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Jews explain how a relatively unknown black rapper is dating a Rothchild    12/14/17  (5)
So jews receive multiple welfares on top of some Kars4Kids-like scheme    12/14/17  (10)
Some will win. Some will lose. Komodo dragons eating jewwwws.    12/14/17  (1)
"Ur free!" *Auschwitz jews cheer* "siiike lol" *Komodos stream out of APC*    12/14/17  (2)
"Well, it's complicated, I'm an atheist but I'm culturally Jewish" (Pope Francis    12/13/17  (18)
ITT: the Jewish lawyer Moore's wife namechecked    12/13/17  (1)
so basically hope jews breed with good hWhite stock and choose to save country?    12/13/17  (1)
A bunch of jews are outside my office jewing it up loudly for Candle Day    12/13/17  (1)
nasally CNN jews lisping "hehe, roll tide. wow! thanks black women of Alabama!"    12/13/17  (5)
a nasally jew, a shrew, and a gay black hi-fiving on CNN    12/13/17  (1)
Buford: did you come from some sort of Judaica DIY forum? Do u sell jew acessori    12/13/17  (28)
influx of garbage can jews' garbage cans    12/13/17  (1)
juju smith-schuster (born jewjew smith-schuster) is an american football wide re    12/13/17  (3)
Can Jewmos, 1488 and bowlcut Asians come back together to do what we love?    12/13/17  (4)
no surprise that an 80s band fronted by a hapa and a jew has its own board on XO    12/13/17  (2)
Predictit now a more thoroughly discredited website than "jewsdidwtc.com"    12/13/17  (2)
one of our attorneys is a Jew    12/13/17  (1)
Moore's wife: "you're fired, jewboy!"    12/12/17  (2)
LOL at Doug Jones' forced, totally-fake shoutout to blacks, Latinos & Jews    12/12/17  (1)
THANKS JEWS    12/12/17  (2)
Real American here. Evangelicals=Jews--> All Traitors    12/12/17  (1)
Exit polls show 90% of voters disapproved of Moore commingling with Jews    12/12/17  (1)
Board Jews and shitlibs going nuts right now    12/12/17  (1)
Jewish chicks that dye hair blonde like Dana Bash look like inhuman monsters    12/12/17  (8)
Roy Moore's wife: "we're not anti-semitic because we have a Jew lawyer" (vid)    12/12/17  (43)
One of our attorneys is a Jew is far more lulzy than black best friend JFC    12/12/17  (1)
Moore bitch: we like Jews bc attorney's Jewish. logic flaw noone likes attorneys    12/11/17  (2)
Im not an anti semite, I work with a Jewish attorney    12/11/17  (1)
Jewelry stores: where women get in trouble and men get out of it!    12/11/17  (1)
Roy Moores wife: Fake news will tell you we dont care for Jews. One of our at    12/11/17  (4)
No matter what happens, they will blame the Jews    12/11/17  (1)
1942 Jews: loaded onto trains by whites. 2042 Jews: loaded onto trains by muds    12/11/17  (6)
The Jews are just giving this porn away. dummies    12/11/17  (29)
this drakemallard devastation is why you don't fuck with the jews    12/11/17  (132)
So tisnah, jjc and deranged jew quotemo r trying to get drake mallard to quit?    12/11/17  (17)
Geez the Jews & Libs on this board REALLY hate Drake    12/11/17  (1)
Electric Jew feeding quisling goyim daughter to the maw of sephardic stink pot    12/11/17  (2)
NOT FLAME: MJ's song "They don't really care about us" was Anti-Jewish    12/11/17  (74)
(((RSF))) is Jewish    12/11/17  (9)
evan39 Comes Out As A Straight Jew    12/11/17  (3)
Bad goys, bad goys, watcha gonna do, watcha gonna do when you owe a Jew?    12/11/17  (69)
jew mind control forcing you to prefix ur criticism of capitalism with "global"    12/10/17  (9)
Jewish women are legit mentally ill    12/10/17  (8)
How do Jews not kill themselves during childhood?    12/10/17  (2)
Is this a JEW or an ITALIAN?    12/10/17  (1)
It makes me happy that twins is not Jewish    12/10/17  (15)
reminder: Monica Lewinsky is a Jew    12/10/17  (6)
Shirley Temple was raped by Hollywood Jews    12/10/17  (1)
(((((Global Capitalism)))))(((((Peterman))))
   12/10/17  (3)
Sweden's imported Muslim horde attacks Swedish Jews    12/10/17  (3)
"As a chill Old Money Manhattan WASP, I" *briefcase full of Jew stars falls open    12/10/17  (5)
