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twinkling heady site organic girlfriend

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Date: March 28th, 2015 1:10 PM
Author: twinkling heady site organic girlfriend



New York

New York 1177 Avenue of the Americas New York, NY 10036 Phone: 212.715.9100 Fax: 212.715.8000


Name Title Contact Office Vcard

Peter A. Abruzzese Partner 212.715.7576 pabruzzese@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Arthur H. Aufses III Partner 212.715.9234 aaufses@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Christopher S. Auguste Partner 212.715.9265 cauguste@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Mark Baghdassarian Partner 212.715.9193 mbaghdassarian@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Philip Bentley Partner 212.715.9505 pbentley@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Barry H. Berke Partner 212.715.7560 bberke@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

John Bessonette Partner 212.715.9182 jbessonette@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Joshua Brody Partner 212.715.9314 jbrody@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Jonathan H. Canter Partner 212.715.7549 jcanter@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Jonathan S. Caplan Partner 212.715.9488 jcaplan@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Pamela M. Capps Partner 212.715.9275 pcapps@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Fabien Carruzzo Partner 212.715.9203 fcarruzzo@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Amy Caton Partner 212.715.7772 acaton@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Kenneth Chin Partner 212.715.9459 kchin@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

John P. "Sean" Coffey Partner 212.715.9456 scoffey@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Thomas E. Constance Partner 212.715.9236 tconstance@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Jeffrey W. Davis Partner 212.715.9172 jdavis@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Vito J. DeBari Partner 212.715.9249 vdebari@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Michael J. Dell Partner 212.715.9129 mdell@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Abbe L. Dienstag Partner 212.715.9280 adienstag@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Matthew S. Dunn Partner 212.715.9408 mdunn@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Kenneth H. Eckstein Partner 212.715.9229 keckstein@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Ronald M. Feiman Partner 212.715.9550 rfeiman@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

David J. Fisher Partner 212.715.9284 dfisher@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

David S. Frankel Partner 212.715.9221 dfrankel@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Alan R. Friedman Partner 212.715.9300 afriedman@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Carl Frischling Partner 212.715.7520 cfrischling@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

James P. Godman Partner 212.715.9466 jgodman@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Daniel B. Goldman Partner 212.715.9162 dgoldman@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Steven M. Goldman Partner 212.715.9143 sgoldman@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

James A. Grayer Partner 212.715.7616 jgrayer@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Ronald S. Greenberg Partner 212.715.9399 rgreenberg@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Cheryl E. Hader Partner 212.715.9245 chader@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Barry Herzog Partner 212.715.9130 bherzog@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Robert N. Holtzman Partner 212.715.9513 rholtzman@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Gregory Aaron Horowitz Partner 212.715.9571 ghorowitz@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Dani R. James Partner 212.715.9363 djames@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Thomas T. Janover Partner 212.715.9186 tjanover@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Maria T. Jones Partner 212.715.9256 mjones@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Philip S. Kaufman Partner 212.715.9381 pkaufman@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Erica D. Klein Partner 212.715.9205 eklein@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Mark D. Koestler Partner 212.715.9385 mkoestler@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Kenneth P. Kopelman Partner 212.715.9358 kkopelman@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Shari Kahn Krouner Partner 212.715.9222 skrouner@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Kerri Ann Law Partner 212.715.9128 klaw@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Kevin B. Leblang Partner 212.715.9306 kleblang@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Randy Lipsitz Partner 212.715.9134 rlipsitz@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Gilbert K.S. Liu Partner 212.715.9460 gliu@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Christine Lutgens Partner 212.715.9426 clutgens@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Douglas Mannal Partner 212.715.9313 dmannal@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Thomas Moers Mayer Partner 212.715.9169 tmayer@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

J. Michael Mayerfeld Partner 212.715.9346 jmayerfeld@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Thomas E. Molner Partner 212.715.9429 tmolner@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

