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Groups of indian men have ruined the nude beach    05/25/24  (13)
XO like Antiquity in that half the work ascribed to an author is a disciple's    05/25/24  (5)
if Isreal only targeted Hamas fighters and spared kids would ppl be less mad?    05/25/24  (6)
Rate this tiny little drone taking out an orc nest (vid)    05/25/24  (3)
Sitting in the shade in the backyard with my 5yo son. Weber Kettle going.    05/25/24  (1)
I can do pretty much whatever I want.    05/25/24  (18)
US now major LNG supplier for EU, have $250bn in foreign military sales    05/25/24  (1)
Xbox Series X still hasn’t outsold Saturn X|S still behind N64    05/25/24  (18)
why again does US middle class have to bankroll israel/gaza & ukraine/ussr    05/25/24  (41)
feds: Hunter's laptop is real and it's spectacular. (i need more chore boy)    05/25/24  (22)
Just bought 4 Big Mac meals for my son and his friends    05/25/24  (14)
Involvement with this site is leading to my physical demise    05/25/24  (2)
why again is DNC deathly afraid of sitting POTUS biden debating w ppl present    05/25/24  (4)
Soviet leaders had odd phenotypes    05/25/24  (9)
My washing machine is mawkish and twee    05/25/24  (3)
so karlstak is just a poor man's aaron sibarium?    05/25/24  (7)
Jews seem to operate in a very stress-free way as if they’re assured of outcom    05/25/24  (21)
Rate Biden's latest dementia episode (link)    05/25/24  (6)
So a 27-year-old Mexican influencer wants to be her city mayor, lmao    05/25/24  (14)
SP tp, seriously stop diddling and pedo-raping your son    05/25/24  (19)
you don't need to capitalize the j    05/25/24  (1)
OMG Becky! His Accelerationism makes ME want to help Putin & Xi!    05/25/24  (9)
George Floyd officially 4 years clean    05/25/24  (8)
Shocker: 'Incels for Trump' funded by Kremlin (Karlstack)    05/25/24  (1)
Candy Ride is a special kind of stupid    05/25/24  (10)
Anyone else resent their parents?    05/25/24  (28)
Did Candy Ride cut his hair with too small a bowl this week?    05/25/24  (3)
“Candy Ride” needs to be strapped down & red hot needles lanced thru testicl    05/25/24  (9)
Is “Candy Ride” retard schtick?    05/25/24  (8)
Any good theories on why Candy Ride tp is so ridiculously stupid?    05/25/24  (3)
Don't be confused. Candy Ride is the dumbest poster of all time.    05/25/24  (3)
Candy Ride has to be one of the stupidest poasters here    05/25/24  (2)
Reminder: if you read just 3 Candy Ride posts a day ur at risk of IQ loss    05/25/24  (2)
Prole has 3 seizures on cruise, held hostage until he pays his medical bill    05/25/24  (33)
World's most arrested man dies at 74.    05/25/24  (2)
Biden’s Gaza pier cost $320 million Lmao    05/25/24  (1)
OYT did you see the Alex Jones Sandy Hook HBO documentary    05/25/24  (8)
Oh wow a woman driving like a total retard you don’t see that every day    05/25/24  (5)
I squanched him once, I squanched him twice, I bought my son in the land of rice    05/25/24  (42)
Bros, I ask for your patience with whokebe. Early onset of insanity and demen    05/25/24  (16)
"Alaskan PD Caught Teaching Beady-eyed Freak Sprite Enema Technique" (Karlstack)    05/25/24  (7)
Sp: Soy un perdedor I'm a ricehoal squancher, so why don't you kill me?    05/25/24  (44)
Trump told SBF he wouldn't run again for $4.5billion- why don't we just pay him?    05/25/24  (6)
I'm pansexual. I only have sex with pan-faced asians    05/25/24  (4)
BI: This 36-Year-Old Explains Why She's Single. "I'm a Prize to be Won!"    05/25/24  (60)
"That's ass backwards" mutters SP, looking at the BoyzIIMen album cover    05/25/24  (8)
Cryptkeeper cackling "Guess he's not going to take another hotdog from Bozo!"    05/25/24  (27)
