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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   06/18/19  (302)
My urine this morning was all foamy and rank with odor    06/26/19  (4)
Service partners singing "The Boy is Mine" duet as both assign u 40 hrs of work    06/26/19  (6)
Rotting corpse man found alive in bear den after a month drank own urine to surv    06/26/19  (9)
What is this 105 IQ Black Mirror thing?    06/26/19  (5)
NRA TV done here, so is firm who employed Dana Loesch    06/26/19  (2)
Super psyched for summer, until it got unbearably hot.    06/26/19  (1)
what is your favorite cereal?    06/26/19  (10)
Jerry Seinfeld was so KOOKY with his cereal collection    06/26/19  (1)
On election night, you may feel a slight sting. That's libs fucking with you.    06/26/19  (10)
the stakes couldn't be higher in riverdale s3 (netflix)    06/26/19  (1)
I miss Dupa. Who the fuck is bloodacre, anyway?    06/26/19  (13)
rate this republican Florida lawyer that just got enraged    06/26/19  (6)
Ethereum is back!!!!! :)    06/26/19  (4)
Ljl at sellcucks    06/26/19  (1)
leolenin    06/26/19  (7)
Maybe these faggots should have brought some soap with them, ever think of that    06/26/19  (1)
“Bacon, c’mere boy! * dog yelps in pain*. Hi, who just joined?”    06/26/19  (6)
Rate these community organizers    06/26/19  (1)
Is it prole to leave my Pride flag up through July 4?    06/26/19  (2)
LEAKED Hayden Panettiere/Wladimir Klitschko Provactive Photos    06/26/19  (7)
slow walk to the mound after poaster derails 4 straight threads w unfunny poasts    06/26/19  (6)
XO MLB crew roll through    06/26/19  (185)
2nd cuz: I hope we can hang tonight ;) Shrew gf: Soap is a human right!    06/26/19  (1)
The arc of the moral universe is long and bends toward degenerate tranny sex    06/26/19  (5)
Tommy Shitlips--how do you live your way the way you do?    06/26/19  (7)
Damn getting old sucks (marriage, school districts, shit jobs)    06/26/19  (39)
📑 STUDY: The vast majority of people don't want to date transgenders. 📑    06/26/19  (63)
The Dupa? More like The Fupa lol amirite?    06/26/19  (19)
1800000000 that TT is back    06/26/19  (8)
ATP June 24-30 Thread - Eastbourne | Antalya | Wimbledon Q #tennis    06/26/19  (11)
Asian massage parlor happy endings now DECRIMINALIZED in QUEENS    06/26/19  (15)
Anyone else seen the Toyota Tundra crew rolling up in OC?    06/26/19  (2)
Today in crazy Russia shit    06/26/19  (4)
Unusual street brawl in Vegas    06/26/19  (9)
White Americans are RIDICULOUS creatures    06/26/19  (16)
Dupa starring in Twins remake with Jonah Hill (Dupa is Danny Devito character)    06/26/19  (1)
I WISH DUPA WAS MY DAD    06/26/19  (3)
XO MORRISSEY refuses to cuck    06/26/19  (12)
I'm a Dupa for you, don't you know that you're cumsick    06/26/19  (3)
LOLed in an Uber a few days ago thinking about Trump's presidential memoirs    06/26/19  (19)
do girls prefer guys with big muscles?    06/26/19  (4)
Have first PI trial in a couple weeks, here are the facts (verne)    06/26/19  (90)
"Feature not a bug" I said to wife as she gagged on my whiskey farts    06/26/19  (2)
Pope Francis uses the Zucchetto to catch falling poop from tranny (CNN)    06/26/19  (19)
What's the best age to start your son in IFNB training?    06/26/19  (59)
you down with UCC, yeah you know me    06/26/19  (3)
NYT: signs of Trump hinting at exiting campaign    06/26/19  (55)
Backing into parking spaces is prole    06/26/19  (4)
An Open Question for New Jerseymos    06/26/19  (42)
Secured Transactions, Insecure Lawyers: A Social History of BigLaw    06/26/19  (2)
NYPD launches program allowing JDs to join as detectives immediately    06/26/19  (94)