James J. Moriarty Partner 212.715.9453 jmoriarty@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Gary P. Naftalis Partner 212.715.9253 gnaftalis@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Jay A. Neveloff Partner 212.715.9290 jneveloff@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

John C. Novogrod Partner 212.715.9327 jnovogrod@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Michael S. Oberman Partner 212.715.9294 moberman@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

P. Bradley O'Neill Partner 212.715.7583 boneill@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Paul S. Pearlman Partner 212.715.9413 ppearlman@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Laurence Pettit Partner 212.715.9458 lpettit@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Daniel A. Rabinowitz Partner 212.715.9378 drabinowitz@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Adam C. Rogoff Partner 212.715.9285 arogoff@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Tzvi Rokeach Partner 212.715.9409 trokeach@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Scott S. Rosenblum Partner 212.715.9411 srosenblum@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Howard J. Rothman Partner 212.715.9242 hrothman@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Theodore (Ted) Ruthizer Partner 212.715.9421 truthizer@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Robert T. Schmidt Partner 212.715.9527 rschmidt@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Paul H. Schoeman Partner 212.715.9264 pschoeman@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Paul D. Selver Partner 212.715.9199 pselver@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Terrence L. Shen Partner 212.715.7819 tshen@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

George M. Silfen Partner 212.715.9522 gsilfen@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Michael T. Sillerman Partner 212.715.7838 msillerman@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Norman C. Simon Partner 212.715.7816 nsimon@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Stephen M. Sinaiko Partner 212.715.9258 ssinaiko@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Peter G. Smith Partner 212.715.9401 psmith@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Steven S. Sparling Partner 212.715.7736 ssparling@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Howard T. Spilko Partner 212.715.9267 hspilko@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Gary R. Tarnoff Partner 212.715.7833 gtarnoff@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Eric A. Tirschwell Partner 212.715.8404 etirschwell@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Jeffrey S. Trachtman Partner 212.715.9175 jtrachtman@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Neil R. Tucker Partner 212.715.9259 ntucker@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Elise Wagner Partner 212.715.9189 ewagner@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Jonathan M. Wagner Partner 212.715.9393 jwagner@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Charles S. Warren Partner 212.715.9387 cwarren@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Ernest S. Wechsler Partner 212.715.9211 ewechsler@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Harold P. Weinberger Partner 212.715.9132 hweinberger@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Robin Wilcox Partner 212.715.3224 rwilcox@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Stephen D. Zide Partner 212.715.9492 szide@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

General Counsel

Name Title Contact Office Vcard

Charlotte Moses Fischman General Counsel 212.715.9125 cfischman@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Senior Counsel

Name Title Contact Office Vcard

Michael Paul Korotkin Senior Counsel 212.715.9155 mkorotkin@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Ezra G. Levin Senior Counsel 212.715.9227 elevin@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard


Name Title Contact Office Vcard

Jeffrey L. Braun Counsel 212.715.7830 jbraun@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Nicholas L. Coch Counsel 212.715.9118 ncoch@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Richard H. Gilden Counsel 212.715.9486 rgilden@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

James G. Greilsheimer Counsel 212.715.9136 jgreilsheimer@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Kevin M. Moss Counsel 212.715.9224 kmoss@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Eve Preminger Counsel 212.715.9106 epreminger@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Paul M. Ritter Counsel 212.715.9126 pritter@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Richard D. Rudder Counsel 212.715.9470 rrudder@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Stephen R. Senie Counsel 212.715.7744 ssenie@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Special Counsel

Name Title Contact Office Vcard

Alexandra Kambouris Alberstadt Special Counsel 212.715.9151 aalberstadt@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

