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LOL, renscribbles.tumblr.com

Found my blog on a website where I really didnât wan...

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Date: September 4th, 2011 6:09 PM
Author: .,.,,..,..,.,.,:,,:,,.,:::,...,:,.,.:...:.,:.::.,.

Found my blog on a website where I really didnât want it (fuck internet scum), so here we go. Itâs renscribbles now; best thing that came to mind in the moment. I didnât want to change it again, but this was best. How delightful.


LOL @ DiseasedSlut Lauren Cozad (Lauren Elizabeth Cozad) still at toilet Ohio State University OSU in Columbus Ohio? she was an economics major, iirc. Lauren (Cozad) sucked my cock dry...I hope she doesnt mind the HERPES I gave her lol...i guess she's blogging here: renscribbles.tumblr.com


i LOVE how Lauren E. Cozad tries to pretend that her downloading of NUDE SEX PICS (like this one: http://images.encyclopediadramatica.ch/thumb/4/4a/LenaChenNude2.JPG/180px-LenaChenNude2.JPG ) don't count as "porn"