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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   03/15/20  (388)
MY police state MY out-of-control surveillance MY human rights violations    04/07/20  (7)
Fuck you. This is now a BOYZ II MEN discussion bort.    04/07/20  (9)
How To Survive the RECESSION ITT    04/07/20  (7)
Dems propose $25k bonus for grocery store workers - link    04/07/20  (20)
that CSLG can become so wealthy is a damning indictment of US    04/07/20  (44)
CDC: Docs should certify as COVID death if “suspected”    04/07/20  (14)
Still can't believe Rach banned rasqie and not DBG    04/07/20  (57)
SERIOUS Q about 1L + law center (I know xo isn't about LS anymore but still)    04/07/20  (54)
One thing's for sure, there's a lot more gay shit to come    04/07/20  (11)
Mother FUCK. Filed my taxes yesterday and screwed myself out of STIM payment    04/07/20  (14)
what will this STUPID CLOWN FUCK COUNTRY do next ??    04/07/20  (3)
ITT u name the *perfect* Cabinet for getting through coronavirus    04/07/20  (17)
All $mall bu$ine$$ owner$ will be $lave$ to the man after thi$    04/07/20  (1)
Hey IDIOTS that is a MOTEL not a HOTEL    04/07/20  (13)
Garbage board is 180000000 right now    04/07/20  (2)
Peterman writing "Dickstein Shapiro" under Employer, adding "(not the law firm)"    04/07/20  (3)
Lol at all the$e idiot$ complying..they're literally $igning "live$" away    04/07/20  (1)
Lib friend said Coronavirus test only prove how good you are at Coronavirus test    04/07/20  (50)
FRAUDMOS, accept BADMOS back into the fold or exile them ala 2016 board libs?    04/07/20  (22)
SARS-CoV-2 is going BUCKWILD today.    04/07/20  (3)
Is this a Good CCW?    04/07/20  (2)
Black dad spanks his kid for acting out in public. Libs MAF (vid)    04/07/20  (10)
About to sell a bunch of my non taxable accounts, market is insane    04/07/20  (27)
Arent Fox? More like Arent Prestigious    04/07/20  (1)
Is slimp short for slime pit?    04/07/20  (3)
u have "human rights" only if u give GC utility & submission    04/07/20  (9)
pedude is coming into his own and it’s great to watch    04/07/20  (2)
Covid tests are bogus. Change my mind    04/07/20  (11)
Tell me what's going on in the minds of 1Ls and 2Ls looking forward to summer    04/07/20  (32)
"Excuse me, sir... how do you get to the HIV Clinic?" Peterman: "practice, pract    04/07/20  (5)
ITT I classify BIGLAW Firms as PEER or VIRUSPWNT    04/07/20  (4)
I have more hair than I know what to do with and will donate(Boom)    04/07/20  (6)
What$ going on? Get gun from pawn $hop then?    04/07/20  (3)
CDC Dir: "How do you know so much about viral loads?" Peterman: ". . .practice"    04/07/20  (8)
HIV and Coronavirus fighting over Peterman's last T-Cell    04/07/20  (7)
"We're in this TOGETHER!" The Truckers agreed as they surrounded Peterman's assh    04/07/20  (3)
“Human rights? Lmao” (GC)    04/07/20  (7)
Clemson sorority TikToks use of matching panties as facemasks:    04/07/20  (2)
How did Jews evolve to become so smart?    04/07/20  (28)
how did jews evolve to have such big noses?    04/07/20  (4)
Steve Kerr: USA human rights abuses worse than China.    04/07/20  (64)
There is no such thing as "human rights". Fact.    04/07/20  (8)
but human rights! zhe lisped    04/07/20  (3)
"human rights" are a complete fantasy    04/07/20  (15)
Biglaw tranny bro’s: has this started to impact deal flow?    04/07/20  (38)
i rike a WTO. i rike a colonavilus. i rike a grobar economy.    04/07/20  (2)
900+ dead today by 11 AM in US from COVID. BUT TRUMPMOS SAID IT'S OVER ALREADY!1    04/07/20  (92)
the Satanic metal group GHOST is severely underrated    04/07/20  (12)
@realdonaldtrump This concludes Navy Morale Week!    04/07/20  (1)
