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You must be born again    10/04/23  (1)
5 biggest freaks in the GOP may have just killed our chance for a border bill    10/04/23  (13)
the Irish cannot govern    10/04/23  (2)
WaPo: Uhh we may be going a bit too far with this NYC asset fraud case    10/04/23  (1)
14-year-old Swedish girl hanged her Muslim rapist in the woods    10/04/23  (30)
Is the ADL aware of xo?    10/04/23  (18)
Pillar of the community shot by career criminal Ulyssius "Too-short" Johnsmeyer    10/04/23  (1)
decided today that i am going to start playing golf    10/04/23  (116)
Cons, explain    10/04/23  (1)
my lob friend told me his wife is a shellfish lover    10/04/23  (18)
Grocery prices are completely absurd. How are normies surviving out there?    10/04/23  (12)
WaPo: America doesn’t need more God. It needs more Satanic atheists    10/04/23  (8)
So this "Ukraine war" is going to end in a stalemate?    10/04/23  (255)
cyberpunk story ideas    10/04/23  (97)
Trump for Speaker! We can make it happen!    10/04/23  (3)
Urban Meyer to become next head coach at Michigan State    10/04/23  (2)
Patissier SIL asks you to test out sugar walls    10/04/23  (2)
Labfriend's SIL lets him sniff her butthold without reservation    10/04/23  (2)
I have a friend who is just a fucking trainwreck    10/04/23  (7)
Here at Kevin McCarthy Mattress Empire we don't sleep unless you SLEEP!    10/04/23  (4)
Cons you deserve this for bending to the crazies in your party    10/04/23  (14)
Yesterday Was National Boyfriend Day. Let's Poast Photos With Our BF Luis    10/04/23  (6)
Ecuador Was a Retirement Paradise for Americans, Then the Drug Gangs Arrived.    10/04/23  (15)
GJR is like a four-leaf clover--she'll give you a rash & if you c her, good luck    10/04/23  (65)
Bored Rosencrantz & Guildenstern types, LA detectives, chat about your SiL love    10/04/23  (3)
Cliffs on Zurich allegations/drama.    10/04/23  (24)
U must work so we can send more money to Zelensky    10/04/23  (2)
Kirkland vs. Cleary LIVE drafting session on Monday Night LAW    10/04/23  (7)
romcom idea: wife (dying of cancer, no sexual appetite) begs husband to fuck SiL    10/04/23  (12)
For whom the SIL pines    10/04/23  (1)
DC CVS ransacked daily, DC residents cheer (Video)    10/04/23  (16)
Ask not for whom the smoke alarm chirps    10/04/23  (1)
$1000 must spend/invest within 60 minutes=what do you do?    10/04/23  (13)
MPA droppng rapid fire forcememe thread titles at wife during dinner    10/04/23  (4)
Wtf is going on with PLTR    10/04/23  (3)
Most of Russia’s Black Sea Fleet has abandoned Crimea (link)    10/04/23  (4)
centurions casting lots for jesus' seamless order    10/04/23  (1)
Powerball $1,200,000,000.00++++ and climbing fast! Might as well eat bullet:(    10/04/23  (24)
Law gets raw at Peking University School of Transnational Law    10/04/23  (2)
The Mauritanian Mel McMurrin    10/04/23  (1)
Motherfucker jacked my phone! HE'S GOIN FOR MY GIRL! (spacepornsmeyer)    10/04/23  (1)
“Pope” Francis to force Catholic Church to begin blessing Fag marriage    10/04/23  (17)
Feel like I’m on the cusp of Ruination for no real reason    10/04/23  (6)
Feeling pretty good about McCarthy's ouster    10/04/23  (83)
if Trump or someone like him won't be allowed to win then what's the point    10/04/23  (1)
how hard 2 become 'couples therapist' & suggest they just play Twisted Metal 2    10/04/23  (4)
Boomer in the Villages beats man to death with club on golf course    10/04/23  (16)
"Are you even listening?" divorce lawyer asks as you turn up NWOBHM on headphone    10/04/23  (1)
a SIL with a JD who escorts is a sister de jure du jour    10/04/23  (2)
Who's in the drop? Hobart & Will Smith! Livin the life that some consider a myth    10/04/23  (3)
