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Ok let's get down to brass nails    09/20/21  (3)
I am shocked that organizations that have discussed depopulation for decades are    09/20/21  (2)
Name early internet "memes" that aged extremely poorly ITT    09/20/21  (10)
Xo is hilarious I'm just playing devils advocate (Boom)    09/20/21  (7)
My kids are 13 and 16, should I get them vaccinated?    09/20/21  (10)
Loudly let the trumpet bray    09/20/21  (3)
Life resembling Rider-Waite "The Devil" tarot card    09/20/21  (4)
...huge dog...    09/20/21  (4)
Redpill me on the garlicpill    09/20/21  (8)
who sleeps with more hs students: male teachers or female teachers?    09/20/21  (2)
Hypo: 500k to replace tongue with prehensile monkey tail    09/20/21  (4)
What is the POTUS of Fighting Games?    09/20/21  (10)
Sound of Copper / Makes me feel like the Big Bopper    09/20/21  (3)
Which version of "The Rum Tum Tugger" do you prefer? (Poll)    09/20/21  (3)
This may actually end the "pandemic" (link)    09/20/21  (19)
Bluesy negro folk spiritual about eating store brand oats in times of hardship    09/20/21  (3)
Gex 3: Deep Cover Gecko is immensely scummy    09/20/21  (1)
David Hogg is off the dating market, sorry!    09/20/21  (11)
Cerwgod are you jamming out to this banger in 2021    09/20/21  (2)
Anyone remember the 2005 reality tv series The Law Firm?    09/20/21  (1)
cwgoed how does it feel to be the most ignored person on the bort    09/20/21  (2)
libs consistent. you aren't an american citizen until you breathe american air    09/20/21  (2)
Just traded 2 SOL for a once fucked chicken    09/20/21  (2)
SPY futures down .9%    09/20/21  (12)
this is the dumbest looking apartment ive seen in my entire life    09/20/21  (19)
Cowgod, how does it feel to be the most ignored person on the bort???    09/20/21  (2)
Life flashing before your eyes as you die but it’s all your most-bumped poasts    09/20/21  (1)
Compare jump in video games 1980 to 2000, versus 2000 to 2020    09/20/21  (1)
Portland has had 889 shootings in 2021 (link)    09/20/21  (21)
Black Monday (2021)    09/20/21  (2)
The Marathi Mel Gibson tp    09/20/21  (3)
therapist after benzo describes life: "no you're 100% right to be depressed    09/20/21  (1)
Rate this gamer moment (heroic video)    09/20/21  (3)
Watch this body cam from a faggy cop who just shot a nigger    09/20/21  (1)
On benzo, vaccines, gay psychology    09/20/21  (8)
And then the Lord said "the no coiners shall receive one more chance"    09/20/21  (3)
Pepito / Pedude 2024    09/20/21  (10)
“Using the alias ‘To be fair,’ Nicki Minaj spent years on an obscure messa    09/20/21  (38)
watching 'Zeitgeist' with your roommates and stoner college gf on a tuesday nigh    09/20/21  (1)
Heard “Land Down Under” on 80s radio earlier and burst out laughing in the c    09/20/21  (23)
Paying royalties to ralph cifaretto for use of "Wow," evan39 for use of "Ljl" tp    09/20/21  (5)
what is the best documentary of all time?    09/20/21  (38)
Lib Virtue Signalling is as cringey as saying "Cringey"    09/20/21  (1)
What % of your time do you spend thinking about black people?    09/20/21  (1)
Whoa the obsession with blacks is really getting insane    09/20/21  (25)
picture of nyuug in dictionary next to Dunning-Kruger effect    09/20/21  (1)
why exactly does meditation cause mental disorders and shit?    09/20/21  (9)
So ljl= let's just laugh (newb guide to xo lingo)    09/20/21  (72)
just 2 more weeks notice    09/20/21  (1)
Other than SOL, that and where should i be farming/staking rn?    09/20/21  (13)
prince looking at multiplication tables w crazy unblinking elizabeth holmes eyes    09/20/21  (9)
