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Man, Trump is just such an unlikable human being    01/21/17  (47)
How mad are libs in California? Oh they mad    01/21/17  (31)
TRUMP'S AMERICA: More people in DC for PROTEST than for Inauguration, LMAO    01/21/17  (30)
When is the petulant baby going to whine on Twitter about the protests?    01/21/17  (29)
This is what downtown LA looks like. Libs want all of America this way (link)    01/21/17  (28)
Jew (((Bill Kristol))) takes issue with "America First" concept    01/21/17  (23)
Having a Trumpmo wife is 180    01/21/17  (16)
will obama ever be held accountable for decimating the dem party?    01/20/17  (13)
can someone explain to me why the dems would ever OK a trump SCOTUS nom?    01/21/17  (11)
Hot ice bucket challenge vid, dad dumps water on teen daughter in bikini (link    01/21/17  (10)
Listed "local crows" under references on job application    01/21/17  (9)
Cousin told me she cant wait to have SEX    01/21/17  (9)
21 days of NO Drink- about done with this shit    01/21/17  (9)
Going from age 40 and healthy to death takes basically no time at all    01/21/17  (8)
Should I go solo after reading Calishitlawguru?    01/21/17  (7)
Look how hard this guy is trying. Doing an excellent job.    01/21/17  (7)
mormon experts: do mormons still call non-mormons "gentiles"?    01/21/17  (5)
Ancient human diversity sensitivity training workshops were optional not mandato    01/21/17  (4)
Lol at women calling this March it isn't even Februrary yet you dumb broads    01/21/17  (4)
You can call me "anti-semitic" all you want but i've beat off to Sasha Cohen mul    01/21/17  (4)
We should maybe just start a civil war against women. Stop opening jars for them    01/21/17  (3)
So George Orwell's "ministry of truth" = MSM re "fake news"    01/21/17  (3)
LOL at this twitter lib "reporter" shrews fake news profile pic    01/21/17  (3)
Lets boycott sex with women if we all do this they will no longer exist.    01/21/17  (2)
was Karl Lueger the chillest, frattiest antisemite in history?    01/21/17  (2)
LOL at this photo of Bill Clinton checking out cleavage    01/21/17  (2)
Its funny how libs set the bar for Trump so low he can get away with anything    01/21/17  (2)
Jew (((Mark Zuckerberg))) suing hundreds of innocent Hawaiian homeowners    01/21/17  (2)
revised enforceability opinion, due authority opinion, and drafted UCC-1 filing    01/21/17  (2)
lmao what the fuck is this drug "kybella"    01/21/17  (1)
spicer sounds like a tard. WTF trump? Pick someone better    01/21/17  (1)
Jews want white men to think this is normal    01/21/17  (1)
Why are there 95+ percent white women at these Women's March???    01/21/17  (1)
Google is "crowsourcing" photos for their maps now. Get a real birds eye view    01/21/17  (1)
STICKY: A little decree about unstickying threads    01/21/17  (1)
Prore terr - Starting a sentences with "this idea that"    01/21/17  (1)
James Joyce I heard WPFL scouts are all in DC this weekend it's like a combine    01/21/17  (1)
This 34 year old woman is even better looking than she was at 18 (link    01/21/17  (1)
BOKO BEAT OFF KNOCK OUT 2017    01/21/17  (1)