We are getting crushed by the virus    04/07/20  (1)
Covid is bogus. Change my mind    04/07/20  (1)
Where is the detailed plan for reopening?    04/07/20  (27)
Thi$ i$ a weak "viru$" lol    04/07/20  (3)
I like to imagine earl as the owner of the fat luis video Nissan    04/07/20  (3)
I knew people were paranoid retard$ but thi$ really take$ the cake    04/07/20  (2)
rate this pic of TSINAH (pic)    04/07/20  (5)
state declaring multi millionaires "gravely disabled" lock up in torture facilit    04/07/20  (1)
rolling pin tp here first day    04/07/20  (1)
US has tested more than double any other country on earth...libs?    04/07/20  (5)
*RSF snaps a furtive pic of an escort's back* "Take that, dorks"    04/07/20  (74)
'We put MSG in their food but it take too rong.' 'Virus time?' 'Virus time'    04/07/20  (2)
"i'm afraid we might be entering a depression", luis: way ahead of you lmao    04/07/20  (7)
Scaramucci pushing Melania's head down in his cadillac    04/07/20  (31)
"Trump has financial ties to cholorquine!", lisped the lib as he died in ICU    04/07/20  (2)
Trump: “hydroxychloroquine will not be available to libs”    04/07/20  (17)
Boomers fucking and sucking freely while taking MK Ultra acid every night    04/07/20  (17)
**** DOW FUTURES UP AGAIN (300 POINTS) ****    04/07/20  (6)
Bboom is it too much to ask you to STFU for 2 seconds while the grown-ups talk?    04/07/20  (2)
Chronicles of Rudolph's glee at America's coronavirus body count    04/07/20  (14)
Bitcoin is literally gonna moon in the next 12 hours (DTP)    04/07/20  (3)
EPAH is by far the most fascinating xo poaster    04/07/20  (8)
ITT: XO opinions that are actually credited    04/07/20  (7)
Blacks are chimping out over Coronavirus and trashing Wal-Marts (video)    04/07/20  (1)
Fed might start buying stocks...this is the end of the “market”    04/07/20  (53)
UK government FUCKING LIVID: want China to be pariah state (Daily Mail)    04/07/20  (66)
Chinese people, at their core, are absolutely disgusting fucks. Let's nuke them.    04/07/20  (1)
Trumpmos waving coronavirus into USA like a third base coach    04/07/20  (13)
China flooding Facebook with anti-Trump ads: libs, your response?    04/07/20  (26)
List of Countries that have publicly condemned China?    04/07/20  (9)
itt: comprehensive list of everything that *bothers* elites    04/07/20  (49)
What is the most prestigious ergonomic keyboard tray    04/07/20  (1)
LJL China could be accessing student data through Zoom    04/07/20  (82)
Study: why women love big huge penises    04/07/20  (40)
FLESHLIGHT checking in. Are the virus doomers being delusional as fuck still?    04/07/20  (4)
Ever cut your hair with those Norelco ball-shavers ?    04/07/20  (2)
TS Amanda and KamalaSexy having sex. Who is the top?    04/07/20  (2)
What’s the best value for food? I barely eat anymore    04/07/20  (74)
XO Mike Lindell    04/07/20  (7)
TRUMP WAS RIGHT: Hong Kong Phoenix TV is owned by the CCP.    04/07/20  (23)
wow that ginger trumpmo freak acting secretary already resigned    04/07/20  (1)
not now, mom, I'm getting my hold blown the fuck out by my internet friends!    04/07/20  (1)
David Lat will survive off of hydroxychloroquine and prove trump correct    04/07/20  (28)
They're giving free coffee to first responders. Why never to lawyers?    04/07/20  (3)
Why the hu$h hu$h today?    04/07/20  (1)
We should all be buying real estate instead of stocks    04/07/20  (2)
On Westlaw can you email yourself PDFs of entire treatises that are in ur plan?    04/07/20  (8)
XL Big Green Egg vs. Primo XL Oval - thoughts friends?    04/07/20  (1)
When will Barbershops Reopen?    04/07/20  (5)