rate this republican staffer couple that just got engaged (pic)    06/26/19  (45)
Three Men and a Dupa    06/26/19  (1)
What goes through the minds of women who get implants like these (NSFW)    06/26/19  (1)
Tom Arnold stars in hit "90s revival" comedy film "Dupa Me Once, Dupa Me Twice"    06/26/19  (2)
Do you know who "ZENDAYA" is? No?! Well let me force you to learn all about her!    06/26/19  (1)
Controversial de Palma film Body Dupa    06/26/19  (3)
Pope Dupa XI    06/26/19  (2)
Yeah we lost The Office but Obama is making dozens of overwrought shows about ni    06/26/19  (1)
Hypo: $40M but you're placed at the top of MS-13's torture/kill hit list    06/26/19  (9)
me im supa fly. supa Dupa fly    06/26/19  (8)
Dupa Union for the Advancement of Science and Art    06/26/19  (2)
Dupa tp looks just like bloodacre but wears Groucho Marx glasses    06/26/19  (5)
Down at the Dupa Dupacabana    06/26/19  (6)
"Pope" Francis: Drowned migrants were martyrs, USA should have open borders    06/26/19  (2)
TMF/MND, how is your garden coming along    06/26/19  (1)
Oxford grad student uncovers new Chaucer fragment, “The Dupa’s Tale    06/26/19  (1)
Literally every line of dialogue in Big Lebowski is quotable    06/26/19  (245)
Do you legit know any doods who dated chicks with mixed kids?    06/26/19  (1)
BP’s sub gf getting a Queen of Spuds tattoo    06/26/19  (2)
German Distillery Releases High Caloric Liqueur "Dupameister" (link) (not flame    06/26/19  (2)
American history class: 25% indian genocide, 25% slavery, 25% holocaust    06/26/19  (5)
My First 20-30 threads of the day are like "practice swings"    06/26/19  (4)
Considering sending you're kid to PUBLIC SCHOOL?    06/26/19  (11)
Flava Flav telling the S1Ws to roll Dupa on stage    06/26/19  (1)
Washington owes Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch an apology    06/26/19  (3)
Every XO'er's future daughter, in three tweets    06/26/19  (104)
Salt N Pepa remix "Dup Dupa Dup Dupa Dupa Dup"    06/26/19  (2)
Uncontacted Lenape tribe was still living in the pine barrens until 1967 (link)    06/26/19  (3)
In an interstellar burst I am back to poast some more gay shit    06/26/19  (2)
Duuuppaaa, Dupa Dupa (to tune of Ballad of Davy Crockett)    06/26/19  (10)
Despite its many flaws, XO is at least a real community    06/26/19  (63)
2019 Apocalypse Now. Kurtz is ggtp (13th yr Of counsel, White&Case Singapore)    06/26/19  (12)
Coming out of Antone'/They made my po boy just right/Gotta get probolone/So I ca    06/26/19  (27)
{:{|} , poast the GIF of the nigger jumping around like a monkey    06/26/19  (12)
Off duty cop accosted in CostCo, 2 innocents critically wounded.    06/26/19  (65)
Video of juul going through kids skull from airbag NSFW (LINK)    06/26/19  (11)
Nuclear war with Russia imminent    06/26/19  (9)
Ggtp is Disney Quasimodo and his deal toys are the gargoyles    06/26/19  (1)
Fatceps on da check in: anybody wanna see the 6'2 aussie im meeting for drinks    06/26/19  (7)
The Dupacabra    06/26/19  (1)
Coding is like playing a video game, an instrument, writing a novel    06/26/19  (15)
What can you expect from filthy little heathens? Their whole disgusting race is    06/26/19  (2)
Bitcoin will be 15K by the end of this week lol. 100K this year. It was a trap    06/26/19  (1)
Live baby found in bag alongside Georgia highway, guess race    06/26/19  (8)
Your date, 20lb heavier than her pics, chowing down ur fries & guzzling her IPA    06/26/19  (11)
The couple met at an axe throwing event in Arlington,    06/26/19  (2)
Found a board like xo but the poasters are actually smart & successful    06/26/19  (6)
Worse feeling: Sitting undrafted in the green room or "By you" page all (1)    06/26/19  (2)
