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Carried a woman with a broken leg down the side of a mountain today    05/18/24  (25)
America to help Ukraine strike targets inside Russia    05/18/24  (14)
three weeks of PTO starts today. what should i do?    05/18/24  (7)
lost eight pounds in three weeks eating almost nothing but McDonald's and yogurt    05/18/24  (5)
Friday MDMA chemsex report (gunneratttt)    05/18/24  (27)
when niggers realize we judged them by content of their character all along    05/18/24  (2)
Announcing the ZoZo Political Compass    05/18/24  (44)
Karen gets MAF at cute blonde for playing harp on street    05/18/24  (2)
was this police shooting justified? (video)    05/18/24  (8)
damn didnt know Usyk Fury was this wknd 180    05/18/24  (6)
"This is my Rock Bottom" said the Trucker reading Peterman's tramp stamp    05/18/24  (10)
My haters are extremely gay for me and it's 120    05/18/24  (2)
so Nick Fuentes watches gay porn?    05/18/24  (23)
PREAKNESS STAKES 2024    05/18/24  (1)
Rate the back of my car    05/18/24  (19)
Why is Tim Pool so Liberal    05/18/24  (19)
FizzKidd, I have some microwaved white rice & gongs to beat. come on over    05/18/24  (8)
taking your organic Athenian gf to the agora    05/18/24  (9)
Will iron Mike beat Jake/Logan Paul?    05/18/24  (10)
Scofield Bible    05/18/24  (3)
This McD smells like it was mopped with piss. Time to bulldoze America.    05/18/24  (1)
WaPo: How An Endless Shrimp Promotion Undid the Biden Economic Miracle    05/18/24  (1)
The people left doing service jobs are literally mentally retarded    05/18/24  (52)
Are they coming for sp soon?    05/18/24  (19)
CR career choice = become "Librarian"?    05/18/24  (25)
Zyn users are saying their habit has helped them rapidly lose weight    05/18/24  (19)
My haters are getting a little more uppity and its 180    05/18/24  (57)
The Fall Goy (2024)    05/18/24  (1)
XO FIRE asserting free speech rights of pro-hamas students:    05/18/24  (2)
Today in #ThingsThatDidntHappen, male ref discriminates against WNBA player    05/18/24  (1)
27% of illegal immigrants are registered to vote    05/18/24  (17)
Taiwan's member of parliament employs an unorthodox legislative tactic    05/18/24  (5)
Cool star, Ari. Want to destroy western civilization?    05/18/24  (4)
The Orange Catholic Bible    05/18/24  (9)
Why did Trump say if Biden wins the stock market would collapse?    05/18/24  (5)
Correction TP is whokebe having a mental breakdown (link)    05/18/24  (7)
Yemen's Houthis penetrate Israel's missile defences in Eilat for first time    05/18/24  (2)
Reminder: Biden crushed the SOTU so hard that cons accused him of juicing    05/18/24  (6)
lol cons Trump’s mic will be muted at the debate when Biden is speaking    05/18/24  (20)
your future wife's eyes spinning around like an odometer as chad racks up miles    05/18/24  (169)
"This is my rock bottom" Nigel chirped as he came on concrete bird statue    05/18/24  (40)
I weigh 367 pounds now. The only clothes I have that fit are athletic shorts.    05/18/24  (42)
FizzKidd, update us with your latest Tales of Woe    05/18/24  (41)
"What you're doing is wrong, illegal, and ultimately self-destructive." "Troll."    05/18/24  (12)
Underdiscussed reason for decline of restaurants: phones    05/18/24  (28)
Trump screaming "THIS IS MY LAST RESORT" as libs foreclose on Mar-a-lago    05/18/24  (1)
in Africa there are niggers running around on stilts how crazy is that    05/18/24  (1)
"US" officials giving away middle class💰 as "humanitarian aid" to rich israel    05/18/24  (1)