FOR SALE: Saami child slave. Ideal for pederasty and as hair transplant donor.    04/07/20  (1)
MDH where have you been going to the beach    04/07/20  (1)
Why are we hu$h hu$h about thi$ fraud?? Own it and get back 2 life    04/07/20  (1)
12,021 = the number of people libs prevented from getting Chloro-Cure so far    04/07/20  (2)
whats the basis on considering the coronavirus hotel video funny/not funny    04/07/20  (36)
First Saudi coronavirus case confirmed - it's been real, brehs (Sickly)    04/07/20  (77)
So there's no party in America that supports fiscal discipline?    04/07/20  (29)
"Maintain inter-organism distance civilian!" *robot eyes glow red*    04/07/20  (3)
I'm supposed to be in Gookland right now for Hong Kong 7s. Fuck this fraudvirus.    04/07/20  (1)
You don't want a family and don't want to do anything but want to $lave for $???    04/07/20  (1)
With thi$ $hit what$ the point in "living"?    04/07/20  (1)
Brazil joins Alliance of the Good against China: China IRATE AS FUCK    04/07/20  (15)
This could be our time to get rid of things like barbershops and cramped airplan    04/07/20  (1)
Lib Madison Wisconsin MD murdered by Dindu    04/07/20  (53)
I see a bat soup arriving. I see trouble on the way    04/07/20  (34)
People are really reatrded new$ at 11    04/07/20  (1)
Why is Russia helping libs promote the fraudvirus?    04/07/20  (3)
Covid-riddled corpses bursting open in the heat of summer    04/07/20  (1)
there's always sex w men for moeny    04/07/20  (4)
David Lat has contracted coronavirus 🦠    04/07/20  (98)
"I'll still love u if u get laid off by Cahill" grimes lied unconvincingly    04/07/20  (26)
NEGATIVE COVID-19 TE$T(BOOM)    04/07/20  (12)
Black People on Masks: I WILL NOT WEAR IT    04/07/20  (3)
Coronavirus hotel video    04/07/20  (102)
Fraudvirusmos, help me out. Is there daily death data for total US deaths?    04/07/20  (18)
REPORT: Wuhan funeral homes “burned coronavirus patients alive”    04/07/20  (15)
Power and money grab i$ all thi$ i$..the final KO punch of the little guy    04/07/20  (1)
"it's priced in," explained Henry Aaron to the john concerned about his HIV risk    04/07/20  (18)
There's guys who went to Harvard who are working as managers at McDonald's!    04/07/20  (1)
Henry Aaron's boistinker declared a covid hotspot, oh and also an HIV hotspot    04/07/20  (1)
Trump caved and fired the Acting Navy Secretary    04/07/20  (1)
U Haul gas thief gets pwned by guy throwing fireworks (link)    04/07/20  (5)
BREAKING: Will Smith now sole resident of Manhattan; Central Park mass grave    04/07/20  (4)
NYUUG & Kenny hosting hourlong 'History's Mysteries' on USS Pueblo tonight on TB    04/07/20  (1)
a short, aging russian jew plays video games on a laptop in a new jersey townhou    04/07/20  (1)
Solos: Any luck with SBA loans yet?    04/07/20  (322)
For those still looking for SHITLAW Act loans, here are two options.    04/07/20  (7)
John Rocker hosting hourlong 'History's Mysteries' on USS Liberty tonight on TBS    04/07/20  (3)
just the fru blo    04/07/20  (1)
A new virus stirs up ancient hatred    04/07/20  (13)
New Jersey is the best state in America. Fuck every other state.    04/07/20  (25)
ITT: The bullish case for Bitcoin (DTP)    04/07/20  (10)
PICS of Chinese version of Shareblue: instruction manual for CCP 50 cent trolls    04/07/20  (11)
Bimbo Press Sec.: "We will not see coronavirus come to US."    04/07/20  (6)
JUST | THE | FRU    04/07/20  (2)
Wisconsin proles forced to vote in person today, LOL    04/07/20  (2)
Hahahahahhahahahah    04/07/20  (1)
34. Finally gonna make 200k. Have only really 7 years of experience.    04/07/20  (32)
Why have we not been visited by aliens    04/07/20  (49)

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