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By unhinged pumos about you · Past 6 hrs / 24 hrs / week / month
LOL at Republicans and this SCOTUS thing. These 2016 vids are HILARIOUS.    09/21/20  (1)
Crazy how short-sighted cons are re: stealing scotus picks    09/21/20  (23)
The side that breaks norms first doesnt get to decide the limit of norm-breaking    09/21/20  (11)
Emmys just got to a whole new place of insanity    09/21/20  (16)
Pelosi short-circuits during ABC interview    09/21/20  (32)
Sandra Day O'Connor, Anthony Kennedy, David Souter still alive    09/21/20  (1)
OldHLSDude, how hard was it to get a Reserves commission back in your day    09/21/20  (2)
PREDICT response if Breyer dies today    09/21/20  (2)
“Judge Barrett, are you a gang rapist?”    09/21/20  (10)
Joe: "200 million people will die, probably by the time I finish this talk." lol    09/21/20  (1)
Just downloaded Crusader Kings 3 bros is this gonna be any good    09/21/20  (11)
have started asking histrionic shitlibs their favorite ginsburg opinion. ljl.    09/21/20  (30)
Libs are running around telling other libs not to say RIP to RBG    09/21/20  (11)
Texas threatens to divide into 5 states (4 red/1 blue) if PR/DC get statehood    09/21/20  (9)
Christina & Ant Antstead getting divorced. Damn Christina's a real bitch lol    09/21/20  (12)
"BUT IT WAS A BLUE WAVE," he screamed as Justice Amy Coney Barrett is sworn in.    09/21/20  (27)
These college girls are stuck at home with parents. Easy fuck, bros.    09/21/20  (5)
LIBS PULL IT OFF!! Accuse Coney Barrett Of supporting rape    09/21/20  (16)
Woman with 34Js wants breast reduction (link)    09/21/20  (7)
there really is a nastiness to modern feminism    09/21/20  (10)
guy in Alps: NIIII-KOOOLLAAAAAA *truck falls apart*    09/21/20  (2)
Cuomo. De Blasio. Italians are destroying New York City.    09/21/20  (5)
apparently r/childfree is having a meltdown over RBG    09/21/20  (88)
Glenn Greenwald: US must invade Iran NOW    09/21/20  (7)
NYT praises Amy Barrett. Not a good sign (link)    09/21/20  (1)
"Nikola" comes off like those cheap 90s knockoff brands-- Tonny Hilfiger etc.    09/21/20  (2)
"...and for the SCOTUS seat I've got a great lady lawyer... come on out Tiffany!    09/21/20  (3)
What’s the last age that you can move to new city and start over successfully?    09/21/20  (4)
If Romney flips and Pence were to die before the vote, cannot confirm SCOTUS nom    09/21/20  (18)
is this 4chan analysis of college educated women true?    09/21/20  (17)
need to start making/using wax seals for my letters    09/21/20  (9)
Batdood thoughts on this david fincher article?    09/21/20  (1)
Don’t worry Trumpmos none of these actions will have any consequences    09/21/20  (4)
Reading Libs on Omaha suicide just completely seals it. Secession only way    09/21/20  (12)
"I, Shane Brandon McMahon, do solemnly swear that I will administer justice ..."    09/21/20  (1)
Rach has the board perfect now    09/21/20  (51)
Kansas judge caught on ZOOM hearing playing Leisure Suit Larry with grandson.    09/21/20  (4)
Neighbor is being difficult over fence repair    09/21/20  (66)
Cumtown subreddit is good model for XO if Rach ever pulls plug    09/21/20  (2)
Real talk: the right has increasingly made a mockery of state legislatures    09/21/20  (5)
received a wax-sealed letter from “the sons of scholarship”    09/21/20  (4)
and to replace ruth bader ginsburg, i am nominating...scholarship tp to the supr    09/21/20  (30)
What is the email formatting for Yale medical school if you know it    09/21/20  (6)
Moving to new city at 37 - how long to build new social circle?    09/21/20  (63)
Not only is Emma Sulkowicz a liar, but she's an idiot    09/21/20  (235)
XO should love these tik toks of UMC white kids transforming into nonbinary dyke    09/21/20  (5)
