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By unhinged pumos about you · Past 6 hrs / 24 hrs / week / month
Is Palm Beach Florida a nice area to live in ??    12/01/20  (47)
Investermos: SPY or VOO?    12/01/20  (2)
"TAX BILLIONAIRES!" *raises taxes on the middle class*    12/01/20  (1)
Describe the biggest In-House fuck ups uve ever witnessed    12/01/20  (14)
Nasdaq announces it will delist any company w/o a female and minority BOD member    12/01/20  (26)
New Yorker cover art is incredibly black-pilled (pic)    12/01/20  (18)
still irate about what these totalitarian faggots are doing to kids    12/01/20  (1)
"How Will Biden Deal With Republican Sabotage?" (NYT)    12/01/20  (59)
33 million Americans worth $1.3M or more. What's your excuse faggot?    12/01/20  (98)
Are leather cell phone belt holsters still at thing in the office and at Costco?    12/01/20  (2)
We're torturing people mentally and for what    12/01/20  (3)
big butt + skinny thighs is the most prestigious body type    12/01/20  (4)
*you spin mouse cursor in circles to show your displeasure w/PC's performance*    12/01/20  (7)
my celebrity crush is elizabeth bruenig    12/01/20  (11)
Should I be annoyed that a client psycho called me on Thanksgiving?    12/01/20  (3)
Would you still have sex with Jennifer Love Hewitt after seeing this pic?    12/01/20  (37)
Biden's already a disaster    12/01/20  (11)
James O'Keefe says Project Veritas has recorded CNN conf calls for 2 months    12/01/20  (8)
COWGOD may Bless you with a Clique Assignment.    12/01/20  (2)
reluctant sports expert (rarely wrong) taking Qs    12/01/20  (3)
CNN: we just realized that China lied about the virus    12/01/20  (7)
Oh gimme the whale dick Ill pwn lib souls I wanna get lost in that big blow hole    12/01/20  (1)
ITT I list games available for PC with better graphics that Demon”s Souls PS5    12/01/20  (2)
Bill Bellichick really showing that Tom Brady is a fraud with his 180 system    12/01/20  (14)
black subordinate sent me super rude email    12/01/20  (64)
Paul McCartney voice: "Simply squanching this wonderful child of mine    12/01/20  (3)
Today’s gold pickups for slightly above melt    12/01/20  (18)
SNL cold open. Operating Room. Child gets his penis removed. "LIVE FROM NEW YORK    12/01/20  (2)
im really sensitive and have a lot of feelings so i became a lawyer (luis)    12/01/20  (2)
Do They Know It's Dark Winter?    12/01/20  (1)
Adam Duritz warning America of a "Long December"    12/01/20  (9)
Head of NEC is literally a poli sci shithead who went to Middlebury    12/01/20  (2)
NBC NEWS Finally Admits Voting Fraud Probably Widespread    12/01/20  (1)
BTC has JPM's market cap. Why not Tesla or Alibaba size mkt cap soon?    12/01/20  (4)
WHOA THE DOG LOOK OUT    12/01/20  (5)
Pick one to live in: 1920s Paris/France, 1950s America, 1980s Japan    12/01/20  (52)
Enjoy your LONG DARK WINTER, goyim! (NYT)    12/01/20  (16)
little fucker's going to have a dark winter    12/01/20  (7)
adoption agent: “are u a pedophile?” spaceporn: “no” (fingers crossed be    12/01/20  (7)
Spaceporn somersaulting like Willy Wonka before opening up playroom    12/01/20  (6)
another thing about Ring: automatically gives police permission to access video    12/01/20  (35)
strange how we don't care about phenotype on this board    12/01/20  (3)
this Covid hysteria is completely insane    12/01/20  (4)
Johnsmeyer is now poasting as “bidens dog”    12/01/20  (10)
Anyone else think public health/genotypes/phenotypes are being manipulated    12/01/20  (2)
rate the pessimistic future scenario from Creature from Jeckyl Island (2010)    12/01/20  (11)
“Blinken is an Atlanticist not a globalist” Lmao    12/01/20  (25)
