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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   06/16/19  (300)
Jorge Ramos getting ripped for his shitty interview with Maduro    06/17/19  (1)
happy monday, just settled a case for 150k    06/17/19  (3)
extremely violent june in the "nice" parts of chicago    06/17/19  (6)
A-10 strafes British recon unit    06/17/19  (15)
my gamefaqs account is on death's door for saying Chinese tourists are obnoxious    06/17/19  (12)
Wozniacki's Hen Party: Masters Weekend | Wedding: US Open Golf Weekend #tennis    06/17/19  (5)
Does it make sense to have both a Roth IRA and a 401k?    06/17/19  (16)
Smear the Queer, 80s: backyard game. 2020s: Tax-funded health care    06/17/19  (3)
ronald mcdonald eating a bigmac lamenting about modern clownworld    06/17/19  (3)
Depressed virgins, serial online daters who want to marry: DO NOT watch this    06/17/19  (5)
SCOTUS screws over the GOP in Virginia gerrymander case    06/17/19  (10)
David Brooks: nasty voters don't care about the global poor or promoting democra    06/17/19  (15)
Kamala Harris smells weed at Iowa rally, instinctively kicks smoker in nuts (vid    06/17/19  (2)
nbc has greenlit an american version of "peep show" (variety)    06/17/19  (2)
Watch Millennials throw chairs at screening of Eddie Murphy's "Raw"    06/17/19  (2)
20 million and never work/invest again or 5 million (CSLG)    06/17/19  (87)
Feminist accidentally strangled by "pussy hat" during rally (video)    06/17/19  (4)
federal bureau of instigation    06/17/19  (1)
Investigating online white supremacy is fbi’s #1 priority; promoting Islam #2    06/17/19  (3)
assfaggot on guided tour of Large Hadron Collider: "toss a nigger in there"    06/17/19  (16)
Anyone know Blacksburg VA? Seems like a 180 place to live    06/17/19  (16)
Animals are migrating away from the Yellowstone supervolcano. LOL!!!!    06/17/19  (2)
You get called a random woman if you don’t take miles of cock 2 get on TV πŸ“Ί    06/17/19  (1)
A-10 strafes Weil of counsel    06/17/19  (7)
Mohammed Morsi RIP, good night Arabian prince    06/17/19  (2)
Deep state keeping Trump in the dark re: cyber warfare ops    06/17/19  (29)
Everything is a lie out thee even 40 is In diapers in 2019 it’s all lies    06/17/19  (3)
A 10 doesn’t respond to your haha message    06/17/19  (2)
FL 21yo’s go out laughing, drinking, driving car off overpass    06/17/19  (19)
what percent of american office viewers have watched british version?    06/17/19  (6)
"He really missed you these last few years" your dads buddy says 2 u @ his wake    06/17/19  (115)
xo Kyle Kashuv's Harvard acceptance rescinded    06/17/19  (64)
retards drooling at porn stars, weed and tacos, kars 4 kids theme playing    06/17/19  (11)
As China Tariffs Loom, Some U.S. Companies Say Buying American Isn’t an Option    06/17/19  (48)
:D rate the sexual tension btw Max Blumenthal and Anya Panrampil in this vid    06/17/19  (10)
Seems like the FBI subpoena may be opening them to a 1983 claim    06/17/19  (13)
boozy brunch    06/17/19  (1)
Burger King new slogan on kids crowns: No One Is Happy All The Time    06/17/19  (16)
Phoenix cops slapped with 10 million lawsuit should be more    06/17/19  (4)
That’s it with xo.. claiming OJ seems longer than 25 non existent “years”    06/17/19  (1)
Saw a bro working on olympic style high dives this morning at 8AM    06/17/19  (12)
Dumb niggers on CNN    06/17/19  (4)
what races have official "model minority" status?    06/17/19  (1)
Queens bros: vote AGAINST Tiffany Caban tomorrow.    06/17/19  (3)
The porn Alex Jones got busted with is a hot as fuck high school girl (nsfw pics    06/17/19  (1)
Tyson Fury is single handedly bringing back boxing    06/17/19  (9)
Ethereum programmed to dissolve in wallets of racists    06/17/19  (3)
Brooks Koepka's last 10 majors: 1, T6, T13, DNP, 1, T39, 1, T2, 1, 2    06/17/19  (2)
