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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   09/20/19  (326)
ITT: Video of Biden admitting forcing Ukraine to fire prosecutor or lose $1 bil    09/20/19  (2)
600k tech in house - taking q's on a slow WFH Friday    09/20/19  (62)
Best part of being attractive again: women flicking their hair when I’m near    09/20/19  (42)
what would you score if you took the LSAT right now?    09/20/19  (40)
Guardian 2004: Climate change will sink Europe, turn UK into Siberia by 2020 (li    09/20/19  (2)
"AutoAdmit?" Rach says. "AutoAdmit, like, XO? It shut down in 2007."    09/20/19  (23)
GOY and I are boston female firefighters    09/20/19  (2)
Somebody explain the new Ukraine “scandal” like I’m 5 years old    09/20/19  (14)
u step on mental illness, sac explodes 1 mil 1 post threads on xo like baby spid    09/20/19  (1)
If there was huge natural disaster (power grid broken, EMP) would you make it?    09/20/19  (53)
Going to fuck Chad this week (CharlesXII)    09/20/19  (20)
Should I get an LLM in Tax? Seems like it would be useful.    09/20/19  (20)
Anyone else's By You page look like a bad Jay Leno monologue?    09/20/19  (7)
Highest rank you've obtained in the military?    09/20/19  (44)
Andrew Yang anime opening (link)    09/20/19  (1)
ITT: 10 minutes of trucks crashing into the same low bridge    09/20/19  (38)
I saw Joey Fatone riding a bike on my way to work this morning    09/20/19  (4)
so Saudi money has basically been bankrolling Silicon Valley for a while now?    09/20/19  (1)
AI becomes sentient, scans all internet, finds AssFaggot posts: "this guy get it    09/20/19  (2)
Drive by The Cars is one of the best songs from the 1980s    09/20/19  (15)
Female Mexican assassins have sex with victims’ decapitated corpses    09/20/19  (15)
Wife almost due with second baby, totally insane    09/20/19  (185)
How far should the average male golfer hit his driver?    09/20/19  (48)
What explains why it's so common for Jewish men to be homosexuals?    09/20/19  (21)
19yo intern at the office is trouble.    09/20/19  (61)
“its bc jews arent sex repressed” DBG muttered at Club Rupinder    09/20/19  (1)
Rupinder gesturing a subway footlong as a BBC as DBG and his wife pass    09/20/19  (2)
alpha trial lawyers raping MPA’s American horror story gf in Club Mandamus    09/20/19  (4)
Do you guys think Prince Andrew fucked that girl?    09/20/19  (11)
holy shit    09/20/19  (3)
Pterodactyl w 3 fingers on his wings like he's gonna pick something up lol    09/20/19  (12)
Emails with ex-wife. Mine are always matter of fact, cut to the chase. Hers    09/20/19  (60)
Epstein Accuser: "Prince Andrew said 'thank you for having sex with me.'"    09/20/19  (2)
I slept like 3 hours last night because of work shit    09/20/19  (1)
are hazel eyes flame?    09/20/19  (57)
Cruise missiles the shit out of Saudi. Oil prices dont move. Sucks, bros.    09/20/19  (1)
Quick! Put me in the closet!    09/20/19  (1)
LJL @ politicians: "Vote for me!!" ljl    09/20/19  (1)
Costco sells cars now. Saw a dude leaving with 6 Honda Accords    09/20/19  (29)
This Ukraine story almost guarantees impeachment hearings    09/20/19  (10)
wtf how is snapchat stock at almost 17    09/20/19  (1)
Life is like a box of turds    09/20/19  (1)
How many late 20s/early 30s bros on XO think their life is only getting better?    09/20/19  (69)
what America has become is proof that humanity is a swarm of destructive locusts    09/20/19  (1)
Would Jim Thorpe in his prime make a modern NFL roster?    09/20/19  (5)
Leaving McKinsey for v50?    09/20/19  (60)
quick back of envelope calc - how much would reddit be worth if it went public?    09/20/19  (5)
biglaw firms are ultimately small, inconsequential organizations in the big pict    09/20/19  (6)
upskirt of the future babe in Moonrise Kingdom    09/20/19  (7)
