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By unhinged pumos about you · Past 6 hrs / 24 hrs / week / month
My New Years Resolution is to be a non-consumer    06/13/24  (8)
Paid myself 7.1 million so far this year (CSLG)    06/13/24  (26)
Should I go to sweetgreen today. Haven’t been in 4-5 years    06/13/24  (10)
The “Stunning” Job Losses in Hollywood (LA Times)    06/13/24  (49)
Board genius HATP: "I never liked twins. On a good day he was mid."    06/13/24  (40)
#1 dating priority for girls: that you appear dangerous to other men    06/13/24  (8)
Tesla's unsold inventory is creating stockpiles you can see from space    06/13/24  (1)
Sitting in cash the last year and a half. LMAO    06/13/24  (21)
Adobe up 16% after earnings, literally every STOCK pumping cause of "AI"    06/13/24  (1)
Daily Reminder: RCP "poll averages" are right wing bullshit, were off in 2022    06/13/24  (1)
DrakeMallard blushing when his bubbe calls him boychik in front of friends    06/13/24  (12)
instead of flying cars we have a victimhood hustler surveillance dystopia    06/13/24  (11)
Russiacucks how do you respond to this?    06/13/24  (33)
Gaetz: Trump trashed Ukraine aid during GOP meeting - link    06/13/24  (11)
Alligators don’t necessarily know they have big jaws    06/13/24  (4)
No flying cars just fridge bodied women and masses of mystery meat mud people    06/13/24  (3)
Protip: ancient civilizations were abandoned because they sucked    06/13/24  (6)
been on the phone with my insurance company for nearly 6 hours today    06/13/24  (1)
i lost track of who everyone else is on xo and i dont think it'll ever change    06/13/24  (216)
Neurotic rumination over mundane social interactions tp    06/13/24  (4)
Vote vinyl vs hardwood vs engineered wood in manhattan    06/13/24  (30)
Seems Pretty obvious to me which regular poster the colon cancer guy is    06/13/24  (24)
Law firm marketing: Firm is commented to this Market! They leased an office!    06/13/24  (1)
Alligators now eating HOMELESS in Florida. (DM)    06/13/24  (5)
rate this pic of Rishi rizzin Meloni    06/13/24  (5)
is Wegman's credited    06/13/24  (3)
It’s crazy how GOP VPOTUS nominee is still a complete mystery at this point    06/13/24  (15)
Macron rules out resigning, ‘whatever the result’ of French election (link    06/13/24  (2)
Is TBF in jail? He hasn't poasted in months    06/13/24  (16)
99.99% psychologically condition to approve of Fraud and smile    06/13/24  (5)
Karen's slime can easily be used as an industrial solvent    06/13/24  (1)
Telehealth Startup Executives Charged With Fraud Over Adderall Prescriptions    06/13/24  (2)
Why is Tesla stock going up again? Company has garbage mgmt, products    06/13/24  (48)
It's lolzy UK Birdshits labeling RISHI as rich ELITIST when he's a furking TURD    06/13/24  (1)
Kamala is furking sitting pretty right now    06/13/24  (12)
Inherent vice fucking sucked    06/13/24  (1)
The S-500 is apparently a fraud like the S-400 - link    06/13/24  (2)
Florida Panthers flight finally departs following extended weather delay.    06/13/24  (2)
Wyoming is basically Paradise    06/13/24  (23)
Mars Got Cooked by a Recent Solar Storm (NYT)    06/13/24  (1)
bitch boi: "women are so gross" *pulls smegma out of smelly cock*    06/13/24  (2)
nothign to do in life except play gacha & eat mcdonalds    06/13/24  (4)
pretty much all “food” is revolting now    06/13/24  (16)
Biden fixed the economic disaster Trump created, bitch bois MAF    06/13/24  (7)
"we choose to sup on slime not because it's 😋, but because it's 🤮"    06/13/24  (2)
Still loling at dumbshit cons salivating over birdbrain Italian PM Meloni    06/13/24  (3)
One giant moat across the border filled with Gators, guarded in land by Grizz    06/13/24  (1)
