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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   02/15/20  (382)
ITT, I give you combinations of girl + house + salary. Pick one.    02/16/20  (9)
I didn't realize the RECTUM was separate from the ASS    02/16/20  (2)
When tinderslut you just met pulls out half-empty box of 100 condoms    02/16/20  (10)
Should I divorce my wife?    02/16/20  (12)
ITT the worst financial decision you ever made    02/16/20  (42)
Question for American Airlines POINTMOS    02/16/20  (8)
Libs want to take away your right to watch Tremors 1-5    02/16/20  (2)
Not now honey i'm using "Tremors" as justification for genocide    02/16/20  (1)
"wow xo sucks right now" *closes window* *opens xo again 5 mins later*    02/16/20  (13)
China cooking WuFlu numbers w/ simple mathematical formula.    02/16/20  (1)
Girlfriend wants me to replace my dog with a smaller dog    02/16/20  (17)
Bernie CUCKS AGAIN on stage to his psycho supporters (link)    02/16/20  (9)
jews = 'graboids'    02/16/20  (3)
its not a 'worm from tremors' it's a graboid you philistines    02/16/20  (6)
so how would you suggest we deal with the graboids?    02/16/20  (5)
Indianapolis Motor Speedway getting brand new URINAL TROUGHS! Libs MAF    02/16/20  (1)
Tremors: The Graboid Within (2017)    02/16/20  (4)
the worms in Dune = exact same worms in Tremors    02/16/20  (2)
Garfield strip where Jon brings home a Sony Aibo    02/16/20  (2)
Millennials can make $100k “coding” in their jammies or $50k streaming    02/16/20  (11)
How much can i afford to spend on a house ($160k income)    02/16/20  (43)
Video of baby chicks at an egg hatchery    02/16/20  (1)
So all Trumpmos got was some pro-life judges and tax cuts for the mega-rich?    02/16/20  (41)
Garfield wants to replace Odie    02/16/20  (1)
Henry Aaron has coronavirus    02/16/20  (16)
"ONE HUNDRED AND EIGHTY!" (Whokebe w 180 basketball players lined up behind him)    02/16/20  (1)
Is Plano TX all Asian?    02/16/20  (4)
Halford getting Doobs fitted with a heart plug    02/16/20  (2)
Where do people work who can afford homes like this?    02/16/20  (27)
Tremors was the peak of American film. Fact    02/16/20  (2)
so, we looked at the data, and i'm gay    02/16/20  (2)
Sting wearing blue winged space diaper in Dune    02/16/20  (4)
goodyear blimp marquee flashing "im gay" above super bowl    02/16/20  (2)
just tipped a jar of cashews down garbage disposal and made cashew butter    02/16/20  (2)
So all savingsmos are FUCKED when USD stops being global reserve currency?    02/16/20  (46)
XO's take on the latest exercise fad - F45?    02/16/20  (12)
Hillary in inflatable pantsuit floating around like 'the baron' in movie 'Dune'    02/16/20  (15)
should i rewatch Dune (forgot the plot) or wait for re-make?    02/16/20  (10)
Mr Trump drove his car around the racetrack at Indy 500    02/16/20  (1)
day 16 nodrink    02/16/20  (5)
Amount of cashew threading is hilarious    02/16/20  (2)
Does Mayor Peter use a fake voice like Elizabeth Holmes?    02/16/20  (2)
New Mike Bloomberg ad: “There’s a BULLY in the White House!”    02/16/20  (11)
Germans and Japanese are the best of whites and Asians    02/16/20  (12)
Tom Papa's new special on Netflix    02/16/20  (1)
Post the perfect house in the perfect location for you    02/16/20  (31)
“February 15” (a poem)    02/16/20  (23)
Poison - Unskinny Bop.mp3    02/16/20  (1)
crazy turkdskin girl goes on stage, steals mic & rants at Bernie rally    02/16/20  (1)
Who is prettier: Hillary Clinton or Marilyn Monroe?    02/16/20  (4)
How often do you clean your house? Do you hire cleaners?    02/16/20  (1)
zerohedge reports: "im gay"    02/16/20  (2)
