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The Herringbone Restoration

Do you ever have a little too much single malt scotch on a l...
Flirting lascivious digit ratio

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Date: May 17th, 2015 10:49 PM
Author: Flirting lascivious digit ratio

Do you ever have a little too much single malt scotch on a late evening and sit in your study and stare out at the scholarly tomes and erudite poems and just wonder with this creeping contradictory sense of frustration and motivation about the vicissitudes and inequities of history as to why the Roman Empire didn't overspread the world and perhaps wonder what you could do if when it were ever possible to go back and to change the course of history and to restore them and to unfold their greater destiny that should have been GOD DAMMIT you fling the glass to the floor--it doesn't matter she'll be here to clean in the morning--and then you step down the flight of stairs into the lab arrive at the desk turn to the pile of papers that have piled up and need to be--should have already, if you were keeping your eyes on the prize, staying focused--reviewed for this month; the monograph on temporal mechanics everyone is buzzing about and that new entry in Nature about chronowear-resistant chemical bonding materials and the speech given out at MIT two weeks ago where they claim to have made a breakthrough with the power source miniaturization issue and you set to the task late and later and later into the night scrawling notes, building out the diagrams on the surrounding boards of the lab charging forward determined and burning and desperate toward achievement until nearing morning you fall asleep for another short restless sleep on that blue herringbone couch you've had since university to rise another day and begin again?