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By unhinged pumos about you Past 6 hrs / 24 hrs / week / month
I only knew one Jew in HS. He jumped on the Trump train in July 2015    02/24/18  (1)
why do jews have those fucked up teeth/mouths?    02/23/18  (1)
transgender jewish boy has both bar and bat mitzvah (link)    02/23/18  (5)
are like 50% of u jewish?    02/23/18  (14)
Jews Flee Rio De Janeiro During Carnival    02/23/18  (1)
jews    02/23/18  (9)
pepito is actually jewish    02/23/18  (11)
RATE This Jewess With Enormous Tits In Venice (PIC)    02/23/18  (40)
Rate these Jewess sisters as farters (James Joyce Jr.)    02/23/18  (8)
attending a Jewish service tonight. Taking advice.    02/23/18  (37)
As a German Jew, he was often slapped and called a "Christ-killer."    02/23/18  (1)
Why do big tit jewesses age so poorly?    02/23/18  (13)
DBG, why is it okay for other Jews to die defending Israel but not you?    02/23/18  (7)
One sec babe, the bort Jew is poasting child porn again    02/23/18  (1)
Ironside, What Is Your Jewess Wearing For Purim?    02/23/18  (2)
Jewish Shitlawyer Megapoasting re Former Pro Genie Bouchard Trial #tennis    02/23/18  (1)
Is Canadian Fig Skater Gabby Daleman Jewish?    02/23/18  (4)
XO Norway newspaper apologizes for calling Trump's son-in-law "The Jew" Kushner    02/23/18  (4)
Ziggy Marley and His Israeli Wife Orly Celebrate All the Jewish Holidays    02/23/18  (4)
Alpha Navy SEAL Jewish Duke/Oxford grad 43-yo Gov of Missouri admits to affair    02/23/18  (6)
Jewish Child Sex Offenders Using Israeli Citizenship To Avoid US Prosecution    02/23/18  (13)
"Sasha Cohen, She Jewish?.. How Do U Know So Much? You Jerk Off To Her?" (PDDJ)    02/22/18  (3)
The Jews have been attacking Alex Jones and his family    02/22/18  (9)
dog-faced jewish bpd woman with 160 IQ and big tits    02/22/18  (9)
Male Hasidic Jews are the ultimate NEETmos    02/22/18  (34)
Hasidic Jews trick dummy secular Jews into doing 120 work?    02/22/18  (8)
Cop Jewish wife in hopes that kid gets positive mental illnesses?    02/22/18  (3)
RATE These Hunter College Jewesses (PIC)    02/22/18  (18)
RATE The Schnozzes On These 4 Jewesses In LBDs (PIC)    02/22/18  (7)
RATE These Large-Chested Jewesses (PIC)    02/22/18  (9)
There's another thread about "Cardi B". Think I have cliffs. Question for jews..    02/22/18  (49)
Do Jews use those big noses to smell money?    02/22/18  (1)
Hate it when employers ask for jew references    02/22/18  (2)
RATE This Jewess Who Is Dating An Inbred Prole Goy (PIC)    02/22/18  (7)
NYT still MAF at Billy Graham for not "challenging" Nixon 50 years ago re: Jews    02/22/18  (5)
Christians aren't Christianish. Muslims are Muslimish. Why are Jews Jewish?    02/22/18  (3)
Rate this Travel Jewess in a BIKINI at Chichen Itza (PIC)    02/22/18  (22)
I'm a Jew. And gay. I am a Gay Jew.    02/22/18  (1)
*teen girl looking for makeup tips* "Why is the jew shrieking abt Billy Graham?"    02/22/18  (4)
Jewish group OCCUPIES the Senate, demands DACA now!    02/22/18  (52)
Being a dumb AZN or JEW must be strange    02/22/18  (2)
Jewish Wealth Law Center    02/22/18  (12)
Lib hatred of Russia is due to ethnic hatred of Jews' enemies + ISIS support    02/22/18  (56)
schizophenic jewish manlet's tantrum quieted as diaper slips over his tiny frame    02/22/18  (2)
CharlesXII playing the piano as poasters round up and banish jews from zozo    02/22/18  (1)
Black Mirror ep where robo-Golem eliminates antisemitism by gassing all the jews    02/22/18  (4)
*schindler's list theme as jews are rounded up on zozo*    02/21/18  (5)
*sprinkles kosher salt on bort jews*    02/21/18  (1)
thanks to this boart I legitimately cannot interact w/jews w/o laughing    02/21/18  (4)
oh. you're a jew....    02/21/18  (2)
