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By unhinged pumos about you · Past 6 hrs / 24 hrs / week / month
Got yelled at for saying jews killed Jesus at six flags over new jersey    12/14/19  (4)
Got yelled at for saying jews killed Jesus at thanksgiving    12/14/19  (65)
Explain the significance of jews praying in this article    12/14/19  (1)
Taylor Swift (!) NAMES THE JEW. Goes HARD after George Soros in speech    12/14/19  (39)
I'm thinking about seeing Richard Jewell solo tmrw after lunch and xmas shopping    12/14/19  (1)
So the Jersey City shooting was an inter-Jewish spat between 2 Jewish factions?    12/13/19  (14)
Sickly Jew, do you still recommend TEFL in Saudi?    12/13/19  (15)
Upset Jew, approaching his 34th year.    12/13/19  (15)
I'm just going to leave this Jewish party flyer here.    12/13/19  (4)
It was 'among the Jews.' It was real Matzah Ball shit.    12/13/19  (1)
Mayor of London blames Jewish vote for Labour loss (twitter)    12/13/19  (25)
George Washington was half Jewish    12/13/19  (4)
boris and corbyn merging into ultimate politician: brexit + kill jews    12/13/19  (3)
Are goyim more a hypothetical or a real hatred for Orthodox Jewish communities?    12/13/19  (5)
If I had give 1 reason why I keep coming back its upset jews geopolitical analys    12/13/19  (2)
Jersey City blacks not big fans of Jews (video)    12/13/19  (36)
Upset Jew are you required to have a job to get access to your trust?    12/13/19  (9)
*Titanic drawing scene but it's Lawman sketching me nude as Jewish hand rub meme    12/13/19  (6)
Goyim live Jewish hand to mouth?    12/13/19  (3)
Upset is a Billionaire and a Jew    12/13/19  (2)
Jews are furious that they didn't have a homeland for England to colonize    12/13/19  (1)
*GOY tp's Celtic barbaric ancestors watching him Instagram Jew wife's sunset pic    12/13/19  (2)
sickly Jew tp, I went to a chiro appointment today    12/13/19  (28)
James Joyce Jr RATE This LibDem Jewess (Golders Green MP) Who Lost Seat (PICS)    12/13/19  (6)
DBG, what's with the orthodox Jewish predilection to live among jiggaboos?    12/13/19  (10)
Taylor Swift Names the Jew, threatens power of her fanatical fan base    12/13/19  (4)
Many Jews make a real estate deal then back out during closing for more money    12/13/19  (6)
Jew Mark Cuban has a christmas tree in his house. Lol @ DBG    12/13/19  (33)
Richard Jewell = protoTrumpmo whose life was destroyed by deep state & fake news    12/13/19  (4)
Xo's "finale" should be wetworks operation to liquidate Upset Jew    12/13/19  (2)
180 aspect of santa myth: teaches jews to keep secrets from goyim from early age    12/13/19  (13)
'The New York Times, you say?.... is that a Jewish publication?'    12/13/19  (1)
Jews win again as Jeremy Corbyn gets blown the fuck out    12/13/19  (4)
Can someone remind me, why is jewish capitalism bad again?    12/12/19  (3)
sorry jews that your muslim rape gangs in England had another setback    12/12/19  (1)
Brexit/Jew Control vs. No Brexit/Lib Control    12/12/19  (2)
Reminder that Jews are 180    12/12/19  (1)
Johnson is literally both jewish and muslim    12/12/19  (1)
80+% of anime is just groups of aryans beating the shit out of jews & goblins    12/12/19  (3)
Jews Now Conducting Prayer Services, Cohen Blessing On The TEMPLE MOUNT    12/12/19  (1)
Why are Jews, blacks, Mayans, etc generally so unattractive looking?    12/12/19  (1)
wow, so white brits have their very own empty-promises jew-controlled blowhard!    12/12/19  (2)
Trump is our 'first Jewish president' (video proof)    12/12/19  (1)
Jews spend December lighting birthday candles so they can eat Pad Thai?    12/12/19  (1)
(((Adam Sandler’s))) jew-else character in Jew film uncut gems is Howard Ratne    12/12/19  (1)
Jewish Exobomist: ‘great that the goyim have something worth dying for, Israel    12/12/19  (1)
Biz idea: porn studio where all the producers and male talent are jews    12/12/19  (4)
