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The first sign of her presence wasn't sight but sound. The d...
aromatic hairless wrinkle

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Date: June 26th, 2015 8:37 PM
Author: aromatic hairless wrinkle

The first sign of her presence wasn't sight but sound. The deep, steady thrum of her engine greatworks reverberated through Wolfstone Hall, casting regular vibrations into the surrounding structure. Fingers gently pressed against the bench, he felt the minute disturbance of air mediated through the metal, smiled at the strength of her heart.


The Chief approached, stood before him at attention. His coveralls were streaked with oil, marked with the telltale singes of radiated plasmaweld heat. Sweat slicked down his flushed face as he drew in heavy breaths. A man interrupted from the midst of work.


"Phineas. At ease my friend." He rose from the bench, grasped the Chief's hand firmly, motioned toward the platform doors. As they walked, they carried on their exchange, hushed furtive tones against the din of station traffic. 'Captain, these departure orders -- 12 hours -- it's just not possible!' "Then you'll have to do the impossible." 'But sir -- she needs more work; a shakedown!' "Mr. Gage, in the past three days, Minneapolis, Madison, and Springfield have all fallen. We are the only vessel in intercept range. Ready or not, we launch in twelve hours."

'Aye sir.'


Her steel stretched to the sky, a thrust of man's mechanized defiance to the flat architecture of the encircling Oklahoma plain. The polished surface of her hull shimmered in the high sun of the day, making chameleon color of her paint, shifting shades of blue and grey. Against this canvas, nine letters in bold black standard script: INDOMITUS; directly beneath, in red, her registry: RCC-1776. He was home.

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