"and now the groom prepared a statement." "he didnt say 'years'    09/20/19  (6)
The 12 year old girl in Moonrise Kingdom    09/20/19  (9)
Utah vs. U$C who you got?    09/20/19  (18)
How could I hate women? My dad's one    09/20/19  (4)
Singapore scientists have developed a tree that looks like a cell tower (link)    09/20/19  (7)
CNN airs clip showing Democratic stronghold in MN turning heavily towards Trump    09/20/19  (13)
I miss cleansing our fields and forests of the unclean people    09/20/19  (1)
evan39 did I meet a closeted Chad?    09/20/19  (9)
Trump to MSM: keep playing up whistleblower story so you can have a bigger downf    09/20/19  (1)
Anyone can get 40-60k jobs with minimal experience    09/20/19  (47)
Why does Charles never try to convert the heathens here    09/20/19  (8)
Idris Elba: "Ya, honuh DIS nigga-"objection"-&quo
t;Escoo me, the plaintiff
   09/20/19  (1)
Upset Jew, eating Swedish pastries and having cafe au lait on my break taking Qs    09/20/19  (4)
We joke about HVAC repairmen but...    09/20/19  (31)
Coworker started crying because someone stepped on his Allen Edmonds today    09/20/19  (4)
Golfmos - how do I fix this issue that pops up in my game    09/20/19  (1)
Great thing about biglaw attorneys is that you can just give them tons of work    09/20/19  (35)
Went into a massive MFH Home Depot. Who the fuck is shopping there?    09/20/19  (4)
The eMBA was JJC's blackpill    09/20/19  (5)
The best argument for marriage and kids I have heard    09/20/19  (25)
CR way to excuse yourself to go take a shit?    09/20/19  (2)
Is it possible to MAKE it at a f-500 without playing office politics?    09/20/19  (1)
Just noticed the WARRANT CANARY is gone    09/20/19  (3)
the cars - just what i needed playing as MPA touchs gfs boob 7 months in2 dating    09/20/19  (1)
Is "The Cars" the best eponymous debut album?    09/20/19  (45)
judge: "i'm inclined to drop all charges..." Rudy: "no we're ready for trial    09/20/19  (48)
You wake up late for biglaw man you dont wanna go    09/20/19  (87)
Playboy bunny/nude model Kendra Wilkinson now looking for a “family man” to    09/20/19  (5)
Any reason NOT to plant Live Oaks all over my backyard?    09/20/19  (10)
How are links working again?!    09/20/19  (2)
My manifesto on where I want to see COCK threads go in 2017    09/20/19  (2)
Untitled Goose Game for Switch looks charming    09/20/19  (8)
Chubby 35 yo screaming "let's rage bros" as crumbs fly out of his mouth.    09/20/19  (97)
In the 1700's, a white guy convinced British nobles he was Asian    09/20/19  (3)
What Drumpf did is REALLY unacceptable this time    09/20/19  (1)
Just do be attractive. It's easy! Anyone can do it!    09/20/19  (4)
How much of the housing affordability problem is due to Lowe's and Home Depot    09/20/19  (3)
$1 million, but you have to read 20 Upset Jew threads/day for rest of your life    09/20/19  (43)
really wish I had an gay true soulmate    09/20/19  (3)
Went out with 20 yr old virgin girl from Brazil, should I try to wife?    09/20/19  (12)
so do any armies really carry semi-auto-only AR-15s?    09/20/19  (120)
What if Trump promised Ukraine weapons in exchange for investigating Biden?    09/20/19  (19)
not flame at a lot of US oktoberfests u can fire off sieg heils w/o objection    09/20/19  (1)
Baby due in 10 weeks: rage with the boys one last time or get used to sobriety    09/20/19  (72)
"People" who get "paid" less than 750k pa. Can we just gas them?    09/20/19  (1)
Modern relationships: I'm done w/ one night stands, fwb, casual sex    09/20/19  (39)
why didn't Epstein just start a porn company & fuck nubile teen girls legally    09/20/19  (24)
CharlesXII why didn't the Catholic Church condemn race-mixing in the New World?    09/20/19  (18)
Judge spares pedophile dwarf prison sentence    09/20/19  (9)
Pic a hate crime for me to commit-    09/20/19  (5)
Swedish eco-kid could at least have been cute and youthful    09/20/19  (8)
