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How Amy Klobuchar Treats Her Staff [NYT]    02/22/19  (68)
Ever met someone who prefers a female boss?    02/22/19  (47)
I've decided to BUY a 40 foot CATAMARAN and SAIL around the world    02/22/19  (44)
So many cheap guns on the internet    02/22/19  (38)
How do people who work 60+ hrs per week find time to begin relationships?    02/22/19  (33)
XO thinks Universal Basic Income is a good idea, right?    02/22/19  (29)
Journalist describes Portland townhall as 2019 woke version of the witch trials    02/22/19  (28)
i'm female. 32. it sucks.    02/22/19  (20)
prison time for dui    02/22/19  (20)
CONFIRMED: KTLA anchor died of ANAL METH OVERDOSE    02/22/19  (20)
Russia settles on 19,000 ton design for new nuclear powered cruiser class    02/22/19  (20)
Hypo: Would you give up your seat on public transit to pregnant woman    02/22/19  (19)
Why is the East Coast full of nasty, rude people?    02/22/19  (19)
🚨 2/22 reminder for lawman8 to spit out the black pill 🚨    02/22/19  (18)
How did Avenatti acquire a sex tape of R.Kelly and a 14 year old?    02/22/19  (17)
Real Q: How do you find a job that requires a very minimal amount of work    02/22/19  (17)
mt hood meadows any good for skiiing snowboarding?    02/22/19  (16)
now is a good time to slowly enter BTC    02/22/19  (15)
jfc look how freakish angelina jolie's kids look    02/22/19  (15)
Dianne Feinstein smacks down some kids.    02/22/19  (14)
lifehack: rent office space, live in it    02/22/19  (14)
BIRDSHIT lied on AIRBNB    02/22/19  (13)
Tulsi brutalizes Meghan McCain    02/22/19  (13)
Anyone like kratom? Its cr    02/22/19  (13)
Cop ticketed me for using cell phone while driving. I'm disputing it because    02/22/19  (12)
Stephen Miller out on immigration, replaced by Jared Kushner    02/22/19  (12)
i'll be going to at least one NWern and one Wisconsin football game next season    02/22/19  (12)
I am very concerned about Backspace tp's transformation into an anti-Semitic cat    02/22/19  (11)
True Detective 2/22 megathread    02/22/19  (11)
Sad! Autistic dude strikes out on WaPo Datelab with Jewess 4    02/22/19  (10)
anyone else fit the "doomer" meme entirely in their mid-20's    02/22/19  (10)
I was queen of my middle school because I "developed" early    02/22/19  (9)
XO Under 30 crowd: If I mentioned SAT's and Analogies would you have a clue?    02/22/19  (9)
bunch of us are doing mushrooms in redwood doods apartment tonight    02/22/19  (9)
Time's Up CEO resigns after her son is accused of sexual assualt    02/22/19  (8)
BTK serial killer wants Trump impeached not flame lmao    02/22/19  (8)
so libs are ok if terrorists breed and send their kids to US?    02/22/19  (8)
DBG should i convert to Judaism    02/22/19  (7)
needa n emergent juul flavororder    02/22/19  (7)
Fucked up insulin pre workout again, taking ?s    02/22/19  (7)
Kraft Heinz stock down 28% today    02/22/19  (7)
Chandler, how long does it take you to prep for trial?    02/22/19  (7)
i have a confession, i should be in prison for having seen child porn    02/22/19  (7)
This is my least favourite life    02/22/19  (7)
Turns out that Scientologists were 100% correct about psychiatry    02/22/19  (7)
does anybody actually know anyone who is still a "liberal"    02/22/19  (6)
SUMMON: all gay males    02/22/19  (6)
Tommy loves sunsets...hes a big softie underneath it all & I hope he finds love    02/22/19  (6)
who smokes these terrbibel light blue american spirits jfc    02/22/19  (6)
I have had a massive rash on my face for several months. There is no cure.    02/22/19  (6)