We should have listened to NOOOOGGGGG !!!!!!!!!!    09/20/21  (1)
i've decided to sit out any discussions/reading about CRT    09/20/21  (1)
"SO RONG SUCKAS!!" cackles exeunt as his private jet takes off    09/20/21  (129)
Watching a montage of cuttingtable threads like the end of Cinema Paradiso    09/20/21  (5)
All cryptos are tanking? Why? Is the jig up?    09/20/21  (40)
my vaccine makes all the goys get their cards, damn right, its safer than yours    09/20/21  (3)
SOL would have to fall 99% for many of us to "lose money" on exeunt's rec    09/20/21  (2)
Weird Science but it's making clone of cuttingtable 2 perform "In Loving Memory"    09/20/21  (3)
sometimes i see a rach randomized moniker i wish i could crystalize in amber    09/20/21  (2)
Olivia Wilde bailed on the Sudeikis stock before her equity vested. Big mistake.    09/20/21  (7)
Hans Christian "cuttingtable" Andersen: gorgeous insight, gorgeous creativity    09/20/21  (4)
the poaster known as rudolph died last night, cause of death bullet in face    09/20/21  (1)
Gen Z Kirsten Dunst & Michelle Williams blurting out "I LOVE CUTTINGTABLE TP"    09/20/21  (5)
exeunt welding the fire exit shut after leaving burning crypto building    09/20/21  (6)
SOL holding the $150 support line marvelously, cuttingtable tp MAF    09/20/21  (2)
2001: saving your coin for Max Payne, 2021: max pain for your coins    09/20/21  (2)
Cuttingtable, you need to apply Silver logic to the current SOL situation.    09/20/21  (4)
I hope Psycho Karen never stops posting 🤣🤣    09/20/21  (12)
I'll show 'em who's boss! Why, I'll vote.... REPUBLICAN in the mid-term!    09/20/21  (6)
im goign to cum    09/20/21  (4)
O Karen where art thou?    09/20/21  (2)
Can't wait for KAREN to come on here and call us all "bitch bois" who else?    09/20/21  (24)
I really hope Karen Tatum Jones isn't found in a ditch w bullet in her head soon    09/20/21  (4)
lmao the Allen Edmonds models on the website now are all niggers and spics    09/20/21  (6)
im goign to kill myself very soon    09/20/21  (3)
remember those ufos that crash in brazil? what ever happened w that    09/20/21  (1)
AutoAdmit - The most prestigious Haitian discussion board in the world.    09/20/21  (1)
Entire Trump presidency just a false memory like Picard in The Inner Light.    09/20/21  (10)
So in future nationalized healthcare = government decides if you get healthcare    09/20/21  (13)
Someone want to explain what's wrong with letting the Haitians at the border in?    09/20/21  (12)
Justin Trudeau touting 'The Great She-set'    09/20/21  (1)
Holy shit my money is evaporating. Wtf is up with crypto now    09/20/21  (11)
Haitians are an absolute menace on the road    09/20/21  (1)
nyuug is the benzo of crypto    09/20/21  (2)
Just a reminder that NYUUG can't do basic math, got a 146 on GRE quant    09/20/21  (1)
NYUUG giddy with excitement at 18% returns trading a $600 stack    09/20/21  (1)
THE YEAR WAS 2081, and everybody was finally equal.    09/20/21  (4)
Todd Driskill Did Nothing Wrong    09/20/21  (5)
Nooooo my scamcoinssssss    09/19/21  (15)
Cowgod have you created a clique theory aptitude test like Myers-Briggs?    09/19/21  (5)
Feminist screeds about why underage boys who bang teachers = "the real rapists"    09/19/21  (9)
so you guys didn't buy physical gold & silver with your crypto gains???    09/19/21  (1)
Charls from MDE married some Persian chick    09/19/21  (14)
Can someone with an Econ degree explain this US debt picture?    09/19/21  (31)
NYUUG is so stupid, it's hard to believe anyone can be so dumb    09/19/21  (1)
I have 93% of my NW ($70,000) in SOL    09/19/21  (29)
Chicks at Sturgis rallies always look rough. I like slutty chicks, but these    09/19/21  (1)
