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WNBA generates one percent of NBA's revenue    04/21/24  (2)
OYT have you read the myth of Sisyphus by camus    04/21/24  (1)
I am retarded and really bad with money    04/21/24  (40)
Goldman Sachs has 12,000 Vice Presidents    04/21/24  (2)
Definitive ranking of Kirkland brand alcohol    04/21/24  (15)
Japanese porn movie: "I'm going to rape this entire family from now on" - nsfw    04/21/24  (4)
ITT: Video PROOF that I didn't cause transkids (Imgur)    04/21/24  (170)
Politics is an enormous waste of time    04/21/24  (2)
Mike Johnson ratioed over Ukraine aid    04/21/24  (34)
Rate this tweet from a Dem representative from NY    04/21/24  (1)
Would you date a stripper?    04/21/24  (7)
Can someone please explain why "grow a beard" is considered an insult on this bo    04/21/24  (29)
buffalo trace: a 180 inexpensive bourbon    04/21/24  (34)
Subject: Sorry to disturb on a Sunday hehe    04/21/24  (11)
Chicago police officer gunned down and killed    04/21/24  (2)
IDF lit the fuck up by State Dept the same day Israel aid passes is lol just fuc    04/21/24  (13)
Jewish losers who can't make it in academe find a home at a Catholic university.    04/21/24  (1)
My name is the snoot goddamnit. Now ask me your questions.    04/21/24  (9)
Trumpmo Z vlogger found dead in Ukraine    04/21/24  (1)
Putin’s spokesman destroys Russiacuck arguments against Ukraine aid    04/21/24  (2)
China’s demographics make consumption driven growth impossible    04/21/24  (19)
How could the Republicans pass a bill that 2/3 of Twitter opposes?    04/21/24  (1)
Rate this 56,500 sqft home in LA for just $137,500,000    04/21/24  (8)
Fuck "covid" eveything is ruined&now everyone's getting really fucked    04/21/24  (5)
So the most creative jews can get politically is still “I hate White people”    04/21/24  (2)
Opponents of taxing unrealized capital gains struggling with property taxes    04/21/24  (19)
Rate her    04/21/24  (9)
Good morning Sirs! Rate this TikTok @beautifulfilipinagirl Thank you Sirs!    04/21/24  (2)
"All.are welcome" Migrant criminals cuming in 2 rape ur wife&squat your home    04/21/24  (2)
Binance.us Doesn't Permit Withdrawals to Bank so never can get Crypto money back    04/21/24  (3)
Ryan Garcia is going to get fucked up like a car wreck tonight.    04/21/24  (6)
I met a gorgeous Australian hostel chick & drunkenly asked her to travel with me    04/21/24  (18)
*Kevin Costner in cornfield, God voice speaks* turn your son's dick into a pussy    04/21/24  (31)
Non-binary freak gets itself a Ken mound.    04/21/24  (4)
Someone smash a nail studded baseball bat across "disco fries" fat skull    04/21/24  (4)
Ukraine queen voted against Ukraine aid.    04/21/24  (1)
CNBC: In a major war, US transexuals will protect the country. Here's how...    04/21/24  (5)
My Hombre in Ukranian Main Directorate of Intelligence says Russia will win    04/21/24  (1)
saw a dove flying & remembered Trump the Peaceful    04/21/24  (20)
It's another episode of NSAM spamming and talking out of his ass    04/21/24  (7)
fighter jets and missiles fall from the sky as Trump the Peaceful takes oath    04/21/24  (2)
DOD ordering bombs to be delivered in 2028 =/= aid to Ukraine you dumb fucks    04/21/24  (8)
"wake up hehe" global capitalism whispered into ur ear    04/21/24  (166)
ALERT: Some money grubbing jews might not be able to pay their mortgage    04/21/24  (1)
ZZZ just sent me a five-figure payout not flame (TSINAH)    04/21/24  (113)
Kiev is toast within 3 or 4 hours.    04/21/24  (331)
Today is dump day    04/21/24  (11)
Tucker Carlson tells Joe Rogan how the CIA set up Nixon (link)    04/21/24  (1)
