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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   09/22/19  (328)
LJL at WaPo article re: dystopian hellscape created by illegal immigration    09/23/19  (39)
Great thing about biglaw attorneys is that you can just give them tons of work    09/23/19  (75)
34-year old ex-slut in white wedding dress    09/23/19  (7)
I dropped 3 inches on my waist TCTP    09/23/19  (28)
Your Future Wife still receiving royalties from her scene in "GHETTO GAPERS 4"    09/23/19  (20)
Economic MASTERMEN: come ITT to explain wtf is going on right now    09/23/19  (18)
Did the climate change activists articulate any plan of action?    09/23/19  (13)
Matthew N. Drudge endowed Professor of Celebrity Law    09/23/19  (4)
I'll be honest, I'm not worried AT ALL about climate change    09/23/19  (28)
Trump Administration ‘Working with Joe Manchin’ for Gun Control Legislation    09/23/19  (8)
Anyone have any experience with FINANCIAL ADVISORS during the last crash?    09/23/19  (21)
I love Reading. It’s the only source of joy in my misbegotten life    09/23/19  (7)
High negative emotion l Neurotic l Obsessed with narratives of decline    09/23/19  (3)
imagining worst case scenarios focuses my generalized anxiety tp    09/23/19  (1)
Sober streak. Day 1.    09/23/19  (40)
The perceived greatness of America is only due to 1950s California    09/23/19  (6)
unrelenting bewilderment at human behavior    09/23/19  (3)
Greta Thunberg: "You have stolen my dreams and my childhood"    09/23/19  (76)
Should I work for Tesla?    09/23/19  (19)
Where did this megashrew in the making Greta Thunberg come from?    09/23/19  (1)
Emotionally invested in global societal collapse tp    09/23/19  (5)
mudslimes tried to bomb the Notre Dame Cathedral again and no one cares    09/23/19  (3)
RATE this pic of Greta Thunberg staring at Trump (link)    09/23/19  (12)
Rating poasters as CharlesXII life outcomes    09/23/19  (2)
"Hello, Faggot residence, Nigger speaking." "This is library?" "No, this is    09/23/19  (19)
Effeminate shitlib gay soyboy here, constantly anxious and flustered    09/23/19  (3)
Many here have lost their moral bearings    09/23/19  (1)
is BTC going to stay at $10,000 for the next 50 years ?    09/23/19  (3)
Pregnant Mother hacked to death in South Africa, Resort told employees to (link)    09/23/19  (3)
Lol, they shoehorned an all female session in this conference I'm attending    09/23/19  (5)
How much or how little money is there to be made in compliance with PE HF firms    09/23/19  (8)
MAF Virgin XO Pumo Snickering At Happily Sexed Ortho Jews w 8 Kids Who Do Niddah    09/23/19  (6)
The colleges with the most ‘sugar babies’ in America - ranked    09/23/19  (11)
Why does every website make me click some "I Accept" banner? This is insanity.    09/23/19  (2)
The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening looks 180000000000    09/23/19  (44)
Xo on finance = proof of aryan cognitive superiority    09/23/19  (21)
Your low IQ catching up to you after striving to a better place than you deserve    09/23/19  (2)
Is it a bad time to switch jobs with "recession" worried?    09/23/19  (10)
Cuck Tell: You Knew Your Wife/GF Before You Started Dating    09/23/19  (18)
"My anal sphincter has 20% functionality." -- Jinx    09/23/19  (1)
Writing my victim impact statement as boner police rapes me    09/23/19  (1)
Biglaw - constant fear that your work will dry up    09/23/19  (17)
FYI: La Super-Rica Taqueria is the best taco stand in Santa Barbara    09/23/19  (1)
MPA taking his Christian gf for a wholesome meal at Tacos John    09/23/19  (1)
apple stores are beautiful    09/23/19  (2)
libs arent worried about climate change, bc beach house prices would be shit    09/23/19  (1)
120 Aspect of Humanity: Seeing Aurora Borealis as a Good Thing    09/23/19  (1)
reminder: dbg is a panty boi    09/23/19  (7)
