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History of the World

I want you to think about everything they've done. Think of ...
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Date: March 4th, 2020 12:23 AM
Author: At-the-ready Cracking Fanboi

I want you to think about everything they've done. Think of how they started. Scrabbling about on mud-caked floors, scurrying in fear between trees, simplistic cognitive facilities, but with the faint glint of recognition already in the eye, that suggestion of knowing, the operation of some faculty for thought behind the glassy surface. And then spring forward and they're beginning to work together, massing on alluvial plains adjacent to rivers, spreading through the savannas, beginning to build as they transition from small pack hunting gathering to a collective agrarian purpose, and growing up around that their cities, little outposts of gathered humanity, filling with people and personalities, teeming with protoindustrial impulses. Then, the first tastes of democracy and empire, the growing sophistication of their systems of politics and administration, the adjacent flourishing of culture through letters and learning, and, somewhere in the east of empire, a bright star rising in the heavens, signaling the coming of Grace into the world. No path is constantly upward and there are stumbles along the way, the light closing on that early imperial epoch in blood and clash and darkness coming across the land but, even in that darkness there is hope, woolen cloaked scribes guarded in high towers and tucked away abbeys, protecting and transmitting the learning of those great ancient cultures, carrying them quietly forward to usher in periods of rebirth and rejuvenation, the courtly beauty of this era and the cities beginning to teem again with life, newly organized now as the merchants and makers rise, the rediscovery of the ancient letters ushering in the full italian flourishing then spreading across the continent and in a century instant we're pushing through oceans, cutting across thousands of miles as we begin to explore the boundaries of this world we've been granted dominion over, expanding the limits of the known world and planting around the world, new forms of that same alluvial plain instinct to spread and grow life in all its forms; the dawn of the age of enlightenment and industry, the rise of reason and its adherents, changing forever the way thought and argument and information are organized and considered, little lavoisiers all around the globe, and in the west's west, across an ocean, an experiment begins, one that will carry through as a golden thread for the rest of human history, founded on the notion of equality and freedom among men and the promise of good in the world. Through clash of brother against brother the modern era now rushing in so fast, steam and metal and great building projects as knowledge and capacity expands exponentially. Darkness comes in, yes, oceans traversed and millions dying in defense of sacred principles, but we emerge a better world, unified behind a vision of possibility, the plow horse of classical liberalism yoked to its capitalist twin, pulling forward the great cart of civilization and then we're there brother, we're there, by God we're there, staring back at the blue marble, our "tinny teraqueous globe," everything we've ever done thus far encapsulated in that single image, now moving faster, the century tailing to an end to usher in a new one, data aggregating and analyzed at rates faster than the blink of an eye, our capacity for internal insight growing as we network ourselves in unprecedented ways around the earth and begin to look beyond our near home to the blackness of the beyond beckoning us. You think there isn't promise in them in this next decade, and the next, and the one after that, this century and the one that follows and thereafter, world without end? They have done everything. They have built the world, the process of the universe understanding itself unfolding in their history of rise. When they stumble, they regain their footing, when they look upward, they do so with intake of breath, overwhelmed by the grandeur of the horizon beyond and what lies over it and over it again. They are the portent of life realizing its ultimate self as it spreads throughout the stars. We have to give them the chance to achieve this end. You will not stop the process now, at this moment as they stand on the cusp.