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What did Scrooge do for a living?    12/10/23  (2)
WaPo: To Fight Antisemitism on Campus, We Must Restrict Speech    12/10/23  (76)
karlstack is 180. fuck all u weirdo azn dorks who drove him away.    12/10/23  (1)
The world as clique and phenotype    12/10/23  (3)
Jermaine Johnson in a relationship with Brooke Sloan    12/10/23  (3)
Some weird loser has a Youtube channel full of videos of HS beach volleyball gam    12/10/23  (11)
Elon just tweeted about phenotypes and consoles, wtf?    12/10/23  (4)
What's going on FK    12/10/23  (4)
Trump pussied out and won’t testify tomorrow. LOL.    12/10/23  (2)
New Elon tweet: "TSINAH is pure shit people"    12/10/23  (2)
Supposed to go to Myanmar in a week, there's attacks in Yangon now hmmmmm    12/10/23  (6)
Karlstack has gone up 1k followers since last night    12/10/23  (15)
I miss going for runs with him, especially when he wore MESH SHORTS    12/10/23  (9)
Harbaugh has been sign stealing at Michigan for years, NCAA ban hammer coming:    12/10/23  (429)
YouTube Mesh Shorts    12/10/23  (4)
French police arrest 80 liberal men (link)    12/10/23  (1)
Threesome ends up being 1on1 with best friends gf    12/10/23  (5)
Anglin name-drops CXII    12/10/23  (53)
How do I get a Xmas gift for girl I’m smitten with without being Beta    12/10/23  (17)
Pedo State hires Dylan Mulvaney as new spokesman (link)    12/10/23  (1)
New Chevy ad is a throwback to white America    12/10/23  (1)
I am frying a turkey for the first time. I am a little scared.    12/10/23  (4)
I am officially switching Substack teams from consuela to Karlstack    12/10/23  (3)
Karlstack just published a hitpiece against jews on the Daily Stormer!    12/10/23  (2)
EPAH to deliver closing arguments in CD Cal next Thursday    12/10/23  (38)
Is flying the confederate flag racist?    12/10/23  (17)
So "Bernie Sanders" was some fake CIA stooge? Or was he working for Russia?    12/10/23  (2)
The YouTube Shorts to OnlyFans pipeline    12/10/23  (3)
Karlstack and Rufo team up for new claim of President Gay plagiarism    12/10/23  (14)
2023 Middle Class Income Brackets    12/10/23  (34)
having a 180 kike moniker is truly a game changer    12/10/23  (6)
Iowa man stabs priest to death in Nebraska church    12/10/23  (4)
Haney 120-107 x 3 over Prograis    12/10/23  (4)
I would sooner eat trash from a dumpster than put my mouth on a “vagina”    12/10/23  (8)
ive been thinking about how im gonna kill my neigbors dog this wknd    12/10/23  (4)
BONK is killing it…..want to killself    12/10/23  (46)
Rate 40 year old Alison Brie in a tiny bikini    12/10/23  (61)
Finally got BARRIER working what the fuck    12/10/23  (2)
Bethesda's Game Design Was Outdated a Decade Ago (Starfield is bad)    12/10/23  (6)
if patriarchy really existed the average woman would be a virgin at marriage    12/10/23  (1)
Sucking his cock before we start fucking    12/10/23  (2)
Sam Hyde gets asked about XO over stream    12/10/23  (231)
frothing raging kike absolutely LOSING IT online tp    12/10/23  (5)
Sex with men for the transmission of philosophical ideas    12/10/23  (5)
Vivek just promised to release Epstein client list on X    12/10/23  (41)
TSINAH Are You Really Engaged? You've Had A "Fiancee" Forever    12/10/23  (36)
cowshit Lost the Gen. he hasn’t fully come to terms with this yet.    12/10/23  (5)
need tommy turdskin to generate some "luis navidad" stable diffusion pics ASAP    12/10/23  (4)
BAPs twitter feed is literally gayer than scrolling through GRINDR    12/10/23  (2)
New startup selling Peter Pan type hats raises $100m    12/10/23  (7)