budweiser frogs: "Mock." "Defame." "Threaten."    05/25/24  (21)
asian budweiser frogs: "Hey!" "Rook!" "Risten..."    05/25/24  (20)
Why is that goofy af white guy from Top Gun suddenly everywhere?    05/25/24  (2)
Bob Marley voice: “I mocked the squancha… but I din’t defame adoptive dads    05/25/24  (12)
FYI everything taught about Abraham Lincoln is a complete lie    05/25/24  (1)
US Navy releases new TWINK missile that can destroy Chinese Aircraft Carrier    05/25/24  (2)
SP tp: “I am not a squancher! I have relationships with women    05/25/24  (1)
what is nightlife in Kabul like these days?    05/25/24  (74)
Indians have infiltrated Western Civilization in a way NOWAG haven't    05/25/24  (11)
Exposing The CIA's Secret Effort To Seize Control Of Social Media (zerohedge)    05/25/24  (3)
Insurance companies spreading shitlib climate hoax, increasing coastal charges    05/25/24  (1)
2nd cousin: I don’t recognize Palestine; shrew gf: opens 2nd bottle of wine    05/25/24  (2)
colorized pic of 37 yo turdskin landing on beach at Danang (pic)    05/25/24  (7)
Apex predator cops convince man he killed his father (twist: dad still alive)    05/25/24  (8)
Consuela you need to stop putting your daughters in the stirrups man    05/25/24  (1)
Consuela is the real ricehole squancher but with raisins and cumin added    05/25/24  (1)
FUCKK! ex husband calls out chick who went viral about being a single mom. EPIC!    05/25/24  (13)
SP here. You'll never get me beyond reasonable doubt. The jury will hang. HTH    05/25/24  (1)
No, your honor, I am not the squancher. It's Mike Cernovich. He posts on xo too.    05/25/24  (2)
The Spectacular Failure of the Star Wars Hotel (4:05:38)    05/25/24  (15)
Fuck/marry/kill: bread, rice, pasta edition    05/25/24  (12)
You aren't fedposting hard enough.    05/25/24  (1)
Trump drinks water himself instead of giving it to heat victim - link    05/25/24  (7)
Oakland teen accepted to 122 universities with $5.3M in scholarships    05/25/24  (12)
Michelle Trachtenberg was an enormous waste of female beauty    05/25/24  (33)
The Fall Of Minneapolis - documentary on the George Floyd hoax (link)    05/25/24  (41)
UPDATE:Regeneron ISEF winner withdraws project, returns $50,000 prize(Karlstack)    05/25/24  (19)
“Odd Squad” cast member said set was a “pedophile’s paradise” (link)    05/25/24  (1)
Imagine having female privilege + getting to cum in pussy    05/25/24  (1)
Russia bombs Ukrainian Home Depot - video    05/25/24  (3)
Nobody epitomized being a black man better than George Floyd.    05/25/24  (1)
The rhino giving birth to Jim Carrey scene in Ace Ventura 2    05/25/24  (11)
Black Wall Street hires Tommy T as Principal Investment Advisor    05/25/24  (1)
Wholesome family man Spaceporn spending another weekend sperging on xoxo 24/7    05/25/24  (3)
guy explains what it’s like after gender “reassignment” surgery (link)    05/25/24  (13)
Tommy t is getting boring. He just hates everyone and everything now    05/25/24  (25)
Rate this Wikipedia article on Cock and Ball torture    05/25/24  (3)
I’m going to out kenny all over this board    05/25/24  (10)
middle aged men spamming each other’s full names on obscure bbs all day    05/25/24  (23)
OYT, why did u buy a house when u live in cowgod's head rent-free?    05/25/24  (2)
Consuls why don’t you want your kids to have sleepovers    05/25/24  (4)
Birdshit Slut: Indian Men have ruined my NUDE Beach    05/25/24  (1)
The Jooz didn't kill Red Lobster - the Thais did - link    05/25/24  (1)
Ukrainian drones vs. T-90M with full reactive armor - video    05/25/24  (6)
Bump if you had wife sex last night.    05/25/24  (12)
Heidi & Leni Klum get their tits out (Daily Mail)    05/25/24  (6)
ur insane if you are not eating oatmeal every day    05/25/24  (46)