Are the Japanese the only credited non-whites?    06/17/19  (1)
Alex Jones is a pedo?    06/17/19  (9)
Women literally wearing "septum piercings" like stupid animals    06/17/19  (3)
25 “years” since oj Simpson shit proves “Time” is Flame πŸ”₯    06/17/19  (7)
If you retire early, SJW online mobs lose a lot of power over you    06/17/19  (3)
DESCRIBE prestige of war games Iran commander.    06/17/19  (3)
Need to know boart consensus on Graham Hancock and ANCIENT CIVS    06/17/19  (12)
Lol Gary Woodland beat Tiger's major record of best score to par at Pebble Beach    06/17/19  (5)
Rumble of Online swipe girls who crop profile pic around their face    06/17/19  (2)
What % of Netflix subscribers would quit if they took The Office off?    06/17/19  (10)
AG Barr to investigate Obama Spygate (link)    06/17/19  (139)
need people to do some real digging into the HUG admissions personnel    06/17/19  (16)
St Paul’s vs Choate vs Hotchkiss    06/17/19  (29)
Wtf is Ann Coulter talking about in this Harvard tweet?    06/17/19  (2)
lmao that conservatives expect fairness & rule of law from those in power    06/17/19  (10)
Jews arrested for planting pics on Alex Jones's computer    06/17/19  (1)
its hilarious how upset kikes get about alex jones    06/17/19  (2)
Study confirms left wingers are basement dwelling losers (link)    06/17/19  (1)
Jonathan Taylor Thomas (Simba) shot by Mexican military    06/17/19  (1)
A Brooklyn Drag Show Celebrates Arab Queens (NYT)    06/17/19  (5)
pizza w a little kid. jfc. cheese pizza is all theyll eat. cheese. nothing el    06/17/19  (37)
Rate this billion dollar opening statement    06/17/19  (4)
Mohammed Morsi riding Barbaro    06/17/19  (1)
Pebble Beach fucking sucks    06/17/19  (13)
China reports cannabis users in 2018 grew 25% to 24,000 people    06/17/19  (11)
Do Ivy Leaguers age especially badly?    06/17/19  (2)
There is a chess book called PLAY THE SLAV    06/17/19  (15)
2nd cousin: Trying doggy style; Shrew GF: Trying dogs    06/17/19  (4)
Kyle Kashuv Harvard admission rescinded for errant private texts at age 16.    06/17/19  (1)
IMPORTANT MESSAGE: "Bone Tomahawk" on Amazon Prime is 18000000    06/17/19  (7)
Black Boeing employee sues company after finding noose on desk (link)    06/17/19  (7)
Kevin Sorbo is a Trump supporter and pwns libs with Herculean logic    06/17/19  (15)
Anyone else not wear expensive watches when out for the night    06/17/19  (1)
RATE Caro Wozniacki - David Lee Wedding (DM PICS) #tennis #nba    06/17/19  (22)
Indian worker thread    06/17/19  (1)
French action movies on Netflix (The Crew, Burn Out)    06/17/19  (1)
Mad Men intro but it's outline of assfaggot falling into a bed with Asian girl    06/17/19  (6)
surprised more right-wing conservative universities haven't sprung up in last 10    06/17/19  (1)
you think tiger woods success was due to hgh and box grooves on wedges?    06/17/19  (1)
πŸ˜”Fucking nazis bro. πŸ˜” (xo 2013)    06/17/19  (1)
Which posters are most likely to be FBI agents?    06/17/19  (1)
Is it true black people have babies in 6 months like apes?    06/17/19  (15)
ATP June 17-23 Thread - Halle | Queens #tennis    06/17/19  (9)
A-Sian masturbates racist shitlawyer with impeccable hair    06/17/19  (1)
The Nazis killed Anne Frank in March of 45 - war was already los    06/17/19  (71)
Initial thoughts on Euphoria. Shitty try hard dialogue. Tryhard outlandish plots    06/17/19  (4)
RATE Ash Barty Posing With Serena's Child (PIC) #tennis    06/17/19  (1)
Sneaking in a "haha" or "how was your weekend" in between her sessions with Chad    06/17/19  (1)
Alex Jones will be DONE HERE as a result of kiddie porn    06/17/19  (4)
FLW welching on $10 xo bet but offering advice on $10k bikes why?    06/17/19  (2)
LOL at thinking "we will just give feminists the HR and Admissions jobs"    06/17/19  (1)
🚨 Obeezy is shitposting today 🚨    06/17/19  (18)