ban nyuug    12/10/23  (5)
WaPo: To Fight Antisemitism, We Must Holocaust All Non-Jews    12/10/23  (2)
In Africa zoomers would be dismembered and turned into money spells    12/10/23  (5)
Hezbollah calls out Israeli Soldiers for wearing DIAPERS (not flame)    12/10/23  (1)
The GameCube was the most aesthetic console    12/10/23  (25)
Trump to appoint KUSHNER to pick his Cabinet staff for 2nd term    12/10/23  (20)
"I can't date you! I'm your dad's girlfriend's daughter!"    12/10/23  (1)
"But Dad, what is he even "stacking?" "Beheaded Jewish babies"    12/10/23  (1)
how much $$$ is wasted on keeping obese people alive?    12/10/23  (1)
you let us shut down your churches for a fake virus lol    12/10/23  (1)
Don me now my gay apparel (Earl)    12/10/23  (42)
Sam Hyde Chimerizing GJR's DNA    12/10/23  (2)
how triggered are cumskins by this picture??    12/10/23  (2)
Sam Hyde dominated GJR    12/10/23  (12)
"I Dream of Penie" starring Larry Hagman and Bboom    12/10/23  (2)
an untimely but merciful death before I hit age 40 is my last remaining respite    12/10/23  (4)
Cocktail sauce makes my shit stink    12/10/23  (2)
half-smoked zhongnanhai dangles limply from FizzKid's mouth as she chops charsiu    12/10/23  (11)
Jacksonville Jaguars employee Amit "Alpha" Patel steals $22 million from team    12/10/23  (21)
What, precisely, is a safe space?    12/10/23  (25)
Cut my brief into pieces, this is my last retort    12/10/23  (6)
Political test:) do you support Israel? 2) do you support Ukraine?    12/10/23  (40)
Why MAGA People Don’t Need Safe Spaces    12/10/23  (35)
the devil setting aside 6 millions spots in hell for jews    12/10/23  (5)
TommyT rate these cities: Tokyo, Singapore, Jakarta, Bangkok, Seoul, Ho Chi Minh    12/10/23  (3)
luis and I have each other for secret santa    12/10/23  (5)
leave the world behind was a shit waste of time movie    12/10/23  (3)
seriously please ban nyuug i'm so sick of this    12/10/23  (6)
Describe how big a scumbag a guy must be to sleep with 100+women    12/10/23  (70)
she aint yo girl, it just ur turn    12/10/23  (1)
Rach PLEASE ban nyuug    12/10/23  (5)
I'd like to formally advance a motion to ban nyuug. Seriously. Go away.    12/10/23  (25)
can someone just ban nyuug pls    12/10/23  (6)
Can someone just ban nyuug    12/10/23  (8)
I wounldve filled Lucille Ball with cum 24/7    12/10/23  (3)
petition to ban nyuug    12/10/23  (6)
I fucked my bf's best friend.    12/10/23  (1)
Sticky: Petition to BAN NYUUG    12/10/23  (36)
mods: this is a great opportunity to ban nyuug.    12/10/23  (17)
petition to ban nyuug from posting    12/10/23  (7)
can someone just ban nyuug and uvt    12/10/23  (6)
Can we ban NYUUG for deleting his pics all the fucking time    12/10/23  (4)
“That ain’t right...that ain’t right...” (Trucker fleeing peterman’s s    12/10/23  (29)
Sam Hyde drilling GJR's tiny body    12/10/23  (4)
Aflac: "Mr. Peterman, we don't insure, umm... *squints* boiholes.."    12/10/23  (18)
Make a Wish foundation denying Peterman's disgusting request    12/10/23  (119)
Doobs will have a 20+ year career on the lots. Peterman will be lucky to last 5.    12/10/23  (129)
Ronda Rousey lost to Holly Holm over 8 years ago. God damn. Where has time gone?    12/10/23  (7)
TSINAH wait is your fiancée preggers already? Congrats!! 🎉    12/10/23  (5)
Peterman limping to clinic after "Flying J Doorbuster Sale" goes horribly wrong    12/10/23  (36)
doobs mom: "little doobsy is so funny. he asked for a bear for christmas! haha."    12/10/23  (1)
"just keep going; the blood will clot in a few minutes" (peterman)    12/10/23  (42)
