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*** Official Game of Thrones - Season Finale thread ***    05/21/19  (272)
Shitlib broke father of BuzzFeed News contributor kills himself    06/09/19  (244)
What are some forgotten things from the early years of the Internet?    06/07/19  (215)
Covers that are better than originals    06/16/19  (212)
Muscadine wine, give us an update on the improvements in your home life    06/12/19  (187)
What is your single absolute favorite fast food item from any chain?    05/25/19  (179)
Bands/musicians whose biggest career hit is VERY SHITTY    06/08/19  (177)
Craigslist used car sale took me to the fucking cleaners. Taking insults    06/03/19  (171)
The new Aladdin is an SJW trainwreck (spoilers inside)    06/01/19  (169)
anti-trump shitlib "dr. pizza" arrested for soliciting a minor    06/11/19  (169)
XO is horrible now. The high brow humor and irony is gone.    05/29/19  (163)
Who is the most PRESTIGIOUS person that EVER lived?    06/02/19  (160)
Woman discovered her book is fraud live on air radio.    06/09/19  (156)
eating meat is completely indefensible    06/13/19  (154)
Rating poasters as made-up theme parks    05/27/19  (153)
Poast things that are going well in your life or bring you joy    05/31/19  (152)
What is the cr watch to buy for someone who doesn't want to spend thousands?    05/28/19  (150)
Credited way to killself that will definitely look like an accident?    06/04/19  (148)
Rate your dad as a father on the classic 120-180 scale.    06/13/19  (142)
LA bros: Please explain this parking sign to me    06/08/19  (140)
Jcm here, rating poasters as 90s songs    06/07/19  (140)
ITT, I give you 2 women. You'll be stuck on a desert island with 1 for 10 years    06/06/19  (140)
ITT we name most ICONIC xo monikers of all time    06/04/19  (138)
financial advisor here taking your q's    05/25/19  (137)
Come ITT and I will declare you as "positive force" or "negative force"    06/09/19  (137)
University of Alabama School of Law: Fuck Libs, Take Ur $21 million back    06/10/19  (136)
anyone feel like a pussy for never being in the military?    06/15/19  (131)
not flame trying to be a virtuous person just turns you into an incel loser    05/24/19  (131)
LA invests additional $42 million to curb homelessness, it does nothing    06/06/19  (130)
You get to redo one day of high school    06/17/19  (127)
Let’s discuss undervalued American cities    06/06/19  (125)
Study shows white men pay off student loans, black women pay nothing    06/15/19  (125)
Describe a lawyer who makes only $120k mid-career    06/01/19  (125)
Google down 6%, Amazon down 3% on reports of antitrust investigation - its happe    06/04/19  (123)
Leftists sue Colorado baker for a THIRD time: "Bake the cake"    06/13/19  (122)
17 year old Dutch girl legally euthanized for rape distress - link    06/05/19  (122)
My wife's experience working with the homeless    06/16/19  (121)
Lol at this black chick getting job offers on twitter for being black (link)    06/09/19  (119)
Would you respect your 34yo co worker if he were dating a 19yo girl?    05/31/19  (118)
xo Kyle Kashuv's Harvard acceptance rescinded    06/17/19  (116)
It’s painfully obvious that TMF sees escorts, and that he prefers young ones    06/02/19  (114)
Theory on why whites blame Jews for the decline of the white race    06/06/19  (113)
Dog getting his eye removed tomorrow    06/03/19  (112)
What's the least prestigious luxury vehicle?    05/29/19  (112)
Jcm taking and giving questions for next hour    06/06/19  (111)
Word on street is World is upset the US Women's soc team won "too decisively"    06/13/19  (110)
Rating posters as dumb/questionable things from Season 8 of GoT    05/24/19  (110)
What were some GoT plots that turned out to be pointless?    05/23/19  (109)