David E. Blabey, Jr. Special Counsel 212.715.9248 dblabey@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Avram J. Cahn Special Counsel 212.715.9158 acahn@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Valerie G. Campbell Special Counsel 212.715.9183 vcampbell@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Daniel M. Eggermann Special Counsel 212.715.9495 deggermann@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Toni L. Finger Special Counsel 212.715.9239 tfinger@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Aaron Frankel Special Counsel 212.715.7793 afrankel@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Albert Fredericks Special Counsel 212.715.7835 afredericks@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Aviva L. Grossman Special Counsel 212.715.7514 agrossman@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Aaron S. Haleva Special Counsel 212.715.7773 ahaleva@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Natan Hamerman Special Counsel 212.715.7756 nhamerman@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Susan Jacquemot Special Counsel 212.715.9329 sjacquemot@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Eliza A. Kaiser Special Counsel 212.715.9156 ekaiser@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Karen Steinberg Kennedy Special Counsel 212.715.9278 kkennedy@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Jamie Kocis Special Counsel 212.715.9103 jkocis@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Risa C. Letowsky Special Counsel 212.715.9392 rletowsky@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Izabel P. McDonald Special Counsel 212.715.9160 imcdonald@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Richard L. Moss Special Counsel 212.715.9102 rmoss@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Randal D. Murdock Special Counsel 212.715.9325 rmurdock@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Mark F. Parise Special Counsel 212.715.9276 mparise@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Gregory G. Plotko Special Counsel 212.715.9149 gplotko@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

James P. Power Special Counsel 212.715.7839 jpower@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Eileen A. Reardon Special Counsel 212.715.9472 ereardon@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Blake A. Rigel Special Counsel 212.715.7784 brigel@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Mae Rogers Special Counsel 212.715.9197 mrogers@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Brendan M. Schulman Special Counsel 212.715.9247 bschulman@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Marjorie E. Sheldon Special Counsel 212.715.9502 msheldon@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Gordon Stone III Special Counsel 212.715.7623 gstoneiii@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Helayne Oberman Stoopack Special Counsel 212.715.9214 hstoopack@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Patrick Sullivan Special Counsel 212.715.9153 psullivan@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Christine Willgoos Special Counsel 212.715.9115 cwillgoos@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard


Name Title Contact Office Vcard

Scott A. Abramowitz Associate 212.715.9351 sabramowitz@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Anne (Nancy) D. Alexander Associate 212.715.7735 nalexander@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Tai Aliya Associate 212.715.9514 taliya@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Nathaniel Allard Associate 212.715.9107 nallard@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Jason S. Amster Associate 212.715.9180 jamster@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Carol Archer Associate 212.715.9382 carcher@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Benjamin M. Arrow Associate 212.715.9491 barrow@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Katrina L. Baker Associate 212.715.9233 kbaker@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Jeffrey A. Barlekamp Associate 212.715.9241 jbarlekamp@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Reginald M. Barton Jr. Associate 212.715.7517 rbarton@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Jennifer E. Batterton Associate 212.715.9112 jbatterton@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Michelle Ben-David Associate 212.715.9308 mbendavid@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Daniel Ross Berman Associate 212.715.9482 dberman@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Stephen M. Blank Associate 212.715.9161 sblank@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Justine J. Block Associate 212.715.9414 jblock@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Michael Brooks Associate 212.715.9383 mbrooks@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Douglas Buckley Associate 212.715.9532 dbuckley@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Jade A. Burns Associate 212.715.9209 jburns@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Adam Busch Associate 212.715.9231 abusch@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Alice J. Byowitz Associate 212.715.9201 abyowitz@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

