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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   07/15/19  (308)
What's it like to live in a Chinese village that suddenly gets a freeway?    07/19/19  (7)
The Turks need the GAS    07/19/19  (2)
Insulin: $300 a vial here; $25 in Canada. Contards explain    07/19/19  (47)
Rate Chicago on $137k Salary    07/19/19  (35)
Washington, DC on 87k/year    07/19/19  (2)
Going to adopt a Rottweiler for my son    07/19/19  (5)
Holy shit, GC really spiked the football in the endzone in 1997    07/19/19  (10)
who was the last POTUS to wear glasses? Truman?    07/19/19  (1)
cowgod megathread    07/19/19  (2)
Why are Greeks so 180?    07/19/19  (6)
Holy shit Taylor swift is starting in Tom Hooper's movie version of cats the mus    07/19/19  (1)
Rate this 25yo white single mom    07/19/19  (24)
Good interview with Richard Posner    07/19/19  (2)
Good Vanity Fair read on Epstein. (Spoiler: everyone is fucked.)    07/19/19  (2)
Rate this text I got from a 22 yr old I fucked 3 times and came in twice    07/19/19  (10)
i have an opinion on the new netflix show    07/19/19  (2)
China overtaking US in Jewish physics    07/19/19  (2)
Rate this published study about earl’s pec injury (not flame link)    07/19/19  (1)
FYROM is an illegitimate country    07/19/19  (12)
Michelle Obama seems privileged and retarded    07/19/19  (4)
Without the Greeks, there would be western civilization. HTH    07/19/19  (1)
New Race and IQ study out destroys the idea of inherent racial IQ gap    07/19/19  (72)
Why won’t upset Jew, notoriously promiscuous homo, meat up with any posters?    07/19/19  (24)
Rating poasters as real reviews of the Econo Lodge in Breezewood, PA    07/19/19  (18)
Statistically speaking, in history of universe, what's the chance you'd be born?    07/19/19  (70)
People who think the moon landing was faked— let's bash these TTTs    07/19/19  (1)
killa cam, you watching TeoHomo Lopez up soon????    07/19/19  (6)
I've been making elaborate reports of UFO sightings on a UFO forum for years    07/19/19  (3)
Homosexuals are just men that masturbate with other guys buttholes    07/19/19  (3)
Why is Panda Express always so slow?    07/19/19  (4)
2019, starring "women" as subhuman garbage    07/19/19  (1)
OZY Fest: LJL at this GC shitlib trash    07/19/19  (41)
Ending it all tonight.    07/19/19  (3)
What is this new shit in Deps people give you crap about asking social security    07/19/19  (2)
are scratch-off lottery tickets prole    07/19/19  (16)
Ate a ton of sweet potato fries    07/19/19  (2)
gc absolutely ruined the purity / mystery of ASMR    07/19/19  (8)
39 y/o male; wife + kids; no life insurance; should I go to a pcp?    07/19/19  (3)
Have you ever approached a woman in public    07/19/19  (19)
Refugee at WH begs Trump to start another Middle East war    07/19/19  (1)
it's surreal reading people who you used to think were smart    07/19/19  (14)
My yaya drinks a ton of Mythos and goes on 180 rants about FYROM    07/19/19  (1)
Any FYROM frauds here want to explain their SHIT country?    07/19/19  (1)
A lot more people $till “$moke” than XO claim$    07/19/19  (2)
3rd Wave Ska Friday 7/19/2019: One Cool Guy - From Downtown.mp3    07/19/19  (3)
Already drinking and smoking cigs taking qs    07/19/19  (1)
How do you compare to Texas Ranger Frank Hamer?    07/19/19  (6)
Epstein: egg-shaped penis; Trump: mushroom-shaped penis; Clinton: crooked penis    07/19/19  (18)
You’re a$ valuable or more than anyone el$e.. it$ all bull$hit    07/19/19  (2)
