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archetypical early millenial 1) Movie 2) Band 3) TV Show 4) US Politician    04/01/23  (2)
Trump appointed judge blocks Tennessee drag show ban    04/01/23  (23)
Has emaciated dullard "scp" posted any good takedowns of cali posters lately?    04/01/23  (3)
In Chula Vista, just drove by the Three's Company apartment    04/01/23  (3)
Just pulled off a massive April Fool's day prank on an A-list celeb (CSLG)    04/01/23  (32)
Bay Area lawmaker defends 'creepy dystopia' tweet    04/01/23  (7)
Ted Nugent to Kyle Rittenhouse: Michelle Obama is a man & her kids are adopted    04/01/23  (13)
Journalist thought her bf of ten years was gonna propose. Nope trans coming out    04/01/23  (2)
2+ hour sex sessions with wife. Full on dick in pussy for the entire time.    04/01/23  (183)
*Trump walks up w electric guitar* "jews did 9/11", he squawks through talk box    04/01/23  (29)
Redditor successfully shrinks his penis into an actual irl chode    04/01/23  (3)
ChatGPT just makes case law up if you ask it for cites, wtf    04/01/23  (71)
What is the archetypical Gen-X 1) Movie 2) Band 3) TV Show 4) US Politician    04/01/23  (35)
Rate this pic of Michelle Obama, Lori Lightfoot, and Ilhan Omar    04/01/23  (46)
"Nice dick." "Uh, thanks."    04/01/23  (6)
"This is my penis," said Doobs, finally breaking the silence.    04/01/23  (80)
Paramount releasing digitally altered Major League 1&2 w/ no Indians    04/01/23  (4)
If you like it then you better put a sleeve on it, if you like it then you bette    04/01/23  (71)
I haven't even cummed in months. I'm so gay.    04/01/23  (6)
I can see Cleary now Paul Hastings gone    04/01/23  (45)
Check out this girl's hula hoop skills    04/01/23  (2)
RATE my lunch today (TSINAH)    04/01/23  (15)
Should Tump be charged in connection with Operation Warpspeed    04/01/23  (3)
Kenny has such a preposterous name    04/01/23  (12)
George III Rex and the Liberties of America; No Popery    04/01/23  (3)
I, for one, LOVE 32 year old women with thigh tattoos    04/01/23  (5)
imgur is such astroturfed lib trash it's unreal    04/01/23  (16)
OpenAI's "Whisper" is astonishingly good (TSINAH)    04/01/23  (28)
Biglaw book of business and pay    04/01/23  (2)
KENNY NUMBAH ONE <holds up large red foam finger>    04/01/23  (1)
Every “Muslim” in Congress celebrated Trans Awareness Day    04/01/23  (1)
Got into a fist fight at the gym with the gym owner    04/01/23  (7)
Reminder: if you listened to TBF in last 48 hours you lost all your money lol    04/01/23  (52)
“Yeezy will lead the Redneck Revolution and unite my people!” - TBF    04/01/23  (63)
kenny's mom unable to pronounce his surname    04/01/23  (4)
No load refused at epah's house today!    04/01/23  (3)
"Don't wash your dick," RSF said as I set down my gym bag.    04/01/23  (320)
Rate new CIA diversity equity & inclusion director    04/01/23  (12)
If you mock/defame/threaten kenny, ur trash    04/01/23  (1)
Dick Kenny down and you'll never have another shitmodded thread.    04/01/23  (2)
holy shit guy fucks duck, splits it in two, chops off his own cock still in duck    04/01/23  (10)
Wife made partner    04/01/23  (79)
kenny garbaged the thread where he asks people to stop calling him azn    04/01/23  (18)
Does anyone have a template for a web server and stuff for AWS    04/01/23  (16)
caitlin clark from wholesome des moines iowa taking SEC scalps 1 by 1    04/01/23  (1)
A mandoline is the most underrated kitchen appliance    04/01/23  (4)
NO DBG SATURDAY    04/01/23  (79)
kenny's mom blowing a white guy    04/01/23  (1)
watch this crazy video of skiier shoveling out snowboarder trapped in tree well    04/01/23  (15)
can someone tell me what all of this plastic is in the reflection on this car?    04/01/23  (8)
