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By unhinged pumos about you · Past 6 hrs / 24 hrs / week / month
can’t believe a white guy self immolated for a Leftist/Muzzie cause    02/26/24  (2)
Should I pay mortgage off?    02/26/24  (60)
good morning    02/26/24  (1)
post ITT if you are “Never Nikki”    02/26/24  (152)
rate this 6’4 rugby player and his wife (link)    02/26/24  (3)
Cr to study abroad in your thirties?    02/26/24  (5)
NCAA: We can’t oversee this NIL shit anymore. Just pay CFB players what u want    02/26/24  (75)
AZNgirl dressed as the Israeli Embassy for Halloween so she attracts Handsomes    02/26/24  (1)
AZNgirl starting volunteer fire department outside Israeli Embassy DC    02/26/24  (1)
500 AZNgirls licking street in front of Israeli Embassy in DC    02/26/24  (1)
notable ethnic differences were observed tp    02/26/24  (6)
The War in Gaza Turned This Longtime Michigan Democrat Against Biden    02/26/24  (1)
so weird how Gazans want war to end but won't give up the hostages    02/26/24  (28)
male asses & male butts, nude    02/26/24  (1)
It’s funny that nobody talks about Berkshire being up 35%    02/26/24  (5)
i am awake and feeling gay    02/26/24  (1)
The Koch Kikes are OUT!    02/26/24  (36)
Pet Sounds but all the songs are about practicing law    02/26/24  (2)
All pure lies, insanity and torture:(    02/26/24  (4)
"good morning, my friend" (cucumbers in tahini sauce tp)    02/26/24  (21)
You can break down barriers&accomplish anything! U must    02/26/24  (1)
Nothing but a bunch of brainwashed sheep 🐑 full of excuses    02/26/24  (3)
Ruined tp    02/26/24  (5)
Openly lusting for Chad tp    02/26/24  (2)
slow cognitive tempo tp    02/26/24  (5)
chinks and gooks tp    02/26/24  (3)
women are always infected with something horrible tp    02/26/24  (4)
Schizophrenic pipe dreams tp    02/26/24  (2)
Emilio's diaper tp    02/26/24  (5)
jewish "morality" tp    02/26/24  (3)
You: "Why do my eyes hurt?" Emilio tp: "You've never used them before."    02/26/24  (132)
"that shy, beautiful girl in hs/college really did have a crush on you" tp    02/26/24  (4)
getting everything in life from computers tp    02/26/24  (4)
Revealing his true genocidal kike nature tp    02/26/24  (5)
faggy coffee tp    02/26/24  (3)
falling asleep to numbers stations tp    02/26/24  (10)
Our compliance guy went to YLS and failed the bar 6 times, never passed    02/26/24  (2)
the largely fictive event known as the holocaust tp    02/26/24  (2)
audiobook enjoyer tp    02/26/24  (2)
Cheated lies to cheated lied to fuuuuurkkk    02/26/24  (1)
What NW to own hamptons house    02/26/24  (19)
Birdshit lighting self on fire while other Birdshit points gun at his flames tp    02/26/24  (1)
If Dan Marino entered the draft next year, would he be able to compete in NFL?    02/26/24  (8)
Of the current crop off illegals, are Venezuelans the worst?    02/26/24  (19)
lol where is pensives book??    02/26/24  (1)
List all of this "teams" mahomes wouldn't have won shit on    02/26/24  (1)
Mahomes is 30 lol it's all flame time is a lie    02/26/24  (1)
Tommy T traveling to a new country so he can spam XO from a different hotel    02/26/24  (18)
whats the only way at this point evan39?    02/26/24  (4)
This should have never been and this ia where we're at    02/26/24  (2)
Hit ultimate reset now! The past&everything fucking with us hard    02/26/24  (1)
9.5 Veronika Rajek Picture Thread    02/26/24  (55)
"Oh Becky, he's a balding, broke alcoholic w anxiety & mommy issues" 😍    02/26/24  (14)