(((Prime Day))) Will Be 2 Days This Year. ROFL @ Goyim    06/26/19  (23)
Woman has seizure at comedy show; comedian roasts her, then roasts white woman    06/26/19  (4)
The garbage board has never been more mentally ill    06/26/19  (1)
Does anyone still have their baby teeth?    06/26/19  (10)
What is YOUR pronoun?    06/26/19  (1)
Boomer media representations of Gen-X'ers in the 90's    06/26/19  (4)
that episode of “full house” where they meet the undertaker (full kayfabe)    06/26/19  (3)
boston female firefighters    06/26/19  (1)
I'm going to McDonald's today at some point    06/26/19  (9)
Which exchanges can you use to buy NGRCOIN?    06/26/19  (3)
IM GOIFN TO SPEND $20-35 AT MCDONALD'S TODAY    06/26/19  (5)
ggtp rotating in a singapore glass cube like augustus hill in oz    06/26/19  (10)
Elizabeth Warren explicitly calls for open borders.    06/26/19  (22)
The McDonalds plays classic rock and is next to a Flophouse    06/26/19  (1)
Herman Zhu and his sickly, yellow clitdick    06/26/19  (2)
Last poast warning to buy LTC and DOGE    06/26/19  (10)
I'm talking/dating/fucking ten (10) women right now. It's overwhelming.    06/26/19  (17)
Pretty 180 how you get murdered if you sing My Way at karaoke in the Philippines    06/26/19  (1)
TS Amanda here. Need help transitioning.    06/26/19  (47)
Imagine being a goy for a moment    06/26/19  (54)
told 1st yrs a legend about associate who once did emergency sig page w/ napkin    06/26/19  (79)
If you want a new car next month buy $1000 in LTC and DOGE rn    06/26/19  (1)
DOGE and LTC are about to moon through Mars and back    06/26/19  (1)
Saw some HBS guys at bar did impromptu "case study" on napkin as crowd watched    06/26/19  (17)
Teenagers yelling "fuckin baldy!!!" as they paintball your house    06/26/19  (1)
US tech companies using loopholes to sell to Huawei despite US sales ban    06/26/19  (6)
Real talk: most women are ugly as fuck without makeup    06/26/19  (2)
Quote comparing 1984 w/Brave New World, compare to modern life    06/26/19  (41)
pepito stand up paddleboarding to mossad meeting in tel aviv    06/26/19  (3)
snook the poaster    06/26/19  (1)
he killed himself in a fast paced dynamic corporate environment, providing exce    06/26/19  (37)
What are your thoughts on Rene Girard?    06/26/19  (6)
Prediction: 20% of older Millennial males will be dead by age 50    06/26/19  (9)
I can't sleep unless I take 40mg of melatonin every night    06/26/19  (1)
parentmos, what is your take on vaccines?    06/26/19  (64)
Pepito thinks banging his dogfood bowl against the bars will provoke a response    06/26/19  (1)
It's increasingly clear just how badly America squandered its 90's-era hegemony    06/26/19  (34)
2nd Cousin: Lets smoke a joint! Shrew GF: Tommy T makes a good point!    06/26/19  (30)
Friend donated blankets full of lice to "Migrants" LMFAO    06/26/19  (1)
Mastercard releases the "TRUE CARD" for its TRANSGENDERED customers    06/26/19  (16)
Humility and cooperation tp    06/26/19  (2)
secretaries used to have to play solitaire all day instead of shopping online    06/26/19  (3)
u: hiding ur face; TT representing u: frothing, dribbling, JUICE JUICE JUICE    06/26/19  (3)
john woo movie about GOY flying around a synagogue, scissor kicking everyone    06/26/19  (10)
allman brothers blue sky playing as upset jews AIDS surges thru blood stream    06/26/19  (1)
When did XO turn against Obama    06/26/19  (38)
Ggtp cover letter "I'll be in St Louis/Tashkent/Harare for family reasons this J    06/26/19  (6)
Judas you left your Gameboy at my mom's house    06/26/19  (1)
Ayo krakka ooga booga banana drank aspie nerd Dem clubs Haw-haw hunty-Blue Smoke    06/26/19  (1)

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