am i bad cuz i like to do a lil coke bruh?    10/04/23  (1)
Trump won so they pressed pause, dumped a bunch of "ballots" and Biden "won"    10/04/23  (97)
𝙉𝙞𝙜𝙜𝙚𝙧 Wednesday 🔥🥂🦍🍗🍉🇮🇱 🎉    10/04/23  (13)
"Heavenly Father, bless these two Men who want to stick their Cocks in each othe    10/04/23  (4)
Hobart Mobart Holiday Inn    10/04/23  (2)
“No,” she told the stupefied registrar, “I transferred TO Hobart”    10/04/23  (11)
“Got rejected at Lake Forest.” “You mean Wake Forest?” “Them too    10/04/23  (7)
University of Puget Sound extending Lorenz waitlist for another 6 months    10/04/23  (6)
Lesley Admissions officer spreads butthole “I’m Taylor Lorenz” whole offic    10/04/23  (7)
Taylor Lorenz posting “fifth page, please” after USNWR leak    10/04/23  (9)
More devastating piece of mail: Ted K bomb or Lorenz letter from UNLV?    10/04/23  (7)
“Look, I’ll pay sticker” (Father Lorenz on phone with Hobart Dean of Admis    10/04/23  (7)
Indecent Proposal but it’s Mr Lorenz offering Bloomfield College $1m to admit    10/04/23  (4)
Goodbye Horses plays as Lorenz opens thin envelope from Sweet Briar    10/04/23  (5)
Lorenz leaving boarding school clutches monkeys paw: wish I could study in Genev    10/04/23  (5)
Opening scene of Saving Private Ryan but US GIs are Lorenz applications    10/04/23  (7)
“Taylor Lorenz discovered this campus” (UNC Asheville administrator)    10/04/23  (3)
Iona mailing back application: “You sure you didn’t mean Iowa?”    10/04/23  (3)
“Because it’s Thinner! Thin and light! But Hobarts gonna save ya from the    10/04/23  (2)
7 sisters school? More like a The Other Sister school    10/04/23  (2)
Taylor Lorenz pitching hit piece on Northeastern admissions office    10/04/23  (4)
Pepperdine AdCom laughing at Taylor Lorenz like Dorsia maitre’d    10/04/23  (5)
Splinter Cell but it’s Taylor Lorenz sneaking onto campus at Goucher    10/04/23  (4)
I’m sorry but American University is highly selective, Ms. Lorenz    10/04/23  (2)
I said oh no Hobart William Smith won’t do now But I did not think the girl wo    10/04/23  (2)
Hail to thee, Thane of Hobart! Hail to thee, Thane of William! Hail to thee    10/04/23  (2)
Lorenz checking app statuses: “Thomas Jefferson still survives”    10/04/23  (2)
JG Ballard’s Crash but it’s about pepperoni obsession    10/04/23  (2)
Tasteful pinup of ScarJo saying “I’m a Happy Honey for the law”    10/04/23  (3)
Trudeau to India: Please Stop Slap, Sirs    10/04/23  (2)
If ur 5 foot 3 and 300 pounds why would u let them snip ur dick and kick u down?    10/04/23  (11)
CircumSpiders desperately unzipping your black son’s pants    10/04/23  (2)
Dead Sea Dropwebs molting on the ceiling of your truck    10/04/23  (2)
"Tell him about the secret knowledge," your Italian American mistress says    10/04/23  (2)
Is ChatGPT slow/giving errors?    10/04/23  (2)
You will croak and this guy will be going through your shit lol    10/04/23  (3)
“U need to be prompt” *gen x bosses cheer* “maxxing” *boos, moans*    10/04/23  (2)
Old Possum’s Book of Attainable Girls    10/04/23  (2)
“My wife’s sick, but I’m still able to meet,” I lied to the milf therapi    10/04/23  (2)
Look at this jestermaxx All I do is make the bitches laugh    10/04/23  (2)
“I used to potty too,” Baby Goldstein said    10/04/23  (2)
Bashful Samoan doormen letting you suck their dick    10/04/23  (2)
Luis Griffin    10/04/23  (2)
you walk in on your sister in law jamming your squash racket in her pussy    10/04/23  (2)
Reptile friend wants to watch "Hanging Mr. Cooper"    10/04/23  (2)
SiL threading reminding me of Robert Coover's "The Babysitter"    10/04/23  (2)
Motel Hell chainsaw fight but it's your wife and SiL in pig masks    10/04/23  (2)
