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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   08/20/19  (312)
josh heupel is a FRAUD riding frosts coattails. god punished him thru qb1's knee    08/23/19  (2)
Think about this scenario for a second and tell me which is more frightening.    08/23/19  (2)
2020 College Football Playoffs, Nebraska Huskers thread    08/23/19  (4)
Marc Lamont Hill and Melissa Harris Perry both fired. Brian William's is back.    08/23/19  (2)
Libs: Everything Russian is evil. Also libs: We must continue buying from China!    08/23/19  (1)
miami "@" florida (orlando) (espn, sat aug 24, 7pm EST) *official thread*    08/23/19  (15)
"what's crazy is, i always dated white women" (jim_kelly squatting & smoking cig    08/23/19  (4)
Got $98 class action check from BP today ljl    08/23/19  (1)
You up your ducking game you can dominate xo now! Only page 1    08/23/19  (1)
Pull down your pantie$! Ever said thi$ to a woman    08/23/19  (3)
"40" is young, in$ure parents, car bomb, start over    08/23/19  (2)
I would kill to rent a bar with XO bros and watch a SWeet Big 10 football weeken    08/23/19  (1)
Fucked an early 30s chick who voluntarily got sterilized    08/23/19  (9)
$end in $5 your bill is void if fraud “creditorrr” $end$ it back hahahahahdh    08/23/19  (1)
Baby Boomers Are Leaving Behind a Trail of Luxury Ranches    08/23/19  (1)
Akron, Nebraska - real town!    08/23/19  (1)
Nebraska Cornhuskers ranked #24 in AP Poll coming off only 4 wins!    08/23/19  (10)
Rate this incredibly difficult bootyclap basketball trick    08/23/19  (3)
man o war is African American    08/23/19  (1)
Stocks are fake backed by nothing.. exchanges for money which has no value    08/23/19  (3)
Official 2019 Nebraska football prediction contest    08/23/19  (41)
Asian COA judge appointed by Trump making libs MAF    08/23/19  (1)
Force Bezos/Amazon to stop selling Chinese crap; cripple Chinese economy    08/23/19  (2)
You do realize amerikkkan money is worthless many won’t accept it    08/23/19  (2)
Only way people have anything now is selling snake oil to the masses    08/23/19  (3)
Masses will buy abt snake oil! How are you having trouble getting money?    08/23/19  (3)
Hopeless rural America has a new vitality i haven't seen in 30 years    08/23/19  (1)
Imagine every you like about your best guy friend. Add sex. That's what gay is.    08/23/19  (11)
Took CBD oil to cure my crippling problems    08/23/19  (1)
It$ all ju$t jew Fraud $nake oil $old to the ma$$e$    08/23/19  (4)
Lol keep writing $tupid $hit and lie$! Talking about $nake oil    08/23/19  (3)
Want to have it all like everyone else? Simple: sell snake oil like they so    08/23/19  (3)
Wal mart sells cheap garbage snake oil to retards and prole masses makes trillon    08/23/19  (6)
Rate my 1 year weight loss - TCTP    08/23/19  (72)
You want a lot of fraud fake money? Sell snake oil to the masses like everyone e    08/23/19  (7)
Negative idiots here don't know anything    08/23/19  (2)
$tockmarket ju$t fraud    08/23/19  (2)
Apple down 40 billion in a few hours... think it’s all literal fake shit    08/23/19  (2)
Go out in $treet I’ll bet you very few if any would have a clue who Koch is    08/23/19  (2)
"40" is young, kill someone, a$$ume identity, shallow grave    08/23/19  (1)
I can't wait until the Huskers throttle Wisconsin.    08/23/19  (12)
Does it piss you off dogs barking 24/7?    08/23/19  (2)
Rate this right wing femdom blog fan comment    08/23/19  (21)
Internet i$ now Fraud flavor of day tra$h...not worth entertaining    08/23/19  (2)
$elling $nake oil to the ma$$e$    08/23/19  (3)
The “age” bull$hit and negativity is flame no one can be compared    08/23/19  (2)
IF you look great no one can prove age easy to get new documents    08/23/19  (2)
Anything under 45 for a guy is a boy real women don’t want Manlets    08/23/19  (2)
Almost nothing people do in “Vegas” is even in Vegas Ljl    08/23/19  (3)
