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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   03/15/20  (388)
Virusbadmos BTFO by Reuters special report    04/04/20  (43)
Has anyone here used a foam roller for upper back pain?    04/04/20  (26)
I will stop poasting death tolls if FRAUDVIRUSMOS admit ITT it is worse than flu    04/04/20  (5)
Literally at this point, everyone in America has coronavirus. Just asymptomatic    04/04/20  (6)
Gun Noob Here, Do I need a License to Buy at Walmart?    04/04/20  (7)
Haven’t smoked w**d in two weeks and four days    04/04/20  (2)
My idiot wife has almost killed our 3 month old baby for a second time    04/04/20  (88)
I wish ALL the xo Jews observed Shabbat    04/04/20  (5)
"Here to discuss Biden's nepotism are Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump. Welcome to    04/04/20  (5)
REMINDER: Obama added more jobs than Trump    04/04/20  (3)
Why don’t stand up comics make fun of Trump?    04/04/20  (13)
REMINDER: Stock market grew more under Obama than Don the Con    04/04/20  (5)
Imagine a grown "man" who references the Rachel Maddow show    04/04/20  (10)
Will I get laid off in BIG TECH?    04/04/20  (55)
US will soon have the MOST deaths of any country. Trump doing 180 job MAGA    04/04/20  (22)
Gun industry is going to have massive boom from this    04/04/20  (31)
Did you just dab bro?    04/04/20  (1)
They really shut the fuck up about BLM and tranny bathrooms    04/04/20  (9)
SomeOtherGhost seems like an annoying queer    04/04/20  (6)
People that paid attn in Con Law: How do states discriminate against other state    04/04/20  (2)
hey gun FAGS- should i get Sig p226 or Glock 19 (gen 5)    04/04/20  (16)
I'm using my 1500 per month student loan savings to BUY THE DIP    04/04/20  (1)
It’s conclusive: Hydroxychloroquine performs equally to a placebo    04/04/20  (87)
How much have you lost in the stock market now?    04/04/20  (26)
4/4/2020 New York Governor Cuomo Holds Coronavirus Briefing    04/04/20  (8)
White nationalists are planning some kind of insurgency    04/04/20  (2)
Cuomo just THANKED CHINA for "Sending ventilators" WTF why is he even accepting    04/04/20  (20)
REMINDER: If you have asthma, XO cool with you dying. That is the nature of the    04/04/20  (1)
rate this fun shitlib web game:    04/04/20  (2)
Asthmatic boomer writes rambling op-ed about why he shouldn’t be allowed to di    04/04/20  (5)
Most recent U.S. Daily Deaths: 1368    04/04/20  (6)
Texas casually joining OPEC this week nbd    04/04/20  (21)
I dumped my boyfriend after he said my vagina smelled off    04/04/20  (21)
Florida bros — at the end of the day I could never live here    04/04/20  (13)
What are u drinking    04/04/20  (20)
Germans are still master race (chinese virus article)    04/04/20  (4)
ITT: Pics that make libs MAF    04/04/20  (62)
Grab the$e goofy ma$k$ and glove$ $nap them back in fraud$ face$    04/04/20  (5)
Life in France returning to normal    04/04/20  (6)
The Nintendo GameCube intro but it's an unemployment graph    04/04/20  (1)
We should recognize Taiwan officially ASAP    04/04/20  (3)
What video games have you picked up during pandemic?    04/04/20  (39)
Who would even agree to be Joe Bidementia's running mate at this point?    04/04/20  (10)
Confirmed U.S. cases increased by -- ah fuck it, ur grandpa's gonna die    04/04/20  (4)
luis do you like tove lo    04/04/20  (6)
   04/04/20  (1)
Waiters getting pwned is actually a silver lining to all of this    04/04/20  (2)
Cooking at home every day, cleaners bailed, more work than ever    04/04/20  (1)
