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Peterman, Exeunt, and Ricky Sellcucked Crypto    01/25/21  (16)
who is the most famous person you have fucked?    01/25/21  (152)
What if a bunch of militia men really did arm up and storm washington?    01/25/21  (5)
BTC is one week away from a massive correction    01/25/21  (18)
My Pillow suspended from twitter    01/25/21  (1)
Peterman and Exeunt sold? I'm out.    01/25/21  (15)
Do you ever record phone conversations with opposing counsel?    01/25/21  (26)
Twitter censors tweets arguing that blacks commit murder    01/25/21  (1)
Seeking Alpha: Melvin Capital pursuing joint venture wth Republic of Chad on GFE    01/25/21  (1)
My GF legit just came over to me and asked if I had ever heard of AutoAdmit.    01/25/21  (50)
What can we do to show thanks to Our Donald?    01/25/21  (19)
Why are message boards dying    01/25/21  (6)
lol @ that Virginia school district trying to indoctrinate students w/ Islam    01/25/21  (19)
With buffets closed, Sarah Huckabee Sanders is bored and running for Governor!    01/25/21  (3)
Donald Trump has officially opened the "Office of the Former President"    01/25/21  (39)
*Sara Huckabee Sanders to be Next Governor of Arkansas*    01/25/21  (2)
Tedbeckersted, this is the First time libs have really shocked me on XO. PATRICI    01/25/21  (41)
Las Vegas vs Seattle vs Miami    01/25/21  (32)
Best way to borrow ETH against BTC?    01/25/21  (1)
STICKY: Henry Aaron's favorite texture    01/25/21  (1)
so no soros type funeral for Epstein?    01/25/21  (1)
The GOD-EMPEROR tweets!    01/25/21  (11)
Btc will likely test 26-28k and explode to 45-55k after    01/25/21  (1)
12% of the population of Alaska has been vaccinated for covid    01/25/21  (1)
Women in corps seem to get promoted ridiculously quickly    01/25/21  (2)
Best pillow and blanket?    01/25/21  (2)
1980s when Martial Arts and Ninjas were introduced to America was a magical time    01/25/21  (27)
im starting to think that dentists are a scam    01/25/21  (11)
Turns out Melvin Capital is the brainchild of Jeb Bush (link)    01/25/21  (4)
go ahead and sodomize that like button    01/25/21  (8)
An EXTREMELY famous celebrity is a current poster. hth    01/25/21  (67)
Trump agreements seek to tie Biden's hands on immigration    01/25/21  (3)
Bort Olds: were TNF Nuptse & Denali jackets all the rage when u were on campus?    01/25/21  (3)
queen's gambit, but it's just henry aaron sticking the black pieces up his ass    01/25/21  (36)
*Stranger Things, except it's Henry Aaron getting fucked by those creatures*    01/25/21  (1)
*Henry Aaron lubed up playing "barbie girl" song while inserting veggies in ass*    01/25/21  (10)
Used house key to cut open box. Knifemos devastated    01/25/21  (12)
Can Arizona get a third senate seat so Martha McSally can run again and lose?    01/25/21  (1)
Crypto is crashing    01/25/21  (7)
Lol so Trump got impeached with literally no due process?    01/25/21  (80)
Werner Herzog discovers John Waters is gay(video)    01/25/21  (3)
Is smoked turkey the shittiest cold cut on earth? It's never good.    01/25/21  (1)
what kind of crazy shit goes on in north korea    01/25/21  (16)
YOUR OLD: someone born in (Jan) 2000 can legally drink alcohol    01/25/21  (2)
PREDICT: will gamestop and blackberry keep going up? this can't go on forever    01/25/21  (3)
PROLE TELL: pronouncing "junta" as "jewnta" instead of "hoonta"    01/25/21  (4)
How long of a commute is too long?    01/25/21  (5)
Selling Tootsie Roll tomorrow for Rolls Royce. A Tootsie Rolls Royce if you will    01/25/21  (2)
I will personally pay to save this site(Boom)    01/25/21  (13)
