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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   09/13/19  (322)
Seinfeld coming to Netflix after losing Friends and The Office (link)    09/16/19  (4)
tried to get into jim Kelly as a poster but hes a dull weird sexual deviant dork    09/16/19  (4)
bottom, 420 friendly, on prep [lie], m2w(interest section of jafars resume)    09/16/19  (6)
tbh we need to ban women frm public places    09/16/19  (3)
Daughter saw my penis, asked if she can have one. I said yes, have mine (Derange    09/16/19  (10)
PSA: mo money, mo problems    09/16/19  (1)
DO you think you could successfully tackle a Pro NFL player? CFB player?    09/16/19  (42)
20% Tip On Counter "Service" Is Now Standard (NYT)    09/16/19  (57)
Signed up 14 cases since Saturday (CSLG)    09/16/19  (10)
Real talk: Hawaii should not be a state    09/16/19  (14)
Have Africans contributed anything to society?    09/16/19  (4)
Vegan transfeminist activists separate Hens from Cocks on farm to prevent rape    09/16/19  (10)
im with jafar    09/16/19  (7)
i want to die for transgender bathrooms    09/16/19  (8)
They're trying to make it so you can do even more with Computers    09/16/19  (4)
Trans lawyer sanctioned for acting mentally ill at deposition    09/16/19  (135)
I changed my mind about babby, I'm having it (pf)    09/16/19  (281)
"The Duke and Duchess of South Central," snickers Prince Andrew at dinner    09/16/19  (3)
Prince Phillip is worshiped as a divine being by a cargo cult    09/16/19  (47)
What is the most underrated LARGE city in the US?    09/16/19  (72)
JCM are you trans now?    09/16/19  (1)
What percent of married couples have sex regularly?    09/16/19  (35)
Breaking point: Lib intellectual admits that men having sex with men isn't gay    09/16/19  (2)
starting to think libs will hate trump no matter what he does    09/16/19  (12)
hypothetical NFL defensive strategy: on-field anal penetration    09/16/19  (1)
xo NAACP President to reporter: "I don't talk to fucking Jews" (link)    09/16/19  (3)
Men want to marry cheerful women; they steer clear of resting bitch face shrews.    09/16/19  (1)
Come Back Baby - The Slackers.mp3    09/16/19  (2)
Why is abortion THE number 1 issue for so many lib women?    09/16/19  (20)
Florida BAR exam results came out today    09/16/19  (25)
Lmao the two biggest stories on CNN.com right now are Kav and Trump's taxes    09/16/19  (1)
Pat Mahomes the best player through 19 games in NFL history. Guy is nuts    09/16/19  (7)
DISCUSS/EXPLAIN the shittiness of KOREANS/CHINESE    09/16/19  (29)
Bus full of transgender demonstrators melted by Saudi long distance laser    09/16/19  (1)
“It’s because my father’s name is Richard,” MPA lied to his gf    09/16/19  (4)
Breaking: NBC sends SHANE GILLIS to BIRDSHIT hell!!! 180000    09/16/19  (7)
Why does the US permit "plus taxes" pricing?    09/16/19  (24)
Kavanaugh is a serial sex offender who perjured himself before Congress    09/16/19  (7)
RAND corporation discovers new strategic command resource: teen girls (link)    09/16/19  (36)
82.1% Of African Americans are Vitamin D deficient. Why isnt this a bigger deal?    09/16/19  (40)
I'm a beta male. How do I deal with this?    09/16/19  (1)
Just went to a consultation for car wreck, lawyer has a tip in his fee agreement    09/16/19  (1)
Bald and fat men want to get married much sooner than hairier/thinner guys.    09/16/19  (1)
750 Points Available For Undefeated ATP Coupe Winner #tennis    09/16/19  (3)
remember when they fed cows to other cows and we got super cows    09/16/19  (1)
"haha wow bloody hell" - prince phillip watching nigs prance around Windsor    09/16/19  (11)
Only 4 CFB teams with 900 wins Nebraska, Oklahoma, Notre Dame to join    09/16/19  (5)
3 minutes of jerking off to avoid terrible sex mistake tp    09/16/19  (1)