DESCRIBE the type of person buying this painting    09/21/20  (13)
Regardless of what happens, there will be no electoral winter for Republicans.    09/21/20  (1)
Rate this painting I'm about to buy    09/21/20  (45)
Libs acting like RBG “deathbed wish” MUST be honored as LAW    09/21/20  (34)
Come on Notorious RBG!! Just hang in there six more months!    09/21/20  (9)
Under what circumstances would shitlibs support a Dictator    09/21/20  (9)
Every prole bitch has "sleeve tattoos" these days    09/21/20  (19)
All religious women nominees will be accused of homophobia.    09/21/20  (4)
Any conceivable reason this jewelry sells for such a low price?    09/21/20  (1)
My five year old daughter just asked me why we are celebrating the life of some1    09/21/20  (1)
my favorite movie endings    09/21/20  (11)
TSINAH's law office has over $400K worth of Thomas Kinkaid and Guy Harvey works    09/21/20  (23)
scholarship alts lol    09/21/20  (11)
MSNBC and CNN are now just Dems coming on to make campaign pitches    09/21/20  (28)
Justice Ocasio-Cortez upholding the “dying wish” rule in Constitution’s pe    09/21/20  (3)
Good morning! Monday morning    09/21/20  (1)
holy shit 9mm rounds cost 70 cents on average now? haha wow    09/21/20  (23)
Would do anything to marry into her family    09/21/20  (1)
Indiana Jones fighting Sulko on train: "IT BELONGS IN A MUSEUM!"    09/21/20  (62)
Under appreciated possibility: President Nancy Pelosi    09/21/20  (13)
Earl: crotch pics. Froyolo: bootie pics. RSF: sheraton hotel pic    09/21/20  (296)
Trumpmos you guys have nothing to worry about    09/21/20  (19)
2016 pre-debate: pussy tape. 2020 pre-debate: Trump SCOTUS pick    09/21/20  (1)
Low-t philosopher king tp    09/21/20  (3)
luis whats going on with Indian H1Bs and striped green polo shirts    09/21/20  (6)
Shopping cart hit client's car. Settled for $100k (CSLG)    09/21/20  (3)
RBG: "and my 3rd dying wish is that Donald Trump kill himself on live TV    09/21/20  (5)
Rate this cheerful chunky freckled redhead (pics    09/21/20  (6)
yes sir mister rachmiel SIR    09/21/20  (3)
*neuron taps ur dopamine particle with a stick* "Is it dead?"    09/21/20  (1)
NKLA jumps 20% on confirmation that its product is a hoax    09/21/20  (26)
I imagine MDH as a more pathetic version of the Jew lawyer in Carlito's Way    09/21/20  (1)
What was the best/most memorable insult you've received on Xo?    09/21/20  (25)
Evan39's home has $300K worth of fake door paintings to halt his gb tricks    09/21/20  (5)
Remember Evan's stupid "I'm straight now" shtick for 2 years? what a dumb faggot    09/21/20  (3)
FYI: “Green JolIy Rancher” is pretending to be me.    09/21/20  (39)
Poaster kicking and screaming “I WANNA WFH I DONT WANNA GO TO WORK”    09/21/20  (2)
LIBS holding the "Draw 4" card as GOP rams through their SCOTUS nominee    09/21/20  (81)
Do white people really feel an affinity towards the Americas?    09/21/20  (46)
Niggers always approach my car in parking lots (evan39)    09/21/20  (12)
when fill seat    09/21/20  (1)
DeSantis may just get enough olds killed to swing FL for Biden    09/21/20  (15)
Is doodikoff laughable    09/21/20  (5)
was there ever a 'Nirvana' of country music?    09/21/20  (26)
Trump to announce SCOTUS nomination on Friday or Saturday (link)    09/21/20  (1)
Chart: blue states still have the highest infection rate per capita    09/21/20  (12)
“Just do apartheid in the USA, bro. Libs will never notice.”    09/21/20  (1)
Microsoft acquired Bethesda studios for $7.5B    09/21/20  (5)
Trump should also appoint several "justices in waiting"    09/21/20  (1)
"if you do it im gonna be BAD", warned the lib shaking his little rump    09/21/20  (3)
LeBron James calls the Dalai Lama a "drama queen" in tweet (link)    09/21/20  (1)
Kirkland NO FALL BONUS    09/21/20  (36)