Rate Germany Anti Racism Commissioner Reem Alabali-Radovan    05/25/24  (14)
Protip: always get the lamb    05/25/24  (4)
Exciting new PS5 Exclusives announced today (link)    05/25/24  (12)
Nazi slogans like Germany for the Germans tp    05/25/24  (4)
NYT: Sen. Tom Cotton jumps to the top of Trump’s VP list    05/25/24  (18)
Chuck Schumer advocating for a “path to citizenship” 11 million + illegals    05/25/24  (10)
List famous people your dad dated.    05/25/24  (1)
whokebe, please go back to Africa    05/25/24  (16)
Are you a good person or a bad person? Do you have a family?    05/25/24  (13)
whokebe is just a cashed up bogan for me to look down on from sydney high societ    05/25/24  (12)
Ozempic now linked to kidney disease and heart issues (link)    05/25/24  (6)
Everyone is brown and weird now    05/25/24  (21)
Nebraska baseball baby    05/25/24  (5)
Hayalllll    05/25/24  (1)
"yeah I'm a based substackwalla haha"    05/25/24  (1)
For the first time in 28 years, Super Mario 64 has been beaten without using the    05/25/24  (26)
"Itadakimasoo for the pussy, milady"    05/25/24  (1)
List famous people your dad hated.    05/25/24  (2)
Hegemon I just ordered a speedbag for my office    05/25/24  (8)
One of Russia's major over the horizon radars--fucked.    05/25/24  (1)
China & India ranked top 2 Happiness Big Countries on Earth    05/25/24  (1)
If you like my poasting please consider leaving a tip    05/25/24  (1)
Seems like society is becoming more vulgar/profane    05/25/24  (1)
Whok, are you a “bogan”?    05/25/24  (4)
Zimmerhero trial was a life-changing wakeup call, transformed me    05/25/24  (12)
whokebe is an IRL nigger and a rootless bogan    05/25/24  (16)
Start a business faggots; btw zimm clearly guilty (peanutchew)    05/25/24  (3)
Xbox has lost the console wars    05/25/24  (11)
ROFL, whokefaggot couldn't get laid in Australia    05/25/24  (9)
Peanutchew tp being funny is such massive flame    05/25/24  (3)
Luka? *lib gasps* Kyrie? *lib vomits*    05/25/24  (1)
peanutchew I'm sick of the craziness    05/25/24  (2)
peanutchew has inspired me    05/25/24  (3)
xo Verstappen going to win another one tomorrow? 🥇    05/25/24  (3)
This is a tranny, right?    05/25/24  (1)
Time is a lie peanutchew era 11 to 13 "years" ago..it really all is fraud    05/25/24  (1)
Rate this old man commenting on his loneliness and failing health    05/25/24  (21)
It's all flame and doesn't add up..stop following. Fraud 'script"    05/25/24  (1)
Any easy law jobs that pay 500k plus?    05/25/24  (63)
Old video showing ATACMs maneuvering - link    05/25/24  (2)
Taking insurance money is easy keep doing it    05/25/24  (16)
I’ve been referencing Height a lot in conversations and it’s helped me in da    05/25/24  (1)
A Running List of my SHITTY Investment Decisions Last Few Years    05/25/24  (1)
Karlstack Exclusive: Chaiwalla in Chennai found to overcharge Chai by 3 rupees    05/25/24  (2)
The "internet" as a whole is a life suck&time destroyer waster    05/25/24  (7)
just copped some fifth row seats to Wolves/Mavs game 2    05/25/24  (15)
Blackstone CEO backs Trump    05/25/24  (3)
I'm gonna down this 750ml bottle of White wine @ Turdeep Airport    05/25/24  (23)
It is very hot in miami    05/25/24  (1)
99% probability to win election at midnight then hours later abruptly "lost"    05/25/24  (19)
What’s the xo consensus on O’CHARLEY’S restaurant?    05/25/24  (4)
Blackstone’s Chief Says He Will Again Back Biden    05/25/24  (1)
Been solo for awhile and I'm sick of it. Impossible to go back to firm/in-house?    05/25/24  (36)
Officer Derek J. Chauvin, #1087. End of Watch: May 25, 2020    05/25/24  (3)
Big crypto bux:);) could've had it all and still can    05/25/24  (7)

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