Hey there Rupinder what's it like in New York City?    09/16/19  (18)
Now ur in Jew Yooork, kvetching yentas, bagels and lulavs, a rabbi named Yakov,    09/16/19  (1)
So the Kavanaugh accuser got dick drunk and doesn't remember anything now?    09/16/19  (1)
This site will be dead without links.    09/16/19  (10)
Most of the marriages I know, the man benefits far more than the women    09/16/19  (54)
Why Men Marry Some Women and Not Others    09/16/19  (4)
CharlesXII here, taking specific suggestions for stuff to see in JAPAN    09/16/19  (104)
you could have been David Foster Wallace but you chose law school instead    09/16/19  (1)
My favorite thing about the English language/written word    09/16/19  (6)
footage of hobos hopping a train through scenic northern california    09/16/19  (3)
If XO had a "smell", it would be the smell of dumpster juice in summer    09/16/19  (5)
*Peterman walks on stage for America's Got Talent**Audience screams in sheer hor    09/16/19  (1)
without looking, guess the number of federal judges appointed by Obama    09/16/19  (10)
It's 95 degrees outside and my nuts smell like wet trash    09/16/19  (1)
Most lunch tips now cost more than you pay for your food    09/16/19  (2)
36 year old unmarried and childless woman typing "so much this!" on Instagram    09/16/19  (1)
Prince Phillip at rehearsal dinner: who is that ghastly darkie?    09/16/19  (13)
Breaking: xo Prince Phillip kills Harry then self in face-saving murder suicide    09/16/19  (5)
Best 2019 passer rating between Prescott, Jackson, Wilson, Brady    09/16/19  (1)
Trump: "Can you believe she's family now? Nasty woman." Prince Phillip: "Ghastly    09/16/19  (16)
holy shit, new Kav accuser has three front doors    09/16/19  (10)
Hey Rupinder, you're so fine, you're so fine you blow my mind, hey Rupinder    09/16/19  (1)
Darren Sproles is 36 years old. JFC we're all done here    09/16/19  (20)
Tommy t, have you been to Kenya?    09/16/19  (8)
It: Chapter Two Review? XOXO thoughts?    09/16/19  (8)
gonna start asianmaxing    09/16/19  (1)
My kids, Kaedenne, Jorrdynne, Kyler, Jaelyn, Corrbyn and Lordisse    09/16/19  (1)
I’m going to blood bath 🛀 this fucking site    09/16/19  (7)
fratty ockermaxing in deepest texas, wearing rooskin cowboy boots    09/16/19  (4)
Got My Free CSLG T-Shirt Yesterday    09/16/19  (9)
Remember when you used to find old threads on page 6 and bump them haha    09/16/19  (1)
What are the most Jewish male first names?    09/16/19  (58)
Prison is not even punishment anymore...it’s free food medical and housing    09/16/19  (7)
what are your big 5 traits    09/16/19  (29)
Happy auntie! Pipe is arrive, do not resist or Love will not be "So Nice" haha!    09/16/19  (72)
“Medicine” in amerikkka is a junk science spoken in an outdated unused “la    09/16/19  (3)
Sperm Donor H898, first time posting, longtime lurker    09/16/19  (2)
Bobby Birdshit blasting away woman jogger today after she says "I-ran"    09/16/19  (1)
You can make it ea$y on top if you $top being anti $ocial and weird    09/16/19  (2)
Damn, xo Tulsi calls out Trump's Israel/Saudi pandering HARD    09/16/19  (14)
Did Kav not do something that (((GC))) wanted? These renewed attacks r weird    09/16/19  (10)
Bobby Birdshit tipping Waffle House waitress with 3 Fentanyl pills, 5 bullets    09/16/19  (3)
Only Texas, Michigan, Ohio state Alabama have 900 wins Nebraska next at 899    09/16/19  (2)
Ex gf was shameless about her "stinky feet"    09/16/19  (51)
Nebraska next win is win 900 only 4 rearms in CFB history have 900+    09/16/19  (2)
what kind of fuckin idiot eats while the sun is up    09/16/19  (6)
Trump BRAVELY defending our loyal Saudi allies    09/16/19  (1)
Bobby Birdshit donating full SS Disability Benefit check to NRA    09/16/19  (2)
GOY SUPERSTAR deserves to win mpm so far    09/16/19  (7)