How do I find horny chubby Jewish chicks with hairy pussies to pummel sexually    12/12/19  (3)
Last POTUS was Muslim from Kenya, goes to anti-USA church and calls self Jewish?    12/12/19  (1)
Poasters who most people would never guess were Jews    12/12/19  (20)
Hasidic Jews in Jersey City say they "get along well" with nig neighbors    12/12/19  (1)
Libs: Blacks killing Jews a stunning example of white supremacy    12/12/19  (26)
Six angry Indians, five cuckold flames, four upset Jews, three trans bois, two    12/12/19  (2)
"Omar coming!" *jews run and scatter, yarmulkes litter the sidewalks*    12/12/19  (63)
NJ shooters target Jews, kill cops. Names not released. Odd.    12/12/19  (35)
oh im jewish btw    12/12/19  (3)
Upset jew are you mad at me    12/12/19  (10)
Libs in Miami Beach pulling cops off tourist areas to protect Jewish groceries    12/12/19  (1)
GOY tp crowdsurfing hideous fat jewesses to notorious big juicy at auschwitz    12/12/19  (8)
So what's the dominant conspiracy theory here now? Jews are subverting whites?    12/12/19  (89)
Trump rallies and edgy tweets for the littler people, executive orders for jews    12/12/19  (9)
On one hand, rooting for Brexit. On the other hand, Jews seem to hate Corbyn.    12/12/19  (15)
hope the jews kill off most of us tbh    12/12/19  (4)
Actors who most people would never guess were jews    12/11/19  (59)
What could Jew possibly be Upset about?    12/11/19  (4)
I bet Upset Jew supports abortion (murder)    12/11/19  (1)
do Jews you know they could just go to the gym instead of lying, subversion, etc    12/11/19  (2)
so being jewish is now a 'nationality'? and jews think this helps them?    12/11/19  (3)
Furiously jerking off on braided frizzy haired ginger jewess    12/11/19  (3)
a jewish journalist accusing you & your e-friends of being 'genocidal'    12/11/19  (1)
a jewish person accusing you of having a 'victim complex'    12/11/19  (7)
jews went for the brass-ring, "white genocide," but will come up short    12/11/19  (4)
The Jewish muthuh cries out as her son doesn't listen to her, but that's fine.    12/11/19  (4)
honey did you pick up my jewish pills after work? i want to be okay    12/11/19  (1)
"Did you know there are NBA games on 2day" (jew shotgunning down ur door on xmas    12/11/19  (3)
nuns - decadent jew.mp3    12/11/19  (22)
biz idea: new hitler but instead of gassing jews, we gas women    12/11/19  (1)
Jewish Economics Professor: "We should celebrate declining US life expectancy"    12/11/19  (90)
Told Jewish temple girl "to go back to israel"    12/11/19  (2)
A subset of whites, who constantly cause their own misery, blame Jews    12/11/19  (16)
Soros: "I'm subverting countries & pushing open borders because I'm a Jew"    12/11/19  (40)
plz remember: the Jews fear the Samurai    12/11/19  (11)
"Surely this schtick won't wear thin" he thought jewishly    12/11/19  (6)
"I love my country" said the navy seal as the Jew filmed a nog fucking his wife    12/11/19  (1)
upset jew tp - why so many refs to "6 million" pre-ww2?    12/11/19  (9)
Poasters who most people would never guess were jews    12/11/19  (4)
rate the tits on this jewess    12/11/19  (1)
rate the tits on this jewess    12/11/19  (3)
rate the tits on this jewess    12/11/19  (2)
rate the tits on this jewess    12/11/19  (3)
rate the tits on this jewess    12/11/19  (4)
rate the tits on this jewess    12/11/19  (3)
rate the tits on this jewess    12/11/19  (3)
rate the tits on this jewess    12/11/19  (3)
Holocaust is Jews imagining what they think OUGHT to be done to them.    12/11/19  (3)
*smacks Upset Jew’s ass rythmically*    12/11/19  (1)
Fuentes will fail if he doesn't differentiate between anti-Israel and anti-Jew    12/11/19  (10)
Women Jew bloodline is just some shit they say to bind jewesses while they fuck    12/11/19  (3)
A Jewish man decides his son isn't religious enough, so pays for him to go visit    12/11/19  (19)
Can rach filter Upset Jews poasts directly to the garbage board    12/11/19  (17)