The anti-Jew fetishization of the far-left    12/10/17  (1)
ljl at prole whites who fall for jew lies (NYC,LA)    12/10/17  (10)
RSF sounds like a Jewish American Princess    12/10/17  (1)
Your seed is precious... ur just going to blow it watching some Jewish garbage?    12/10/17  (2)
RSF is Jewish    12/10/17  (1)
Why do Jews think the USA exists to serve at the pleasure of Israel?    12/10/17  (2)
Real ?: How do Jews manage to do Jewish Lightning?    12/10/17  (6)
RATE This Northwestern Jewess In A Sports Bra In A Brazilian Favella (PIC)    12/10/17  (6)
Greatest country in history & they turned it into a nigger spic zoo run by jews    12/10/17  (4)
"I ordered a JEWISH TOP, not this TOY," George20 wailed, flinging the dreidel    12/10/17  (43)
they should make getting yelled at by a 5ft jew part of bar exam    12/10/17  (18)
rate ezra pound's 180 as FUCK scholarship on the JEWS    12/10/17  (11)
Said the hook'd Jew to the biller goy, "do you have the new drafts?"    12/10/17  (15)
Every jew this country took is a LIABILITY, each contains the seeds of treason    12/10/17  (32)
stormfront pumo's jewish UG classmates laughing, drinking, partying    12/10/17  (7)
Stormfront pumo spending 16hrs/day fuming about Jews because he's a virgin loser    12/10/17  (2)
How much money does Hollywood lose a year by forcememeing Jews into roles?    12/10/17  (1)
Reminder: Jews worship Saturn, Xtians worship dead Jew, Muzzies worship a pedo    12/10/17  (6)
Jews, what is your 'faith'? What exactly do you have 'faith' in?    12/09/17  (79)
Jews weren't always so smart. But they were always annoying.    12/09/17  (1)
Sexy Jewess MILF Fashion Blogger shows off her luscious locks #DBG    12/09/17  (8)
xo Bernie Sanders:"I have 5 affidavits stating that Mr. Trump has Jew ancestors"    12/09/17  (17)
Message to Jews:    12/09/17  (1)
chubby balding jewish men wearing baby bjorns    12/09/17  (1)
So Jews are literally all close cousins?    12/09/17  (1)
did u guys know there's a Jewish part of Buenos Aires, just LOL    12/09/17  (6)
*record scratch* *Jew inside of oven* "Well I guess you are wondering how I ende    12/09/17  (7)
Jews are FUCKED in Trump's America    12/09/17  (11)
Real talk: I married a Jew on accident despite my mother's warnings    12/09/17  (19)
Returning a lost object to a Gentile: A study in schizoid Jewish theology    12/09/17  (8)
look xo u can hate on blacks all you want but the jews, they good people.    12/09/17  (4)
I wish I was (((jewish)))    12/09/17  (21)
*feverishly writing on whiteboard, connecting lines* "Jews, Saturn...jfc"    12/09/17  (1)
Poastradamus jewed me, welched on an ETH bet I won    12/09/17  (28)
CGI Joker dipping Ben Bernanke into hot lava before he morphs into Jew Star    12/09/17  (14)
180: twins the poster is trans-jewish    12/09/17  (10)
ShrewGF: white male is a punch line! 2ndCuz: ur dick is SS, my pussy jew swine    12/09/17  (1)
Jews LOVE Trump now    12/08/17  (6)
Little-noticed aspect of Franken scandal: number of Jews in Senate is dropping    12/08/17  (10)
Why are Jewish children so ugly?    12/08/17  (70)
What do you call six million jews?    12/08/17  (12)
Jews & Anti-Semites: Let us come together in peace to Hail Saturn.    12/08/17  (1)
ROFL at the imbecilic "thoughts" of another Jew Shitlib:    12/08/17  (2)
Do Goyim Even Have Any Purpose In Living Beyond Reproduction & Serving Jews?    12/08/17  (99)
Weird fact: Minor Jewish tv channel uses talking $5 bill to teach Judaism    12/08/17  (111)
Jewish Child Sex Offenders Using Israeli Citizenship To Avoid US Prosecution    12/08/17  (12)
Kars4Kids overstates charitable work/exclusively supports Jewish kids    12/08/17  (54)
How happy are Jews that rural proles are dying in droves    12/08/17  (114)
DBG: "#MeJew"    12/08/17  (2)
Perky DD Jewess Goy Grandpa About to Die. How Do I Emotionally Support Her?    12/08/17  (38)
The Rise of the Jewish Policy Elite: Meritocracy, Myth and Power    12/08/17  (25)