*shotguns every fucking faggot who has ever poasted a "baby goldstein" thread*    09/23/19  (44)
Libs are giddy about Downton Abbey beating Rambo at weekend box office    09/23/19  (1)
most HS & college girls (18+) secretly escort?    09/23/19  (3)
Real G's move in silence like Fibromyalgia    09/23/19  (2)
New Playstation 5 will include power saving feature to tackle climate change (li    09/23/19  (1)
Nebraska has always had top kickers now kicking game otherwise 4-0 at least 3-1    09/23/19  (2)
Which site can I bet on sports games?    09/23/19  (1)
Die hard "I hate niggers" sign scene could only happen in US Cinema in 70s-90s    09/23/19  (1)
luis n me are gay    09/23/19  (3)
"We prefer 'Minor Attracted Person'", the Pedo explains to you.    09/23/19  (1)
Teens beat a 59-year-old man to death at Maryland fair    09/23/19  (12)
Luis: "...and to this day the wind still makes me cry." Milf: 😍    09/23/19  (5)
I'm very worried about orthodox jewish girls changing their panties    09/23/19  (1)
Biglaw lives matter are you XBoxDood / no limit AZN?    09/23/19  (1)
rate this pic of ted k I drew at lunch    09/23/19  (56)
Apple to make new Mac Pro computers in the USA πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ. Libs IRATE (link)    09/23/19  (2)
Is Shostakovich Second Waltz the best piece of classical music ?    09/23/19  (45)
I'm a simple man; I see a unabomber reference and I blank bump!    09/23/19  (5)
Chatting with a Virtuous Pedophile (video)    09/23/19  (2)
Smash Capitalism    09/23/19  (1)
IGWC peeling out of CHGOWATRBUDDIES event with "WATRBOI" license plate    09/23/19  (23)
Nebraska has to go for 2 and onside kick every time... no kicking game    09/23/19  (1)
We could solve lots of problems if we made adverising illegal    09/23/19  (59)
Summer is over    09/23/19  (52)
House Dems call for stripping tax-exempt status from 60 "hate groups" (link)    09/23/19  (8)
LAVER COUPE thread #tennis    09/23/19  (27)
waterboy tp    09/23/19  (1)
hottest tech cos rn are a nordictrack maker and an comm real estate land lord?    09/23/19  (2)
we are about to enter a period of 30 years of democratic rule, trumpmos fucked    09/23/19  (20)
Jeremy Renner - The Name of This Band is Jeremy Renner    09/23/19  (1)
Harry Potter and the Undetectable Viral Load    09/23/19  (14)
"6 weeks with nary a drink," slurred the drunken mick "nursing" a guiness    09/23/19  (13)
literal foreigners posing as "US" libs advocating policies that hurt US    09/23/19  (8)
men who wear panties to work    09/23/19  (1)
The 5 Years That Changed Dating (article on tinder etc)    09/23/19  (1)
Poll: Biden has 17 point lead over Warren ... link    09/23/19  (3)
Keep $laving.. one day you won’t wake up and someone will toss your shit    09/23/19  (3)
eating pussy is the most unnatural thing imaginable-who invented this sick shit?    09/23/19  (74)
Everything has always been the same go enjoy same shit swirling    09/23/19  (1)
Greek posing as Troy journalist- "it's just a horse don't be a bigot    09/23/19  (26)
the evangelicals were totally right about Harry Potter, just for the wrong reaso    09/23/19  (4)
wapo: bigoted white farmers refuse to pay for illegals to attend school    09/23/19  (1)
ShutDownDC van gets towed with people still on it ROFL    09/23/19  (13)
british shitlibs pledge to abolish private schools    09/23/19  (9)
Hamlet's "Alas poor Yorick" scene but w Rudolph and he's fucking his mom's skull    09/23/19  (9)
Absolutely insane libs encourage a slave underclass and call it virtuous    09/23/19  (1)
the balance on my starbucks app is not going down and i'm not being charged    09/23/19  (1)
Tried the VR game "plank" over the weekend    09/23/19  (7)
making a ludicrously complex org chart of all my dads, jafars, and xo bfs    09/23/19  (7)
Eagles O-Line still MAF they let Foles go, willing to let Wentz die (link)    09/23/19  (1)
