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Girls who use "my clit" in conversation - trashy?

provocative orchestra pit
yes. speaking openly about any aspect of their nethers with ...
aromatic police squad principal's office
yeah that's bad. this trashy girl at work used to say "...
provocative orchestra pit
word has it that Mon-Shane Chou MONSHANE.CHOU@GMAIL.COM [xua...
racy obsidian indian lodge
would you fuck lena chen
vibrant half-breed stage
"my balls" parody of "my dick" > &quo...
stimulating ratface

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Date: January 13th, 2012 4:25 PM
Author: provocative orchestra pit


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Date: January 13th, 2012 4:27 PM
Author: aromatic police squad principal's office

yes. speaking openly about any aspect of their nethers with the except of during intercourse is pretty suspect.

"my clit is so itchy today. crazy right?" vs. "oh my god, pound my tight pussy so hard!" for example.


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Date: January 13th, 2012 4:29 PM
Author: provocative orchestra pit

yeah that's bad. this trashy girl at work used to say "that bitch can suck my clit" like a dude would, not attractive


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Date: January 13th, 2012 4:34 PM
Author: racy obsidian indian lodge

word has it that Mon-Shane Chou MONSHANE.CHOU@GMAIL.COM [xuananigans tumblr com twitter @monshanks ] sucked Hugo Schwyzer's cock on the reg at Pasadena City College. Mon-Shane Chou said that she loved the taste of his "freshly cut cock"...and arranged for Hugo Schwyzer to get his cock sucked in a 3some with amateur porn slut Lena Chen

Anna Yallup (UCL), Steven Long Tran, Michael Pyott, Lillian Massey, Leria Anne-Isabel, Olivia Fanaroko, Saskia Mullins, Joy Y. Ding, Hazel Bones, Robert Pereno Due, Asobi Quang, Andrew Deaernley, Richard Hughes (Brighton), Anthony Real (London), Jaki Jo Fierceicorn,

Olivia Benowitz Daniel Bregman, Noel Biderman , Matthew Kopydlowski

Gwendolyn Beetham and Anna Guest-Jelley Abigail Collazo and Frances Reed

Erica Brandt Paul M. Tarsus Tiffanie Hsu









Miriam Lazewatsky & Alex Patchin McNeill



















Florentyna Leow Florentyna Leow Florentyna Leow Florentyna Leow Florentyna Leow

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The Women's City Club of New York, New York, NY (4/2012-Present). Administrative Coordinator Miriam Lazewatsky

March 8-10, 2012: Lena Chen continues her masturbatory Facebook-poasting, drawing the attention of a handful of skanks and asian-fetish faggots, including: AsianFetishFag Russell Ben Hedman (NYC), AsianFetishFag Steve Dean (Swarthmore & La Salle College High School), AsianFetishFag Michael McDowell (Cozen O'Connor), beanerWhore Marissa Lopez (Harvard), aznWhore Serena Yuet Ching May (University of Chicago), yellowSkank Josephine Tsui (SOAS), CumSlurpingSkank Aonya McCruiston (Wellesley aonya aonyam), cumSkank Eva Gillis-Buck (Harvard Research Assistant, Macklis laboratory at MGH), AsianFetish Fag Russell Bennetts (Underground), Fatass Denial Blogger Miriam Lazewatsky (Miriam J. Lazewatsky), Fatass Denial Blogger Jenn Leyva (aka Jennifer Leyva), yelloWhore Lorna Trinh (Pepperdine University)

March 6-8, 2012: Having had her blog abandoned by skanks afraid of being outted, Lena Chen turns her attention-whoring to Facebook, posting pics of her mooching off of fuckups at Antibes Bistro in Austin Texas, including assLickingFaggot Ryan Mendias, nigwhore Minhal Baig. Approving fuckups include: beanerSkank Nivea Hernandez, yelloWhore Tai D Giang (University of California Irvine), faggot Christian Garland (Harvard), YellowFetishFag Kevin Verbael (Harvard), AsianFetishFag Steve Dean (Swarthmore), yellowWhore Josephine Tsui (SOAS), AsianFetishFag Dan Pecci (Harvard), skankcunt Lux Alptraum, AsianFetishFag Eric Obenzinger, jizzslurpingWhore Becki Ledford, BeanerFag Fernando Berdion Del Valle, cumslurpingSkank Felice Ford (Classics Department, Harvard), HongKong whore Chrystal Tchan, cumguzzlingSkank Eva Rose (Harvard), cocksuckingWhore Amanda Van Slyke (Bellerose Composite High School), YellowWhore Vivienne Chen (Vivienne X. Chen Princeton), AsianFetishFag Michael Blaustein (Harvard), yellowFetishFag Noah Mamber (Washington DC), YellowWhore Lingbo Li (Lingbo Li Harvard), pervprof Hugo Schwyzer.