Sexually repressed chubby Jewish girls are waiting to ruin your life    04/21/24  (30)
Bros, if you're put on PIP can you simply ask to be fired?    04/21/24  (87)
Least pozzed out non-catholic/orthodox denomination?    04/21/24  (46)
UKRAINE AID OFFICIAL.    04/21/24  (67)
Name your "walk-up song" as an MLB player    04/21/24  (14)
The USA is furking FURKED    04/21/24  (1)
Nasally mischling Twitter space to discuss my dinner & house w the proles    04/21/24  (1)
Dems always first accuse Trump of wanting to do what they plan to do later    04/21/24  (3)
CowGod is like a Gormenghast character in a 1995 Toys R Us    04/21/24  (3)
Garcia Haney fight is FIRE    04/21/24  (6)
Crazed MAGA supporters brawl on dinner cruise, stabbing two people    04/21/24  (5)
Just back from the club    04/21/24  (5)
America has had a negative birth rate since 2008    04/21/24  (3)
What's the point of getting a Mac Studio Display?    04/21/24  (2)
Subject: jewish biomass approaching critical levels of resource exhaustion    04/21/24  (1)
Donald Trump (The Magnificent Marathi) vs Joe Biden (The Pitiful Pakistani)    04/21/24  (1)
good morning    04/21/24  (2)
Spaceporn, are you a Megan Thee Stallion fan    04/21/24  (19)
Random dating gameshow on the TV    04/21/24  (1)
Official list of Congress members who voted NO on Ukraine and Israel    04/21/24  (2)
Mike Johnsons not ugly and I might fist him    04/21/24  (2)
I am proud of my body    04/21/24  (2)
The Zuckerberg-Chan's are basically Rhode Island wasp old money at this point.    04/21/24  (7)
If you had to rate your relationships with all your SOs    04/21/24  (1)
Israel-Palestinian conflict presaged when Rach's cock couldn't fit in bel's cooc    04/21/24  (3)
Funniest SNL skit I've seen in a while - link    04/21/24  (29)
Brandy Hellville, the new HBO doc on Brandy Melville    04/21/24  (3)
Will a Mountain of Evidence Be Enough to Convict Trump?    04/21/24  (2)
Spaceporn's parrot shrieking 'NO DADDY DON'T' over and over    04/21/24  (4)
The MAGA-Peaceful Administration    04/21/24  (1)
"US" media are shaking & terrified of Trump the Peaceful    04/21/24  (4)
Trump The Peaceful humming “Peace Train” as he loads shitlibs onto Trump tra    04/21/24  (1)
Emilio visited me in Boston a couple weeks ago    04/21/24  (3)
Trump The Golden Retriever vs. Biden The Shitpit    04/21/24  (3)
St. Francis of Assisi's garden was a death camp compared 2 what trump the peacef    04/21/24  (2)
XO Donald vs. TLS Joe    04/21/24  (1)
Jelly Bean Trump and Brussels Sprout Biden    04/21/24  (2)
Trump the Fluffy vs Biden the Hard-Angled    04/21/24  (1)
RATE this Korean bitch and video talking about Koreans suiciding themselves    04/21/24  (19)
Trump I, The Benevolent vs. Biden The Impaler    04/21/24  (1)
Trump the Gentle and Kind    04/21/24  (2)
Elites🐐 really hated Trump the Peaceful &so did the Pentagram i mean Pentagon    04/21/24  (10)
Trump the Peaceful vs Biden the Merciless    04/21/24  (2)
after Genocide Joe aka Biden the Corrupt, America🇺🇸 needs Trump the Peacef    04/21/24  (2)
Birdshit here: Best places to set myself on fire?    04/21/24  (6)
SHUT UP AND TAKE MY CHERRY    04/21/24  (2)
is it impossible to get a Los Angeles 2K sq feet home for less than 2 million?    04/21/24  (20)
during the tranquil reign of Trump the Peaceful every day was sunny& happy    04/21/24  (4)
can't keep track of all Biden's wars. Trump the Peaceful had zero (0)    04/21/24  (15)
i don't remember Trump the Peaceful getting us into a bunch of wars    04/21/24  (7)
search “my balls smell like” some excellent threads    04/21/24  (1)
Trump the Peaceful kept us out of wars & once tried to buy Greenland🇬🇱    04/21/24  (7)
My brother got a BMW X5M Competition    04/21/24  (1)