Diddy on video beating shit out of gf at Intercontinental Hotel    05/18/24  (68)
Fun fact: Conseula would JUMP to sell silver to Germanus for 3 nomismata    05/18/24  (81)
Kobe Bryant was 36 when he died. U? 42 and bald, poasting    05/18/24  (6)
benzo's eyes are too close together imo    05/18/24  (140)
Can't babe the sprites on my Enochian black mirror are trying to sterilize me    05/18/24  (2)
what went wrong with whokebe?    05/18/24  (2)
My life for CIR    05/18/24  (1)
Has anyone here lived in Estonia?    05/18/24  (15)
Ban Computer    05/18/24  (1)
Computer is devil    05/18/24  (5)
correction tp needs to be banned for his own mental health    05/18/24  (72)
Computer is devil    05/18/24  (1)
Doctor accused of 'sneaking in and killing someone' at Jewish nursing home    05/18/24  (1)
FF7 has been Reborn imo    05/18/24  (5)
Computer is devil    05/18/24  (1)
EPHA is really attracted to WOC, he just likes the attention from other libs    05/18/24  (1)
Want to vote for the candidate with no moral values. Who should I pick?    05/18/24  (3)
Kimberly Guilfoyle's lips locked around your COCK like a Dyson    05/18/24  (6)
What is the point of life?    05/18/24  (23)
whokebe is about to be hospitalized (he's correction tp)    05/18/24  (2)
It’s amazing how much better BG3 is than every other Game    05/18/24  (10)
hey Whok, it's ok lil breh. Sometimes dudes can't get women pregnant    05/18/24  (1)
anyone else's kids take 'erb' exams?    05/18/24  (2)
Death of Red Lobster signals the end of America    05/18/24  (20)
I seriously hate my wife    05/18/24  (3)
In a really really stupid mortgage situation    05/18/24  (33)
Fed: brace yourselves for 10% mortgage rates (link)    05/18/24  (41)
normalize dating 18-year-olds    05/18/24  (1)
Walking 1,000,000 steps before I eat again 2024 Challenge Extraordinaire    05/18/24  (11)
TBF pens lengthy screed on xoxo    05/18/24  (3)
The U.S. military installed a humanitarian pier in Gaza.    05/18/24  (2)
Democrats urge Biden to investigate why evan39 is able to stack so much cash    05/18/24  (4)
Protectionist trade policies are popular on the left and right.    05/18/24  (1)
Dick Van Dyke (age 99) has a younger wife than me    05/18/24  (1)
XO cons never commented on Trump supporting China's Propaganda and Spy App?    05/18/24  (18)
RATE this girl who lives in MFH on a $10k/week allowance from parents (link)    05/18/24  (21)
This year I start my third decade with jinx (whok)    05/18/24  (17)
Rate this tall Chad (pics)    05/18/24  (9)
All you ever had to do was do you I'm proving "society" wrong    05/18/24  (2)
Neuralink: the safety of Tesla and reliability of Twitter but in your brain    05/18/24  (3)
what is the best contemporary writing out there    05/18/24  (6)
def gonna fuck some worthless bitch tonight    05/18/24  (4)
IM ON TREMONT    05/18/24  (25)
Donald Trump praises 'the late great Hannibal Lecter' as a 'wonderful man'    05/18/24  (9)
fully loaded Alienware M18 R2: $3500K    05/18/24  (34)
“Would a bitch boi do THIS?” *rams dildo up ass while poasting*    05/18/24  (23)
disco fries hope all is well with you after the recent Houston storms    05/18/24  (1)
Putin’s visit to China seems to solidify their new vassal status    05/18/24  (2)
Let’s discuss the male orgasm    05/18/24  (1)
I haven’t unloaded since 2022    05/18/24  (1)
good morning    05/18/24  (4)
Zero HP pens lengthy screed on twitter    05/18/24  (74)
Who is buying the Fury-Usyk PPV?    05/18/24  (1)
Cool Asian chicks in their 40s who still act like they're 23    05/18/24  (27)