Link to best pizza in America! What joint what city?    01/25/21  (121)
selling 25% of my BTC, i think 26-28K is about to hit    01/25/21  (4)
How long until xo gets CANCELLED?    01/25/21  (25)
Cat brothers are bros    01/25/21  (3)
is it possible to STUMP THE TRUMP? if so explain how ITT    01/25/21  (9)
MAGA terrorist to son who reported him to FBI: “Traitors get shot.”    01/25/21  (36)
Compare this 23 year old vs. 43 year old (link)    01/25/21  (5)
In a few hours Saint Kobe Remembrance Day begins    01/25/21  (4)
I miss Kobe.    01/25/21  (7)
Kobe Bryant died exactly three years ago today    01/25/21  (5)
There's only like 2-3 posts a minute right now. 9pm. Wow.    01/25/21  (2)
WEED + HOTEL ROOM = SMOKED    01/25/21  (7)
liz hurley at 55. lost it. no longer would.    01/25/21  (4)
the crazy thing is that boner police was terrifyingly high iq    01/25/21  (17)
biden: numbers? stutter stutter. tranny rights? smooth as silk    01/25/21  (1)
Michael Cera to star as head of Melvin Capital in upcoming biopic    01/25/21  (4)
i'm horny    01/25/21  (3)
Prison niggers using spaceporn's fat cheeks as handles to fuck his face    01/25/21  (16)
Explain the GameStop thing to me quickly like I'm 5.    01/25/21  (46)
The GameStop saga is literally Cohen versus Cohen    01/25/21  (9)
Joe Biden: "I'm gay"    01/25/21  (1)
Slamming a (several) beer(s) while your wife is in the shower    01/25/21  (18)
If manic buzz around stocks & crypto doesn’t signal incoming CRASH...    01/25/21  (6)
taped knife to back of laptop screen. knife computer    01/25/21  (2)
this is a MEME STOCK world now, faggot    01/25/21  (2)
It's now been over 3 hours since I transferred $25k in SOL to HotBit    01/25/21  (3)
GME, TR, AMC, BB. wtf I love Biden's America now    01/25/21  (2)
GME is the next TSLA. buy buy buy!    01/25/21  (2)
🚨 Attention “obeezy” is calling for violence against Republican Congressm    01/25/21  (33)
im too stupid and gay to be alive    01/25/21  (1)
How long until the knife guy gets CANCELLED?    01/25/21  (3)
Anyone who tied up their funds in “Melvin” Capital deserves their fate IMO    01/25/21  (4)
Whomever most closely guesses the GME Top, I will e-mail a dick pic    01/25/21  (19)
Youre too late for GME. AMC is now the move.    01/25/21  (3)
RATE this shitty tattoo on a chick I made out with at the bar (TSINAH)    01/25/21  (53)
Dude in a Rolls Royce Wraith shot and killed in Buckhead Saturday night    01/25/21  (31)
Yankee stadium renamed “Gamestop Stadium”    01/25/21  (1)
Prayer does nothing; consider the millions who prayed during the Holodomor    01/25/21  (35)
Reminder: Aliens and all sort of supernatural shit is 100% real    01/25/21  (19)
Preparing for doomsday and hyperinflation: what to invest in?    01/25/21  (60)
Sears has the shittiest online shopping system on the planet    01/25/21  (9)
Confession: I play Pokémon Go when no one is looking    01/25/21  (1)
SHITLIBS REAP THE WHIRLWIND. TRUMP calls for major voter fraud investigation    01/25/21  (218)
BIG FED guy here, I have the easiest job in the world    01/25/21  (70)
Rate this rap from Hamilton actress dedicated to Janet Yellen    01/25/21  (7)
I just watched a really good movie Somewhere I would like to share with you    01/25/21  (1)
Scott Baio is based as hell    01/25/21  (1)
So have the elites given up on American blacks?    01/25/21  (25)
Go on the record: IS TSLA a bubble? If so, WHEN will it pop?    01/25/21  (9)
5g is fucking bullshit    01/25/21  (5)
"The Emerging Liberal Junta" (National Review)    01/25/21  (48)
what is the future of the white race in America?    01/25/21  (8)
Went out tonight in DC; not a bad place, what is the fucking dea    01/25/21  (32)