GOP gets us into WAR, EVERY DAMN TIME    09/16/19  (3)
People are fraud$ u$ing church ⛪ and animal$ to cover up their crime$    09/16/19  (3)
Summon: Dupa and other xo knifebros    09/16/19  (7)
Jfc Kavanaugh now has a MALE accuser    09/16/19  (3)
Hey CSLG I just got into a fender bender    09/16/19  (3)
I changed my mind about baby, I’m having it (OYT)    09/16/19  (1)
OBAMA'S AMERICA: Just paid $9 for a 12 oz bottle of maple syrup.    09/16/19  (4)
Not flame. Just got mailer for CLE to be hosted at Holocaust Museum.    09/16/19  (1)
Just paid $13 to feel like a bloated sack of shit for the rest of the day    09/16/19  (15)
how often do introverts hear whispers thru walls of coworkers shitting on them    09/16/19  (1)
"hey did u get lunch yet?" "yep, sorry" lied the introvert, hands trembling    09/16/19  (38)
Still can't believe that Dimebag/Diamond Darrell was MURDERED    09/16/19  (6)
GaTech apologizes to fans, says it will go back to Triple Option    09/16/19  (4)
I started noticing lately that girls get IPA tits too. Girls who like brewery    09/16/19  (21)
I need a 100% wfh $200k+ job    09/16/19  (120)
Who is the most fucked up xoxo poster of all time?    09/16/19  (68)
Just paid $8.50 for a slider and was forced to pay $6 or be reported for theft    09/16/19  (1)
So you think you’re Rupinder? That don’t impress me much (oh oh oh)    09/16/19  (6)
The future perfect is the POTUS of tenses    09/16/19  (2)
xo hasn't contributed any board memes or schticks since at least 2017    09/16/19  (4)
paging thunder collins, boogie down, and bbboooomm    09/16/19  (23)
Nothing else in the world smells like that. I love the smell of latex in the mor    09/16/19  (2)
MSM full steam ahead with Kav story. Zero mention of updated 'facts'    09/16/19  (25)
Amateur Astronomer discovers SECOND giant alien artifact heading near EARTH (DM)    09/16/19  (1)
xo is wrong about the NFL. It is anti-GC.    09/16/19  (39)
Courier: Lance, Fed, Djoker Are SELFISH & GREEDY, Need To Go #tennis    09/16/19  (18)
I love the tip system because I never tip. You all pay my share.    09/16/19  (4)
describe libs mental state Nov 3 2020 (election night) if GOP sweeps    09/16/19  (13)
Rate this Tranny's insane bikini bulge. Lol at smallmos    09/16/19  (20)
My street gang is 85%+ adjunct professors    09/16/19  (2)
I go insane without jerking off at least once a day    09/16/19  (1)
beta males are intrinsically immoral life forms    09/16/19  (16)
smell the latex    09/16/19  (1)
FNMA was $1.06 back in december and is now almost $4 lmao    09/16/19  (1)
Jimmy Carter has passed away at age 96. RIP    09/16/19  (2)
STATE YOUR ALLEGIANCE: Do you support SAUDI ARABIA or IRAN in their upcoming war    09/16/19  (113)
Is the right to privacy doesn't concern abortion does that mean a state can forc    09/16/19  (1)
RBG dead, Trump to appoint Brock Turner to replace her    09/16/19  (1)
USC over Utttah right?    09/16/19  (2)
UTenn over "#9" Florida?    09/16/19  (3)
Boalt over Ole Miss?    09/16/19  (6)
XO Tulsi: “Trump is Saudi Arabia’s bitch”    09/16/19  (3)
Antisemites hate Jews because Jews are free!    09/16/19  (2)
BP is up 4% today, libs. still has a 6.25% yield    09/16/19  (1)
do you really hate women enough?    09/16/19  (6)
Trump & Mariano Rivera enter WH room to "Enter Sandman" (link)    09/16/19  (3)
Gaians -> Max lifecycle bonus -> Spam locusts of chiron    09/16/19  (4)
The Legend of Bobby Birdshit: A TT Joint. Produced by Quentin Tarantino    09/16/19  (2)
new Gen-Z trend:sticking copenhagen pouches up your ass (link)    09/16/19  (2)
Replacement theory post    09/16/19  (4)
Lost three or four men in my unit due to Morgellons    09/16/19  (10)
Confronted realtor who put open house sign on my lawn.    09/16/19  (70)
Who would like to have an argument with me    09/16/19  (13)

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