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Explain Papau New Guinea    05/28/24  (21)
Ayatollah Ali Khamenei: "I'm Gay"    05/28/24  (1)
This extremely racist cataloguing of late 19th Century USA immigrants is 180    05/28/24  (170)
Reddit and "quora digest" are some real low level prole trash    05/28/24  (5)
evan39 if yoi could've fought through low level shit you make it    05/28/24  (2)
A Trump win would make conservatism way more socially acceptable    05/28/24  (7)
Rate my friend’s wife    05/28/24  (145)
REMINDER: Lynn Conway tp tried to get xo shut down bc we hurt his feelings    05/28/24  (196)
evan39 the lowlife and prole mindset is 1    05/28/24  (1)
Let's cut the crap and be on top friends! Remind yourself you're 18000000    05/28/24  (3)
chad. gushing.    05/28/24  (2)
Pope Francis: There is too much "faggottness" in seminaries (link)    05/28/24  (31)
To be anyone in this "world" you must go way off script    05/28/24  (1)
stay at firm or move to europe    05/28/24  (20)
Leo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt, DDL, Matt Damon, Christian Bale have 0 appeal to youngs    05/28/24  (16)
What's keeping you going after taking the bait    05/28/24  (1)
Should've enjoyed life..you never had anything to lose    05/28/24  (1)
Why do proles still use “Facebook” so much?    05/28/24  (3)
NYT Op-Ed: I’m an Indian Muslim, and I’m Scared to Say So by By Mohammad Ali    05/28/24  (19)
Rate my latest PIZZA creation    05/28/24  (5)
Breaking: Egypt and Israel exchange fire at Rafah    05/28/24  (70)
Turd owned business allegedly discriminated against immigrants/non-whites (link)    05/28/24  (8)
ITT: the trannie who stabbed 4 young girls in MA    05/28/24  (1)
My firm hired two SEC sorority girls for the summer temp jobs    05/28/24  (96)
Going to nix this "Gen" shit    05/28/24  (1)
Ron DeSantis has disgusting cankles    05/28/24  (1)
southern 'men' are histrionic faggots    05/28/24  (18)
50 jewish people giving you unbiased reporting on Israel/Gaza on CNN    05/28/24  (1)
Is my wife getting too fat?    05/28/24  (29)
A hot tranny dropped my Walmart curbside pickup order off    05/28/24  (3)
ITT: all the evidence that 10/7 was an Israeli operation    05/28/24  (25)
told my therapist to fuck off, feels 180    05/28/24  (7)
Best postwar American short story writer?    05/28/24  (5)
USA lore vs USA gameplay    05/28/24  (1)
Throwaway twitter accounts get 40-50 followers just from bots    05/28/24  (6)
is NYC the best dating market for a man in the western world?    05/28/24  (25)
Fucking around with anyone especially women in america is a waste of time    05/28/24  (2)
ever robbed anyone irl?    05/28/24  (6)
partner told me 2day: u can’t spell ‘memorial day’ w/o ‘memo.’    05/28/24  (12)
bitch cuck, u a cucked bitch yo    05/28/24  (2)
the sheer exhilaration that comes from accepting that you will never be happy    05/28/24  (2)
redpill me on Carlo Acutis, the first 'millennial saint' of the Catholic Church    05/28/24  (3)
It's already too late. We're everywhere.    05/28/24  (1)
Study:Women's panties "significantly wetter" watching vids of hardened criminals    05/28/24  (3)
“Melt in your mouth” is such a gross unappetizing phrase    05/28/24  (8)
Could've had a good time yet suffered for nothing    05/28/24  (3)
What are the downsides of quitting white collar job and farming full time?    05/28/24  (58)
i need a court jew for my business    05/28/24  (2)
if Isreal only targeted Hamas fighters and spared kids would ppl be less mad?    05/28/24  (29)
claudine gay's dissertation begins "it was the best of times, it was the worst o    05/28/24  (7)