American Exceptionalism, LET'S CELEBRATE this TRUTH!    01/25/21  (28)
What can we do about our great depression inequality levels?    01/25/21  (29)
Trump to RBG: I was wondering what would break first, your spirit or your body    01/25/21  (27)
Anyone else have an Ibanez Talman TC825 with a bigsby bridge?    01/25/21  (6)
We have all seen TSINAH's photo yet we pretend to believe his stories of bagging    01/25/21  (7)
jews running the most sophisticated propaganda campaign in history. still can't    01/25/21  (1)
why not a market where rapacious boomers AND lisping zoomers lose all their $$?    01/25/21  (3)
Pick a side: Team Oligarch Melvins or Team GameStop Revolution?    01/25/21  (1)
Texted managing partner a dick pic, how fucked? (zurich)    01/25/21  (42)
Rate this FL shitlawyer's maf rant to FL Bar Cmte re snowbird UPL    01/25/21  (17)
Kenny is the kind of guy who clocks in and then takes a shit.    01/25/21  (6)
Funniest movie that came out since 2016?    01/25/21  (5)
who had the most embarrassing ending: Trump or Hitler?    01/25/21  (17)
GME part of the same wild energy as Capitol invasion, how will it manifest next?    01/25/21  (4)
Why does earwax.com redirect to LinkedIn?    01/25/21  (1)
Hope you enjoyed your life. Now it’s just about platforming your kids’ lives    01/25/21  (2)
i wonder if deepfuckingvalue sold his calls at the top    01/25/21  (10)
*bans outdoor gatherings of 25+* *attends out of state inauguration*    01/25/21  (1)
Investigative researcher gets WREKT by BBC    01/25/21  (2)
Kind of comforting we’re all gonna die in horrific nuclear war    01/25/21  (1)
so 90% of Biden team is Jews, but we're fixated on dismantling 'white power' ?    01/25/21  (5)
a poem    01/25/21  (1)
humongous What!??? HUMONGOUS WHAAAT?!!!! DONT WALK AWAY FROM ME!! HUMONGOUS WHAT    01/25/21  (1)
It's over. The old Boomery stock market is over.    01/25/21  (1)
What kind of work goes on at the Office of the Former President?    01/25/21  (1)
"anal street my ass" fumed henry aaron walking down street w 34 bootleg purses    01/25/21  (15)
What is it like living in Seaside, CA? It's 10 mins north of Monterey.    01/25/21  (1)
Ken griffin owns lots of amazing real estate    01/25/21  (22)
The fact that I’m going to die someday throws me for a loop    01/25/21  (28)
Charles I have an important message for you    01/25/21  (43)
Live blogging: $10M litigation case mediation    01/25/21  (46)
Brady beating Mahomes in 2021 would be highly problematic.    01/25/21  (3)
DRAKE get ITT and tell us how high GME will go    01/25/21  (7)
NBA has really dialed back BLM shit. Do Black lives now not matter? What changed    01/25/21  (5)
if you died today how much would you leave wife & kids & is it enough?    01/25/21  (7)
You. Yeah YOU. YOU'RE a BITCH.    01/25/21  (1)
This has been asked before, but smaller penis, nyuug or spaceporn?    01/25/21  (9)
why is it so hard for hedge funds to unwind their short positions?    01/25/21  (1)
If Dominion machines switched votes, why didnt the hand recount in GA find it?    01/25/21  (6)
Would you describe POTROASTPONY as a “one-note druggie loser”?    01/25/21  (13)
anyone else like upset jew tp    01/25/21  (7)
is Shaquille O'Neal Cr?    01/25/21  (2)
*enters thread* *it's Oh, you Travel? and a pumo debating death*    01/25/21  (1)
Judge called me out today for using "in the year of our Lord 2021" (TSINAH)    01/25/21  (7)
You expect me to beleive its called Melvin Capital? Why not Cuck Invest LLC    01/25/21  (1)
amazing WSB might actually blow up a $12.5 billion hedge fund    01/25/21  (117)

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