Wozniacki's Ring Is 8.88 ct (PICS) #tennis    06/17/19  (2)
Nadal faced down Thiem coupe attempt, lacks balls to arrest coupe conspirators?    06/17/19  (1)
Trump faced down coup attempt, lacks balls to arrest criminal coup conspirators?    06/17/19  (100)
GOP is now at "Nothing wrong with collusion." How long til "Russia is our friend    06/17/19  (29)
Trumpmos: "Putin is our friend. He cares for us and wants the best for America"    06/17/19  (27)
Budweiser frogs croaking “Kill.” “All.” “Boomers.”    06/17/19  (1)
Rank the Metallica albums from 1983-1997    06/17/19  (4)
What happens to People who are targets of SJW Online Mobs and lose their jobs    06/17/19  (41)
Yevgeny Kafelnokov & Brad Gilbert Discussing US Open Golf #tennis #golf    06/17/19  (2)
This dolphin gets more human female action than the average xo poaster    06/17/19  (2)
Not flame - sneezing feels AWESOME    06/17/19  (3)
Why isn't Trump talking about the economic impact of mass immigration?    06/17/19  (21)
Rate the prestige of Hitler's office (pic)    06/17/19  (3)
(In Scott Stapp voice) Son's hole wide open    06/17/19  (21)
poor anderson cooper's mom just died :(    06/17/19  (3)
EMT saves a nigger's life, nigger comes to and robs and kills EMT (link)    06/17/19  (19)
Are there any schools out there providing kids w/ 3 taxpayer funded meals a day?    06/17/19  (11)
RATE The s-Hertogenboesch Trophy #tennis    06/17/19  (2)
Assfaggot is Daryl from peep show if Ryan gosling played the part    06/17/19  (3)
"Aussie" Nick: Djoker Cringeworthy, Will Never Be GOAT If Cant Beat Me #tennis    06/17/19  (7)
Lance "Rafa" Nadal Tennis Academy: 56,000 EUR / Year #tennis    06/17/19  (4)
Remember it as death, prison or nba! No other options for these apes 🦍    06/17/19  (13)
Subhuman apes rob, murder boy attempting to sel Xbox via craigslist    06/17/19  (20)
Trade war with India begins    06/17/19  (34)
Thunder Collins is dead. RIP    06/17/19  (7)
Lance "Rafa" Nadal Gives Commencement Speech (VID) #tennis    06/17/19  (2)
It must have been so 180 to make it big in 90s/2000s poker boom    06/17/19  (6)
CGWBT MD stabs Chad to death    06/17/19  (18)
Germany preparing for a trade fight with US    06/17/19  (2)
Biz Idea: Get Detained For Not Stopping At Retail "Receipt Check," Sue For F.I.    06/17/19  (35)
Indians disgust me. they are barely better than blacks    06/17/19  (1)
what the fuck is there to do in Phoenix?    06/17/19  (66)
TRUMP HEIGHTS Sign Goes Up In Israel's Golan Heights (PIC)    06/17/19  (14)
OFFICIAL 2019 US OPEN (GOLF) THREAD    06/17/19  (24)
Bands whose debut album was their best    06/17/19  (57)
Courtesy Flush: Common Courtesy or Ultimate Beta Move???    06/17/19  (7)
*Lawman8, when you try to enter his pillow fort* "No offense, but no Jews"    06/17/19  (5)
peep show intro but its u tiredly greeting trenchcoat mpa in front of tapas    06/17/19  (5)
You have to have $1 million INVESTAbLE to retire on $40K    06/17/19  (41)
EVERY "white dude' article is written by a Jew. I can't unsee it    06/17/19  (14)
Had a panic attack during my kids’ bed time routine    06/17/19  (27)
White water rafting guide in Colorado genuinely looking forward to Summer    06/17/19  (19)
Elizabeth Homes married her Trumpmo boyfriend, doesn't look as insane anymore    06/17/19  (46)
*gazes into the inner world of a kike* *it's the casino zone from Sonic 2*    06/17/19  (10)
Lawman8 gently suckling on TSINAH's breasts while fondling his toupee    06/17/19  (9)
JJC Yoda: "What unfolds see we will"    06/17/19  (2)
Rate these boomers with $25k monthly pensions    06/17/19  (48)
What the hell did I do? Squanched them all, of course! (SP on hot mic)    06/17/19  (1)
Gout. Gout. The pain makes me shout. These are the foods I must do without:    06/17/19  (32)
we can squanch if we want to, we can pound my son's behind    06/17/19  (5)

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