James R. Campbell Associate 212.715.9279 jcampbell@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Rita C. Celebrezze Associate 212.715.9206 rcelebrezze@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Mark Chass Associate 212.715.9561 mchass@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Tracy Chen Associate 212.715.7728 tchen@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Yekaterina Chernyak Associate 212.715.9117 ychernyak@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Elizabeth Collins Associate 212.715.9317 ecollins@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Marcus A. Colucci Associate 212.715.9148 mcolucci@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Jennifer Raiola Danzo Associate 212.715.9270 jdanzo@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Rachael N. De Chacón Associate 212.715.9212 rdechacon@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Kurt M. Denk Associate 212.715.9457 kdenk@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Andrew M. Dove Associate 212.715.9483 adove@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Kristen C. Doyle Associate 212.715.9263 kdoyle@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Carl D. Duffield Associate 212.715.9273 cduffield@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Jeffrey Dunlap Associate 212.715.9511 jdunlap@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Jacqueline Edwards Associate 212.715.9510 jedwards@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Selina M. Ellis Associate 212.715.9330 sellis@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Andrew J. Estes Associate 212.715.9479 aestes@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Samantha V. Ettari Associate 212.715.9395 settari@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Rachel Feinberg Associate 212.715.9216 rfeinberg@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Jill B. Garfinkel Associate 212.715.9171 jgarfinkel@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Joshua S. Goldman Associate 212.715.9484 jgoldman@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Ilona Gont Associate 212.715.7568 igont@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Alissa R. Goodman Associate 212.715.9260 agoodman@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Allison D. Gray Associate 212.715.9439 agray@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Jane Gross Associate 212.715.9318 jgross@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Mary Kathryn Guccion Associate 212.715.9178 mguccion@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Lauren Abolsky Haberman Associate 212.715.9379 lhaberman@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Shannon H. Hedvat Associate 212.715.9185 shedvat@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Deirdre M. Heffernan Associate 212.715.9121 dheffernan@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Jared I. Heller Associate 212.715.9452 jheller@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Theodore S. Hertzberg Associate 212.715.9194 thertzberg@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Inge Hindriks Associate 212.715.7791 ihindriks@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Dana L. Hirsch Associate 212.715.9464 dhirsch@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Catherine Hoge Associate 212.715.9493 choge@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Geoffrey G. Hu Associate 212.715.9469 ghu@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Tobias B. Jacoby Associate 212.715.9332 tjacoby@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

William Johnson Associate 212.715.9454 wjohnson@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Samantha Kagan Associate 212.715.9208 skagan@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Arielle Warshall Katz Associate 212.715.9368 akatz@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Avon Khowong Associate 212.715.9152 akhowong@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Sam M. Koch Associate 212.715.9319 skoch@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Sara Lefkovitz Associate 212.715.9309 slefkovitz@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Daniel Lennard Associate 212.715.9396 dlennard@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Erin S. Lester Associate 212.715.9416 elester@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Timothea G.P. Letson Associate 212.715.9373 tletson@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Adina C. Levine Associate 212.715.9474 alevine@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Jennifer W. Li Associate 212.715.9210 jli@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Edward M. Lintz Associate 212.715.9219 elintz@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Gabriela López Associate 212.715.9328 glopez@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Amelia Martella Associate 212.715.9365 amartella@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Cristina Martinez Associate 212.715.9331 cmartinez@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

