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By unhinged pumos about you · Past 6 hrs / 24 hrs / week / month
Made it back to Bangkok, already raped by a Trannie, u mad Birdshitz?    05/25/24  (1)
guy explains what it’s like after gender “reassignment” surgery (link)    05/25/24  (4)
LMAO Wolves did a tribute to George Floyd before Game 2.    05/25/24  (1)
Any easy law jobs that pay 500k plus?    05/25/24  (61)
Trump releases murders and campaigns with rapper criminals?    05/25/24  (1)
The first person to ever find me sexually desirable was mr.jinx (whok)    05/25/24  (10)
luka frying these young okc nigs    05/25/24  (2)
worth getting larger dehumidifier for whole house? Or need one each floor?    05/25/24  (3)
Luka is fucking 18000000    05/25/24  (5)
Whok are you at the Mavs game?    05/25/24  (5)
I shoulda learned to clean tooth tartar / I shoulda learned to floss them gums    05/25/24  (8)
Need Drake back to post links about FBI’s assassination of Trump plot    05/25/24  (6)
Big crypto bux:);) could've had it all and still can    05/25/24  (5)
My wife spent $61 on Door Dash tonight for some reason    05/25/24  (14)
doing great here    05/25/24  (2)
Just did my estrogen    05/25/24  (2)
Lol at cop failing to have body cam on&arresting Scottie Scheffler    05/25/24  (5)
Women will have sexxx with Kobes dead remains B4 u    05/25/24  (1)
Can’t go to ONE bar tonight without TALL SCREAMING MEN    05/25/24  (3)
I'm a young bald Jew! Will you brutally rape, torture&murder my ass? Go palestin    05/25/24  (1)
Luka to Devin Booker "This is your new brother Anthony"    05/25/24  (1)
Dogecoin doge is det    05/25/24  (3)
Filing motion for $6.6M in attorneys' fees on Monday (epah)    05/25/24  (8)
Lol at the masses caring about meaningless BS sport fraud bad "music"    05/25/24  (1)
Luka is the closest we’ve gotten to Jordan and Kobe.    05/25/24  (7)
Ukes blowing shit up in Crimea again as I type this    05/25/24  (13)
One Half Of PlayStation Players Still Haven't Upgraded To PS5, 4 years into cycl    05/25/24  (7)
this new zoomer rap music is just too much    05/25/24  (14)
Most are pussies..lie to go getters when they can make it.. ALL FRAUD    05/25/24  (2)
The internet is mostly fake..what else is there?    05/25/24  (1)
Anyone telling you you couldn't or can't do this or that is a jealous hater    05/25/24  (11)
I love you guys/gals/etc..why the hate friends?(Boom)    05/25/24  (5)
Do you like talking to women?    05/25/24  (7)
This sick American "culture" or lack their of is an aggressive disease    05/25/24  (5)
Is that a sativa?    05/25/24  (3)
Everyone is brown and weird now    05/25/24  (16)
White Boy Sumeria    05/25/24  (5)
Sp: Soy un perdedor I'm a ricehoal squancher, so why don't you kill me?    05/25/24  (30)
I see nothing IRL like I see here online    05/25/24  (1)
Woman are all messed up so get the hottest youngest with issues    05/25/24  (3)
Joe Jamaaaaailllll    05/25/24  (1)
real talk: all libs should be mutilated with rusty icepicks    05/25/24  (22)
cheeseball kikes melting down over shit life decisions    05/25/24  (2)
You'd be surprised how small the knowledge base is for people on "top"    05/25/24  (9)
Anyone else take the triple under on Pookie Willis tonight? It was easy money.    05/25/24  (2)
McDonald’s is getting rid of free drink refills — and more fast-food chains    05/25/24  (104)
Face of MAGA: face-tatted, obese, weirdos    05/25/24  (3)
Trump 2024: Endorsed by Blackstone, lobbies for China, wall never mentioned    05/25/24  (1)
seems clearly impossible for anything to understand itself    05/25/24  (8)
