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I am going to be cross examined tomorrow. Tips?    02/18/19  (300)
Our hot Brazilian nanny ran away    02/21/19  (260)
POLL: all time fav SNL cast member.    02/20/19  (254)
Tezos lawsuit article mentions the great bort    02/14/19  (249)
Does this sound like date rape to y'all?    02/10/19  (243)
Demo my shitlaw course for $49 (CSLG)    02/17/19  (233)
🚨 SHUTDOWN AGREEMENT REACHED 🚨    01/25/19  (227)
Fun Legal Hypo - Mom's Dispute With Prole Goy Mr. Fix-It HVAC Guy    02/06/19  (216)
Do regular Republicans really give a shit about estate taxes? If so, why?    01/31/19  (209)
#HateCrimeHoax story shockingly starting to fall apart    01/31/19  (203)
Israel is the only Middle Eastern country that protects Christians.    02/18/19  (182)
so many white dork asian girl couples in san francisco    02/01/19  (178)
Cute nutritionist, 27, kills self (xo DM)    02/01/19  (176)
XO Worships In-House Much Less Than 5 Years Ago. Anyone Notice?    01/29/19  (170)
Here's the thing about Mike Mussina    02/07/19  (167)
In-house severance - what is typical / what should I fight for?    02/20/19  (164)
preschool should 100% be paid for by the government    02/01/19  (163)
Now Chad at the bar is a friend of mine/ He sleeps with my wife-to-be    02/11/19  (162)
Hot mom arrested for posting video of blacks fighting at her son's school    02/22/19  (156)
Why do people spend like $15k on a fucking stove for their home kitchen?    02/10/19  (154)
Best Film Endings    02/01/19  (150)
New car prices are lulzy flame these days    02/20/19  (148)
RWANDA completely DESTROYS the BIRDSHIT racist narrative re NIGGAS    02/04/19  (147)
Kamala Harris wants free pre-kindergarten, free Medicare for all and free colleg    01/28/19  (146)
let's be 100% honest in this thread and post our actual races    02/01/19  (146)
Court: Orrick fees "more than unreasonable."    02/01/19  (145)
ITT we list MICRO-VIRTUE SIGNALS that libs do: I'll start: owning a pit bull    02/13/19  (145)
After 17 years of war, America surrenders to Afghanistan    01/29/19  (139)
Yale Op-Ed: spy on white male classmates so you can ruin their lives later (link    02/11/19  (137)
Short quotemo here. Taking questions for a few minutes    02/13/19  (137)
VA Governor Ralph Northam (D) caught using blackface in High School    02/04/19  (137)
Indian Army literally fucking their enemies in the ass (video)    02/22/19  (136)
Why does anyone travel with small children without a gun to their head?    02/07/19  (135)
Dechert associate kills self rather than deal with shame of working at Dechert    02/17/19  (134)
XO being climate change denialist is really bizarre    01/30/19  (131)
only 1 lib atrocity against America brings me to tears: they ruined California    02/17/19  (129)
running list of cucked ads    02/04/19  (129)
Insane boomer boss fired me    02/06/19  (127)
Keep it real.. is your non xo life actually great?    02/22/19  (127)
AOC used a PAC to launder payments to her boyfriend    02/21/19  (127)
Anyone here ever actually TRIED to Learn To Code? Impossible.    02/16/19  (126)
Shitlibs declare victory: Amazon not coming to NYC.    02/19/19  (126)
Suburbs are literal hell. Country living is 180    01/27/19  (125)
ITT: you tell me whether or not you'd bang the pictured BBW    02/16/19  (125)
"Ski resorts" won't exist in 10 years    01/25/19  (124)
Wait, so Henry Aaron is just a lowly    02/20/19  (124)
California officially requiring women on all corporate boards    02/11/19  (123)
