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,:,.,..:.:.,:.::,. is a Chinese agent
   01/28/22  (17)
Why are so many San Franciscans moving to Montana? (Bozeman done here)    01/28/22  (8)
Kind of weird that SCOTUS is about to end AA and no one here cares    01/28/22  (109)
im going to kill myself very soon it seems    01/28/22  (24)
The High Cost of Disparaging Natural Immunity to Covid    01/28/22  (23)
weird how in 80s and 90s they were pumping out timeless classics (movies, songs,    01/28/22  (5)
We focus on how much single 30+ women suck but the men are just as bad    01/28/22  (5)
max iq to believe in the power of prayer?    01/28/22  (42)
The world is in good hands with these MEN leading us into the FUTURE:    01/28/22  (2)
So Biden blatantly picked VP based on gender, will now pick SCOTUS based on race    01/28/22  (24)
SAMO is starting its next moon again. NFT launch January 31. DAO coming    01/28/22  (56)
Coiners are the dumbest people in human history    01/28/22  (9)
Blind girl is now blind gf    01/28/22  (418)
Youngkin sets up hotline for parents to narc on teachers who teach CRT    01/28/22  (101)
NYE '21-'22 TRIP photo RECAP thread (RSF)    01/28/22  (27)
What do you think of this house + property?    01/28/22  (27)
Schizophrenic girlfriend started hiding my keys    01/28/22  (9)
fuck libs, buying another silver monster box (500ozt) in 10 days    01/28/22  (2)
Just got in a fight and told blind gf I’d slap the vision back in her    01/28/22  (4)
Really 180 thing about COMMUNISM    01/28/22  (52)
Shakespeare is fucking incredible    01/28/22  (115)
ur disappointed father trying to read braille menu at your wedding reception    01/28/22  (2)
how much should I offer this 19 year old Asian girl to be my SB?    01/28/22  (26)
PA bridge COLLAPSES hours b4 Biden arrived to talk about INFRASTRUCTURE bill    01/28/22  (14)
Random Minneapolis suburbs now requiring masks    01/28/22  (8)
Just got back from Plano - Chinese market had flyers with HVAC’s pic on them    01/28/22  (1)
Elon: Seems odd that the UN still hasn’t released 2020 world death rates    01/28/22  (15)
After losing 55% last January, MELVIN CAPITAL down another 17% this January    01/28/22  (2)
These Are Men of Determination & Action, Men of Profound Thoughts & Feelings    01/28/22  (1)
Najeh Davenport is about to shit all over Escoteric Sambo Flame    01/28/22  (1)
Rate this tiktok "glow up"    01/28/22  (9)
Does a 5x5 routine GROW IT BIG?    01/28/22  (52)
ricky even small towns in montana have oriental grocery stores now    01/28/22  (9)
RATE my Valentine's Day plans (TSINAH)    01/28/22  (48)
Lately I’ve been emailing my baristas at Starbucks, got a few good hook ups    01/28/22  (1)
Should Blind GF meet Najeh Davenport?    01/28/22  (1)
Modern science is built on many assumptions that are completely wrong.    01/28/22  (17)
"DCAing" crypto is like building an addition to a house that is on fire    01/28/22  (7)
Lots of misinformation on this board    01/28/22  (2)
Steve Sailer and Charles Murray conversation on Spotify    01/28/22  (10)
I’m officially priced out of my local rental market    01/28/22  (26)
Lately I’ve been emailing the authors of books I read.    01/28/22  (46)
Make fun of benzo all u want but cum on folks none of us has $200 let's be real    01/28/22  (1)
*VA amber alert about copy of to kill a mockingbird overlooked for burning*    01/28/22  (1)
nearly 42 still no idea wtf system of a down “chop suey” was about    01/28/22  (10)
Matrimonial litigation is exhilarating - so much drama, emotion, high stakes,    01/28/22  (3)
Welcome to “Free” Florida — but leave your weed at the border    01/28/22  (97)
What happens at churches on weekdays    01/28/22  (31)
Submitting my PSLF this weekend. I think I made it, bros.    01/28/22  (1)
Wisconsin will destroy Kyle's AR-15.    01/28/22  (12)