Evola on how materialism and spirituality are negative correlated    05/18/24  (8)
Critique my understanding of reality    05/18/24  (22)
whok: u nervous about the Timberwolves, son?    05/18/24  (2)
rach it's time to sell the site to hunter biden    05/18/24  (3)
AOC going off in House - video    05/18/24  (20)
Hypo: Israel "accidentally" bombs the pier. What happens?    05/18/24  (9)
Women are universally garbage    05/18/24  (3)
"now that's a bloody diamond!" *DiCaprio soyface* *credits roll*    05/18/24  (7)
Mr Gorbachev, dilate my neo pussy!    05/18/24  (1)
what's going on with the server?    05/18/24  (2)
Billy Ocean.. is black?    05/18/24  (1)
34 still figuring it out    05/18/24  (26)
Everyone makes a lot of money now but people are still lazy    05/18/24  (1)
McDonald’s is getting rid of free drink refills — and more fast-food chains    05/18/24  (78)
Disco I was cheated but now have a clean slate! What would you do friend?    05/18/24  (1)
Ukraine war is nothing more than Jews killing Christians    05/18/24  (3)
Are you really taken the bait or are you all flame?    05/18/24  (1)
Can't belive this shit even C Clark is tied to the "Cheifs" bullshit    05/18/24  (1)
Russian advance elements are now 12 miles from Kharkov    05/18/24  (11)
Assassin's Creed Shadows is an Absolute Joke    05/18/24  (15)
Rate this female LA police chase suspect (pic)    05/18/24  (5)
Xo seems to enjoy misery..why friends?    05/18/24  (3)
Poster boy for integration astronaut making headlines in Germany    05/18/24  (1)
forgot ID at checkstand with 2 bottles of gatorade and a fifth of smirnoff    05/18/24  (1)
Hey LIBS: rate this TEHRAN billboard...    05/18/24  (11)
Aussie guy punches white girl, saves his dog from rape (video)    05/18/24  (3)
No one else has truly mattered except you reminder this friends    05/18/24  (2)
The ones making jt didn't even do traditional school fraud    05/18/24  (2)
Chiefs had easiest schedule lost 6 games playoffs rigged 4 swift/buttfucker    05/18/24  (6)
Michael Cohen remains ‘unflappable’ as the defense tries to smear Trump’s    05/18/24  (14)
Time to take the cue from MASE and DrakeMallard and take leave from this place    05/18/24  (35)
"but the screens are making them depressed" GC: "put 12 in every car"    05/18/24  (1)
When did golf become a game played only by Asian people?    05/18/24  (11)
I'm getting world fame and beyond for something! They won't get away(boom)    05/18/24  (1)
Love you friends you can do you& accomplish anything    05/18/24  (1)
Was same sex marriage really not allowed until 2015 in America?    05/17/24  (1)
Scheffler's lawyer: Scottie "didn't do anything wrong" (dindu)    05/17/24  (1)
CNN: Power Grid Problems Over Summer? Depends If You Support Biden Say Analysts    05/17/24  (1)
HAPPY FRIDAY, NIGGERS!    05/17/24  (708)
There was a post here awhile ago about multiverse and determinism    05/17/24  (5)
NYT: Alito asked clerks to investigate whether AZ ballots contained “bamboo”    05/17/24  (1)
xo poas dating sim banned under obscenity laws    05/17/24  (1)
In Santa Monica and the vibe is fucking insane right now    05/17/24  (11)
Fuck everything fuck it all    05/17/24  (1)
So this Paul Skenes is setting pitching records and fucking Livvy Dunne?    05/17/24  (2)
Should I buy a new car? Details inside.    05/17/24  (54)
It’s Friday night why is xo so slow?    05/17/24  (4)
*trump draining the swamp cuz it'd be a good location for an israeli embassy*    05/17/24  (4)

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