February 14, 2012: MORE skanks who entered Lena's pornblog raffle are outted, including Sara David (Brown University & USC blogs from: wordsandturds tumblr), Florentyna Leow (aka Flory Leow) London (Univeristy of London - BA Japanese at SOAS) blogs from: heroin-e tumblr & floryhands wordpress), AsianFetishFag Paul Mata (otarsus tumblr), Chloe Syke,

February 12-13, 2012: Desperate to increase traffic to her dying blog, skank Lena Chen holds a FREE DILDO giveaway! Unfortunately, the handful of dumb skanks who enter the contest don't realize their information is being revealed on Lena's PUBLIC BLOG. Skanks who are outted include:

Prerna Ramesh @prerna369

Elaine N. Kuo @elainenkuo

Elizabeth Wong @oradianto

vulva self-cutter Elizabeth Wykes @belyenochi

Chloe Sykes

Christina Branson @clbranson

Meghan Johnston @Meg3Girl

Chelsea Pajzer @loveechelsea

February 12-13, 2012: AttentionWhore Lena Chen jerks her clit on Facebook, attracting the applause of a few skanks and AsianFetishFags: Joy Xi (aka Joy B. Xi Harvard), Latoya Peterson (Washington, District of Columbia), Michael Segal (Bessemer Venture Harvard), Jen Wang (Yale Columbia), Melissa Gira Grant, Lummy Lin (Washington) and her white fuckbuddy, kikeSkank Nancy Schwartzman, kikecocksucker Elisa Kreisinger (Simmons College), nigwhore Twanna A. Hines (New York), Amanda Van Slyke (Bellerose Composite High School), Fatass Denial Blogger Jenn Leyva, Katie Browning (Harvard)

"He said he wanted me to fuck myself on his cock, so I did. I straddled him and rocked back and forth until my clit throbbed and then everything else throbbed and my mind went blank for a brief, blissful moment. I stopped feeling anything but him inside me. I stopped thinking anything but here, now, this man in this bed in this apartment in this country in this side of the Atlantic."

"With the cellular wedged between my ear and shoulder, I reached beneath my panties and found my clit with my index while continuing to mutter the requisite uh-huhís and yesís as his spiel went on. Itís not that I didnít find his critique fascinating. I love his brain; I was just that much more distracted by the thought of his cock."

--Patrick Hamm's whore

"But maybe the antithesis of pressure works too. In the end, it was mostly the sucking that did it - his lips and teeth a tight seal around my clit and some sharp intakes of breath and I was gone, digging my toes into the mattress and pushing even harder up against him to wring out every last shudder. I was making up for last time. This time I could definitely say, yes, I came, I came so hard I truly could not stop myself from screaming even though I tried, for our neighbors' sakes."

--fired McKinsey skank Zoe Yijing Yang

STDridden Amanda Van Slyke (Bellerose Composite High School)

Kameron Austin Collins (Princeton University)

Jamia Wilson (Vice President of Programs at Women's Media Center) azn fetishfag Sam Tharp (Concord Massachusetts)

azn fetishfag Minhal Baig (Yale University) herpesridden Joanna Bronowicka (Harvard) Korea expatwhore Jessica Gold (Haralson UPENN) perv prof Hugo Schwyzer (Contributing Writer at Jezebel) azn fetishfag Daniel Senft (Yale University) azn fetishfag Eric Obenzinger (UPenn) aznwhore Teresa Chiao (UCLA) nigwhore Maisha L. Cannon aznfetishFAG Samuel Lipoff (University of Cambridge) ChinaSkank Vicky Wu (Harvard) aznFetishFag Charles Andrew Callaghan (Yale)

aznFetishFaggt Paul Stamatiou (Co-Founder at Picplum) STDskank Jenny Marie Saenz (UCLA) aznWhore Abby Sun (Harvard) aznFetish Kyle Szklenski (Penn State Behrend)

Simmonskank Elisa Kreisinger (Simmons) PornVidActress Hillary Carter (Substitute teacher at Bright Start Academy)

Arzun Thapa (Minnesota State University Moorhead) Adda Ramli (Senior Executive at Bank Negara Malaysia) Kai Wu (Harvard) Lekha Tummalapalli (Harvard) Law Ware Oklahoma State Chase Russell (Harvard) yellowWhore Josephine Tsui (SOAS) Rux Paul (Harvard) STDskank Elisa Henderson Parker (Nevada City, California) Alexandra Bell (Harvard)

http://lenachen2011.blogspot.com/2011/11/jobless-lena-chens-manic-tumbling.html Ifedayo Olufemi Kuye (Harvard)

nigWhore Jazabel Jade (Brown Girls Burlesque: Broad Squad Institute)

DUMBcunt Amanda Van Slyke (Edmunton Alberta,

Bellerose Composite High School)

Blog: www.amandavanslyke.com

Twitter: www.twitter.com/flurtsite

Email: vanslykea@hotmail.com


(ooh...someone should tell a few peeps about pornsurfingSkank

Amanda Van Slyke:

Rosella Eleanor LaFevre from MLTS Magazine - 267-918-9789

Donna Barker from Cariwest - 780-906-2682

Christie Lavan from the ACWS- 780-456-7000)


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Date: January 13th, 2012 4:36 PM
Author: vibrant half-breed stage

would you fuck lena chen


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Date: January 13th, 2012 4:39 PM
Author: stimulating ratface

"my balls" parody of "my dick" > "my clit" or "my vag" versions