driveby archery in the rice paddies with your Qing dynasty gf    05/25/24  (5)
We will bump this thread every day until DrakeMallard returns to xoxo    05/25/24  (159)
death star frying your ability to receive grace    05/25/24  (1)
spaceporn dancing thru SK adoption agency like Charlie & Choc Factory musical #    05/25/24  (34)
sleeping till you wake up seems cr    05/25/24  (10)
don't give up    05/25/24  (6)
Primordial profit-engine of suffering    05/25/24  (1)
We can bind so many artificially manufactured accusations to this    05/25/24  (1)
What are the accusations    05/25/24  (1)
6’ 1” - down from 186 to 177 in the last 5 weeks    05/25/24  (46)
Karlst Ackman    05/25/24  (6)
I support Israel    05/25/24  (3)
So Karlstack went from taking down Harvard prez to a 17yo science fair winner?    05/25/24  (2)
Your hoal's grown old and musty, squanched wide as the setting sun    05/25/24  (3)
Explosion in homeschooling. 1/17 kids now homeschooled. 6% of all students.    05/25/24  (104)
BLOODLINES fighting in the minyan / Oh man, look at those accusations go    05/25/24  (2)
Gay scientist the poaster who is the tapeworm making our nonsense "stick"    05/25/24  (1)
Kyrie Irving is the best ball handler in NBA history    05/25/24  (16)
My Mavs are going to run a furking train on Minnesota.    05/25/24  (11)
The Mockery/Defamation/Threats Aimed At A Clown-Haired Eunuch (Karlstack)    05/25/24  (1)
The Academic Dishonesty/Cheating in DMV Learner Permit Exams (Karlstack)    05/25/24  (5)
Exclusive: Scandal at America's Top Science Fair (Karlstack)    05/25/24  (46)
she'll leave you long before you die    05/25/24  (2)
Kyrie has better handles than Jamal Crawford and AI easily    05/25/24  (4)
Women like making fun of people you've never heard of    05/25/24  (1)
unlimited shrimp deal + biden's economy killed red lobster    05/25/24  (2)
PENIS AND BALLS    05/25/24  (1)
kill all illegal immigrants. immigration problem solved    05/25/24  (2)
Watching a “Jeff Dunham Comedy Special.” Haven’t laughed once AFAICT    05/25/24  (4)
Britney Griner has a deeper voice than each and every last one of you bitch bois    05/25/24  (3)
“artificial wombs” will be organoids made of living human tissue    05/25/24  (2)
partner told me 2day: u can’t spell ‘memorial day’ w/o ‘memo.’    05/25/24  (7)
Cute do-gooder couple killed in Haiti - link    05/25/24  (8)
*gives karen a tiny american flag for memorial day*    05/25/24  (1)
There are straight up too many jews    05/25/24  (1)
idea: West Wing reboot but Charlie or Sam is POTUS    05/25/24  (2)
SUMMON: Nick Rekieta    05/25/24  (6)
Alexis Dahl (autistic youtube chick) seems pretty cool    05/25/24  (2)
postcoital walk to the fridge    05/25/24  (3)
Ozempic now linked to kidney disease and heart issues (link)    05/24/24  (4)
tokophobia seems common among internet feminists    05/24/24  (11)
Just bought 4 Big Mac meals for my son and his friends    05/24/24  (6)
367 POUNDS OF NUDE MAN ITT (PICS)    05/24/24  (11)
Best Tom Clancy novel?    05/24/24  (19)
god damn James Hollis is fucking 180000    05/24/24  (3)
FUCKK! ex husband calls out chick who went viral about being a single mom. EPIC!    05/24/24  (1)
Was all easy now too late isn't it:(    05/24/24  (5)
ALL NIGGERS MUST DIE!!!    05/24/24  (3)
my favorite type of weed is success    05/24/24  (12)
When rach fixes the server this place is going to thrive    05/24/24  (12)
Climate change is preventing turdskins from getting laid - link    05/24/24  (2)
wish I was playing TEXAS HOLD 'EM right now    05/24/24  (12)