You do realize if a creditor refuses payment the bill is void    08/23/19  (3)
“Vega$” feels small and is a literal dump    08/23/19  (10)
still recovering from another morally depraved sexual romp i had on Sat. night    08/23/19  (165)
Upset jew let’s be friends there’s enough negative here    08/23/19  (2)
Jews are the best I’d resurrect them all love them love love I    08/23/19  (4)
You aren’t telling me shit! I’ll destroy you upset jew attacking me    08/23/19  (2)
Your disappointed father, trying to use chopsticks at your wedding reception    08/23/19  (255)
Anyone under 50 to 70 is old! No money to do anything except fake    08/23/19  (2)
Actually everyone under 50 is old 50 over young because no money millennial reta    08/23/19  (2)
Three Days of the Condor (1975)    08/23/19  (2)
$tock market pulling down your pant$ today! Jellyfi$h $uckling you    08/23/19  (7)
25 was 6 in 2000 I current time is a lie shit gets deep    08/23/19  (2)
CHINA BAD!! Bobby Birdshit lisped as Mitch McConnell fucked his ANUS    08/23/19  (2)
Bronze Age Pervert, fresh off Claremont review, gets Politico attack piece (link    08/23/19  (8)
StanisÅ‚aw Kowalski (born April 14, 1910) is a Polish centenarian Masters athlet    08/23/19  (2)
Thi$ guy a track and field athlete at 109    08/23/19  (2)
All the talk now is small minded hateful bs true successful people know 60    08/23/19  (2)
40 isn’t shit dumb fucks    08/23/19  (2)
luis rate this INFP jpeg    08/23/19  (6)
TT urinating on David Koch’s dead body then dropping a deuce on hi$ grave    08/23/19  (1)
100 is young    08/23/19  (1)
I always take two Wrigleys sticks at a time. Is this oafish?    08/23/19  (3)
"So anyway, I told him, Jared Taylor is never wrong. Great shabu shabu by the wa    08/23/19  (3)
Allison Stokke looks 48 years old in latest pics    08/23/19  (45)
40 is a young millennial still haven’t made real money    08/23/19  (2)
The last 50 years have been a lie really 1965 and after don’t exist    08/23/19  (3)
If you aren’t some drug addict loser 40 is super young it’s not even middle    08/23/19  (2)
Rate this thin teen with a FAT face SFW    08/23/19  (15)
Crazy story. Wisconsin WR kicked off team in 2017. 2018 out. Not guilty, returns    08/23/19  (5)
There is a Chinaman intern with this grossly affected American accent    08/23/19  (9)
Mr. Wonderful Kevin O'Leary DEVASTATES TMF and other Apple Watch wearers (VID)    08/23/19  (2)
You aren't a real white supremacist unless you have an Asian wife.    08/23/19  (10)
ITT: U name the most "cringey" poaster    08/23/19  (30)
This pic DESTROYS xo gym-mos (lifting is for FAGS)    08/23/19  (83)
Why are tech billionaires public figures? Give these nerds their privacy    08/23/19  (1)
There's no way we can compete with emerging markets (new movie)    08/23/19  (2)
Pick between these two women.    08/23/19  (22)
Brian Williams always felt like Tom Brokaw lite    08/23/19  (5)
...for white children. Sorry hold on a sec *yells at kids in Tagalog*    08/23/19  (2)
the poster "dodo bird" is a retarded homosexual    08/23/19  (33)
Just take a knee during Fraud pledge of allegiance in Fraud schools    08/23/19  (4)
Bottomle$$ $teak frie$ at Red Robin! Choke to death!? Yummm    08/23/19  (8)
Coins hilarious I’ve been to funerals since babby no weddings you’re nuts    08/23/19  (3)
Pride parade gays wipe dick poop on trans baby's forehead like simba (video)    08/23/19  (8)
How many dick$ up the ass to maek it in amerikkka?    08/23/19  (11)
You're posting on that 40 year old Weezer fans site again?    08/23/19  (1)
"I just feel like you're not truly committed to 1488," laments ur Filipina wife    08/23/19  (6)
Not a "drug guy" but Barista offered me 2 kratom pills this morning should I try    08/23/19  (7)
Trump ORDERS all American companies to boycott China    08/23/19  (53)
Literally young people in 20 30s 40s talking about funerals    08/23/19  (5)