187 on an undercover mod    02/16/20  (10)
drudge headline: "im gay"    02/16/20  (4)
Joe Cocker is still alive in this timeline?    02/16/20  (1)
Rate this plane for under $50K    02/16/20  (3)
EPAH how much did you make last year    02/16/20  (2)
CR to go to law school exclusively for the purpose of doing shitlaw?    02/16/20  (7)
Reminder: Only 41% of Amerikkans approve of Trump as POTUS    02/16/20  (2)
Drudge headline: "We are fucked."    02/16/20  (2)
ITT your worst experience on an app date    02/16/20  (1)
US v. Japanese weight gain guidelines for pregnant women    02/16/20  (13)
POTUS Trump was closer to Daytona 500 than Willy.    02/16/20  (3)
Even after being outted, Kenny still tries to pretend he's not a chink    02/16/20  (3)
***OFFICIAL 2020 DAYTONA 500 THREAD***    02/16/20  (10)
Balding 5'7 man flying by on Scooter with Airpods listening to crime podcast    02/16/20  (6)
Do doctors do any work? I talk to the nurse 99% of the time I go to a visit    02/16/20  (6)
Grindr prospect: "I'm under coronavirus quarantine." Benzo: "It's cool."    02/16/20  (1)
Would be amazing if someone Janice Soprano'ed Richard "Obeezy" Aprile    02/16/20  (4)
Atheist group suing to ban power poles because they look like a cross (link)    02/16/20  (4)
Is one Silicon Valley engineer worth 100, 1,000 or 1m xo lawyers to America?    02/16/20  (8)
If Deval Patrick runs, he will be president    02/16/20  (15)
"An' WE ALL GONNA VOTE FOR Hillary Rodham Clinton"    02/16/20  (4)
Assessing the electoral map of Bernie and Bloomberg vs. Trump    02/16/20  (28)
Trump is the weakest president since Jimmy Carter    02/16/20  (25)
Can the bottom of the presidential ticket spend unlimited $ for the ticket?    02/16/20  (2)
"Rate my penith as..." "Shut the fuck, whok," said jinx as he unzipped.    02/16/20  (7)
Job postings are almost comical...a bunch of demands for little to no pay    02/16/20  (15)
Although I am not a woman, I identify strongly with Hillary Rodham Clinton    02/16/20  (10)
It's snowed maybe once or twice in NYC this year    02/16/20  (3)
Yo doodikoff, I played with my friend's Benchmade north fork today. Wow.    02/16/20  (1)
Movie script about a black kid who is pretty good at computers    02/16/20  (2)
lol there's at least a minute and a half delay between YouTube TV and live XFL    02/16/20  (1)
PRAISE Butt for enlisting in a fraudwar. SCORN Drumpf for evading a fraudwar.    02/16/20  (4)
Cringe interview. Amy Klobuchar doesn't know who the Mexican president is    02/16/20  (34)
simethicone valley    02/16/20  (1)
20 year old burger king latina 4 months pregnant just sent me nudes (pics)    02/16/20  (1)
Gonna keep picking up hitchhikers until one kills me    02/16/20  (1)
Forget SF, ATLANTA is the place to be for tech work    02/16/20  (8)
CSLG lets talk about the RIMS on your cars    02/16/20  (2)
let's cut the shit. obama is hung like a cashew    02/16/20  (8)
Shitlib hate criminal charged with hate crime against Brooklyn church    02/16/20  (5)
Hillary ROAD HAM Clinton    02/16/20  (1)
monition    02/16/20  (1)
"Oh, and I'll have the Grand Sla... - say aren't you Hillary Rodham Clinton?"    02/16/20  (3)
Man, that Deval Patrick campaign really set the world on fire    02/16/20  (3)
How could you NOT vote for Donald J Trump in this environment?    02/16/20  (12)
Sessions refusing himself was so monumentally stupid    02/16/20  (1)
EPAH and chilmata: do your Black wives dislike "White women"?    02/16/20  (23)
"What's that rustling?" "Oh, it's Obeezy trying to litigate out of a paper bag."    02/16/20  (1)
Jez my imam called me "Clean mat" today---got laughed right out of the mosque    02/16/20  (1)