***OFFICIAL GGG vs ROLLS THREAD***    06/09/19  (109)
Oberlin College hit with maximum PUNITIVE DAMAGES (capped at $22 million by law)    06/16/19  (107)
Am I an asshole for not considering Asian women as GF material?    06/06/19  (105)
Do you have sex with the lights on or off?    06/04/19  (104)
WHY DID I LEAVE BIGLAW : Do NOT go in-house    06/13/19  (104)
NV passes bill to give EVs to national popular vote winner, trumptard fuming    05/28/19  (103)
ITT come up with ideas for Black Mirror episodes    06/07/19  (103)
This dishwasher chick is blowing my mind    05/24/19  (102)
Rate my 18 year old intern (CSLG)    06/11/19  (101)
Stanford rapist Brock Turner living w/ parents, making $12 an hour    06/08/19  (101)
Visited Are Country this weekend. It's 180 and like going back in time    05/23/19  (101)
2019 YTD P&L: $2,472,000 Profit So Far (CSLG)    06/07/19  (99)
Little girl causes massive chimp out at City Meeting (video)    06/08/19  (99)
Which one would you fuck?    06/14/19  (99)
Black professor gets triggered when student opens email with “Hey”    06/14/19  (95)
Describe your final meal on Death Row    05/31/19  (94)
"This is Rachel, our HR ninja" *bloated shrew makes karate hands*    06/13/19  (94)
Mad Men is some 105 IQ shit    06/11/19  (92)
DTP taking questions in last thread before i quit XO (5/30/2019)    06/04/19  (91)
Chilmata or dupa any tips on family law shitlaw?    06/06/19  (91)
20 million and never work/invest again or 5 million (CSLG)    06/17/19  (90)
So New York Magazine has a cover about "incels" trying to become "chads"    05/30/19  (90)
Trashing the USPS is one of the dumbest boomerisms out there    05/27/19  (90)
Would you divorce your wife for this 16yo teen? Sfw    06/17/19  (89)
Slept with a 22 yr old Brazilian girl. It brought me to two unexpected conclusio    06/11/19  (89)
Down to 235 lb guys. Clothes are starting to fit again. Face looks less bloated.    06/03/19  (89)
What we know about UFOs (so far)    05/28/19  (89)
Netflix's False Story of the Central Park Five    06/11/19  (89)
Birdbrain yoga instructor missing for TWO WEEKS in small park    05/29/19  (89)
What car can I afford on a $240k yearly income?    05/20/19  (89)
Tiger cub lands SCOTUS    06/13/19  (88)
Fraudlies Spicmud Open [Roland Garros] 6/4 (Day 10) Spoilers #tennis    06/04/19  (88)
RATE this Jewesses on Birthright swimming in the Dead Sea (summon James Joyce Jr    05/30/19  (88)
Rate this sorority's house rules (DEVASTATING for shortmos)    06/17/19  (88)
ROFLMAO, rate this pic of hikers waiting to reach top of Mt Everest    05/29/19  (88)
France: As Many Muslims as Practising Catholics in 18-29 Year-Old Demographic    06/05/19  (88)
NYT: Could Prostitution Be Next to Be Decriminalized?    06/01/19  (87)
Do you have a vagina? No? Then you have no say on this abortion debate.    05/20/19  (87)
NYT op-ed blames liberal NIMBY for CA housing crisis. LJL@comments    05/24/19  (87)
D-Day vet to Trump re: Melania: "If only I was 20 years younger..."    06/06/19  (86)
180 seagull steals lobster roll from shrew tourist in maine    06/12/19  (86)
Anyone transfer their Chase & Amex points to airlines?    06/14/19  (86)
Vox Media STRIKE    06/08/19  (85)
Post here to be asked a question    06/08/19  (85)
Air conditioning is highly overrated and one of the biggest scams in GC    05/27/19  (85)
California to provide FREE healthcare to illegals under 26 (link)    06/11/19  (84)
best high IQ television series?    05/26/19  (84)
happiest of all wives in America are religious conservatives [NYT]    05/20/19  (84)
What drink orders make you look like a manly badass to women?    06/07/19  (84)
3rd round in house interview in Paris    05/29/19  (84)
At what point did the board turn on CSLG?    06/15/19  (83)