a lawyer should know better than to marry someone named "sumi"    12/01/20  (6)
Shitlibs why are you so confident mRNA vaccine will have no long-term effects?    12/01/20  (12)
🚨 LUIS HAS A JOB 🚨    12/01/20  (44)
Pandemic Over By Summer? All Depends on Georgia Senate Races (NYT)    12/01/20  (4)
Alexa just told wife my face was recognized by Ring at her friend's house last n    12/01/20  (1)
Time to get out of TSLA?    12/01/20  (6)
Colorado Buffs are 3-0    12/01/20  (2)
Pac12 & Big10 were too late-- no playoff$ for latecomers    12/01/20  (11)
unconscious bias thread    12/01/20  (3)
Does everyone just pretend that Terminator Genisys was never made    12/01/20  (24)
urban meyer should ask $15mil/yr from utttexas    12/01/20  (1)
180 dude goes around starting pillow fights    12/01/20  (4)
early 30s bro here: can't get enough vaccinations recently    12/01/20  (5)
Forum was built for Johnsmeyer and COWGOD to showcase.    12/01/20  (2)
Chandler Weight Loss Thread    12/01/20  (188)
Smithsonian replacing D-Day Exhibit with Sarah Fuller Wing    12/01/20  (2)
XO democrats: do you still believe that RUSSIA hacked voting machines in 2016?    12/01/20  (30)
I know why the caged boy sings    12/01/20  (6)
NASDAQ To Require One Woman And One Minority Or LGBTQ On Company Boards    12/01/20  (3)
China gov’t posts doctored image and threatens Australia. Twitter bans them.    12/01/20  (13)
COWGOD is the realization of Poasting.    12/01/20  (1)
Batgod, any scholarship on best outcome for JockNerd clique?    12/01/20  (18)
A senile corpse who broke his foot playing w a puppy are you fucking kidding me    12/01/20  (3)
Sorry to the bro who's wife doesnt cook    12/01/20  (9)
LOL. That retarded Dr. Atlas just was forced to resign. Fucking TRUMPMOs. Ruined    12/01/20  (18)
What is the clearest path to make $100k low stress 9-5?    12/01/20  (58)
CSLG, come itt. I just passed 30 million NW pretty excited    12/01/20  (2)
Why does Pencil always comment within 0.00001 seconds of a Henry Aaron post?    12/01/20  (3)
agrande@gmail.com    12/01/20  (4)
Biden’s Dog yelling “BA FANGUL” before running off with Biden holding leas    12/01/20  (1)
180 crew: FLW, Drake, Candy Ride, Buck, Muscadine, DDC, PN, Texas School, Henry    12/01/20  (48)
Are media libs still gloating about how “nice” Biden’s cabinet picks are?    12/01/20  (1)
Bidens Dog (a poem)    12/01/20  (12)
What's the most expensive pocket knife you've ever owned?    12/01/20  (13)
Joe Biden SHITTING HIS PANTS watching "101 Dalmatians"    12/01/20  (3)
Trump: We need to recount the ballots then throw them out if I lose    12/01/20  (1)
unwashed niggers    12/01/20  (1)
Remember those Christmas lights that played music?    12/01/20  (2)
I have a new nickname for Rudolph: Stolen Valor Guy    12/01/20  (26)
The president of Mexico is so retarded, he actually laughed about massacres    12/01/20  (14)
Biden’s Top 3 SECEF candidates on defense contractor boards    12/01/20  (21)
Libs, why do you support pointless wars?    12/01/20  (5)
*SomeOtherGhost earnestly asking questions about Spaceporn in subthread*    12/01/20  (3)
Surveillance video of superstar rapper Triple Beanz being assassinated:    12/01/20  (17)
Having 15 million NW feels really good    12/01/20  (6)
My high school principal used to spank teenage girls in his office with a paddle    12/01/20  (24)
OMG look at the logistics involved for looking at the tree at Rockefeller    12/01/20  (2)
Just 274 more mortgage payments, bros    12/01/20  (3)
Bloodacre leaping out of water like a dolphin 2 catch glob of cum in his mouth    12/01/20  (3)
Having 10 million NW doesnt feel any different (CSLG)    12/01/20  (19)
My hot organic ex-gf lied to me, I think (TSINAH)    12/01/20  (34)