Why are blacks always angry?    09/20/19  (3)
Apple Done; Goyim Know. NYT iPhone 11 Review Says 3-4 Year Old Phones Are Fine    09/20/19  (37)
International Society of Anglo Saxonists forced to change name, deemed racist    09/20/19  (43)
All train and puppet show references scrubbed from the internet    09/20/19  (1)
is there anyone in politics more awful than jivanka    09/20/19  (1)
Ric Ocasek singing "You Might Think (I'm Dead)" in HELL    09/20/19  (3)
"Your father's genitals eye level in the shower" = best moniker of all time    09/20/19  (1)
Ric Ocasek of The Cars (1936-2019)    09/20/19  (24)
The Cars "Drive" plays as you travel to McDonald's at 1AM alone    09/20/19  (7)
the cars are 180    09/20/19  (24)
The Cars- Bye Bye Love.mp3    09/20/19  (4)
Come ITT to BOW and SCRAPE before Rach    09/20/19  (1)
"Drive" by The Cars is such a great song cot damn    09/20/19  (11)
Lance "Rafa" Nadal Doing Open Mic Stand-Up (VID) #tennis    09/20/19  (1)
The Cars self-titled album is a masterpiece    09/20/19  (6)
"Fuck libs, fuck hipsters, fuck hippies" = 180 moniker. Right to the point.    09/20/19  (1)
She lies and says she's in love with him. Can't find a Peterman    09/20/19  (32)
"Seriously, JUICE Is Not Healthy" (3 medical professors in NYT)    09/20/19  (9)
Vasek Pospisil Trolling Former Pro Genie Bouchard re IG Ass Vid (VID) #tennis    09/20/19  (1)
dude weed u fuckin boomer    09/20/19  (2)
🚨🚨🚨 THANK YOU RACH 🚨🚨🚨    09/20/19  (48)
"hey does anyone have pics of girls who..." *mal poasting dozens of tumblr links    09/20/19  (2)
"A Scholar Can Learn 40pp/Day Talumd Or 1 Page In 40 Days." Prole Goy Version?    09/20/19  (5)
Flight attendant: "any doctors on the plane?" *boomer pilot pokes head out of co    09/20/19  (16)
Upset Jew, RATE The Four Actually Gay FAGGOTS In The New Knesset (PICS)    09/20/19  (16)
Sunday evening. alzabo dons bathrobe, reclines on an oafish tranny dick,    09/20/19  (17)
Surprise: shitlibs Hate new Rambo movie (links)    09/20/19  (23)
TMF is xo’s disgusting disabled shitpit the local niggers love to abuse    09/20/19  (2)
My Asian gf is screeching about “white privilege” again.    09/20/19  (28)
*sips coffee* "Ah" *smiles and settles in for another mentally ill Friday*    09/20/19  (90)
I just got scammed by Coinstar (evan39).    09/20/19  (29)
*shotguns every fucking faggot who has ever poasted a "baby goldstein" thread*    09/20/19  (43)
montage of luis fucking men, cut w shots of coinstar machine whirring    09/20/19  (10)
sim operators mass clicking on MPA to generate forcememes like in warcraft 2    09/20/19  (6)
Jews think they should get their own country but whites shouldn't?    09/20/19  (8)
Best part of being short, fat,ugly and bald: nobody engages u when you're near    09/20/19  (2)
rich brunettes with bitchy faces reluctantly sucking dick    09/20/19  (12)
I make less money in my 30s than in my 20s    09/20/19  (2)
The only people who dance are women, slaves and queers    09/20/19  (10)
Mystery ape lover sharing her collection of “2 girls 1 piano” porn with me    09/20/19  (4)
montage of luis fucking men, cut w shots of cash counting machine whirring    09/20/19  (20)
I used to be in a somewhat-popular band called Thursday, taking q's    09/20/19  (9)
"Anyone marching today?"    09/20/19  (1)
The Laver Coupe Format Is Gay. Sunday Matches 3x Friday #tennis    09/20/19  (2)
Goyishe restaurants can't compete in the Upper West Side why?    09/20/19  (5)
Desperately need to be CHADDED AROUND by spritezero    09/20/19  (14)
adam smokes mids    09/20/19  (1)
‘Silicon Valley’ Star Thomas Middleditch: Swinging Saved My Marriage    09/20/19  (36)
There are homeless chads out there doing better than all of us in every conceiva    09/20/19  (9)
CXII who is this Sohrab Ahmari guy and how can we get him to shut up    09/20/19  (9)

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