*Peterman stopping Three Wise Men on way to Jesus* "You guys wanna party?"    12/10/23  (93)
*peterman doing sultry rendition of "Santa Baby" to 345 lb trucker w/Santa beard    12/10/23  (21)
Serious question nyuug, why are you poasting on a law chat board?    12/10/23  (27)
Donna Adelson not enjoying jail. TICK TOCK Wendi. TICK TOCK. The bell tolls for    12/10/23  (27)
Santa, absolutely horrified, by what Peterman did to get on his Naughty List.    12/10/23  (1)
In any case, kill yourself    12/10/23  (1)
i feel like slicing and carving up someones body into pieces in a tub today    12/10/23  (7)
Nothing can fuck me like I fuck myself. I’m fucking myself now.    12/10/23  (2)
It's all boring retarded shit. Whole board sucks. No content.    12/10/23  (6)
At law school “Pre Orientation” right now    12/10/23  (7)
Do ugly women struggle to find high quality men for committed relationships?    12/10/23  (4)
Hooked a Ukrainian refugee family up with sick Jets tickets today.    12/10/23  (13)
Sam Hyde really mounted his gut on GJRs ass and pumped some of his dna into her?    12/10/23  (12)
Trial hack: have a case worth taking to trial, not a pile of shit that's DOA    12/10/23  (10)
Spic delivery food goblinas now make $30/hr in NYC    12/10/23  (10)
I’m self contained. I’m perfect. I fuck myself. My smell satisfies me, fucks    12/10/23  (1)
Bill Ackman drops a Karlstack link    12/10/23  (74)
ITT: We poast our funko stacks.    12/10/23  (8)
Vivek takes a piss on Twitter livestream with Alex Jones    12/10/23  (1)
ITT: We poast our crypto stacks.    12/10/23  (45)
WTF was Reagan doing in Granada?    12/10/23  (20)
Anyone else here like smooth jazz (c-jazz)?    12/10/23  (7)
I really enjoyed the board colloquium on medical torture last night    12/10/23  (3)
Scumbag Consoles    12/10/23  (9)
Conductor does cool rendition of music first played by Auschwitz Symphony Orches    12/10/23  (4)
A frank and uncomfortably long conversation about your asshole    12/10/23  (2)
raquel welch died from butt cancer just like farrah fawcett, both are buttsluts    12/10/23  (6)
what's worse: butt cancer (like farrah fawcett, the buttslut) or throat cancer    12/10/23  (2)
Comedy studios keep releasing the Same Hyde.    12/10/23  (6)
How do people not burn out of BIGLAW by age 40?    12/10/23  (21)
rate this boomer yt comment with 143 upvotes    12/10/23  (74)
In the early days of radio, people got killed by their equipment all the time    12/10/23  (1)
The biggest FUCK YOU to modernity: posting on xo. having kids. crypto.    12/10/23  (14)
Alex Jones Claims Aliens Want to Make Humans Into 'Cyborg Slaves of Satan'    12/10/23  (39)
assuming the holocaust wasn't a hoax i'd rather die in a camp then be in a gulag    12/10/23  (2)
"these guys are based af ngl" MASE watching Incel Nazi documentary    12/10/23  (31)
Squid game reality show is pretty good if you skip all the backstory    12/10/23  (3)
I fucked my bf's best friend. This is how it went    12/10/23  (2)
i have ~$6k in free cash right now. what's the best short-term investment?    12/10/23  (17)
My ranking of top classical pianists    12/10/23  (85)
i waited all thru high school for my tits to grow but I just graduated so I gues    12/10/23  (6)
"Oh the NIGGER outside is frightful"    12/10/23  (207)
Ukraine is losing 20k men per month    12/10/23  (1)
Looking at AMC+ app.. 5 of their 10 shows are Walking Dead spinoffs lol    12/10/23  (2)
So GOP is 100% behind Israel without dissent?    12/10/23  (19)
Where are the stats that show <99% of businesses are run by illegal cartels?    12/10/23  (1)
who the fuck is Same Hyde    12/10/23  (19)

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