Today I Gave My Dad A Choice: Trump or His Grandkids and His Son    09/21/20  (89)
Fat nigger co-worker wears BLM face mask (evan39)    09/21/20  (3)
is the garbage board gone?    09/21/20  (3)
"Court Packing? I'm on it!" - Doobs sprinting to Schumer's office, pants undone    09/21/20  (2)
Answering questions on IFNB for Florida reporters ITT    09/21/20  (29)
🚨🚨🚨SWORD ART ONLINE PROGRESSIVE ANNOUNCED (2020)🚨🚨🚨    09/21/20  (4)
Beastie Boys escaped the shitlib menace with impeccable timing    09/21/20  (1)
grammarly is a NWO/Masonic/Illuminati developed spying app, right?    09/21/20  (6)
pussy-hatted spinster    09/21/20  (2)
CAPTION this New Yorker cartoon (pic)    09/21/20  (12)
Underground Hong Kong IFNB tournament Kum Nite    09/21/20  (21)
Dxy is extremely annoying. Makes no sense it's not crashing.    09/21/20  (2)
Thoughts on "INTERESTS" sections on RESUMES?    09/21/20  (272)
IFNB mutual fund advertises huge loads    09/21/20  (4)
Would gladly trade scotus for the presidency at this point    09/21/20  (11)
SP - get your ass in here and explain your Henry Aaron outing drama.    09/21/20  (104)
CNN: No ‘There There’ On This Issue Nothingburger, Here’s Why!    09/21/20  (2)
STONKS CRASHING AGAIN 9/21/2020    09/21/20  (8)
BREAKING: Package addressed to the White House containing ricin intercepted by l    09/21/20  (34)
the promises of the holy rosary    09/21/20  (14)
Chandler please check your email    09/21/20  (5)
Tom Hardy reportedly cast as next James Bond    09/21/20  (53)
Here's how German high school students find out their future prospects- video    09/21/20  (51)
Dinner parties where people discuss Netflix shows that no one else watched    09/21/20  (17)
Is Black Mirror a good show?    09/21/20  (38)
Shareblue pumos out in full force today    09/21/20  (2)
Now that MDH's XO posting career is over, let's eulogize him ITT    09/21/20  (5)
Reminder: Trump presidency was always going to end in revolt    09/21/20  (61)
video of AssFaggot returning to XO    09/21/20  (8)
Crazy thing is gop still wouldve lost Bostock 5-4 even with Barrett on SCOTUS    09/21/20  (6)
Professor interrogates students about whether they like big dick during "class d    09/21/20  (8)
Biden: “Remember, Republicans already packed the Court by denying Garland a vo    09/21/20  (9)
DC bro here. There are like 90 dudes in black robes outside SCOTUS building.    09/21/20  (9)
Who were most pathetic mass shooters?    09/21/20  (46)
miss the America where folk / country stars were major cultural figures    09/21/20  (1)
Libs?    09/21/20  (1)
Mueller's top deputy slams Mueller, compares self to Ulysses S. Grant    09/21/20  (8)
Never voted for a Democratic presidential candidate in my life, but MoscowMitch    09/21/20  (3)
1-800-GAY-LUIS    09/21/20  (6)
apparently r/childfree is having a meltdown over DBG    09/21/20  (2)
Blacks: Yo RBG dead, cuz. We gotsa vote Biden now, blood!    09/21/20  (13)
Breaking point: Jacobin goes Sweden/MAGA on covid-19 🦠    09/21/20  (55)
Kinda crazy that globalist bankers control the world thru Masonic pedophilia    09/21/20  (38)
I put your cunt wife out on the street to get fucked in the ass by niggers and p    09/21/20  (62)
Transgender woman suffers broken penis when her lover dies during sex (link)    09/21/20  (44)
California is pausing unemployment claims for 2 weeks    09/21/20  (9)
Murkowski and Collins confirm defection. All up to Mittens now?    09/21/20  (65)
Pro-Lifemos: you're horrified by this uterus butcher story right?    09/21/20  (16)
How Mitch McConnel fulfilled FDR’s Court Packing Dream (DeepState Mitch)    09/21/20  (3)
love how libs are all “don’t do that or we will get SERIOUS!”    09/21/20  (15)
married with children has aged really well    09/21/20  (4)
Libs: Do what we want or we will pack the court!    09/21/20  (27)

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