"Yes, they're a nice 'Jewish' family," (Rabbi using air quotes pointing to DBG)    12/11/19  (7)
(((Krugman)): Trump is bad for Jews    12/11/19  (7)
Leftist Jews are supremely mentally ill    12/11/19  (11)
White Nationalist Jews are ok with me    12/11/19  (6)
Jews: rich cultural heritage, Tikkun Olam. Asians: GLORP GLORP HANDSOME    12/11/19  (2)
🌎🌎🌎🌎🌎 Tikkun Olam Fellow Jews :) :) :) 🌎🌎🌎🌎🌎    12/11/19  (7)
need deus vult tp to fuck me like the fag jew whore I am    12/11/19  (1)
The Jew cries out as he beams HD incest and interracial porn into every househol    12/11/19  (17)
high trust society + backstabbing snake jews = ?    12/11/19  (4)
xoxo: a place where white genocide/replacement openly celebrated by jews/asians    12/11/19  (8)
devious spiteful jew Krugman: 'Dems should not sign USMCA, let MW workers rot.'    12/10/19  (1)
Mass immigration? Jews. GC? Jews. Communism? Jews. Satan? Probably a Jew    12/10/19  (3)
jewish folk rock boom    12/10/19  (1)
Srs? — why didn’t hitler just kill all the Jews without ww2    12/10/19  (1)
Even if there was a holocaust, it didn’t make a dent in Jewish influence    12/10/19  (1)
Just read Roosh/porn thread. Jews arent even trying to hide anymore are they?    12/10/19  (1)
Jews, why not try creating something of value instead of skimming off the top    12/10/19  (3)
use sound editing program to replace 'russian interference' w/ 'jewish meddling'    12/10/19  (2)
reminder: christmas completely breaks the jew brain    12/10/19  (176)
How's there no Upset Stomach Jew?    12/10/19  (1)
Jewish theology is the dominant form of spiritual thinking in the world    12/10/19  (3)
RATE this jewdude (pic)    12/10/19  (2)
RATE This Shrew Jewess Wedding (PIC) #ironside #JamesJoyceJr    12/10/19  (11)
1st Jewish Book Published In The Falkland Islands (PICS)    12/10/19  (2)
jews dont control the media but every Christmas they tell u about Chinese food    12/10/19  (13)
The Jews are just giving this porn away. dummies    12/10/19  (57)
wow! jews eat chinese food on christmas    12/10/19  (21)
Protip for Women/ Jews/ Trump: Stop Whining - you betray your inferiority    12/10/19  (2)
ban jews    12/10/19  (2)
Only funny groups: Blacks, Jews, Italians and some-SOME- Irish    12/09/19  (7)
"Blame your problems on the Mexicans!" cackled the Jewish banker    12/09/19  (13)
Jewish book telling us how to live our lives    12/09/19  (4)
KushJew- "Send more Goys to defend Israeli settlements!" 'Yes boss'- Trump    12/09/19  (2)
What is it about Nick Fuentes that makes Jews so MAF?    12/09/19  (1)
wow that catty jewish fag made a really salient post there    12/09/19  (9)
Look--you're Jewish.    12/09/19  (1)
Really looking forward to 200 more articles about how jews eat Chinese on xmas    12/09/19  (51)
Christ is a messiah for Jews. Makes no sense why Europeans like him    12/09/19  (7)
Guys, Christianity is Jewish    12/09/19  (7)
Jewish guy: we predicted this; Goy: I will worship that    12/09/19  (1)
I feel like the media pumped the brakes on white privilege because jews started    12/09/19  (2)
Cons: defeat enemies on field of competitin: Jew Libs: defeat enemies through    12/09/19  (1)
shhh, jews, don't cry. it's all shut down now, there there.    12/09/19  (18)
Everyone that is Christian is actually jewish    12/09/19  (3)
"No u can join-the question is do u think u should?"(Jafar to Jew @ PB Country C    12/09/19  (1)
"Look I like u, I just can't be seen in a place like this,"(Jafar @ Jewish deli)    12/09/19  (2)
Elizabeth Shollenberger is one of the funniest cases of jewish nepotism    12/09/19  (2)
daily reminder: foreign Jews attempting a coup to keep Great Replacement running    12/09/19  (5)
Turd HHS official seeks taxpayer reimbursement for $47k in stolen jewelry    12/09/19  (1)
Gay? Autistic? Jewish? Lawyer? These are just some of the words that have been u    12/09/19  (5)

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