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Scientists don't really understand what causes people to drown    06/30/16  (1)
There is literally not a single remarkably intelligent person remaining here    06/30/16  (15)
Investor: don't stay busy--stay productive.    06/30/16  (3)
Holding nyuug by the ankles and "wheelbarrowing" him around in public    06/30/16  (5)
Nyuug licks boba out of my asshole    06/30/16  (2)
"Mom! What did you do with my Big Dog shirt? I've got a meeting!" askav lisped    06/30/16  (2)
Really wish there were some long boring threads about politics to read    06/30/16  (1)
Why are so many millenials with college degrees living at home?    06/30/16  (2)
Just watched 5 minutes of ESPN for the first time in a long time    06/30/16  (5)
Taking a week off work to visit Seahawks training camp (evan39)    06/30/16  (7)
Forcing gf to call me Daddy in front of people. Unadulterated 180    06/30/16  (2)
Hypo: Hillary loses by 50 voters in Florida    06/30/16  (2)
The Jew is purposefully using the goy to distrust the mainstream media    06/30/16  (19)
Rate these Nazi soldiers breaking into Jewish homes in Germany    06/30/16  (156)
Why do Jews bring up irrelevant points in arguments to try to win    06/30/16  (17)
Why haven't "tech" morons "disrupted" the garbage industry yet?    06/30/16  (2)
James Joyce Jr ever sniffed the inside of a womans sleeping bag after a camping    06/30/16  (3)
Israel is a Jewish state. It's not a "democracy" & not U.S. main ally    06/30/16  (22)
33 yr old biglaw shrew retires to travel the world    06/30/16  (55)
Hulk Hogan is holding a "Royal Rumble" for Gawker writers. Winner keeps job    06/30/16  (2)
Do 1 hit wonder bands realize that they've already peaked?    06/30/16  (6)
Tina Fey plays the same character in every movie/show. Makes billions. LJL    06/30/16  (2)
Rate my ass in a thong (evan39)    06/30/16  (10)
Genie Bouchard is playing in a tiny white skirt thing with her ass hanging out    06/30/16  (2)
"Damn daddy..." lisped askav huskily as Darnell's mushroom head slipped in    06/30/16  (30)
"Damn daddy, this wasn't in the contract," lisped CGM as Darnell pumped away    06/30/16  (8)
Ever seen Fedex and UPS guys in the same room? Can you imagine the tension    06/30/16  (10)
Just did my grocery shopping on Rollerblades. Got done in record time    06/30/16  (7)
Thai girl got a BONER as I fucked her. U jealous cumskins??    06/30/16  (12)
i see thousands of office workers commuting to work on rollerblades now    06/30/16  (22)
Why are most female Olympians very, very young? Why male Olympians are    06/30/16  (23)
Why didnt we get Iraqi and Afghan kids playing baseball and football?    06/30/16  (5)
Not a big "politics" guy but all the libs on this board seem stupid as fuck    06/30/16  (7)
Tommy where'd u take mom 4 mothers day brunch owait ur family disowned u nvmd    06/30/16  (105)
There are hundreds of Jimmy John's locations in Iraq    06/30/16  (2)
Why did Nazis tattoo their prisoners if they were just planning to kill them all    06/30/16  (43)
I know a white girl whose going to Pakistan to visit inlaws    06/30/16  (3)
Wife complains that I masturbate too much.    06/30/16  (1)
Wife demanding I call her vagina "Baltimore CVS."    06/30/16  (47)
what is the CREDITED BIGLAW PORTFOLIO?    06/30/16  (3)
is McKayla going to the 2016 rio olympics???    06/30/16  (27)
quit low stress dead-end 150k job for ausa?    06/30/16  (4)
Rate this Iranian couple (SFW)    06/30/16  (25)
How could you prevent your teen daughter from posting pics like this?    06/30/16  (17)
the LinkedIn news feed has become a truly bizarre place    06/30/16  (41)
A 9th yr biglaw associate returning home at 11pm to obese white wife    06/30/16  (9)
Why does the media call blacks "teens"?    06/30/16  (11)
Istanbul bombing was probably carried out by the KGB    06/30/16  (1)
Pregnant gf fucked my mom + aunt. I'm "boning" them tonight, I'm seething    06/30/16  (3)
I am in the office spray-painting left-wing agitprop on the walls    06/30/16  (8)
