
rate this video of a NOWAG trying to "get tough" w/ a white woman (he fails)    02/21/18  (2)
We're banning blank bumps. There, you happy libs?    02/21/18  (2)
Alien tech leaking out: facial recognition glasses for Chinese police    02/21/18  (2)
As you get older, ur face literally turns into mush (DTP)    02/21/18  (2)
Hottest 31 y/o woman in the world can't hold candle to natural 18 y/o girl (DTP)    02/21/18  (2)
Rate this Dinesh DSouza Youporn comment    02/21/18  (1)
No one ever talks about the chapstick cartel    02/21/18  (1)
obviously what happened in parkland is horrible. but good god @ jewish response    02/21/18  (1)
SAD I want you to be my bull fuck my wife and let me watch    02/21/18  (1)
Me and gibberishtp arranging a wife swap, then spending all night poasting    02/21/18  (1)
Olivia Amun got so much plastic surgery you can't even recognize her    02/21/18  (1)
The best kind of success is the type you don't even earn    02/21/18  (1)
*fondly remembers the week two poasters bought a diaper*    02/21/18  (1)
Huge chainsmokers fan here    02/21/18  (1)
Someone told me Nacho Libre was the Black Panther movie for beaners    02/21/18  (1)
Countdown to Trump screed against NBA and Mark Cuban    02/21/18  (1)
"i really like it here papa" giggled the early-onset alzheimers in ur dads brain    02/21/18  (1)
Good morning dear xo sirs    02/21/18  (1)
Why does the mind cycle through periods of contentment and pure psychosis    02/21/18  (1)
Tender Woman in "The Snake" poem is actually the Statue of Liberty. The snake?    02/21/18  (1)
Wayne Brady intellectually impregnates Bill Maher via rape    02/21/18  (1)