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I am very offended by immigrants cheering for native countries in world cup.    06/25/18  (126)
If you want to change careers at age 30 to make 200k+    06/25/18  (117)
Why does anyone BACK INTO PARKING spots?    06/25/18  (110)
Rate this description of In house OPEN OFFICE life in the Silicon valley    06/25/18  (93)
Do modern kikes have any relation to biblical Jews?    06/25/18  (89)
You can see how MENTALLY ILL this NY Times journalist must be (young woman)    06/25/18  (57)
Rate Her    06/25/18  (46)
In-House Counsel, Taking Qs and Giving Advice    06/25/18  (44)
The Red Hen Restaurant should focus more on cleaning its filthy canopies, doors    06/25/18  (43)
Is America headed toward a new Civil War? (link)    06/25/18  (40)
Today I wore a suit sans jacket to Disneys Epicot    06/25/18  (40)
is there a certain way to exercise that ensures you will never have a gut    06/25/18  (39)
why do illegal immigrants have due process rights?    06/25/18  (37)
Explain lacrosse and the laxbro mentality to me    06/24/18  (37)
Underappreciated aspect of 90s culture: syndicated TV series    06/25/18  (36)
The Bronx stabbing case is wild. Entire neighborhood flipped on the suspects    06/25/18  (35)
Rate my recent international airport McDonalds order for under $10    06/25/18  (34)
ITT: We invent new country names    06/25/18  (33)
Women fight back against the coming sex robots (link)    06/25/18  (30)
Were Obama admin officials ever kicked out of restaurants?    06/25/18  (29)
Singapore is weird.    06/25/18  (28)
Hint: Stock up on ammo    06/25/18  (27)
New Jim Carrey painting    06/25/18  (27)
WTF is this nurses make $200k flame?    06/25/18  (26)
Michelle Obama considering Presidential run    06/25/18  (25)
Im theological, not religious    06/25/18  (24)
Trump: "Maxine Waters is an extraordinarily low IQ person"    06/25/18  (24)
Harvard Is Wrong That Asians Have Terrible Personalities [NYT]    06/25/18  (24)
So Dems are going to hold Senate seats in Alabama AND Arizona?    06/25/18  (24)
Why do Mexicans have lots of national pride?!    06/25/18  (24)
Who has the best law job on xo?    06/25/18  (24)
Wow, AMERIKKKA is even SHITTIER now than just a YEAR ago    06/25/18  (23)
Scientist shot dead in front of AGWWG daughters on camping trip    06/25/18  (23)
Ren Hen's financial backer is a convicted PEDOFILE.    06/25/18  (22)
anyone get "treatment" for "sex addiction"? total BS right?    06/25/18  (22)
shitlibs have already turned on themselves re: Sarah Sanders    06/25/18  (22)
Reminder for Stoics: Marcus Aurelius's wife was a complete slut    06/25/18  (21)
Shrew newswoman boinks TWO sen. intelligence committee staffers, hilarity ensues    06/25/18  (21)
Went to the 3rd street promenade today in Santa Monica, what a hellscape    06/25/18  (21)
lol @ lib propaganda re: homos - rainbows, Pride, etc. its GAY MEN BUTTFUCKING    06/25/18  (21)
Libs destroyed asbestos industry w regulation despite no evidence of cancer    06/24/18  (21)
Maxine Waters Orders Democrats To Form Mob, "Physically Push Back" Against White    06/25/18  (20)
there is no "off" button for my brain.    06/25/18  (19)
New book exposes Obama as secret neocon    06/25/18  (19)
Sorry bros, I'm out.    06/25/18  (19)
Pic of Spaceporn at Philmont    06/25/18  (18)
NYMag: Libs crying and asking for "Daddy" Obama to come back    06/25/18  (18)
Which is ANY of these bathing suit patterns do you like?    06/24/18  (18)
Deranged NYT piece demanding "integration" of top high schools    06/25/18  (17)
Former NYT Exec Editor carries an Obama doll in her purse for comfort    06/25/18  (17)