Nothing more American than shopping at Walmart    07/19/19  (1)
Florida carjacker arrested after he can't drive stick shift    07/19/19  (1)
RATE this lesbian ASMR girl getting wet over magic the gathering cards:    07/19/19  (1)
“Polygraph” another Fraud thing u$ed    07/19/19  (1)
Looking at a 1.1M mortgage, my life is about to be over    07/19/19  (173)
FYROM 🇲🇰 needs to be nuked to the Stone Age    07/19/19  (2)
“back in the early 2010s.“. $hove$ gun in mouth end$ what?    07/19/19  (2)
What's up with Moluccans? Are they low IQ? Any historical achievements?    07/19/19  (2)
Cory Booker is like a retarded gay child trapped in angry black man body    07/19/19  (1)
Which poaster runs the @JamesCageWhite twitter account?    07/19/19  (2)
Fasting glucose level was 132 yesterday. Holy fuck I have Type 2 Diabetes.    07/19/19  (24)
Lib prof: "we must have personhole covers, not manhole covers"    07/19/19  (19)
I make about 500k, have no friends, no prospects, and run a 6 minute mile    07/19/19  (32)
Despite all my rage I will still hit refresh on this page    07/19/19  (113)
Going to sell my ‘18 Camry and buy an old pick up truck, how shrewd?    07/19/19  (10)
I hate being alive 24/7    07/19/19  (2)
Classics PhD Stipends at non-Ivies are around $30k    07/19/19  (4)
Earl aids developers. I developed AIDS. That's the difference. (wmtp)    07/19/19  (8)
cigarettes | leather jacket | autism    07/19/19  (3)
I shat myself today, to see if I had gas    07/19/19  (25)
Have you guys used PureFlix? I just closed my Netflix account.    07/19/19  (8)
rate nick land    07/19/19  (6)
bloodacre dupa have you heard the latest phish show from WI?    07/19/19  (13)
I’m a violent psychotic criminal who should be locked up    07/19/19  (4)
0% chance Ilhan Omar's pussy was not chopped up when she was a baby    07/19/19  (11)
drinking a gallon of goat milk tp    07/19/19  (3)
I need to kill myself    07/19/19  (1)
Is it good idea to set national policy based on pictures of crying kids?    07/19/19  (17)
Tsinah, FL posters or crim pro/def dudes ITT    07/19/19  (7)
Journalist Travels to Ilhan Omar’s Homeland to Prove Somalia is Beautiful, Get    07/19/19  (39)
Hypo: Iran attacks a British warship.    07/19/19  (4)
The Apollo 11 real-time site is pretty neat:    07/19/19  (1)
Does anyone here have an oldschool WRITER'S DESK?    07/19/19  (3)
Fair to say that luis is the town bicycle?    07/19/19  (1)
Berkeley, CA bans gendered language like "manhole" & "manpower" (link)    07/19/19  (6)
Jfc nicotine withdrawal    07/19/19  (6)
TS Amanda is NOT passable or clutchable!    07/19/19  (18)
$hould thi$ “pro$ecutor” re$ign! Charging 3 MV deaths as 6 murder counts?    07/19/19  (3)
Just went full GOY at airport bar    07/19/19  (20)
You can make it anywhere no matter what If you go after it    07/19/19  (6)
Fun Legal Hypo (AAgent Mixed Up Airport Code, Flying To Wrong City) - From FT    07/19/19  (25)
Bradley Beal to Miami Heat    07/19/19  (1)
Anybody else filled with rage when seeing happy people on a Friday night?    07/19/19  (11)
There’s something really creepy about PRC trolls on China articles    07/19/19  (2)
Almost died doing 100 MPH in a 40 MPH area.    07/19/19  (6)
Let$ rate female vagina/pussy itt! Can you tell the difference?    07/19/19  (3)
Recently completely obliterated a professional nemesis. Really great feeling.    07/19/19  (14)
TRUMP now selling 10 packs of red plastic MAGA straws    07/19/19  (30)
luis    07/19/19  (4)
Remember, being friends with Luis Diesel is ur best shot if Iran invades    07/19/19  (10)
