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I saw a fascinating performance of Cats last night and I tho...
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Date: August 23rd, 2022 1:25 PM
Author: Chest-beating aromatic forum

I saw a fascinating performance of Cats last night and I thought you might enjoy it. It was midway through the second act, at the apogee of Shimbleshank's great night train to Glasgow number. The audience was awash in puddled pools of soft yellow light thrown off by the large moon they'd placed in the sky above the scene. Shimbleshanks was right at the top of his "signal is late at 11:42" verse, you know the one, when suddenly there was a clatter from stage left. And from behind the curtain a man, if you could call him a man, emerged. He was encased in some sort of machine or armored suit which caused him to hulk over the cast and audience. It was easily three meters tall, metallic, heavily armed with close-in weapons systems, and blinking with lights like some grotesque Christmas tree. He moved across the stage, the wooden boards of the Old Gramercy creaking, bending, cracking under the weight of his tonnage. From all around this apparatus steam wafted out, its volume rising as he quickened his pace, evoking a militarized Flying Scotsman. And then there he was, standing before us, Antony at the pulpit, and from his suit came an electronically modulated voice: "How many times have we seen an image of darkness or evil in the world and nothing is done? Are we to live this horror movie existence for the rest of our brief time here on Earth? Each cynical plot unfolding inevitably toward gore end, no hope of rescue or savior?" The audience was cathedral silent, all its eyes affixed to him as he spoke, his suit slowly rising and falling by operation of the steam as if imbued with life. Shimbleshanks had collapsed by this point. He began again: "No. I am the legacy of man. That we shall push back against the darkness and stand athwart the tide of evil and shout 'This is our stand!' We take the fight to them. We bring light back to this world!" And with that final utterance he pointed the right arm of the suit upward toward the theater's ceiling and a great beam of light emerged, bursting through the structure of the old darling to open her up to the sky above, the sun's light spearing down into the bowels of the auditorium, illuminating particles of dust as it made its was onto the faces of the assembled.