Dwarves are pissed off at Dinklage for getting Disney to cancel them as actors    01/28/22  (2)
Billionaires are fine, it's family wealth that's the problem.    01/28/22  (99)
Sam Hyde's gumroad is worthless    01/28/22  (4)
Kind of creepy if there AREN'T bikini/nude pics of Ocasio-Cortez    01/28/22  (36)
If Rafa beats the prime minister, he will have solidified his spot as GOAT POTUS    01/28/22  (3)
Will Biden's SCOTUS nominee go through easily?    01/28/22  (5)
stop letting these paid protester fucksticks inside the capitol. jfc    01/28/22  (7)
was thinking about Kavanaugh insanity - did any Senator call it out    01/28/22  (1)
at least you could get some faggy flowers from the tulip bubble    01/28/22  (2)
Oops F-35 lands wrong on aircraft carrier, falls off into South China Sea    01/28/22  (92)
I'm a pothead. Taking qs.    01/28/22  (4)
Any CHARLOTTE mastermen? Need a BBQ reco    01/28/22  (9)
West Elm Caleb was a week ago but thanks to news cycle we don't even    01/28/22  (2)
I was a lib until the Blue's Clues thing    01/28/22  (65)
"no grandpa, you give them real money and you get the computer money."    01/28/22  (127)
It's not heli-copter, it's helico-pter    01/28/22  (5)
I regret I have but one life to be monetized by my money changing overlords    01/28/22  (3)
content is more valuable than ever. its stronger than the dollar.    01/28/22  (4)
But grandpa, why did anyone think the "computer money" was worth anything?    01/28/22  (12)
"no reason why people can't disagree civilly" wrongly implies trumpmos are peopl    01/28/22  (1)
Computer Money AGAIN? Didn't you lose it all on that two years ago?    01/28/22  (23)
So hoap Medvedev beats Lance this weekend    01/28/22  (1)
Female performers you respect    01/28/22  (2)
Family of Turdskins freeze to death trying to sneak into US from Canada (DM link    01/28/22  (11)
Absolutely JIMJAMMED on Brazilian BAM BAM right now    01/28/22  (3)
Quickest and easiest thing/s to get into with highest pay if willing to do anyth    01/28/22  (22)
Drinking BEER is much more enjoyable than HARD LIQUOR for some reason    01/28/22  (57)
Northeast/Midwest chicks are fucking disgusting    01/28/22  (1)
The poster "Look behind you, a three-headed monke!!" is the dumbest coiner on xo    01/28/22  (1)
Lmao Canadian NHL teams have been playing with fans for months now    01/28/22  (12)
our "elected" leaders seem to be failing us nonstop even easy things    01/28/22  (1)
Black teens today are MUCH less sexually active than they used to be    01/28/22  (9)
saddam hussein also acted on "tips" about people saying the wrong thingšŸ¤£    01/28/22  (2)
Hegemon will die in Ukraine fighting other white Christians as kikes cackle    01/28/22  (3)
Is this EAST COAST SNOW BBC gonna happen?    01/28/22  (19)
Biden Administration to criminalize private crypto wallets    01/28/22  (23)
Hegemon, thoughts on the new Vortex Razor HD Gen III 36x scope?    01/28/22  (7)
Golden retriever kills second dog in less than 4 years, injures a grandmother    01/28/22  (8)
Ricky peaking on phenibut nude in hanford Costco bathroom w/ Latina cashier    01/28/22  (16)
Why is benzo obsessed with Covid    01/28/22  (4)
average/ordinary/typical citizen/person, why aren't you in the Ukraine fighting?    01/28/22  (16)
Jeez Louise!    01/28/22  (1)
Rate the new upcoming emoji (pic    01/28/22  (8)
lmao that tranny’s appearance on Fox killed “antiwork”    01/28/22  (12)
ive been through some awful things in life but living with a woman is always #1    01/28/22  (8)
I am a fairly eccentric guy and I love abstract, unique things    01/28/22  (2)
Consuela do you mask up when they spray chem trails?    01/28/22  (18)
ITT Rate 18 year-old Blue Smoke    01/28/22  (32)
Calling it now: CCPumo will win 2022 MPM    01/28/22  (1)
Crypto craze last year was fun, but I guess all things must end...    01/28/22  (3)
Best brief writing music. (link)    01/28/22  (3)