Is XO for or against late term abortion? Aren't these cases usually tragic?    02/08/19  (123)
What lifestyle improvements actually made a difference to u?    01/28/19  (122)
Poasting from 180000000 AFRICAAAAA    01/26/19  (121)
Volvo seems to be having a moment    02/12/19  (121)
Rich black woman has Alzheimer's. Husband cops white gf, moves her into house    02/03/19  (121)
Least talented A-list movie actor? Owen Wilson?    01/31/19  (120)
What is your escape country?    02/17/19  (120)
Has a truly great album been released in the last decade?    02/21/19  (119)
NYT: America's Professional Elite: Wealthy, Successful and Miserable    02/22/19  (118)
White men who visit Thailand give me the creeps    02/03/19  (117)
Liz Warren calls for a "wealth tax" on the top 0.1%    01/29/19  (115)
I want to like the new Supra    02/16/19  (115)
What is the ideal job for a wife    01/29/19  (113)
ROGER STONE ARRESTED    01/27/19  (112)
What Clique were you in in School?    02/07/19  (111)
Rude woman from Jersey on flight rants about sitting between "two fat pigs"    01/31/19  (111)
BIG LAW BROS: how much do you save each month?    02/02/19  (111)
Kid I was supposed to alumni interview today ghosted me    02/03/19  (110)
Ok Spritezero here are the gf pics    02/21/19  (109)
What is the best original XO meme?    02/15/19  (108)
Have you ever visited someones house and been blown away by how awesome it is?    01/29/19  (106)
UPDATE: "It's Not About Dumping White, Male Lawyers:" Signatory to Open Letter E    02/01/19  (104)
Shitcanned journalist whines and moans in lengthy screed (link    02/02/19  (104)
man o'war, DESCRIBE the Deep South in 2019.    02/08/19  (104)
POLL: are u circumcising your sons    02/05/19  (104)
Cuomo plans to beg Trump to give back SALT deductions    02/12/19  (103)
Biglaw midlevel don't know what i'm doing    01/26/19  (103)
Poland in hissy fit cancels state visit to Israel    02/20/19  (103)
Lmao at these laid off Huffpo and Buzzfeed journalists (irony inside)    01/31/19  (102)
Would you always choose your wife over your mom?    01/31/19  (102)
Why isn't firm to inhouse back to firm more common?    02/15/19  (102)
horrifying that the lying press is regrouping, STILL trying to milk this story    02/19/19  (102)
FBI's McCabe: "We tried to stage a coup against Trump"    02/15/19  (101)
Lena Chen documents harassment from spaceporn2525    02/21/19  (101)
how did everyone find out spaceporn was molesting his wife's son?    02/20/19  (101)
CONTURD arguments against KAMALA are LOLZY    01/29/19  (101)
If Jews were wiped off the map today, I literally would not care.    02/07/19  (101)
👹 What is *THE* most EVIL STATUTE or statutory scheme? 👹    02/13/19  (100)
ITT We list shows watched by true intellectuals (IQ 130+)    02/14/19  (100)
If you were $100-200 million bracket wealthy, what would u do?    02/01/19  (99)
Prole foods that are actually good - buffalo chicken mac and cheese    02/01/19  (99)
Huge MLBmo here, but HOF purists seem mentally ill    01/26/19  (99)
One of the worst parts of biglaw is the wasted potential.    01/26/19  (99)
Dont see Blue Smoke recovering from Tommy T's devastation of her today    02/05/19  (98)
This is PEAK date lab. Guy wants someone in shape. They gave him a fattie.    02/09/19  (98)
McDonald's lost the BIg Mac Trademark across EU - how fucked are the lolyers?    02/09/19  (98)
Kid's YouTube star made video shitting diarrhea all over friend    02/19/19  (97)
what is Seattle like in 2019?    02/14/19  (97)
Getting fired has been 180    02/07/19  (97)