just bought a golf bag for the range    06/13/24  (7)
New One Jew Twenty Monikers cultural program seems to be going great    06/13/24  (1)
As of 2023, the green fee for Shadow Creek Golf Course is $1,250 per person    06/13/24  (18)
For Trump, Doug Burgum Emerges as a Safe Option, and a Wild Card (NYT)    06/13/24  (19)
Got TEAR GASSED last night in Lyon    06/13/24  (54)
so WH was actually slow rolling Ukraine aid closer to election (link)    06/13/24  (1)
Long day at the email factory    06/13/24  (16)
Peter Navarro prison sentence ends ... "Hi guys, I'm back!" (DrakeMallard)    06/13/24  (10)
Bipartisan "one computer, one vote, one time" attack ad condemned by Allied Mast    06/13/24  (7)
Just discovered lag in my golf swing LMAO it’s over for the fags I play with    06/13/24  (2)
Trumpmos you gonna let Adam Schiff talk about your boy like this?    06/13/24  (2)
Biden @ G7 has no idea where he is, Italian PM has to tell him    06/13/24  (46)
Trump locking up that Wisconsin vote    06/13/24  (10)
Confirmation ATACMS took out another S-400 - link    06/13/24  (20)
Reminder: You'll never outwit the Allied Mastercomputer and his tortures    06/13/24  (26)
Allied Mastercomputer voters self-eviscerating at successful PA rally    06/13/24  (8)
Rating poasters as books George20 has flung across the room    06/13/24  (66)
Not flame I gotta catch a body.    06/13/24  (1)
What's the most likely scenario for the implosion of Chandler/kenny/CSLG lawfirm    06/13/24  (18)
Ricky and I are at a local hip suburban coffee shop pastrymaxxing right now    06/13/24  (52)
Le'toya Comdempster    06/13/24  (1)
Pinochet - How the West Backed a Ruthless Dictatorship in Chile | Free Documenta    06/13/24  (3)
Earning ~$1,000 / month in passive income from Crypto.    06/13/24  (12)
had it up to here with how fucking gay everything is    06/13/24  (3)
Having a career is pretty gay    06/13/24  (9)
Kali Yuga knows how to party (to the tune of 2pac california love)    06/13/24  (2)
Complete fraud..over 99% or everything is outright fake fraud and pure lies    06/13/24  (10)
black cock down (tsinahs throat) was a missed porn movie title opportunity    06/13/24  (3)
nigger baboon tp here. first day on autoadmit.com    06/13/24  (4)
Reptiles deliberately throwing the election to keep Adolf Trump out of office.    06/13/24  (1)
Captain Cumblaster    06/13/24  (3)
Evan39?! Bouvet Island near Antarctica might also be nice to live    06/13/24  (7)
Whenever I make a large deposit a personal banker from regional bank contacts me    06/13/24  (4)
wind cold 🥶    06/13/24  (2)
Leopold Aschenbrenner essay on the AI arms race that will change world by 2027    06/13/24  (17)
Rate this NIGGA getting blasted by Birdshit Nazi Cop    06/13/24  (10)
Sotomayor took 3 undisclosed trips on private jet owned by Dem megadonor    06/13/24  (1)
ND Cal jury trial against “K&L Gates” in two weeks. Anyone have exp with the    06/13/24  (11)
TT Investment Alert/Warning: Just bought 10 shares of NVDA @ 128    06/13/24  (5)
just saw a couple "cyber trucks" on the road    06/13/24  (17)
LSD tp is a dark skinned Brazilian guy? But also a white nationalist? Lmao, 180    06/13/24  (24)
*Plane slams through hospital operating room* "sorry I'm late"    06/13/24  (6)
NYT interview with JD Vance. He explains how he became MAGA.    06/13/24  (68)
Sheridan is not windy at all and who cares if it's windy you cowards    06/13/24  (2)
highest recorded WY fag "wind" =128 mph...doesn't even beat CA    06/13/24  (1)
“Fight Song” playing as Lex Fridman uses his final Wordle guess    06/13/24  (5)
Jeff Bezos: work-life "balance" is flame, its actually a circle    06/13/24  (1)
Interesting backstory about Armenia pulling away from Russia - link    06/13/24  (1)
Makah Tribe Wins Federal Approval to Hunt Gray Whales (NYT)    06/13/24  (4)