do all women become mentally ill after having kids?    01/28/22  (18)
Good news: the Jewish heart attack jab booster campaign is failing    01/28/22  (13)
2022 liberal modernity is extremely toxic    01/28/22  (19)
Just embarrassed myself in front of a client and judge    01/28/22  (18)
BOMB CYCLONE OF SNOW COMING. Time to light a fire and pour the whiskey.    01/28/22  (1)
Recommend me a place to stay in Miami    01/28/22  (18)
we should just give nukes to Taiwan & the Tibet monks & HK protestors & shit    01/28/22  (1)
Militarized Dolphins Protect Almost a Quarter of the US Nuclear Stockpile    01/28/22  (1)
LA school called LAPD to arrest unvaccinated students (link)    01/28/22  (1)
BLUE SMOKE is the biggest FAILURE in xoxo history    01/28/22  (176)
Elites war on whites isn’t personal, whites are just the first domino    01/28/22  (5)
TSINAH fingering his asshole in bathtub "having great time with gf on valentines    01/28/22  (6)
one of my good friends, who has a PhD and does vaccine research, got banned from    01/28/22  (15)
Jfc USA women have not won a single speed skating Olympic medal since 2002    01/28/22  (8)
black homeless nigger exposed himself in front of me today    01/28/22  (4)
Crypto is still cheap. Buy now before it’s too late.    01/28/22  (2)
If you have a boss, how do you consider yourself a “man” ?    01/28/22  (2)
How did GOP win downballot races if 2020 election was completely rigged???    01/28/22  (24)
If Trump REFUSED to leave WH in 2020, couldn't they just turn off his swipe card    01/28/22  (16)
Catching Covid is sort of a rite of passage now isn’t it    01/28/22  (6)
Only problem with Florida and Texas is way too many fucking blacks    01/28/22  (1)
Benzo sitting in jail because he doesn't have $200    01/28/22  (88)
Taking Qs before heading out to RAGE in BOZEMAN, MT (RSF)    01/28/22  (49)
i always laugh at retard lawyer math when lawfirms give "financial updates"    01/28/22  (1)
ITT Predict when this vaccine and mask and covid hysteria stuff ends    01/28/22  (13)
NYC about to get over a FOOT of snow. Partners: BILL, BILL, BILL!    01/28/22  (1)
going to kill mysql tonight    01/28/22  (1)
more of HVAC's keyfob chronicles (video)    01/28/22  (61)
Hello? This is the FBI. What is the nature of -- oh hi Consuela    01/28/22  (72)
Wall-E but it’s Fauci behind presidents instead of Auto behind captains    01/28/22  (1)
Pierre LaFlame here taking questions on being a French playboy.    01/28/22  (8)
If there’s a societal breakdown will elites be targeted?    01/28/22  (5)
xo follows the "boring-but-bisexual" routine    01/28/22  (1)
I have a middle part now. #PierresFreshCut    01/28/22  (3)
And you described him as being... *turns page* 'a good goy' Please elaborate.    01/28/22  (1)
What do you say when your wife asks what are you reading honey    01/28/22  (16)
"We had ancient civilization.. in Rome!!" Also Birdshits: "Italians aren't white    01/28/22  (10)
Three years ago now you were promising self youd sell the crypto top next time    01/28/22  (12)
"do you think i'm too cerebral?!?!" the juggalo shouted during the ICP set    01/28/22  (11)
"I thought FL was FREE!" *Briefcase spills drugs, 'White Fragility', HIV+ test*    01/28/22  (1)
I was supposed to maek it ffs    01/28/22  (24)
It's not even half the work to notice things like perverse Blue's Clues    01/28/22  (2)
Rate my selfie (not flame) (Pierre LaFlame)    01/28/22  (3)
Fahkin’ Pierre brah    01/28/22  (2)
Pierre bro    01/28/22  (2)
A one-sided, imaginary online despite between your alter ego “Pierre” and th    01/28/22  (3)
Desk lamp : sun :: Gaston : PIERRE    01/28/22  (2)
Gaston is a mere Chad-lite. He will never be me— he will never be PIERRE!    01/28/22  (3)
going to legally change my name to pierre laflame    01/28/22  (7)

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