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UK Independent outs pornslut Miriam Weeks / Belle Knox

Real name Miriam Weeks, the daughter of a local doctor in Sp...

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Date: March 7th, 2014 12:02 PM
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Real name Miriam Weeks, the daughter of a local doctor in Spokane, Washington (Dr. Kevin A. Weeks (Spokane WA)), she felt forced to ‘come out’ as a sex worker in a real-life The Scarlet Letter scenario after a male student revealed her secret profession to the rest of her campus.

“Because the bullies of the world - starting with that young Duke man who broke his promise to me - do not dictate my life. Because my decision to do porn does not somehow mean that the world now ‘owns’ or deserves access to every single thing about me and every choice I make.”

Since she made her original confession, she's also been mercilessly trolled - or ‘slut shamed’, as several resulting comment pieces have named the vitriol - for her chosen method of financing her education.

The relentless online bullies went as far as to tell Weeks she “deserves to get raped”, blasted her appearance and demanded that she use her real – rather than her stage – name in porn.

“The Internet does not dictate my life,” she wrote. “My sexuality is not some sort of blackmail to be used against me, granting you ownership over my life or my story. It is my life. It is my story, so I'm refusing to let the bullies win.

“Instead, in revealing my performer name, I'm also going to let you know exactly the level of hate that exists in America regarding women who refuse to be quiet about their sexuality.”

She also revealed her intention to complete her legal studies and to start up a charity to help sex workers.

Whether you agree with how she makes her money or not, Knox is at the forefront of an ‘anti-slut shaming’ movement that the internet can't seem to get enough of. So, if you can excuse the pun, expect to see a whole lot more of her in the near future.


Paul Weeks (Lacey, WA) brother of dukepornstar Miriam Weeks

Harcharan Weeks (Spokane) (DukePornStar's Mommy)

Dr. Kevin A. Weeks, DO (Spokane) (DukePornStar's Daddy)

Anita R. Weeks (Gonzaga Prep 2012) (DukePornStars Sister)