David Mayo Associate 212.715.9339 dmayo@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Matthew Melville Associate 212.715.9127 mmelville@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Seth R. Merl Associate (212) 715-9188 smerl@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Daniel Michaelson Associate 212.715.9225 dmichaelson@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Laura S. Milano Associate 212.715.9349 lmilano@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Melissa Milich Associate 212.715.9341 mmilich@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Jason M. Moff Associate 212.715.9113 jmoff@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Veena Mohandoss Associate 212.715.9135 vmohandoss@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Matthew W. Olinzock Associate 212.715.9292 molinzock@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Anna K. Ostrom Associate 212.715.9246 aostrom@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Claudia Pak Associate 212.715.9137 cpak@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Julia Papastavridis Associate 212.715.9120 jpapastavridis@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Jennifer B. Pastarnack Associate 212.715.9498 jpastarnack@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Eileen M. Patt Associate 212.715.9347 epatt@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Janelle M. Pauer Associate 212.715.9124 jpauer@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Tuvia Peretz Associate 212.715.9344 tperetz@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Sheila Pozon Associate 212.715.9123 spozon@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Jeffrey H. Price Associate 212.715.7502 jprice@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Melissa J. Prober Associate 212.715.9243 mprober@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Justin R. Quinn Associate 212.715.9455 jquinn@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Samuel A. Raboy Associate 212.715.9348 sraboy@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Rachael Ringer Associate 212.715.9506 rringer@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Joshua Rittenberg Associate 212.715.9546 jrittenberg@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Nolan J. Robinson Associate 212.715.9356 nrobinson@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Jodi Rosensaft Associate 212.715.9361 jrosensaft@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Scott Ruskay-Kidd Associate 212.715.9323 sruskaykidd@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Joseph A. Satto Associate 212.715.9215 jsatto@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Seth F. Schinfeld Associate 212.715.9480 sschinfeld@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Shai Schmidt Associate 212.715.9204 sschmidt@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Anna Schoenfelder Associate 212.715.9357 aschoenfelder@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Daniel Schumeister Associate 212.715.9271 dschumeister@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Gregory C. Scott Associate 212.715.9226 gscott@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Steven Segal Associate 212.715.9352 ssegal@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Hanna Seifert Associate 212.715.9359 hseifert@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Meigan P. Serle Associate 212.715.9490 mserle@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Jennifer Sharret Associate 212.715.9516 jsharret@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Joseph A. Shifer Associate 212.715.9517 jshifer@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Cynthia Lovinger Siderman Associate 212.715.9139 csiderman@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Francesca B. Silverman Associate 212.715.9144 fsilverman@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Elliot A. Smith Associate 212.715.9549 esmith@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Yael Steiner Associate 212.715.9424 ysteiner@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Pamela Swidler Associate 212.715.9521 pswidler@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Rebecca S. Talbott Associate 212.715.9272 rtalbott@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Jeffrey H. Taub Associate 212.715.9150 jtaub@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Adam B. Taubman Associate 212.715.9377 ataubman@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Jeffrey Taylor Associate 212.715.9335 jetaylor@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Joel Taylor Associate 212.715.9190 jtaylor@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Jason Tomitz Associate 212.715.9322 jtomitz@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Alexander Traum Associate 212.715.9360 atraum@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Eugene C. Travers Associate 212.715.9496 etravers@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Lynda Tricarico Associate 212.715.9367 ltricarico@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Philip Tucker Associate 212.715.9391 ptucker@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Daniel J. Tyrrell Associate 212.715.9553 dtyrrell@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Jonathan B. Vessey Associate 212.715.9252 jvessey@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Kaavya Viswanathan Associate 212.715.9463 kviswanathan@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Julia L. Wachter Associate 212.715.9448 jwachter@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Andrew I. Ward Associate 212.715.7587 award@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Amanda Webber Associate 212.715.9529 awebber@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Robert Wehrman Associate 212.715.9362 rwehrman@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Matthew A. Weiss Associate 212.715.9372 mweiss@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Benu Mehra Wells Associate 212.715.7590 bwells@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Sarah C. White Associate 212.715.9312 swhite@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Josh S. Winefsky Associate 212.715.9380 jwinefsky@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Benjamin C. Wolf Associate 212.715.9417 bwolf@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Anupama Yerramalli Associate 212.715.9402 ayerramalli@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Annie Dean Zaitzeff Associate 212.715.9499 azaitzeff@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Matthew C. Ziegler Associate 212.715.9508 mziegler@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Patent Agent

Name Title Contact Office Vcard

Kenneth S. Kwan Patent Agent 212.715.7609 kkwan@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Planning and Development Specialist

Name Title Contact Office Vcard

Robert E. Flahive P.E. Planning and Development Specialist 212.715.7836 rflahive@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Marcie Kesner Planning and Development Specialist 212.715.7564 mkesner@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Jeffrey Mulligan Planning and Development Specialist 212.715.9105 jmulligan@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Law Clerk

Name Title Contact Office Vcard

Daksha Bhatia Law Clerk 212.715.9513 dbhatia@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Andrew M. Friedman Law Clerk 212.715.9147 amfriedman@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Leah S. Friedman Law Clerk 212.715.9533 lfriedman@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

Max J. Goldman Law Clerk 212.715.9465 mgoldman@kramerlevin.com New York Vcard

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