Jerry: "Well, Rick, I went to GULC and I turned out just fine."    06/30/16  (10)
Global capitalism may be giving me a RECTAL RAMPAGE this weekend    06/30/16  (1)
Why don't boxers bounce off the ropes like pro wrestlers. Do a running punch?    06/30/16  (8)
I know dozens of chicks in their early 20 and all are in Europe right now    06/30/16  (35)
Nigel Farage pwns shitlibs in post-Brexit EU gathering    06/30/16  (6)
Movie idea: a superhero who is a pantycuck Jew tennis fan lawyer    06/30/16  (2)
Whats nee and good on the web? Everything is the same shit everywhere    06/30/16  (1)
evan39 many posters here are incredibly rude to me and nasty    06/30/16  (6)
People still post on newsgroups.. Crazy    06/30/16  (1)
Holy shit, forum dude made 900k today on forex (link)    06/30/16  (7)
Vanessa Carlton and Michelle Branch are both turning 40 this year    06/30/16  (1)
Travelling to NYC to meet my bro first time in 3 yrs; wearing THIS t-shirt (imag    06/30/16  (2)
Obama announces designation of first mosque in America as a National Monument    06/30/16  (11)
#GrowingUpHispanic is trending #1 on Twitter now    06/29/16  (6)
"Bangarang!" yelped nyuug in quivering falsetto as Darnell's cock sprang forth    06/29/16  (2)
Darnell: "In your ass, right?" MarioM: "U betta belee dat!!"    06/29/16  (350)
Is the Ace Ventura movie considered too transphobic to be shown on TV today?    06/29/16  (1)
And I said, do you come from a Place called Pounder's?    06/29/16  (62)
God help me I'm actually enjoying marking up this diligence schedule    06/29/16  (8)
have you heard of Tom Leykis    06/29/16  (14)
Prank idea: pretend to be gay and fuck actual gays from Grindr and Craigslist    06/29/16  (8)
10 Reasons Amy Schumer Is A Better Comic Than George Carlin (Buzzfeed)    06/29/16  (26)
Sim Glitch: No Happy Hour in Boston. What type of bullshit is that?    06/29/16  (5)
Judge Easterbrook is de man    06/29/16  (23)
Lifting. Beer. Steak. Work all night on diligence schedule. FUCKLIBS    06/29/16  (3)
Farting so loud Stone Cold's entrance music starts playing    06/29/16  (6)
300 Biglaw associates told to stay put on Ferry. "Will do, than    06/29/16  (95)
***DEVASTATING*** pro-Trump ad by the N.R.A.    06/29/16  (36)
Prime Minister's Questions next Wednesday at noon    06/29/16  (13)
Ski resort changes runs to "diamonds of color" after social media backlash (link    06/29/16  (3)
Girls are wearing QR codes on their swimsuits now that link to their instagram (    06/29/16  (13)
Go to any city in the US. MEXICANS EVERYWHERE    06/29/16  (27)
Settle a debate: Is it Strike outs or Strikes out?    06/29/16  (14)
Anyone have to take the Uber Analytics Test for managers?    06/29/16  (13)
1st girlfriend pawned her "promise ring" for Linkin Park tickets    06/29/16  (1)
Give us your phone number so we can secure your account hehe    06/29/16  (4)
obama leaving office: "i was born in kenya, faggots."    06/29/16  (56)
Dozens of azn girl analysts who speak french and studied in paris    06/29/16  (1)
Did your house allow Mario Kart 64 shortcuts?    06/29/16  (9)
"No mom! My start-up!" askav shrieked lispily as she took down his blanket fort    06/29/16  (33)
When is the last time you bought a phone "app"?    06/29/16  (5)
Ever hit someone with a steel chair?    06/29/16  (12)
LJL at getting a mortgage. Buy all cash or RENT    06/29/16  (24)
Movie idea: mid 20s travel shrew who solves crimes    06/29/16  (10)
Can someone explain why World's Strongest Man winner is always white?    06/29/16  (6)
Loophole in Florida domestic violence law allows men to kick gf/wife (link)    06/29/16  (1)
Tip: buy real estate in Tirol Italy, it will secede and be the next Switzerland    06/29/16  (6)
Only 3 weeks til the NFL regular season kicks off    06/29/16  (1)
"Scientists" aren't even really sure that bacteria exists (link)    06/29/16  (1)
Working on car in my garage, drinking a beer, AC/DC on stereo, weaing panties    06/29/16  (10)