Trump surrenders to Pelosi wtf    01/26/19  (96)
Confession: Never hired an escort. Am I missing out by not hiring a TOP TIER 1?    02/22/19  (96)
Video for DevryMastersCandidate, Calishitlawguru, EARL, and TOMMY TURDSKIN    02/07/19  (96)
FL Jew Tranny Jazz Jenning's Fake Vagina In Mortal Danger (Link) (Vid)    02/21/19  (96)
Help: ADHD + Biglaw    02/22/19  (96)
AOC: Latinos can't be illegal because US is "Native land". Vows to defund ICE    02/07/19  (95)
Rate this $425,000 Denver home    01/27/19  (95)
Smollett hoax is a devastating blow to libs chances in 2020    02/21/19  (95)
Elizabeth Warren American Indian heritage lie on Texas state bar application.    02/07/19  (95)
Wife wants to get an X3, what are cheaper alternatives I can talk her into?    02/05/19  (95)
Elizabeth Warren goes full-retarded race-baiting; endorses RACIAL REPARATIONS:    02/22/19  (93)
CNN put an (R) next to Ralph Northram’s name right now    02/02/19  (93)
Stop drinking so much damn coffee!    02/20/19  (92)
Poast a controversial music opinion    02/22/19  (92)
Nick Sandmann Suing WaPo For $250M    02/20/19  (92)
Trump plans to expand "Implicit Bias" standards into healthcare, education and t    02/16/19  (92)
Describe these NJ Towns    02/22/19  (91)
Would you send your kid to a school that was 30% hispanic, 6% black?    01/29/19  (91)
Stupid NIGGA taxi drive ATTACKED me in SENEGAL today    02/16/19  (91)
Chandler Trial #3 Day 1 - Jury Selection (CSLG)    02/21/19  (91)
Would you fuck this cute chef or is she too chubby for you? (Vid)    02/20/19  (90)
HIV was the BIGGEST FLAME    02/21/19  (90)
Does anyone really believe TRUMP won't win in 2020?    02/06/19  (90)
About 20% of everyone I interview at my MBB gets an offer    02/07/19  (90)
POASTING from a TENT in the middle of no where BUSH in AFRICA    01/31/19  (88)
VA Governor OK w POST-BIRTH abortion    01/31/19  (88)
Underreported story: Ex-CIA director predicts Mueller will indict a significant    01/29/19  (88)
LJL at MLB players calling system "broken" and not accepting they aren't worth    02/13/19  (88)
City Pop is the Dumbest Shit    02/07/19  (87)
Does your wife give good head?    01/30/19  (86)
Susman partner hit by ambulance gets $65 million settlement    02/08/19  (86)
Rating posters as African population projections    02/19/19  (86)
Used cars that won't depreciate & aren't an embarrassment to be seen in    02/13/19  (86)
having kids seems dumb. what's the case for them    02/12/19  (86)
Wife on au pair search: no fatties    02/22/19  (85)
Extremely hot oncologist loses license after she has sex with dying patient    02/02/19  (85)
NYT: schools give confidence to boys, competence to girls    02/09/19  (84)
Wife is going to kill the hot nanny    02/09/19  (84)
Thought xo was flaming but libs are MAF at Maroon 5    02/05/19  (83)
PSA: only date girls who consistently have vaginal orgasms with you during sex    01/31/19  (83)
Nutella w Brutal Killshots Of Both Moron Russians (TMF, Reptile) In One Thread    01/30/19  (83)
US ignores Maduro order to remove US diplomats, invasion possible    01/25/19  (83)
israeli jews in LA and MFH are some of the worst people ive ever met    02/21/19  (83)
Chink tourist yells “Otto Warmbier!” as judge gives him 1yr for taking pics    02/06/19  (83)
Anyone notice delivery fees for food are astronomical now?    02/06/19  (83)
holy shit: /r/foreveralonedating    02/22/19  (82)
The mythology around billionaires is absurd GC flame    02/15/19  (82)
Coolest Sounding Biglaw Practice Area (To Laypeople)    02/06/19  (82)