evan39 was born to a Jewish family [1] in New York City [2].    02/21/18  (2)
So Jewish women try to get service industry workers fired on routine basis?    02/21/18  (1)
Jews are 180, sorry haters    02/21/18  (1)
Jewish Group Releases Video, "POLISH HOLOCAUST"    02/21/18  (1)
Jim_Kelly Sr Was CUCKED By A Jew. Explains The Hand Sanitizer, AZN Fetish    02/21/18  (1)
Hey Antisemites: New York City Wouldn't Be What It Is Today Without Jews    02/21/18  (6)
"How Should The Jews Remember Billy Graham?" (Actual Headline)    02/21/18  (3)
SCOTUS protects scholarship from greedy jews. 8-0 against DBG (link)    02/21/18  (7)
Press a button and you can vaporize one group: Jews, Muslims, Blacks, Pedophiles    02/21/18  (16)
did Soros get any special nazi medals/awards for all the ww2 jews he killed    02/21/18  (6)
US Fig Skater Mirai Nagasu Fucking A BJC Jewdood. NOWAGS Done Here    02/21/18  (8)
Jewess under fire for appropriating Woke movement with #StayChose    02/21/18  (1)
so wait askav is an indian jew that's a white supermacist?    02/21/18  (5)
"You a Jew?" Mike Enoch asked his wife, narrowing his beady eyes    02/21/18  (9)
obviously what happened in parkland is horrible. but good god @ jewish response    02/21/18  (7)
Jewish women are living embodiments of death    02/21/18  (14)
Jews Outbreeding Arabs 2.5x In Israel. Demographic Battle Won    02/21/18  (10)
Why did the Jews make Ted Cruz TP a miserable failure at life?    02/20/18  (14)
JFC jews are nasally little herpes    02/20/18  (1)
JFC jews are nasally little insects    02/20/18  (1)
NYC: Bedbug mass transit, herpes Jew cocksuckers    02/20/18  (3)
LOL so jews invented OxyContin? (link) thanks a lot jews    02/20/18  (8)
Odd how there is a wiki on every aspect of persecution of jews    02/20/18  (3)
#1 Jew Tell of All Time: Counting Change    02/20/18  (2)
RATE This Bikini Jewess & Her Puppydood (PIC)    02/20/18  (7)
Cunnilingus is Most Unnatural Act according to survey of US Jews    02/20/18  (1)
Mentall illness is what drives Jewish prowess.    02/20/18  (5)
Finance demanding her wedding ring be made of jew gold    02/20/18  (1)
Disproportionate amount of jews are sociopaths yet jews can be self deprecating    02/20/18  (9)
High IQ Jew given one year to pass CDL driving test. Possible?    02/20/18  (11)
Billionaire Jew tells GOP no more checks until "assault weapon" support ends    02/20/18  (10)
Perky DD Jewess' Grandpa Having a "Military Funeral." WTF is this Prole Goy Shit    02/20/18  (107)
Trump needs to get this dumbfuck kushjew out of the Oval Office    02/20/18  (16)
KushJew wants to double the $ we give to Israel and commit us to fight more    02/20/18  (7)
Do you think it was wrong for Hitler to kill 200,000 Jews?    02/19/18  (3)
"Modern Family" = Jews spiking ball in end zone    02/19/18  (45)
Why are Christians mocked for their beliefs but not Jews?    02/19/18  (44)
Jews playing "knockout game" with goy cultural memes and institutions    02/19/18  (4)
Do Goyim Even Have Any Purpose In Living Beyond Reproduction & Serving Jews?    02/19/18  (103)
I am a Jew and I love the goyim. My driver, my dishwasher, my chef, all of them    02/19/18  (3)
Evan39, are you anti-Semitic bc a Jew owns your ghetto grocery store?    02/19/18  (1)
How many Jews are Jewish Supremacists?    02/19/18  (8)
Are all names that end in "man" or "stein" jewish?    02/19/18  (11)
American Jews are disgusting creatures    02/19/18  (7)
When Jewish Physics unifies Slime Theory, then we have something to talk about.    02/19/18  (5)
VonTropp daughters, instead of fleeing nazis, looking for jewish husbands    02/19/18  (1)
Sexy MILF Jewess Fashion Blogger Pregnant In Bra & Yoga Pants (PIC) #ironside    02/18/18  (5)
why do jews love dingoes    02/18/18  (1)
why do jews love the nba    02/18/18  (47)