Why does any Canadian need a handgun? What the gun control debate is missing    09/23/19  (4)
Christ & Kant: a theory of transcendental rights from the logos    09/23/19  (1)
Hunter Biden married Melissa Cohen 10 days after meeting her.    09/23/19  (10)
mexican posing as Alamo journalist- "gays & women should have all the muskets    09/23/19  (7)
foreigners posing as "US" media telling everyone to open borders & give up guns    09/23/19  (7)
whitewalker posing as Winterfell journalist- "lay down swords, lower drawbridge    09/23/19  (3)
zero pilot posing as Pearl Harbor journalist- "take the morning off    09/23/19  (3)
Trump + GOP campaigned in WI/MI in 2016, Hillary didn't, he still barely won    09/23/19  (23)
nude jafar and i cruising through Miami boardwalk on Heelys    09/23/19  (6)
The world is a bore    09/23/19  (1)
The Laver Coupe Format Is Gay. Sunday Matches 3x Friday #tennis    09/23/19  (7)
Today is Monday.. thought I was Saturday In lower 48 time is lie    09/23/19  (2)
Ju$tin Field$    09/23/19  (1)
If you becum big partner! Make associates wear diapers to increase billing    09/23/19  (2)
All I want is to communicate my thoughts to middling IQ former law students    09/23/19  (6)
I wanted to $tab and eat that fat dog and $ea$on& and another with KC barbecue    09/23/19  (6)
I want to be sniped by a barrett .50 cal at a distance    09/23/19  (7)
Buckeyes, what will be your excuse when you lose to Nebraska?    09/23/19  (1)
AP: US universities see decline in students from China    09/23/19  (6)
$port$ are Fraud and rigged Eli Manning benched and giants win Ljl    09/23/19  (4)
Enjoy your life or someone else will enjoy the fruits of your labor for you    09/23/19  (2)
Only 6 teams at 900+ wins 5 have between 900 and 911 Michigan at 955    09/23/19  (4)
Genetic report coming out hire TT for reparations lawyer?    09/23/19  (2)
Global 🧒 capitali$m a$k$ do you have your iPhone 11 pro yet?    09/23/19  (2)
Buffalo Bills 3-0 and Buffalo Bulls just destroyed Temple    09/23/19  (10)
Biglaw atty: circuit split. Spaceporn: wife's son's as split    09/23/19  (3)
Going to out myself as a panty boi and TiNa+ poppers addict to my dad today    09/23/19  (5)
Women like dad bods like this    09/23/19  (4)
I Had To Take My Dirty Panties To A Rabbi And So Has Every Orthodox Jewish Woman    09/23/19  (59)
Mondays are so nigger. JFC I hate working.    09/23/19  (1)
Untitled Goose Game for Switch looks charming    09/23/19  (10)
big Monday Night Game tonite that's right Maple Leafs @ Habs    09/23/19  (1)
doing cocaine with harrison barnes tp    09/23/19  (11)
Maori woman, follow up re free speech - did you want to be fired from biglaw?    09/23/19  (7)
release the MKULTRA II agents    09/23/19  (1)
boomerboat    09/23/19  (19)
tbh Boalt deserves to have GameDay this week not Nebraska    09/23/19  (5)
Neet's Coffee    09/23/19  (11)
The 10/22 is the official gun of xo.    09/23/19  (1)
(((amy schumer))) and (((seth rogan))) = face of Budweiser? ljl ok, GC. ok    09/23/19  (1)
Should I drop out of the workforce because I’m unsuccessful?    09/23/19  (5)
Antonio Brown cut by the Patriots    09/23/19  (66)
Ad astra is an allegory abt boomers who never retire and ruin everything    09/23/19  (2)
Russel Wilson proving to be a NASTY fantasy draft this season    09/23/19  (2)
Niggers squeaking around on floors paid for by your blood and sweat    09/23/19  (47)
Dragging boomers into the street & killing with cattle guns tp    09/23/19  (4)
Cute travelog chick goes on trip to ALEPPO    09/23/19  (12)
chicago bears "quarterback" has zero passing TDs this season    09/23/19  (3)
Wearing my CSLG t shirt to class today f the haters    09/23/19  (8)
5'6" nasally NYC Jew dishing out dating and life advice on XO    09/23/19  (1)
majoras mask but retired xo poasters stop fortuitous meteor from crashing on us    09/23/19  (1)

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