Earth is just a habitat experiment being observed by aliens.    08/23/19  (1)
Kirby reboot to feature Spaceporn Jr. as main character.    08/23/19  (1)
35 yo talking about funerals when it will be 50+ years    08/23/19  (2)
Rating Poasters as movies that are okay but not great    08/23/19  (50)
*grabs bagel & schmear* *makes 9,000th retarded thread about white supremacists    08/23/19  (1)
"Wanna know how I got these scars?" (Tulsi to Batman)    08/23/19  (1)
XO is so wrong about life that’s what makes it funny    08/23/19  (2)
BC Judge Gags Thought Criminal Dad    08/23/19  (1)
“Wanna know how I got these scars?” (Sp Jr to disgusted Batman)    08/23/19  (3)
You’re Flame 🔥 if you don’t shop at target    08/23/19  (3)
MAN UP!    08/23/19  (2)
You can have lot$a fun out there;) you weakling$ man up!    08/23/19  (2)
Hollywood sucks all amerikkkan entertainment is bad weak flame trash    08/23/19  (3)
'The bride's son from a previous relationship, Trey, was the ring-bearer'    08/23/19  (9)
Seahawk fans DENOUNCE Russell Wilson (link)    08/23/19  (1)
19th Century Stephen Malkmus caroling outside your London flat as snow falls    08/23/19  (1)
NIN ft. boner police - head like a hole (for your cock).mp3    08/23/19  (22)
As a male inmate, can you request a passable trans cellmate?    08/23/19  (9)
Zurichisstained gets 4 year BIGLAW suspension for testing positive for cocaine    08/23/19  (1)
Kuznetsov gets 4 year IIHF suspension for testing positive for cocaine    08/23/19  (3)
McConnell, seeing the writing on the wall, BEGS Dems not to abolish filibuster    08/23/19  (26)
ITT: boart memes you started    08/23/19  (96)
PRESIDENT QUEEN KAMALA orders all BIRDSHITS castrated immediately    08/23/19  (3)
Obvious UFO flying next to jet (link)    08/23/19  (7)
XO Reunion 2030 in GUANGZHOU reminiscing about former USA    08/23/19  (4)
1488 RAHOWA brothers. Mmm this Lumpia is great thanks babe    08/23/19  (3)
Nothing says "one of us cheated" like a joint FB account    08/23/19  (20)
This is my asian wife. There are many like it, but this one is mine.    08/23/19  (3)
You just sit back and let other Fraud humans jack with your life=Freaking sick    08/23/19  (1)
They have to go back, except for my wife    08/23/19  (3)
Canadian blogger sentenced to 18 months for non-Jew-approved opinions    08/23/19  (36)
Look at these literal retards jacking around with your life    08/23/19  (1)
Peanut Butter Falcon seems like a CR movie to bring your kid to    08/23/19  (1)
2 pit bulls fighting to the death on sunny brewery patio    08/23/19  (1)
Bernie Sanders: oil executives should be criminal prosecuted (not flame lol)    08/23/19  (21)
Wife’s son, I’ll squanch his dong. Wife’s son, I’ll squanch on anyone.    08/23/19  (10)
why is dumb-as-rocks 24/7 shitposter "faggy retard" making call out threads    08/23/19  (16)
not sure what i should do tmrw at 7pm est    08/23/19  (1)
Apple is only down like 55 billion within a few hours what fake fraud    08/23/19  (1)
Need to erase current weak minded superficial idiots off this board    08/23/19  (8)
Thought fake news was still a thing    08/23/19  (1)
Theory: Upset Jew is evan39 since the fake news schtick doesn't work in 2019    08/23/19  (5)
she had an ANAL ORGASM    08/23/19  (10)
Why do RUSSIAN faggots drink WATER with GAS?    08/23/19  (1)
So Barry Soetoro's "American Factory (gook subtitle) isn't bad. Depressing, actu    08/23/19  (19)
What would possess someone to go to Humanities grad school?    08/23/19  (16)
MFH residential elevator crushes high rise resident to the death    08/23/19  (68)
I need a national platform to attack prole home decor    08/23/19  (1)
Rating POASTERS as things BOBBY BIRDSHIT blows away with GUN    08/23/19  (39)
I live RENT FREE in MOTS's wrinkly zika head    08/23/19  (1)
So for Darwin's theory to be right...    08/23/19  (42)

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