ITT: Media dismissing Hydroxychloroquine simply because Trump supported it    04/04/20  (49)
How USSR Used Coblers & Foreclosure Lawyers to Cripple the USA (Pravda)    04/04/20  (2)
Trump is responsible for all the dead Italians and Spaniards.    04/04/20  (3)
Now would be the perfect time to buy Bitcoin (ez gains in next few weeks) (DTP)    04/04/20  (33)
Honestly DM owns the fuck out of bowlcut    04/04/20  (3)
Multiple UFOs filmed by the moon the other day (short vid)    04/04/20  (6)
TMF: would you switch jobs with some rainmaker BigLaw partner?    04/04/20  (2)
Someone gifted me an Aeropress    04/04/20  (11)
Watching Lady and the Tramp on Disney+ tonight. Fuck libs.    04/04/20  (6)
"Fuck it, I dunno.....wrap a t-shirt around your face? Good luck!" - DJT    04/04/20  (2)
*ugly loser posts dozens of twitter links* "UR DOING GOD'S WORK!!" (XO shithead)    04/04/20  (10)
Which ACTRESS does this BIgLAW Attorney resemble?    04/04/20  (18)
Why is pizza so expensive? How is it so hard to get a pizza delivered for $10?    04/04/20  (1)
despite libs best efforts, me and peter north are free-born men of the U-S-A    04/04/20  (2)
why do progressives hate truth and beauty?    04/04/20  (4)
Filmmakers don't know how to make a good ending anymore    04/04/20  (17)
Solos: Any luck with SBA loans yet?    04/04/20  (276)
hehe me n spack getting oiled up and kissing (zeke morris)    04/04/20  (31)
Kottonmouth Kings and 311 live in Boulder bro!    04/04/20  (7)
luis rate tove lo - cool girl.mp3    04/04/20  (3)
is 311 prole    04/04/20  (2)
luis do u like sublime    04/04/20  (31)
shitcons/rednecks OWNED in one simple tweet    04/04/20  (7)
Who the fuck edits CNN's copy?    04/04/20  (11)
Wisconsin Proles voting for Joe/Kamala cause NYC needed more masks    04/04/20  (3)
WaPo: "So yeah maybe this Coronavirus DID come from the Wuhan laboratory"    04/04/20  (126)
So what's the lib party line re NYC being the world's epicenter for the virus?    04/04/20  (69)
I have the Virus    04/04/20  (35)
"Hi, who just joined?" "It'ssss meee, the virusssss" *everyone disconnects*    04/04/20  (107)
DAILY REMINDER: Trump Could Have Contained this and Failed    04/04/20  (101)
I think I got new crush...bowlcut tp 😻😻    04/04/20  (5)
how has ARE Reptile not been outed? Tulane Law, Chase Bank, QE    04/04/20  (37)
I made a special treat juss for Bowlcut    04/04/20  (1)
The number of virus Deaths is about to explode    04/04/20  (81)
Various restaurants offering 25 to 50% off orders    04/04/20  (2)
Rob Kincaid just died in an avalanche.    04/04/20  (1)
parents just called my kids 'weird faggot gooks'    04/04/20  (1)
lmao! Babe come here! ARE Reptile said "Yankeestan" again!    04/04/20  (17)
"There are decades where nothing happens, and weeks where decades happen"    04/04/20  (1)
Will lawyers take advantage of this pandemic to sue doctors    04/04/20  (4)
Shitlibs rejoice whenever white goyim act slovenly and lack self-respect    04/04/20  (8)
Trump: I fuck models, I'm number one on Facebook, btw 10,000 Americans are dead    04/04/20  (10)
Libs Last Week: Should do what Singapore did! Yesterday: Singapore locks down    04/04/20  (1)
AssFaggot is a legendary warrior for Christ    04/04/20  (24)
living thru end of communism, rise of global capitalism, end of global capitalis    04/04/20  (6)
Has there ever been a quarantine situation in which ............    04/04/20  (3)
Can someone explain the Balkan threading?    04/04/20  (1)
Friend's wife works at NJ hospital. Said its at capacity with 75% covid patients    04/04/20  (9)
"Corona"virus is going to "crown" the coming Antichrist?    04/04/20  (9)
ARE Reptile - why don't you go back to Russia?    04/04/20  (10)