so FURIOSA: A MAD MAX Saga is a masterpiece? libs?    05/24/24  (9)
Gaming Goals for May 2024?    05/24/24  (7)
Giant natural tits beating my face black and blue    05/24/24  (5)
you get the bag and fumble, i get the bag and flip it and tumble it    05/24/24  (1)
Jim Simons dead. Will Rentech be revealed as a Ponzi?    05/24/24  (29)
rach rename xo server "Von Erich"& manage its wrestling career    05/24/24  (1)
Trumpmos are pure evil. Should be lined up against walls and shot    05/24/24  (1)
Real talk: all trumpmos should be mutilated with rusty icepicks    05/24/24  (1)
Libs are pure evil. Should be lined up against walls and shot    05/24/24  (153)
Super Size Me guy dead at 53    05/24/24  (26)
Why does whokebe always have some faggy moniker of some obscure nigger?    05/24/24  (32)
whok you’re a kike from CA, why the fuck are you a rabid Mavs fan?    05/24/24  (41)
Countdown until Whok and Mavs get their shit pushed in by xoWolves    05/24/24  (26)
EPAH thought Avenatti was legit    05/24/24  (5)
Avenatti to drop thermonuclear bomb on xoKavanaugh at 4:30 EDT    05/24/24  (140)
need epah to guarantee Timberwolves win b4 i put $10k on the Mavs    05/24/24  (2)
Got a good feeling about the WOLVES this afternoon!    05/24/24  (6)
President Avenatti welcoming NBA champ Timberwolves to WH    05/24/24  (1)
why did chad michael murray and josh hartnett stop acting    05/24/24  (9)
Real life does not line up at all with Internet..would've had perfect lives    05/24/24  (1)
Here's a little taste of what we've lost (youtube)    05/24/24  (2)
Jews seem to operate in a very stress-free way as if they’re assured of outcom    05/24/24  (18)
*spaceporn slamming children's book shut* 'okay enough reading, take ur pants of    05/24/24  (15)
I regret not playing pogs "for keeps"    05/24/24  (13)
whore addiction    05/24/24  (2)
Drill rappers for trump    05/24/24  (1)
Hey Spaceporn, have you ever been in an IRL no-bullshit physical fight?    05/24/24  (19)
spaceporn is an intellectual in the pursuit of carnal knowledge    05/24/24  (6)
🎶RICE HOAL SON, WON’T YOU CUM🎶 (spaceporn)    05/24/24  (7)
Kill and Rape Jews, Win a State!    05/24/24  (2)
Does Mike Cernovich have any particular combat skills?    05/24/24  (4)
Board is 180 tonight    05/24/24  (4)
Spinelli, update on all your emails to GoDaddy to get xo shut down?    05/24/24  (56)
SP here. Huge relief dumb nig CPS agent believed my kid just had bloody stool    05/24/24  (25)
Wow SPACEPORN is an anagram for RAPE SON CP    05/24/24  (71)
Spaceporn’s “Poetry” is somehow creepier than child rape    05/24/24  (49)
Indian men are 180. They lick the butthole clean with no reservation    05/24/24  (1)
Online celebrity lawyer Nick Rekieta arrested on guns and drug charges:    05/24/24  (25)
Spaceporn jr praying for an end to WFH    05/24/24  (47)
Kid and I just got back from zoo and now were playing stinky red babboon bottoms    05/24/24  (187)
i have poop    05/24/24  (1)
“and they have to do what I say, right?” Spaceporn at scout leader orientati    05/24/24  (58)
My asshole stinks rn    05/24/24  (7)
spaceporn refuses to answer son-packing question until after adoption finalized    05/24/24  (51)
The Moans of My Wife's Son- By Spaceporn    05/24/24  (7)
Spaceporn: worst PR debacle since "I'm with her?" (repost #4)    05/24/24  (132)
bubonic plague --> boobonic plague --> boob on dick plague    05/24/24  (1)
Link 2 spaceporn thread where he described "owning" boy because of all the costs    05/24/24  (41)

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