Trump is winning Gen Z. Libs APOPLECTIC (link)    06/13/24  (1)
Most underrated early 90's console sports game - Bill Laimbeer's Combat Basketba    06/13/24  (8)
Uncovering the Link Between Childhood Trauma and Childless Disney Visits    06/13/24  (12)
XO Crimson - I'm Scared of the Wind    06/13/24  (2)
O no!!!! The "wind"!!!    06/13/24  (6)
living by an onsen in rural japan    06/13/24  (1)
Cr to hie to Sheridan/Buffalo WY?    06/13/24  (14)
Trumpmos get your Trump Rigged Trial trading card    06/13/24  (1)
ITT: funny anecdotes about Bill Clinton from when he was Governor of Arkansas    06/13/24  (14)
Anybody have recent chart of average xo poaster age 2005 to present?    06/13/24  (1)
6 points, 6 triangles, 6 sides    06/13/24  (3)
Didn't know so many Xo'ers scared of the "wind" lmao    06/13/24  (4)
sick of travel. Thinking of moving to Montreal and getting a cat    06/13/24  (13)
There is this fraud town in Kentucky that sits in the middle of an asteroid impa    06/13/24  (1)
jews in rothschild control tower pushing button to make consuelas penis small    06/13/24  (4)
My neighbor's dog just got taken by the gestapo    06/13/24  (3)
Does refrigerator add value to property? (boor)    06/13/24  (19)
Does bonesaw, dissolving agent, and large tub for human body add value to apt?    06/13/24  (10)
sure luis has a kid now but who’s the actual father?    06/13/24  (2)
Boeing finds a new problem with its 787s - link    06/13/24  (1)
Does washing machine add value to your property?    06/13/24  (31)
Lex Fridman at Davos saying "Humanity is amazing" to thunderous applause    06/13/24  (9)
Does sink add value to your property?    06/13/24  (10)
Went and mowed the lawn until the two batteries on mower were depleted    06/13/24  (10)
Can women make anything as glorious as semen    06/13/24  (16)
Do gays ever break down in “battle raps” about how much black dick they’ve    06/13/24  (53)
What the fuck is this “snoot” bullshit    06/13/24  (6)
starting fires tonight 30$ cashapp    06/13/24  (3)
always goon    06/13/24  (7)
Japan to give Ukraine $4.5 billion this year - link    06/13/24  (29)
Red Desert Wyoming last place without any fraud in Continental US    06/13/24  (2)
small bee just crawled out of my phone charger port    06/13/24  (2)
   06/13/24  (4)
same with the guy living in a cave 300 years ago    06/13/24  (1)
Karen, I want to slide my balls over your fat rolls and fart in ur face    06/13/24  (3)
how the furk is jamaal bowman not in jail rn???    06/13/24  (5)
Uber is prime exampleee of Fraud here's a story    06/13/24  (6)
Israeli born Jew accused of being Mossad Agent is new Dutch Immigration Minister    06/13/24  (2)
stack it up over a year, you're toast    06/13/24  (4)
Emily Blunt's character in Sicario was an FBI hostage retrieval specialist?    06/13/24  (21)
Zemmour expels Marion Maréchal from the party for disloyalty    06/13/24  (2)
Seinfeld Star Trek is an entire fanfic genre that I was unaware of    06/13/24  (7)
Joe Biden shits himself at D-Day    06/13/24  (79)
BULLHONKEY!    06/13/24  (1)
Jimmy Carter's grandson dies. Great grandson takes over hospice updates.    06/13/24  (12)
What the poor retards blaming RSF for donating to Biden don’t understand    06/13/24  (25)
COORDINATES: 41.251535, -108.285593    06/13/24  (9)
New FizzKidd LP dropped    06/13/24  (13)
More fraudulent, Missouri, upper Mississippi, or Ohio River    06/13/24  (1)
Pinehurst looks 180, should be a great USO    06/13/24  (3)
Every time I smoke weed I turn into a Ricky alt    06/13/24  (30)
Yo FizzKidd want to get railed by a 41yo white guy that likes classical music    06/13/24  (24)
i used to be mad at seniors for trying to get us all to hustle    06/13/24  (1)

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