Just noticed that every Jew is the ugliest person Ive ever met. Wtf    02/18/18  (2)
British humor > Jewish humor    02/18/18  (19)
Netanyahu Condemns Poland's POTUS for 'Jewish Perpetrators' Comment    02/18/18  (16)
Breitbart Jews Stunned, Scared by Eruption of Anti-Semitism    02/18/18  (4)
At Nuremberg Trials they executed a guy for merely writing bad things about Jews    02/18/18  (20)
Does the large noses of Jewesses prevent them from deep throating?    02/18/18  (4)
Jews act really nice right beforr they are about to stab u in the back    02/18/18  (8)
Do Jewish men ever date, or at least shag, goy chicks?    02/18/18  (1)
Is it true jewish chicks love anal    02/18/18  (4)
Do Jewish women ever date, or at least shag, goy men?    02/18/18  (9)
RATE This Big-Titted Jewess (PIC)    02/18/18  (21)
Thank God the Jews have Academia (phd) to defend their honor    02/18/18  (3)
Deranged loathsome kike Academia tp having epic meltdown in Jews = fags thread    02/18/18  (3)
"Academia" = faggot Iraqi Jew    02/18/18  (17)
Academia is a scam = deranged iraqi jew faggot    02/18/18  (7)
Jews are the only ancient peoples that still exist today    02/18/18  (13)
Jewish keyboard: [Q] [W] [E] [R] [T] [Y] [Holocaust] [U] [I] [O] [P]    02/18/18  (10)
Jewish Baby: Ba Ba Neh He He Ba Owh Owh Holocaust He Ba Owh Owh    02/18/18  (8)
Jews concentrate in the business center of a city like a...    02/18/18  (2)
At least 80 percent of American journalists are Jews    02/18/18  (3)
"yo, u heard of teh p-spot," RSF txted the morning after I popped his jewcherry    02/17/18  (1)
so non-Chad, non-Jew whites are fucked and will never maek in law    02/17/18  (2)
nightmare for a short jew: a STAND UP alcohol party    02/17/18  (1)
Remember when Jews were hysterical at Trump's Charlottesville presser?    02/17/18  (10)
5 Jewish kids dead in recent shooting. What are you kikes gonna do about it?    02/17/18  (1)
Reading about the history of jewish physics    02/17/18  (1)
Did the Jews invent atheism?    02/17/18  (35)
Aww what the heck, jew here, taking questions    02/17/18  (9)
Jews visiting Anne Frank's annex: "Couldn't they have decorated?"    02/17/18  (5)
Jewwy (((Seinfeld)))'s show on Netflix is all Jews, all the time    02/17/18  (6)
Goy, it's not Jews' fault for exploiting you, it's your fault you're dumb    02/17/18  (9)
I'm Jewish, and my dentist is an 80 year old German anti-Semite    02/17/18  (3)
Fuck jews invented everything    02/17/18  (19)
Reading Jewish version of "50 Shades of Gray"    02/17/18  (1)
Most distinctive Jewish voice    02/17/18  (61)
Jews what have you done?    02/17/18  (11)
"Work shall set u free," chuckled Jew to himself, drafting Fri email to jr assoc    02/16/18  (1)
Jewmos: Is saving every penny more about the money itself or not getting taken?    02/16/18  (1)
Hey TCTP please tell us how Jews caused you to bomb your CivPro final    02/16/18  (4)
Jewish college administrators please explain this DEVASTATING chart    02/16/18  (104)
Mel Brooks is Jewish?!    02/16/18  (2)
if you had any doubt the NBA is just for blacks, jews and azns...    02/16/18  (4)
Soy un perdedor I'm Chuck Schumer baby so why don't you Jew me?    02/16/18  (1)
List of XO Jews, bump to vote for    02/16/18  (153)
Couldn't rosenstein have a less jewey name like kikefraudmoneylender    02/16/18  (14)
My brother is turning into a jewish person    02/16/18  (13)
Israeli Minister: Israel Must Keep Jew Majority at the Expense of Human Rights    02/16/18  (6)
ITT, I list the things Jews are willing to pay full price for    02/16/18  (19)
I'm starting a Jewish 700 club called "700 Club, and not a penny more!"    02/16/18  (1)
PDDJ: I Used To Think Asians Eating Dog = Saying Jews Eat Matzah w Child Blood    02/16/18  (1)
worst art of law is jews    02/15/18  (1)

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