Trump was riding around in his daddy's limo after dodging the draft    02/16/20  (12)
when alien disclosure    02/16/20  (6)
your tween daughters best friend confessing late at night that she thinks you’    02/16/20  (1)
rate this supreme court amicus brief...    02/16/20  (20)
TT did exactly what Earl got demodded for lol    02/16/20  (23)
My wife went on a trip out of town. I unpacked her bag. She had a razor in there    02/16/20  (24)
Name some bands that went cuck, but were once a lot better    02/16/20  (11)
Nutella do you think I have what it takes to become Supreme Leader    02/16/20  (2)
That fateful day in 1999 when Limp Bizkit unseated Nsync for the #1 spot on TRL    02/16/20  (8)
Rating poasters as Harvey Weinstein sexual assault victims (w/ pics)    02/16/20  (15)
Upset Jew: one of my favorite poasters    02/16/20  (22)
Libs fantasy Bloomberg cabinet (pic)    02/16/20  (40)
Can the following two threads be ungarbaged please:    02/16/20  (2)
*Henry Aaron cues Chilis Music* "I want my baby dick, baby dick, baby dick"    02/16/20  (32)
Deval Patrick for President 2020: juicejuicejuicejuicejuicejuice    02/16/20  (12)
Genres of videos proles love    02/16/20  (16)
Just got sent a badger video by the Trump campaign    02/16/20  (3)
Seattle Public Schools forbids middle schoolers from skipping ahead in math:    02/16/20  (57)
slathered Gf's vagina w/ Neosporin and it closed up, became smooth flesh    02/16/20  (5)
One day Bill Watterson's heirs will allow unlimited licensing of Calvin and Hobb    02/16/20  (5)
Look like rach woke up - all threads TT permanently deleted are back    02/16/20  (27)
call for ban on man-woman relationships    02/16/20  (3)
Were you BIGLAW SA have to join the firms Lazer Tag team, too?    02/16/20  (1)
Name some brands that went cuck, but were once a lot better    02/16/20  (44)
What if Damn Daddy just kissed me right on the lips    02/16/20  (10)
McKayla teaching Jenna Bush how to do the Dougie (vid)    02/16/20  (167)
dandy warhols - lou weed.mp3    02/16/20  (1)
Renegades looking better w LJ    02/16/20  (2)
That “Home” song makes me sad    02/16/20  (10)
Remember when XO was unironically all “UNGHHHH MCKAYLA HAHA”    02/16/20  (22)
Tips on making more witty social media posts?    02/16/20  (3)
ITT ways to "mix it up" when feeling bored with life    02/16/20  (4)
What created Neil Patrick Harris' image as a playboy? Malcolm in the Middle?    02/16/20  (9)
"Yeah but what clique is he?" austist cowgod said on the phone w/ pimp    02/16/20  (1)
are bonobos suits any good?    02/16/20  (6)
Aging unhappy alcoholic shrews = a fast-growing demographic in the US    02/16/20  (7)
What is it with Jews and hoarding raw honeycomb?    02/16/20  (2)
Man on the Street and I are writing a rebuttal to JDU's "Clique Theory"    02/16/20  (1)
women get maf when you refuse to 'talk' to them abt something    02/16/20  (1)
Oliver Stone's 'The Doors': A Reevaluation    02/16/20  (1)
Greatest movies ever: 1) Back to the Future, 2) Jurassic Park, 3) ??    02/16/20  (14)
Larry Nassar, man of science, fought pandemic of Adolescent Female Inflexibility    02/16/20  (10)
Who Killed Captain Alex? (Uollywood Triumph)    02/16/20  (1)
n.i.g.g.e.r.d.a.n.c.e.    02/16/20  (1)
rate this pic of three presidents golfing    02/16/20  (5)
Bump if you agree. There's no better pussy than handpussy    02/16/20  (7)
The movie The Island (2005) still holds up    02/16/20  (2)
Colt Named NADAL, Trained By Noted Doper Bob Baffert, Is Ky Derby Fave #tennis    02/16/20  (1)
Democrats: Trump Accomplished NOTHING on Immigration, LOL @ Voting for Him    02/16/20  (9)

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