i trusted hunter. i had no idea he was using the family name to make millions an    05/28/24  (12)
Good place to flee America If you want somewhat of a life?    05/28/24  (8)
You should not struggle for anything&never should have..it either happens    05/28/24  (1)
why do the migrants look like this    05/28/24  (2)
Best dress tips for a Loser phenotype?    05/28/24  (6)
Sports fraud has been ruined for awhile    05/28/24  (1)
should i just quit my job and be lifeguard all summer?    05/28/24  (1)
gonna prank wife by replacing her dildo with exact same model but 2” bigger    05/28/24  (1)
were lawyers really working today    05/28/24  (1)
Bill Walton's death is the end of the California we knew.    05/28/24  (7)
Kiryas Joel Flies A Kite    05/28/24  (9)
Desert vs Mountains: which is better 4 mighty&arch-American breakaway community?    05/28/24  (2)
How is it possible the US is the strongest country if Americans are so retarded    05/28/24  (9)
Are lake houses 180? If you had $50m, would a sick lake house with a dock    05/28/24  (24)
How is Aliexpress legal? Sells tons of counterfeit and defective shit    05/28/24  (1)
people who dont know aphex twin are my worst enemies (FizzKidd)    05/28/24  (13)
Did Bill Walton lie about his height?    05/28/24  (3)
Mad Max: Furiosa Bombs (the FF7 Rebirth of Film)    05/28/24  (49)
just found out my best friend growing up as a kid died    05/28/24  (5)
Should I tour Israel    05/28/24  (2)
Spent last week at Red Rock in Las Vegas. Taking questions.    05/28/24  (3)
So FizzKidd is flirting with "Chingada Madre" to make Karlstack jealous? lmao    05/28/24  (15)
Just throw yourself at women and smash it irl    05/28/24  (4)
ITT: Mass PHOTOS of EVIL Gorgeous IRAN 👳    05/28/24  (57)
new “social” app FlyMeOut lets chicks apply to be taken on free vacays    05/27/24  (15)
*grimes lisping* "go on mic" "no grimes he'll put us" "go thilly!"*ung    05/27/24  (8)
Jackson Hinkle launches anti-Zionist think tank 🇵🇸    05/27/24  (1)
my best HS friend died of a marijuana overdose    05/27/24  (38)
started telling mcdonalds workers "thank you for your service"    05/27/24  (5)
friend has a friend with terminal brain cancer @ 31    05/27/24  (20)
Marriott Penis Aficionado    05/27/24  (1)
Copping neural damage and brain cancer from CIA kulturkampf    05/27/24  (1)
No Palestinian ever scolded me for listening to Cumtown at work with no headphon    05/27/24  (3)
Alp rigged..if you get slightly off script you're finished    05/27/24  (2)
the hard bigotry of no expectations    05/27/24  (6)
Crooked criminal jew frauds monitoring u extracting every fraction of a penny    05/27/24  (15)
XO Tom Massie pwns AIPAC opponent    05/27/24  (11)
If you give a fuck now or ever gave a fuck you=fucked    05/27/24  (8)
Several Roths Child    05/27/24  (1)
Cave in and get iPhone 16 later this "year"?    05/27/24  (1)
gave mcdonalds drive thru chink chick my number last night and she texted me    05/27/24  (40)
Ricky listens to zoomer emo rap    05/27/24  (12)
Ever done high dollar medical studies and sold plasma and other things?    05/27/24  (16)
Go get off ok on Pedo state baseball go enjoy Caitlin&rot in Iowa/Midwest lol    05/27/24  (2)
Behind a Netherlands firewall just to poast    05/27/24  (7)
Post something that embodies High Loser qualities    05/27/24  (6)
Prole America is low and terrible..not sure why Xo glamorizes it    05/27/24  (6)
the horror is that high IQ whites really do make the best cultures    05/27/24  (173)
How many people actually care about the MCU plot lines?    05/27/24  (18)
FACT: At age 138 you will still be posting here    05/27/24  (6)