Just opened escrow on a 15 unit property (CSLG)    12/01/20  (55)
Sukhoi delivers 3 Superjets in 1 day    12/01/20  (2)
White lawyer in Chi arrested for being a Lieutenant with the Rollin Crips    12/01/20  (1)
Credit Suisse introduces the LGBT 350 ETF. Top “LGBT inclusive” companies    12/01/20  (4)
Buy BTC dip rn    12/01/20  (3)
Show ur dicks itt or u will get cancer in 2021    12/01/20  (3)
2nd cuz- giggles in shower / Shrew GF- strains on toilet for an hour    12/01/20  (24)
Fashion ?: Should your mask match your belt or your shirt?    12/01/20  (1)
FF7 Remake 11/28 megathread    12/01/20  (3)
bump this thread if you're wearing your mask    12/01/20  (1)
Vanguard announces you must own LGBT 350 ETF or it will shut down your account    12/01/20  (1)
9 out of 10 COVID deaths linked to Vitamin D deficiency    12/01/20  (32)
So girls just do this all day during Christmas with family now?    12/01/20  (30)
Mom, E.T was dressed as a nurse, licked the bedpan, and tried to grab my wiener!    12/01/20  (9)
Is 'HR director' a position a man can feel proud of?    12/01/20  (42)
Biden wasn’t discovered on floor for 47 minutes (nyp)    12/01/20  (2)
TSINAH "not feeling cali" after getting his bar exam results    12/01/20  (3)
Lol Cindy McCain getting UK ambassadorship. Biden going pure neocon.    12/01/20  (44)
Amazon's gender recognition software identifies Michelle Obama as male (Twitter)    12/01/20  (7)
Fauci: "past is the past-- kids can go to school & future voting only in person    12/01/20  (8)
PSA: lockdowns are new normal, libs enjoy the control too much    12/01/20  (19)
Scale 1-10 how serious of a drinker am I?    12/01/20  (51)
Credit Suisse introduces the NAZI 1488 ETF. Top “NAZI inclusive” companies    12/01/20  (1)
Do I have 12 disciples yet    12/01/20  (8)
Meshuggah is 1800000    12/01/20  (4)
go balls deep long market tomorrow on 6.15.2020    12/01/20  (102)
still trying to make sense of that Jeep parking lot "speech"    12/01/20  (11)
Should a SAHM be cooking?    12/01/20  (35)
did i dream that a D1 SEC cfb team let a woman play just "because"    12/01/20  (7)
Will we hear from BLM/Antifa again before summer 2024?    12/01/20  (1)
GJR: I've taken a few cocks. MF : np, me too.    12/01/20  (1)
Why hasn't borders tp returned    12/01/20  (4)
Holy shit, Biden's new administration looks like an xo Trumpmo's IRL nightmare    12/01/20  (52)
Prole girls who are insanely hot at age 20, complete trash at 40    12/01/20  (1)
Toothed Vagina vs Space Carcharodon 2020    12/01/20  (5)
Wife extremely “honest” about her past and it kind of bothers me    12/01/20  (18)
2 can play dat game    12/01/20  (1)
Top Grains 2020    12/01/20  (3)
TSINAH ripping shareblue pumos out of trees, physically stomping on them    12/01/20  (2)
Not now babe I'm "logging on" to hide from IRL and squander time    12/01/20  (8)
Day 2 of owning stocks: let’s see what unfolds    12/01/20  (2)
b o s s b a b y d e l u x e d v d w i t h d i r e c t o r c o m m e n t a r y    12/01/20  (4)
ITT we rank board turds    12/01/20  (30)
Is this girl too curvy?    12/01/20  (24)
GF's 18 yo son "not feeling college" after getting his 910 SAT score yesterday    12/01/20  (205)
AssFaggot crushing a false priest with the hammer of righteousness    12/01/20  (1)
So, "president-elect" Biden broke his foot playing with a puppy? lol at this pat    12/01/20  (48)
You bro the dog! THE DOG! LOOK OUT WHOA WHOA WHOA! OH GOD!    12/01/20  (2)
dr. faucet    12/01/20  (1)
remember when Obama's thoughts on civil unions v fag marriage started 'evolving'    12/01/20  (20)
Vice Admiral Burilichev dead at 62 from Covid    12/01/20  (3)

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