Studies have shown that you're a nigger    04/01/23  (5)
Rank: Glencoe, Winnetka, Highland Park, Kenilworth, Evanston, etc.    04/01/23  (3)
*OFFICIAL SUCCESSION S04 01 THREAD*    04/01/23  (49)
I wanna see uncensored vid of the tranny shooting, i wanna see her head explode    04/01/23  (5)
which escort tonight?    04/01/23  (9)
Professor says no difference between male, female skeletons, is laughed at (link    04/01/23  (8)
Video game consoles by area of law    04/01/23  (1)
ITT we recount famous two word xo phrases. I’ll start with the most famous:    04/01/23  (132)
‘Modern day attacks on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion policies in higher educ    04/01/23  (1)
Paper towels.    04/01/23  (1)
Ricky I'm back on the iced coffee and sleeping 4 hrs per night    04/01/23  (8)
Threads I have noticed that Kenny nuked (ongoing list)    04/01/23  (22)
Which Big Ten school sucks the most? Nebraska or Rutgers?    04/01/23  (15)
Is it true that Moses & the Old Testament people weren't Jews?    04/01/23  (1)
MASE has your alabama trailer park survived all these tornadoes?    04/01/23  (4)
RSF’s work on Flytr - 12/11/02 to 12/11/02    04/01/23  (5)
"Don't wash your vagina," I said as I watched the cheesy puss oozing from gash.    04/01/23  (1)
Even bill gates daughter hooked on BBC    04/01/23  (18)
OK guys I admit it, and an idiot who has been wrong about everything (TBF)    04/01/23  (4)
Rightwingers are getting so absolutely turbomogged and styled on that it's almos    04/01/23  (2)
ITT we recount famous three word xo phrases. I’ll start with the most famous:    04/01/23  (36)
Poaster convicted of using Cheggit    04/01/23  (1)
escort told me I had a nice dick    04/01/23  (19)
Anyone in their late 30’s depressed about their Height ?    04/01/23  (16)
My favorite diet/workout YouTuber had a psychotic break    04/01/23  (6)
FLW melting down on Shabbos.    04/01/23  (2)
Consuela is 180    04/01/23  (2)
she mock dat (ungh) she defame dat (unghhh) she threaten dat (ahhhhhhh)    04/01/23  (17)
"April fools," quipped the PR associate on behalf of a PE owned corporation    04/01/23  (2)
he double shoes it    04/01/23  (3)
he mock dat ahhhhh / he defame dat ahhhhh / he threaten that ahhhhh    04/01/23  (6)
Yuge surprise: Dominion software in Floyd County GA "missed" 7% of county's vote    04/01/23  (3)
azn male posters LOVE posting about BBC, why?    04/01/23  (1)
i basically look like the Engineer in Prometheus but Tan and with Hair    04/01/23  (3)
WTF did Jonathan Majors' attorney release these text messages    04/01/23  (9)
The most trans person I know had the parents that tried the hardest to stop her    04/01/23  (85)
Why isn't Obeezy spending time with his family or playing pickup hockey?    04/01/23  (10)
Tried Sermoreline last night, slept 10 hours    04/01/23  (1)
OK I admit it, I’m a Jewish trust fund baby (RSF)    04/01/23  (1)
LA or San Diego?    04/01/23  (7)
Lol FLW, just lol.    04/01/23  (6)
/* /* /* UKRAINE HAS THE "VALYRIAN STEEL SWORD" IN HAND /* /* /*    04/01/23  (49)
ChatGPT will save xoxohth!    04/01/23  (1)
rate this poast of TBF blowing himself the fuck out (hint its 180)    04/01/23  (57)
To Be Fair using "solid Telegram channels" to find a food bank in his area    04/01/23  (2)
I said something retarded? Well i guess bitcoin never went up in value once -TBF    04/01/23  (2)
Taking Soo CR bubble bath Qs from NYC (RSF)    04/01/23  (64)
TBF using his "diamond hands" to pick food out of 7/11 dumpster    04/01/23  (34)
“The Coast Guard is not DOD so they aren’t military”    04/01/23  (6)
Someone needs to smash “To Be Fair”’s head into a paste    04/01/23  (82)
is it CR to store my resume and cover letters for other jobs on my firm laptop?    04/01/23  (2)
It's like a sausage factory in here, mumbles your dick as you enter tinderella    04/01/23  (2)