Nebraska wins big ten title over pedo state come 4 u in football too    05/27/24  (4)
pauline christianity was the roman-era equivalent of modern-day capeshit    05/27/24  (3)
John Gotti was a faggot    05/27/24  (6)
There's no point in owning all consoles in a Gen anymore    05/27/24  (16)
Kenny, does your wife still attack you?    05/27/24  (1)
rate this band. Libs: don't click - trigger warning (video)    05/27/24  (1)
rate Sofia Vergara at 17 in a bikini in a Pepsi commercial (clip)    05/27/24  (2)
Disappointingly few tit links here today.    05/27/24  (3)
Gen Z invents new dating app: thing doing and outside going    05/27/24  (5)
Karlstack, I'll make you a deal.    05/27/24  (15)
Westerners are insidious and their entire civilization is volatile and Stupid    05/27/24  (9)
*ur rotting, maggot-infested, putrescent corpse seated at desk, 7 XO tabs open*    05/27/24  (69)
monday scaries are 180    05/27/24  (1)
Best-selling video games in the United States by year    05/27/24  (19)
guy driving back from fire island after holiday weekend suffering top burnout    05/27/24  (1)
Boom getting buttfucked in Florida portable toilet in July    05/27/24  (1)
FACT: At age 58 you will still be posting here    05/27/24  (3)
Why did/are you wasting life on pure lard?    05/27/24  (1)
Why did/are you wasting life on pure fraud?    05/27/24  (1)
FACT: At age 38 you will still be posting here    05/27/24  (25)
Wow    05/27/24  (1)
iPhone bros - should I get the pro or the pro max    05/27/24  (27)
Boebert licks Wall Street bull’s testicles (pic)    05/27/24  (3)
"Ritual purity" laws as Darth Vader breathing apparatus    05/27/24  (2)
WAAH why is anti-semitism rising? LMFAO at these garbage people    05/27/24  (6)
guneratttt leading slimshadyman down subthread wasteland so deep ssm quits    05/27/24  (1)
CSLG 2 years ago: “I can easily conquer Denali” CSLG today: “I learned to    05/27/24  (8)
Pepsi sales are declining as Gen X meets its demise (reuters)    05/27/24  (2)
But im a dissident!!! , lisped Consuela as i shoved my cock in his ass    05/27/24  (3)
I am crazy for PENIS    05/27/24  (7)
A list of dissident films    05/27/24  (17)
Can someone give me cliffs on why Angry Birds is causing such hubbub    05/27/24  (12)
Trump releases murders and campaigns with rapper criminals?    05/27/24  (7)
angry birds is basically the most perfect and defining movie of our generation    05/27/24  (18)
Lmao Donald is campaigning on repealing Obamacare AGAIN?!    05/27/24  (1)
The Angry Birds movie (2016) was basically anthropomorphism of Donald Trump    05/27/24  (37)
the angry birds movie is the mein kampf of our time    05/27/24  (61)
Lauren Boebert taking credit for Biden’s infrastructure legislation is 180000    05/27/24  (4)
Greeks are not white! hth    05/27/24  (27)
Scholarly mediations on the Angry Birds Movie    05/27/24  (24)
The Spectacular Failure of the Star Wars Hotel (4:05:38)    05/27/24  (46)
XO cons never commented on Trump supporting China's Propaganda and Spy App?    05/27/24  (21)
Angry Birds Movie should have won Best Film at Oscars & Nobel Peace Prize    05/27/24  (2)
So 180 those Trump scum Missourians were executed in Haiti    05/27/24  (6)
for an erection lasting 4+hrs, call ur doc. for an erection of 8+ inches, call m    05/27/24  (42)
I Lost the Gen (doodikoff)    05/27/24  (8)
Fine, I Lost the Gen (OYT)    05/27/24  (77)
I acutely miss drinking on Sunday nights    05/27/24  (14)
Audio of shootout in Winnetka after a resident interrupted car thieves    05/27/24  (7)
Pick a 7th gen or older console to play    05/27/24  (3)

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