LMAO: Whokebe now claims he got a 170 on the LSAT    04/04/20  (61)
Remember when xo said China = pariah state for refusing to export masks? (DTP)    04/04/20  (4)
whats the word for some1 who isnt a grower or shower (bloodacre)    04/04/20  (25)
asians are the worst race without a fucking doubt    04/04/20  (42)
Long time Trumpmo here but ...    04/04/20  (3)
How much semen do you estimate you have swallowed in all your life?    04/04/20  (9)
U.S. was beset by denial and dysfunction as the coronavirus raged    04/04/20  (1)
jinx tried to rape whokebe in 2004, but whok kept consenting    04/04/20  (56)
This Russian electrical engineer has the finest channel on YouTube    04/04/20  (1)
LOL Trump’s hyped hospital ship only has 20 patients in NYC    04/04/20  (65)
"There are more Nobel prize winners in the San Francisco bay area than anywhere    04/04/20  (3)
Are cam girls in nothing but a face mask a thing on reddit yet?    04/04/20  (9)
worth buying a PS4 for God of War?    04/04/20  (11)
why is driving drunk such a serious crime?    04/04/20  (28)
Let me be clear: if you wear a mask, you an incel nerd 😹    04/04/20  (6)
Going to quit juul again    04/04/20  (9)
nigger neighborhoods are probably INSANE right now    04/04/20  (6)
How do I make my anus go back to its normal size after anal sex? (Susan James)    04/04/20  (4)
Have you ever caught your sister having sex? (Susan James)    04/04/20  (2)
When is virus not gonna be a joke? Any day now libs???    04/04/20  (1)
If a few people come ITT I’ll tell you why I chose Fordham law    04/04/20  (31)
OK, I’m going to get kinda graphic here about defecation (Susan James)    04/04/20  (4)
"looking a little shaggy bro" rsf: "AT LEAST I DONT HAVE A DEAD MOM, GOOK"    04/04/20  (6)
🚨🚨🚨 1 MILLION CASES WORLDWIDE 🚨🚨🚨    04/04/20  (3)
Baruch Feldheim caught selling stolen masks, coughed on arresting FBI agents    04/04/20  (46)
Scumbag, taking Qs ITT    04/04/20  (1)
you can feel it... IT'S ELECTRIC! niggerniggernigger    04/04/20  (22)
Jew from brooklyn caught hoarding over a million masks & gowns (link)    04/04/20  (23)
Opine on the P226. Is it the perfect pistol?    04/04/20  (24)
Boom playing “His Eye is on the Sparrow” perfectly on the piano    04/04/20  (1)
n95 mask delivery delayed 2 days so feds could add “Trump” logo to them (lin    04/04/20  (7)
How long until trump starts selling MAGA masks?    04/04/20  (1)
More Kennedy's die doing dumb shit    04/04/20  (12)
Russia's chief doctor says Italy will lose 4% of population to Covid-19    04/04/20  (7)
Answering me$$age.." I can't fun 2 da phone right now well ever I'm dead"    04/04/20  (2)
Humanity can burn    04/04/20  (2)
The "it's just the flu" crowd will look pretty silly in a few weeks.    04/04/20  (82)
Yankee shit virus now impacting Soviet missile production    04/04/20  (1)
Thi$ overreaction should make you hate people    04/04/20  (1)
FUCK BOSNIA    04/04/20  (26)
Martin Shkreli has been released from prison    04/04/20  (1)
i rike a insidious thleat. i rike a rong incubation peliod. i rike a mass fumiga    04/04/20  (3)
You $stupid fuck$ the damage will outweigh anything thi$ fraud $hit i$ $aving    04/04/20  (1)
$o you're buying into the hype, fraud and paranoid $hit    04/04/20  (1)
being polite as possible, lawyers are autistic goblins    04/04/20  (1)
lawyers are real scumbags    04/04/20  (17)
*crowd cheers as a lawyer walks by*    04/04/20  (5)
Women always get impregnated by and love scumbags    04/04/20  (4)
Lol at even even fraud$ on xo $preading fraud fear    04/04/20  (1)

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