Ever seen a woman try to chop wood? No way Lizzie Borden killed her parents    06/29/16  (1)
Concerned Dad Here, tp is featured on The Blaze (NOT FLAME)    06/29/16  (8)
askav's shitpipe is a smoldering crater after damn daddy tp's recent work    06/29/16  (5)
Trumpmo's really grab on to any poll showing him not losing badly to Clinton    06/29/16  (4)
Top 163 player on Clash of Clans on the US, how prestigious?    06/29/16  (80)
Hollywood isn't too white; it's too Jewish    06/29/16  (106)
Stereotypes about the following colleges: Sarah Lawrence, Skidmore, Wesleyan?    06/29/16  (10)
Joint Bookrunners escaping HSBC water tower, prancing like animaniacs    06/29/16  (1)
"Joint bookrunners," Indy wailed. "Why'd it have to be joint bookrunners?"    06/29/16  (2)
Compound interest is like magic! he chirped as the nuclear bomb melted his skin    06/29/16  (40)
"Mulder, I-" "I know, Scully. Joint book runners are extinct. But explain this."    06/29/16  (2)
Mayor, I know it's tourist season, but close the beach! There's a joint book run    06/29/16  (4)
"It was the joint bookrunner wasn't it?" "Yes, as a matter of fact, it was."    06/29/16  (2)
Assault on Precinct 13 theme plays as joint book runners besiege satellite offic    06/29/16  (2)
gonna start using brexit as justification for adding off-market provisions to    06/29/16  (3)
"Wait, we're using the '92 ISDA, right?" The color drained from the junior assoc    06/29/16  (7)
At 9am all provisions will be market for 12 hrs. Thank for participating in the    06/29/16  (2)
"Tell that asshole at Citi he's not assigning SHIT without getting a dealer rep!    06/29/16  (4)
Can't get past the Joint BookRunnerz gang in Manhunt    06/29/16  (1)
Rate these 2 cheerful girls    06/29/16  (7)
oh boy im already up doing DUE DILIGENCE shoot me in the head plz    06/29/16  (2)
Terrorist Attack Unfolding in Istanbul    06/29/16  (3)
A ton of conspiracy theorists believe Maine doesn't exist (link)    06/29/16  (3)
PSA: thigh gap = loose as fuck pussy    06/29/16  (8)
Mother and NOT her daughter    06/29/16  (1)
Anyone hope lots of retarded sportcucks get got in Brazil for the Olympics    06/29/16  (1)
I'm thinking it would be cr to have 2 seperate houses next door to each other    06/29/16  (2)
Rate this 19yo Pomona College chick I fucked last night    06/29/16  (42)
I'm all done with the web. Sick of it. Just gave my ipad to a homeless    06/29/16  (1)
whokebe mewling like a kitten as Jinx pleasures his shitpipe    06/29/16  (17)
Rate these two 16yo chicks chilling by the lake    06/29/16  (9)
I literally want to kill self when I'm not busy at work. WTF do you people do?    06/28/16  (29)
*bends nyuug over and otherizes him until his ass bleeds*    06/28/16  (1)
Chilmata calling me "Daddy" while I molest his asshole w/ feather duster    06/28/16  (4)
Tons of parties, people getting blasted every night    06/28/16  (49)
Question for :Daddy - is algae omega 3 as good as fish oil? Is it "vegetarian"    06/28/16  (4)
UConn's "Mac-n-cheese boy" arrested again    06/28/16  (1)
this song is my summer 2016 song    06/28/16  (2)
Honestly, taking vacations as a deal lawyer is more stressful than fun    06/28/16  (1)
Has everyone gotten their time in? We are going to send a bill. Thank    06/28/16  (1)
Bar takers, how are you enjoying your summer days before you start studying?    06/28/16  (2)
UK: "Rate me as a nation" S&P: "AA"    06/28/16  (7)
Want more proof that The Daily Stormer is the shit now? Check it out!    06/28/16  (5)
Behind every good woman is a devoted cuckold.    06/28/16  (3)
Glad to see the Trump madness is finally beginning to subside.    06/28/16  (10)
Before getting married, have an honest talk with your future wife about exes.    06/28/16  (9)
Turdbusters following a trail of papaya juice slime to TT's lair    06/28/16  (1)
"Objection, daddy! Leading the witness." "Overruled, daddy."    06/28/16  (3)
so XO is in constant swing between gay sex fantasies & hyperpolitical drivel?    06/28/16  (28)

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