Push Notification: Luis is climbing into your bedroom window. Proceed?    02/26/24  (20)
If Louis XVI hadn’t fled to Varrene, no revolution, no Napoleon, no Bismarck    02/26/24  (21)
ITT: You RATE this SPICY LATINA 10    02/26/24  (17)
Mr. Jinx calling you a 'retrograde faggot' for using 'gendered language'    02/26/24  (3)
3 Paraguayan brothers admitted to Stanford    02/26/24  (6)
Rate this non-lawyer German lady who became a judge - video    02/26/24  (22)
Why do marketers insist on forcing me to look at ugly niggers all the time    02/26/24  (13)
Women join 1,250 year old naked festival in Japan for first time    02/26/24  (8)
Emilio Mode - Walking in Golden Retriever Shoes.mp3    02/26/24  (5)
LLLLLLLLLet's get ready to fuck niiiiiiigerrrs!!! (rowan)    02/26/24  (27)
It is in fact safe to visit Russia if u are not a spy    02/26/24  (7)
Rate these chicks partying at a Ukrainian ski resort    02/26/24  (1)
Are you done with all of it evan39?    02/26/24  (2)
Looks at the "dates" on the threads.."time" is fake and a lie    02/26/24  (3)
A Bleak Future for Poasters    02/26/24  (1)
ITT we recount famous two word xo phrases. I’ll start with the most famous:    02/26/24  (156)
A Bleak Future for Renters    02/26/24  (7)
You’re making it hard not to fall in love with you    02/26/24  (4)
🫶Rebecca Ferguson & Zendaya, no interest in other Dune 2 women. Am I gay?    02/26/24  (1)
should i move to flyover?    02/26/24  (4)
i have an apple credit card but no apple phone, so i have never used it    02/26/24  (2)
drunk Karlstack here, in a slum in El Salvador, taking Q's    02/26/24  (46)
"Women" really cannot do anything other than maek BABY    02/26/24  (2)
Disco..I'm by myself..can stack it up..be on vacation rest of life    02/26/24  (6)
We've all been had.. also where has all the fake "time" went?    02/26/24  (1)
Literally everywhere I go there is some Latino tranny or queer manning the count    02/26/24  (10)
Blacks are much worse than Jews    02/26/24  (6)
Vicious nig beat down of 10 year old girl on schoolbus (vid)    02/26/24  (77)
I get stoned every goddamn day like clockwork.    02/26/24  (41)
There is absolutely no hope for America to ever return to normal. None whasoever    02/26/24  (5)
It was either Neil Armstrong or Melvin Sissylegs. Who do u think nasa would pick    02/26/24  (7)
Democracy Officer: Another victory for the right side of history.    02/26/24  (1)
Does anyone have a list of TOMMY TURDSKIN MONIKERS?    02/26/24  (367)
at some level all this pro-gay garbage is turning kids gay    02/26/24  (50)
Karlstack why is life even worth living it is absolute hell    02/26/24  (13)
what do u bros think is the best bet in crypto these days    02/26/24  (5)
I want to be a middle aged Japanese man employed cleaning public toilets    02/26/24  (1)
is saying "this feels soooo good" to a chick during sex beta?    02/26/24  (11)
Who are “Lizard People”?    02/26/24  (8)
tsunami are awesome    02/26/24  (1)
AZNgirl using Father to extinguish Handsome Birdshit Solder on Fire    02/26/24  (1)
Lol Russiacucks -- no one actually thinks Ukraine was going to "join NATO"    02/26/24  (1)
Declining T levels as you get older is really 180    02/26/24  (25)
neighbor just delivered me a couple grams of cocaine    02/26/24  (10)
American soldier sets himself on fire outside Israeli embassy    02/26/24  (63)
Fuck/marry/kill: Psycho Karen, FizzKidd, nutella    02/26/24  (21)
Look at how shitty Mercedes were until the 1970s    02/26/24  (2)
there is a conspiracy to price people out of car ownership    02/26/24  (108)
TT: Explain what your army is doing here - link    02/26/24  (3)