Tom Cotton will save us    09/19/21  (2)
This is it boyos, buckle up    09/19/21  (8)
Worst thing that happened to you was not being molested    09/19/21  (13)
Underrated animated shows with only 1 season: Oblongs, Mission Hill    09/19/21  (8)
Stock food and ammo, protect your family, get right with the lord    09/19/21  (8)
you guys all ready for the palma tsunamis to destroy the east coast?    09/19/21  (2)
Vince McMahon:"The 'Kane raping dead Grizabella' angle may have been a bit much"    09/19/21  (8)
can u wear a kilt to the office in scottish biglaw?    09/19/21  (2)
Solana Technical Analysis Megathread    09/19/21  (200)
always found it interesting that black doods loved dragon ball z so much    09/19/21  (3)
exit all exposed positions    09/19/21  (2)
Black guy asked if he could "bum a dip" off me    09/19/21  (3)
Can we PLEASE discuss IFNB for a bit    09/19/21  (6)
BUY LINK/BTC or LINK/ETH PAIR RN    09/19/21  (1)
Is the Non-Italian part of the Adriatic Sea cr?    09/19/21  (1)
Get your teeth pulled pull them yourself dental is a scam    09/19/21  (14)
COME BACK PSYCHO KAREN    09/19/21  (2)
Vegas is the only place I feel at home    09/19/21  (3)
Lamar Jackson cartwheeling into endzone showing joke kc is    09/19/21  (7)
New Biden WH presser just 20m of President shouting incoherently about "Kakarot"    09/19/21  (4)
Life is a fraud you eat ice cream get brain freeze it's all wrong    09/19/21  (3)
15 year old Saiyans with just a hint of tail hanging out of battle bikini    09/19/21  (6)
Went to firehouse subs the other day. I like all the different hot sauces.    09/19/21  (15)
there is a new matrix movie coming out this december, wtf    09/19/21  (7)
Austin resident Mark Cuban annoyed at neighbor Exeunt playing Falun Gong music    09/19/21  (19)
Of you aren't or can't get rich in amerikkka just end it    09/19/21  (6)
we are at the point in cycle where bear stearns was about to collapse    09/19/21  (1)
diapered tuna hungrily staring at your golden retriever    09/19/21  (96)
Create chaos take advantage and enjoy your life    09/19/21  (3)
15 year old girls with a hint of ass cheek hanging out of cutoff shorts    09/19/21  (40)
Spend the rest of your life taking advantage of every situation    09/19/21  (1)
Rate this anti-Exeunt on tiktok    09/19/21  (6)
Exeunt upset that 30 acre Austin estate too small to hide boiling dog screams    09/19/21  (6)
JFC Megan Fox went to the VMAs naked with her new bf. LJL divorced women.    09/19/21  (90)
Fuck it. Raiders are going to win the Super Bowl. Derek Carr MVP.    09/19/21  (5)
Broncos 2-0 and showed Lawrence to be a fraud    09/19/21  (3)
Amerikkka needs to dissolve be snuffed out for good    09/19/21  (1)
Brian Laundrie has Chris Watts vibes    09/19/21  (5)
writers are born, not made    09/19/21  (3)
Amerikkka is a laughable shit show    09/19/21  (5)
evergrande empty ghost city ponzi scheme imploding & taking down everything    09/19/21  (2)
MAHOMES GOT GOT ljl at Kansas city frauds    09/19/21  (5)
BAM! you are dropped in Nunavut at this location. What do u do?    09/19/21  (109)
How many games does the N64 have?    09/19/21  (20)
Villanova (FCS) over Penn St?    09/19/21  (1)
Can we even give Mahomes the title nigger ?    09/19/21  (1)
Empty tequila bottles found inside under construction Air Force One    09/19/21  (9)
Mahomes the white nigger ?    09/19/21  (1)
How CNN Rips Off WCW (Eric Bischoff TedTalk)    09/19/21  (17)
Lol at Kansas city blowing their wad on Mahomes can't pay anyone else haha    09/19/21  (1)
why are math autists so obsessed about prime numbers    09/19/21  (17)

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