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A Nightmare Case

Yeah I've been through these. Starts with a premonition; a f...
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Date: March 27th, 2018 6:55 PM
Author: Razzmatazz green point

Yeah I've been through these. Starts with a premonition; a foreboding. You know something bad is going to sashay in through the door of your subbasement office off 45th & Broadway when you're about three drinks too far into the evening and the case file isn't closing itself so you licklight the lamp for some liminal broodings about unsolved underwriter mystery #107, some lyrical deathsong ode from ten thousand generations ago popping in, ready to rip your heart out and render it as a pulsating offering to its own dark gods and you are just dreading the day it happens. You look over your shoulder on your walk home from work; you check the back of the bus as you board it for your Saturday trip to the Rotary Club; you can see the shrink bills piling up as you reenact every silly-not-silly ritual from childhood from the triple check of the closet to the hanging from the other side by your toes reconnaissance of the underbed. Unruly nature has your ticket man and you are just counting down the hours and days until its punched and you're weeping widow pineboxed eight solid under the cold ground of Mulghaney Cemetery to spend some forevertime as a silent witness to passing feral cats and piling snow and the occasional Schlitz tossed by some suburban teen getting blitzed on a Thursday night with his neogoth friends in the "scary grove."