Trudeau: "Black Canadians have helped make Canada the country we love."    02/26/24  (4)
US soldier self-immolates at Capitol to protest fighting wars for Israel    02/26/24  (19)
40s/30s posters have all suffered from rapid Test decline. Cold nigga truth.    02/26/24  (221)
I'm totally impotent. Can't even jerk off.    02/26/24  (32)
any of u bros playing helldivers 2?    02/26/24  (8)
I'm going to say it if you keep it up    02/26/24  (1)
Zelensky is looking at death    02/26/24  (4)
Getting married soon    02/26/24  (8)
Jesus is the only one who can save you    02/26/24  (4)
Weed is kike garbage should be banned again    02/26/24  (1)
Filled up my F250 with Premium gas. Now off to $30 car wash. You mad lib?    02/26/24  (3)
Libs surveing smoldering, ruined America: "Well, we did it."    02/26/24  (492)
Canada spends $4 million on GENDER INCLUSIVE de-mining in Ukraine    02/26/24  (7)
Canada donating $15 MILLION to complete Holocaust Museum in Kiev    02/26/24  (2)
cant decide between screenman & geno as my favorite poaster atm    02/26/24  (12)
Brian Jacques woodland creatures in my backyard teaching me Gothic architecture    02/26/24  (11)
This might be the ultimate boomer of all boomers (link)    02/26/24  (2)
This is an interesting topic and will probably end up with 100 poasts    02/26/24  (8)
there's no way trump potus v2 could ever be worse than this    02/26/24  (7)
Hegemon: "If I don't make new weightlifting personal bests my life is over"    02/25/24  (15)
Lalo doesn’t kill Howard timeline    02/25/24  (2)
Anyone else save plastic cans to melt down?    02/25/24  (1)
*ggtp spinning like Sailor Moon as Charles Tyrwhitt accessories latch onto him*    02/25/24  (33)
Despicable: IDF targets and destroys one of Gaza's only two Holocaust museums    02/25/24  (4)
corpse of marty funkhouser to play joe biden in upcoming biopic    02/25/24  (2)
Jews are doing the same thing to US as they are doing to Gaza, just slower.    02/25/24  (1)
Have nearly 10 million of crypto but feel poor as shit    02/25/24  (46)
Alexei Navalny: An Unsavoury, Manufactured Product Of The West (Greenwald)    02/25/24  (77)
Trump was asking Qs about covid origins& Elites🐐 "couldnt have that"    02/25/24  (1)
OYT and MPA, have you seen "Daniel Isnt Real" - stars Arnold's son    02/25/24  (1)
So the US is turning Mexican and Canada is turning Indian?    02/25/24  (18)
Biden has the worst approval rate at this point in POTUSSY since FDR    02/25/24  (4)
Giving out some more sol tonight    02/25/24  (38)
Goodnight Zozo, goodnight Doobs    02/25/24  (10)
"no I said Goth IRA"    02/25/24  (10)
Never Get Car Wash & Car Looks Fine    02/25/24  (7)
MGS5 associate has emotional support dog named "Due Diligence"    02/25/24  (15)
Schumer: my grandparents were killed by Nazis, thus we must fund Ukraine    02/25/24  (4)
"used to be coke rap. Now we Koch rap"    02/25/24  (1)
Did Christ also die for the Reindeer People? Neanderthals?    02/25/24  (1)
Is chest pain normal when jogging uphill?    02/25/24  (16)
was anne heche the worst person to ever exist?    02/25/24  (1)
Auschwitz had multiple self-service car washes    02/25/24  (9)
ppl are still buying "covid test" & wearing paper masks    02/25/24  (1)
RSF is Jewish    02/25/24  (8)
Is Verizon now the worst cell carrier? seems like it    02/25/24  (1)
RATE Jennifer Aniston, 55, At The SAG Awards (PICS)    02/25/24  (22)
Forgot I decided to give up internet forums for 2nd Sunday of Lent (FizzKidd)    02/25/24  (15)

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