Why hasn’t that stupid cunt TBF posted about Russia lately?    04/01/23  (2)
/* /* PUTIN IS A "DEAD MAN WALKING" (LINK) (OFFICIAL) (REALLY THIS TIME) /* /*    04/01/23  (10)
*RSF relaxes face muscles, dons Yarmulke* APRIL FOOLS! of course i’m a jew    04/01/23  (5)
Taking mentally ill Soo CR BUBBLEBATH questions (RSF)    04/01/23  (1)
GJR: I’d rip your panties off and lick you for hours    04/01/23  (2)
i've been doing therapy for nearly a year & it's fucking worthless    04/01/23  (3)
Libs seem to have zero friends; I don't know any lonely conservatives    04/01/23  (27)
I think I found cowgod's youtube. guy uses chat gpt to discuss morrowind    04/01/23  (1)
CNBC: Tipping is out of control    04/01/23  (1)
Delonte West fit, sober and working out with Cavs for roster spot.    04/01/23  (5)
*kenny’s bowlcut rising over the pacific ocean at 6am*    04/01/23  (8)
Saw a dude driving a convertible, top down with 4 golden retrievers in it    04/01/23  (3)
any good april fools day articles today, havnt seen any    04/01/23  (9)
Anthropologist tells class there is no difference in male vs female bone structu    04/01/23  (2)
Rate this high stats kid and the TTTs he got accepted to    04/01/23  (90)
tried to walk to remote peaceful rural cabin- FBI guys in shades blocked my path    04/01/23  (5)
71 year old actress files lawsuit re topless film from 1968    04/01/23  (74)
Gen Z OJ Simpson saying his glove "fits different"    04/01/23  (19)
the white race is dying    04/01/23  (13)
Should I take a heroic dose of ayahuasca in a sensory deprivation tank?    04/01/23  (3)
Posters who brag about sex with their wives: let's chuckle at these dweebs    04/01/23  (9)
The next generation of 'men' will have cam to age playing Minecraft, vaping    04/01/23  (32)
the only reason i trudge through this hell hole of a life is 4 julia panty pics    04/01/23  (4)
TSINAH now admitted to Michigan Bar. lmao @ haters saying C&F would disqualify    04/01/23  (3)
Mock, Defame, Threaten (to the tune of Gucci, Louis, Prada)    04/01/23  (1)
Trannies are literally demonic, trying to trick God    04/01/23  (2)
if u injure/threaten/intimidate Democrat voters ur trash    04/01/23  (3)
Family Law: Child Custody and Visitation Orders Involving Gender-Affirming Healt    04/01/23  (3)
Ricky, fully nude and in tribal tats, infusing lex with ayahuasca at the ICU    04/01/23  (8)
sp: Sorry for what I've done. Never again. sp jr: Really? sp: APRIL FOOL'S.    04/01/23  (1)
"This is my rock bottom," the shitlawyer sighs as he gets on a call w/ spaceporn    04/01/23  (8)
i like the way u mock, i like the way u defame, suzy q    04/01/23  (3)
I'm 5'11.5"    04/01/23  (20)
Ricky injecting tren while taking handful of phenibut and lsd tabs    04/01/23  (3)
Where did American Fakeness come from?    04/01/23  (33)
Jesus BAP is actually Jewish    04/01/23  (81)
Girlfriend is always talking about her ex.    04/01/23  (11)
not JM. NIGGER RAPER tp.    04/01/23  (2)
Coffee is a great distraction from depression, but makes anxiety 10x worse    04/01/23  (27)
do the "engineers" from prometheus have height privilege?    04/01/23  (14)
"AutoAdmit?" Rach says. "AutoAdmit, like, XO? It shut down in 2007."    04/01/23  (48)
Rate Chad Ochocinco's block on Ray Lewis    04/01/23  (4)
Tried KFC double down today. It was honestly delicious    04/01/23  (6)
RATE the latest development in degenerate Jewish "art":    04/01/23  (1)
i don’t get out of bed when i don’t have to anymore    04/01/23  (2)
Bob Seger: "Postin' with the Night Crew.... Tryin to make some awkward autist ne    04/01/23  (34)
Hilarious how faggy the "EV Car Guys" are    04/01/23  (1)
The tranny poster is one of the worst things to happen to this shithole    04/01/23  (37)

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