󠀠    05/30/19  (83)
NYU law school now costs $99,858 a year LMAO    06/06/19  (83)
A kennel of racing greyhounds named after 'zozoisms'    06/04/19  (82)
Is there a single photo more representative of the times than this?    06/07/19  (82)
RATE This 21yo Travel Shrew - Youngest To Visit Every Country (Bikini PICS)    06/07/19  (82)
New Gillette commercial shows dad teaching tranny son how to shave (link)    05/29/19  (82)
Bernie: I will not stop fighting until every McDonalds worker makes $15/hr (link    06/14/19  (81)
Have you ever watched someone drink themselves to death?    06/15/19  (81)
DeBlasio has done so much damage to NYC    06/03/19  (80)
Thinking of leasing a BMW M550i...thoughts?    06/10/19  (80)
I spent $15k on engagement ring. Was this a cheap move?    06/12/19  (80)
Protip: get an odd hobby.    06/15/19  (80)
Might buy a Subaru Outback. Cr or gay?    06/11/19  (80)
Filmmakers with name recognition VASTLY greater than their talent    06/06/19  (79)
JCM here, rating poasters as 80s songs    06/12/19  (79)
Heading to synagogue this weekend to find a husband. Tips?    05/31/19  (79)
Nonwhite people just straight up make America a shittier country.    06/04/19  (79)
400K one provider or husband/wife each making 250K?    06/12/19  (79)
Is white racism a reaction to feelings of inferiority?    06/05/19  (79)
reminder: everyone with a tattoo should be executed.    06/03/19  (79)
Velocity is strangling baseball — and its grip keeps tightening    05/22/19  (78)
Poast a pic of your subjective 9 girl    06/15/19  (77)
How do you get "good" at doing depositions?    06/07/19  (77)
Pelosi refused to return Zukerberg's calls, says era of self-regulation is over    06/12/19  (77)
Pretty sure I just saw some girl super fucked up about to be date raped    06/16/19  (77)
Breaking Bad is probably the only show that stuck the landing well    05/22/19  (77)
What occupations do private school ( hotchkiss, hackley,) parents usually have?    06/05/19  (76)
besides whitney, most talented female pop star of the past 50 years?    05/30/19  (76)
Taking questions on pretty much anything I want ITT    06/10/19  (76)
Radiation show (chernobyl) creater admits it's pure anti-Trump shitlibbery    06/01/19  (76)
Anyone seen this video of a guy just slamming his car into traffic?    06/07/19  (76)
In retrospect, Bush was a TERRIBLE FUCKING BAND    06/05/19  (76)
if you're not bullish on Tesla over the long-run, you're dumb    05/28/19  (76)
What are your worst Uber/Lyft experiences?    05/26/19  (76)
Stewardesses on IG posting "sexy pics" on beverage carts    06/06/19  (75)
EMERGENCY THREAD! This is Rudolph. If you've posted since 2005 come here ASAP.    05/28/19  (74)
Download my personal injury app (CSLG)    05/20/19  (74)
Perky Parisienne Bartender came to town. Great and fucking terrible.    05/27/19  (74)
If you don't buy in an HOA, chances are white trash will park cars in the yard    06/10/19  (74)
XO firm disbursing 122K per partner profits on Monday (CSLG)    06/16/19  (73)
your son says she is a girl. what do you do    06/01/19  (73)
Lazy ass PhD student now a Dr. Lazy Ass Professor... sup    06/03/19  (73)
UNC lib steals pro-life sign, gets immediately stopped and arrested (vid)    06/01/19  (73)
Valedictorian speech rips teachers and staff.    06/16/19  (72)
TLS “History Lesson” on AutoAdmit    06/12/19  (72)
sexually confused dork of a friend banged a tranny tonight lmfao    06/01/19  (72)
Great long read by an academic trying to get laid on tinder    05/23/19  (72)
Corporate slave here, 7 beers in at airport bar, taking Q's    06/03/19  (71)
Reminder: there is a woman out there somewhere who will love you for you    06/10/19  (71)
California man puts giant swastika in front yard (link)    06/14/19  (71)