Cormac McCarthy died in June but he was still speaker for months wtf?    10/04/23  (2)
Shooting a warm wet load into your sister-in-law's nectar nook    10/04/23  (2)
running around your sister in law's treehouse shouting ME WANT HONEYPIT    10/04/23  (2)
The village from Uzumaki is a spa compared to the labyrinthine mental illness of    10/04/23  (2)
Black excellence. Black girl magic.    10/04/23  (4)
Rate this AZNgirl in GA murdered by a NIGGA named Ja'Keivious    10/04/23  (73)
Boomer pilot: “The hubris of these sub guys”    10/04/23  (4)
Ja'Pope Francis    10/04/23  (2)
Mormon church has developed their own heart attack gun (link)    10/04/23  (2)
Of all the major Nazis, HEINRICH HIMMLER would be most likely to poast on XO    10/04/23  (23)
Nintendo should make a movie based on Goldeneye    10/04/23  (3)
Sickening Spelunking Video (link)    10/04/23  (25)
animorphs cover of 6'4 SEC bro morphing into bowlcut Asian as he logs off XO    10/04/23  (85)
Waffle House workers demanding $25 per hour    10/04/23  (8)
DNC lawyers met with FBI on Russia allegations before surveillance warrant    10/04/23  (3)
i've stopped caring about everything    10/04/23  (5)
Pelosi: Republican bickering about illegal immigration only emboldens Putin    10/04/23  (3)
2nd cousin: wat r u doin 2nite?; SIL: I hear you know how to hit it right    10/04/23  (7)
Nationwide emergency alert message just a link to Hunter Biden's CashApp    10/04/23  (2)
MPA's 'wife' daydreaming during judeotherapy which e in divorcee is accented    10/04/23  (2)
Why get married as a Melvin under the gynocrat panopticon    10/04/23  (3)
🚨🚨🚨 This is an XO wide emergency alert test 🚨🚨🚨    10/04/23  (3)
Angry bowtie republican SLAMS gavel after Mccarthy ouster    10/04/23  (4)
CNBC: The Diapers of Desperation on Wall Street - A Special Report    10/04/23  (6)
RINOS are PISSED about McCarthy expulsion    10/04/23  (10)
And is this "colonizer" on the continent with you now?    10/04/23  (1)
ETHNIC PURITY, followed by diet, sleep, exercise    10/04/23  (3)
Gorgeous Rishi to Birdshit Smokers: DING FAGGOTS    10/04/23  (1)
Zurich is now trying to spam SP's call-in service with fake calls    10/04/23  (92)
Speaker of the House Vivek Ramaswamy    10/04/23  (1)
High schoolers who make more than $500k, can you share how you do it?    10/04/23  (2)
All of these worker strikes indicate _________.    10/04/23  (1)
Explain    10/04/23  (1)
So many "third-party" sellers are scammers    10/04/23  (10)
Turd PM of UK scraps high speed rail plans -- another L for Tommy    10/04/23  (5)
Drag performer “St Prances of a Sissy” met with protests    10/04/23  (12)
"In this rock I will build my church of pederasty and sodomite marriage"    10/04/23  (1)
Charlie Kirk’s Skull keeps expanding and it’s distracting af    10/04/23  (1)
My wife rammed her car into our carhold (MPA)    10/04/23  (21)
Cold hard nigga truth: MPA's marriage was over the moment his "wife" gave ultima    10/04/23  (1)
DIET is most important, followed by sleep, stress, then exercise    10/04/23  (89)
Apparently pedude contracted HIV    10/04/23  (4)
This recession will wipe us all out within 6 months    10/04/23  (3)
Distracted by the dissolution of her lesbian throuple, her Subaru veers towards    10/04/23  (2)
20 years ago we were allowed to humiliate the Chinese    10/04/23  (4)
All we are All we are we are All we are We’re all fags All fags here    10/04/23  (1)
The era of empty, secular mass consumption is over    10/04/23  (51)
Tommy, what is the size of your portfolio right now? Are you concerned?    10/04/23  (1)
Matt Gaetz (writing as Orson Scott Tard)—Speaker for the House.epub    10/04/23  (1)
Gen X deserves equal blame as boomers for the decline of Amerikkka    10/04/23  (28)

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