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Going to dump Fat GF later today    04/19/19  (331)
Notre Dame Cathedral in France literally burning down right now    04/16/19  (198)
Who'd You Rather? ITT, I give you two celebrities. You pick which one you'd rat    04/17/19  (168)
37 year old bro dating 21 year old    04/15/19  (134)
⛳⛳⛳MASTERS 2019 DAY FOUR OFFICIAL THREAD⛳⛳⛳    04/15/19  (129)
IRS: no, you cant take your own money out of your 401k faggot.    04/18/19  (122)
Anyone else think GoT has gotten cheesier?    04/17/19  (119)
Trump's biggest weaknesses in 2020 re-election    04/18/19  (110)
What's your typical McDonald's order?    04/17/19  (104)
Are any GoT actors really maeking it in entertainment or are they one hit wonder    04/16/19  (102)
Mid-30s biglawyer guy, starting to date mid-20s service industry girl    04/19/19  (102)
The more I travel the more I realize America is a shit hole country.    04/16/19  (96)
Mass immigration was just an unbelievably stupid thing to allow    04/17/19  (88)
$2.4mm to be wealthy in america according to proles    04/17/19  (88)
Suggestion to massively improve Autoadmit    04/14/19  (84)
if you were 18 today, would you even attend college?    04/19/19  (83)
New text messages CLEAR Kim Foxx in investigation over Smollett case (link)    04/18/19  (80)
The best talent is going to SF    04/19/19  (79)
Would you bang any of these chicks based on this pic alone?    04/19/19  (79)
Johnny Depp and Amber Heard operating on different IQs, text messages reveal    04/14/19  (79)
WSJ: Everyone is getting the fuck out of NYC    04/18/19  (78)
We’re closer to civil war than people realize    04/19/19  (77)
Odds a "refugee" set Notre Dame ablaze?    04/15/19  (75)
Is multi-ethnic democracy just one big failed experiment?    04/16/19  (72)
WH Press Corps to Sarah Sanders: "What else have you lied about?"    04/19/19  (70)
The Jewish Worker Says Mourning Notre Dame is White Supremacy (link)    04/16/19  (70)
Dispelling the Myth that Asian Vaginas are Tighter <article>    04/15/19  (69)
Boart Jews: Passover Seder Plans ITT    04/19/19  (68)
Going back to MFH after 7 years...need recs    04/17/19  (67)
The average age on XO is mid-30s. Life only gets worse from here on out.    04/19/19  (66)
Vote for GoT ultimate ruler    04/19/19  (66)
There is a BYU version of the Bachelor on youtube, chicks are hot as fuck (link    04/17/19  (65)
James Joyce Jr. taking and giving Qs about shrew farts and related matters    04/19/19  (65)
shitlibs call for the destruction of libraries    04/17/19  (65)
D.C. housed the homeless in upscale apartments. It hasn’t gone as planned.    04/17/19  (65)
Report: Notre Dame will be rebuilt to reflect a "secular, non-white France"    04/17/19  (65)
Buttigieg: "My husband and I are having a baby."    04/18/19  (64)
MUELLER REPORT IS OUT    04/19/19  (64)
Lots of N64 games sucked too much to even finish    04/18/19  (62)
Which future celebrity death will be the biggest media event?    04/18/19  (61)
Should sex outside of marriage be a crime?    04/18/19  (61)
Man throws 5 year “old” off balcony at mall of America    04/17/19  (60)
Does having a small penis matter if you’re really good at oral?    04/19/19  (60)
Golf Bros: Rate my day off    04/17/19  (59)
Hit 470 bench today, taking ?s/praise    04/14/19  (58)
LJL Fuck Libs: Trump's Bureau of Land Management to Shut Down Burning Man    04/17/19  (55)
Fucking terrifying that nutella, BPM, and LH have kids.    04/18/19  (54)
Time mag - vikings were DIVERSE!    04/19/19  (54)
Ford Explorer cr?    04/17/19  (54)
Prole Tell: Filing Taxes On April 15th, w/o 6 Month Extension To Oct 15th    04/17/19  (54)
XOXO opinion on Ilhan Omar's "some people did something"    04/13/19  (54)