Retarded prosecutor charging 3 counts of MVH as 6 murder counts he will lose    07/19/19  (1)
jfc suicidal depression wave incoming    07/19/19  (3)
Groped my biologically female wife's fake tits without affirmative consent.    07/19/19  (1)
Another retarded prosecutor overcharging a young woman    07/19/19  (2)
Black twitter juss discovered XO and they MAF    07/19/19  (2)
So...spending cash is goy but not spending and DYI is also goy??    07/19/19  (1)
Fucked a entirely worthless Tinder 6 last night. Waste of my time.    07/19/19  (12)
Wtf am I supposed to do with my free time    07/19/19  (4)
Michael Mann power rankings    07/19/19  (16)
Wtf do women do with all that what in the bathroom?    07/19/19  (1)
Iranian Navy seizes British oil tanker in Persian Gulf; two crewmen feared dead.    07/19/19  (18)
I think dat navy bride in the navy federal ad (who Maui) cheatin on fiance    07/19/19  (4)
He said he had a Lexus, so I headed to his car for some sex    07/19/19  (1)
Monogamy was invented by landlords to make you feel like you're paying less rent    07/19/19  (1)
Jinx screaming at his Thai ladyboy midwife that the assbaby is coming out breech    07/19/19  (47)
FBI discovers bucket of dicks in Phoenix    07/19/19  (10)
Will luis piss on you for free?    07/19/19  (3)
Hard to believe no other forums use XO format when it’s far superior    07/19/19  (25)
[TS Amanda] Help me with sexual dialogue #1    07/19/19  (12)
It's illegal to give a blac kid an IQ test in California    07/19/19  (9)
"whokebe" literally means cum bucket in Thai    07/19/19  (8)
TS Amanda, what's better for TS girls -- Grindr or Scruff?    07/19/19  (2)
Name a bad thing that certainly was not caused by Jews.    07/19/19  (57)
I need strategy advice on defeating Kingdom of Wei in Total War 3 Kingdoms.    07/19/19  (2)
more drone footage of Epstein's island    07/19/19  (10)
Taking language lessons, found out today teacher will be absurdly hot 20 year ol    07/19/19  (17)
You white incel dorks make me chuckle    07/19/19  (3)
Straight guys can make money jerking off for fags online    07/19/19  (18)
Rate this Amazon delivery bitch.    07/19/19  (2)
xo women whose weight = iq. mandy, lonely hunter?    07/19/19  (5)
I've literally never met a PI lawyer IRL.    07/19/19  (1)
Sometimes there are just no words for the magnitude    07/19/19  (15)
Architect César Pelli (Petronas Towers) DEAD    07/19/19  (1)
Is PF changs Prole?    07/19/19  (26)
My boo juss pulled his gun on white boy who cut us off in traffic    07/19/19  (3)
Kikes will literally pay you to “go to school” and “teach” illiterate Me    07/19/19  (6)
New big krit album is dope    07/19/19  (2)
Rate this right wing femdom blog fan comment    07/19/19  (4)
Heard two different groups of teens jokingly telling each other to “go back”    07/19/19  (2)
Why not just become a career student 👨‍🎓 ❌ 👔?    07/19/19  (2)
Do I just keep working till I die?    07/19/19  (4)
Is there actually a way out of this Kike matrix?    07/19/19  (15)
What is the best STEAKHOUSE in DALLAS?    07/19/19  (48)
Daryl Hannah tp    07/19/19  (2)
Placed a bunch of new statues of Confederate generals around my neighborhood    07/19/19  (11)
literally everything is a lie    07/19/19  (15)
Remember Cuba Gooding, Jr.'s house from Boyz N the Hood?    07/19/19  (4)
Going to be in Dallas this weekend, recommend best Sushi place    07/19/19  (2)
Food delivery app slaves keep forgetten things I ordered!!!    07/19/19  (3)
Imagine how powerful a non-racist Republican could have been    07/19/19  (6)

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