"Meth in the Air, Flames in My Hair, an Ugly AZNgirl over there" (Birdshit USA)    04/21/24  (1)
WPost: "The Rise of Indian Men Worshipping Adolf Hitler"    04/21/24  (2)
In Move To Shake Up Brand, Shake Weight Turns to Caitlin Clark (WSJ    04/21/24  (2)
ur boss riding tricycle in circles from Saw, waiting for u to cum back to werk    04/21/24  (11)
AI Remake of House of 1000 Corpses but with the Berenstain Bears    04/21/24  (1)
Subject: You left your Tenga in the men's room    04/21/24  (4)
women masturbate to the thought of being sold to any of the star wars races    04/21/24  (9)
*Outlook ping* Fwd: The weekend is already over hehe    04/21/24  (1)
Why are we still providing aid to Ukraine????    04/21/24  (14)
This bill doesn't give shit to Ukraine    04/21/24  (19)
we up in da club, yeah nigga, yeahhh    04/21/24  (1)
clarification: the UFOs are spiritual but not 'religious'    04/21/24  (1)
Wake up, ZoZo.    04/21/24  (1)
My nigger attorney (Candy Ride) just fucking got sanctioned in Alachua (TSINAH)    04/21/24  (31)
Elon just BANNED me 7 days for Telling Israeli Defense Minister to Gas Himself    04/21/24  (9)
luis does like a reverse werewolf thing at night & becomes twink ponytail luis    04/21/24  (2)
Furk this furking gay ass nigga kike faggot bullshit trannie world 🌎    04/21/24  (1)
AMERICA = SHIT    04/21/24  (2)
Mount Rushmore of best looking male actors    04/21/24  (44)
Muslim asshoIes, UK is a Christian country, we don't want you, you're a cancer    04/21/24  (1)
FUCK AMEEICA    04/21/24  (1)
2024 Social Security Wage Base: $168,600 lmaoooooooo    04/21/24  (27)
and when the spiritual UFOs start circling overhead, brother    04/21/24  (1)
sealclubber is an abortion survivor (whose mom was a seal)    04/21/24  (3)
guy with an 'in your face' posting style    04/21/24  (2)
Demon King what is wrong with these foids    04/21/24  (1)
My balls smell like stinky tofu    04/21/24  (3)
Trump Lambastes Ukraine Aid Bill In Strongest Terms Yet    04/21/24  (3)
Playing casino poker for less than minimum wage    04/21/24  (2)
HELP, sex didn't improve after I took up more chores & childcare    04/21/24  (2)
Eazy-E: whoops he got AIDS and died <48 hours later    04/21/24  (1)
who handed out the Ukrainian flags for the vote in Congress?    04/21/24  (1)
Niggas. Jews. Muslims. Feminists.    04/21/24  (1)
Pakistan is getting in bed with the USA now, getting the jump on India    04/21/24  (10)
speak the truth: tell them they are not real    04/21/24  (8)
evan39: i think u'd look great in this shirt (pic)    04/21/24  (2)
taylor swift will be 80, in a diaper, whining like a teenager about ex-bf's    04/21/24  (7)
meditation on love for shitlibs activated my heart chakra    04/21/24  (2)
women are incapable of spiritually evolving with you past the 4th chakrah lol    04/21/24  (2)
spaceporn's manifesto: "all work & no playroom hotdog makes sp jr a dull boi"    04/21/24  (9)
Epah: “I didn’t ruin my kids when they were teens, they were ruined earlier!    04/21/24  (3)
Maybe bombing those WCK cars wasn't such a great move for Israel in hindsight    04/21/24  (1)
If Russia/China just nuked DC & NYC = majority of US’s problems solved overnig    04/21/24  (3)
TT: how is that azn YouTuber doing you follow/ harass?    04/21/24  (2)
So “migrants” live in 5-star hotels while Bboom lives in squallor? 🤔    04/21/24  (3)
Harvard teaching "courses" about Taylor Swift    04/21/24  (1)
ukrainecucks: do you think ukraine’s nato brinkmanship was a sound strategy?    04/21/24  (5)
evan39 these “migrants” have more rights than we do    04/21/24  (3)
Cubs Announcer Harry Caray was a Jew, as a youth I yearned for him to molest me    04/21/24  (1)

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