Mueller report: Trump's intent couldn't be determined w/r/t obstruction (link)    04/18/19  (52)
Healthiest diet: eat 1x a day. Salad & steak. Lots of coffee & green tea.    04/19/19  (52)
Marriage is dying. No one cares if you aren't married as 35 yo man anymore.    04/18/19  (52)
GOT-- quick thought on Jaime meeting up with Bran and Dany next week    04/15/19  (51)
Why are Jews no longer getting kicked out of countries?    04/19/19  (51)
Libs on Twitter are celebrating the destruction of Notre Dame:    04/18/19  (51)
Shitty millennial slang like “juicy” and “fire”    04/17/19  (50)
New neighbor (US marine vet) keeps blocking driveway with his pickup    04/14/19  (50)
Would you rather live among white libs or black people?    04/16/19  (50)
Is mid-30s too late for a women to start having kids?    04/16/19  (49)
Who are these people making $$$ and traveling long-haul international?    04/18/19  (48)
Cold reality of race realism: poor whites do better than rich blacks on the SAT    04/15/19  (48)
Nutella: would you rather be buttraped by a black or ur kids end up at Pepperdin    04/16/19  (48)
Current Jeopardy champ the GOATUS? Over 700k won in less than 10 wins.    04/19/19  (47)
Instagrammers are killing this field of poppies (HBO)    04/15/19  (47)
ugh, I'm going to get yelled at by a judge in a couple hours    04/18/19  (47)
signs of america's downfall: caring more about pets than ppl    04/16/19  (46)
⛳⛳⛳MASTERS 2019 DAY THREE OFFICIAL THREAD⛳⛳⛳    04/13/19  (46)
Rate Brie Larson's sex scene with Chris Hemsworth in new Avengers film (NSFW)    04/19/19  (45)
How hard would it be to rebuild Notre Dame anyway    04/16/19  (45)
Trumpmo rednecks in Dallas brutally beat transgender after car accident (link)    04/19/19  (45)
Life is already so horrific, how can "men" settle for some 30 y/o shrew? (DTP)    04/19/19  (45)
Received 102K co-counsel fee today (CSLG)    04/18/19  (45)
what % of men have met a woman at a bar/party and taken her home the same night?    04/18/19  (44)
Rating poasters as medieval works of art ITT    04/17/19  (44)
Armed Florida teen obsessed with Columbine on the loose in Colorado    04/17/19  (44)
just fucked a 9/10 russian escort    04/15/19  (44)
Interviewing for Product Management Roles    04/19/19  (43)
xo trumpmos: If you lived in El Salvador/Guatemala, wouldn't you immigrate too?    04/15/19  (43)
Why is the Carpathian mountain euro-region such a clusterfuck of races    04/17/19  (43)
Unz.com pokes the hornets' nest again: "Black Crime and Its Jewish Apologists"    04/19/19  (43)
Why didn't Mueller investigate the Seth Rich leaks and murder by DNC?    04/19/19  (43)
We need to make it illegal to be fat in America    04/16/19  (43)
NYT: Giant lib civil war brewing between Berniemos and other Democrats    04/17/19  (43)
Public schools in 2019 are zoos    04/18/19  (42)
The best and worst things about L.A.    04/19/19  (41)
So many Americans in London right now    04/17/19  (41)
Is Baltimore the worst bigger city in the US?    04/13/19  (40)
Couple force Home Depot laborer to have sex with the wife    04/17/19  (40)
Was just at breakfast. Literally everyone staring at their phone while eating.    04/14/19  (40)
I went to all white high school. what's it like at a diverse high school    04/18/19  (40)
i really miss rsf    04/17/19  (40)
Why America is the World’s Most Uniquely Cruel Society Or, How Punching Down    04/18/19  (39)
Weird how Butt-i-gig stole 95% of Beto's supporters    04/17/19  (39)
WTF why was Lomachenko-Crolla on a FRIDAY NIGHT?    04/13/19  (39)
why is it that not one liberal poster is high IQ?    04/19/19  (39)
British guy visits Moldova, outs it as HUGE SHITHOLE    04/15/19  (39)
Only victory of Trump's POTUSY is being cleared by Mueller?    04/18/19  (39)