Repub Jew Coalition Hosts WH Hanukkah "After Party" At Trump Hotel DC    12/08/17  (7)
Homeward Bound's Chance: "Did 6 million jews really die?" Sassy: "Oh, Chance..."    12/08/17  (8)
How come there are no Jewish Days of Rage or Jewish terrorists?    12/08/17  (51)
Reminder: fucking JEWS aren't white, got it DBG?    12/08/17  (3)
2040: IDF applications see spike in sunk chest hapa 'jews" from US    12/08/17  (1)
DVP failed out of HLS because there were so many hot Jewish dorks around.    12/08/17  (5)
Google AI taught itself chess from scratch in 4 hours, now rants about Jews,9/11    12/08/17  (8)
Jews = the international Menace    12/08/17  (1)
DBG do u worry Jews could shitlib away Israel like shitlibs do to America?    12/08/17  (3)
Have you ever met a jew who abandoned Jewish identity and became something else    12/08/17  (5)
"avant garde" jewish artist smears blood & feces on Rockwell paintings (link)    12/07/17  (10)
Describe life on 118 million rubles in Jewish Autonomous Oblast    12/07/17  (4)
xo Tacitus on the Jews ( incl. Saturn reference)    12/07/17  (11)
Is the name Aronson necessarily Jewish?    12/07/17  (2)
Jewel: "In the ennnnnd, only Bitcoin matterssss"    12/07/17  (9)
Does every last name that ends in "man" signify JEW    12/07/17  (41)
Cuck Swedish State TV: "Strong Jewish Lobby" Behind Trump Jerusalem Announcement    12/07/17  (4)
Real talk: Never met a jewish person until I got to college    12/07/17  (162)
Schumer Calls For Jewish DAY OF RAGE After Trump's "Al Frankenstein" Tweet    12/07/17  (1)
Is David Lee Roth the most alpha jew of all time?    12/07/17  (1)
Franken is such a fucking hideous and weird Jew.    12/07/17  (5)
Skinny Jew lawyer crushed beneath warm weighted blanket    12/07/17  (3)
Why do kikes hate Jews for Jesus more than they hate militant atheist Jews?    12/07/17  (1)
lmao goy act like Jews are channeling dark energy via Saturn or something    12/07/17  (1)
RATE These Westchester Jewess Housewives (PIC) #ironside    12/07/17  (10)
Jews: Can we reset Saturn computer at mainframe to erase goy knowledge of Saturn    12/07/17  (1)
Jews, we need to discuss what we do now that goy know about Saturn    12/07/17  (6)
Al Frankenstein is further evidence Jews are nasty perverts    12/07/17  (10)
Jews are worshipping demonic entities from the planet Saturn and Sirius    12/07/17  (9)
Can't believe I never realized Jews worhsip Saturn, Saturn is a computer    12/07/17  (4)
XO 2010: "law school is a bad idea" XO 2017: "Jews worship Saturn's North Pole"    12/07/17  (3)
You're mentally ill if you don't realize Jews are under a demonic Saturn spell    12/07/17  (16)
Argentine Judge Calls For Arrest Of Antisemite Fernandez For Treason In Jew Bomb    12/07/17  (1)
Reminder: Mary was Jew slut who made up story to cover for pregnancy    12/07/17  (15)
22 Palestinians Wounded In DAY OF RAGE. No Jews Hurt    12/07/17  (1)
so the pair of russian jews bleating about intellect are both compliance monkeys    12/07/17  (3)
Explain something about Obama. Hes antisimetic but let Jews pick his cabinet?    12/07/17  (2)
XO Chief Sefardi Rabbi of Jerusalem: Reform Jews Worse Than Holocaust Deniers    12/07/17  (5)
Hypo: Palestine accepts Israel as Jewish state after 1967 war    12/07/17  (3)
RATE These 7 Jewesses (PIC)    12/07/17  (7)
Prole Tell: No Jews/Asians live in your town    12/07/17  (3)
Just saw jew tube ad of woman taking a shit and talking about smell    12/07/17  (7)
Bigger example of mediocre Jew collusion than TheSkimm?    12/07/17  (8)
Cinderella Jews trying on holocaust museum shoes. "It fits! I'm a survivor!"    12/07/17  (12)
Jewish Physicist: goyim barely differentiated atoms, don't clearly start or stop    12/07/17  (10)
Trump reveals himself to be true Jewish Messiah, builds Trump-brand Temple of Da    12/07/17  (1)
a world with 1 billion+ orthodox jews    12/06/17  (2)
imagine a world where 30% of earth's population is jewish, a continent of kykes    12/06/17  (1)

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