"Notre Dame was a Symbol of Division, Now it Can Symbolize Diversity" (Le Monde)    04/16/19  (39)
Poast a pic of the contents of your fridge right now    04/17/19  (38)
so luis hates Jews & gays & thinks they're going to hell but poasts on XO?    04/16/19  (38)
if you ever get shitcanned, NEVER tell ur wife.    04/18/19  (38)
Need a fact check on Katie Bouman's algorithm. Did they use it or not    04/14/19  (38)
xo Bill Kristol with the consensus best take on the Notre Dame fire    04/19/19  (38)
WHat is a Equity research analyst?    04/19/19  (38)
"Lol, let's shut down the prisons and set 'em all free!" (libs) (not flame):    04/19/19  (37)
How do athlete nigs handle the coursework at Duke, Stanford, Berkeley, etc    04/16/19  (37)
So basically 40% of GOT S8 = Bran leering autistically at people    04/15/19  (37)
Normie watches Star Wars IX preview.    04/18/19  (37)
Upset Jew, taking any and all Qs about Israel trip.    04/15/19  (37)
Just got this email (Chicago)    04/17/19  (37)
Israel and its people need your help now. Give a $25 passover emergency food box    04/16/19  (36)
Rolling Stone: Rebuild Notre Dame to be multicultural and inclusive (serious)    04/17/19  (36)
Do you ever think back and remember what it was like to be poor?    04/19/19  (36)
What happens if Notre Dame Fire was intentional?    04/17/19  (36)
NY judge rules evidence shows trump wants to expel non whites, cant deport anyon    04/15/19  (36)
Is sheep-shearing ACTUALLY a job that "Americans won't do"?    04/17/19  (36)
most girls like a mix of muscle and fat, not ripped muscles    04/18/19  (35)
Libs will destroy college football eventually    04/19/19  (34)
Wow Man City 4 Tottenham 3 in the Champions League Footy lads massive    04/18/19  (34)
Anyone else here enjoy rejecting women?    04/19/19  (34)
mcdonalds discontinuing "signature" burgers (wsj)    04/19/19  (33)
In your experience, how much do girls care about high income?    04/15/19  (33)
Reading the Mueller report, holy fuck LOL there's nothing    04/19/19  (33)
How many times in your life have you been as happy as this hot surfer girl?    04/17/19  (33)
Anyone else not know to put their penis in a vagina?    04/15/19  (33)
Impressions of attending Sunday 2019 Masters ITT    04/16/19  (33)
Do we actually have to humor Catholics and pretend the Crown of Thorns is real?    04/16/19  (32)
Why aren't beds further off the ground?    04/15/19  (32)
Went to Six Flags New Jersey. We are living in the end times    04/16/19  (32)
Post op tranny wants to hang out. What to do bros?    04/13/19  (32)
Judge Rules: No Right to 'Visual Bodily Privacy' for High School Girls    04/17/19  (32)
jesus, Ben Shapiro is short AF (pic)    04/18/19  (32)
Tiger wins. Libs literally Mad as Fuck!    04/16/19  (32)
When selling your home, the most important room to consider is the kitchen.    04/17/19  (32)
Pinehurst wants $485 to play No. 2 LJL    04/17/19  (32)
RATE John Stamos's house for sale    04/16/19  (32)
I'm an America first center-left Hillary voter    04/19/19  (31)
I know a guy who uses a paid service to text dating app girls for him    04/15/19  (31)
Worst invasión of muds: París vs NYC    04/19/19  (31)
Would you ever trust a black doctor while affirmative action exists?    04/19/19  (31)
Does anyone know anything about the cause of the Notre Dame fire?    04/15/19  (31)
Look who's respondong to Notre Dame fire with 'smiley faces' on Facebook (link)    04/15/19  (31)
Rate my workout    04/19/19  (31)
Ruh-roh: Secret tapes will sink Buttigieg (nyt)    04/16/19  (30)
🚍🚌 22% of NYC bus riders don't pay 🚌🚍    04/14/19  (30)
How mad are they gonna be win Tiger wins the masters in dramatic fashion today    04/14/19  (30)
AOC quits Facebook, labels it a "public health risk" that "causes depression"    04/17/19  (30)