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when is the next golf major? 2 weeks?    06/17/19  (45)
How to raise children who don't fall for the GC scam?    06/17/19  (32)
Why can't jews do physical labor like construction?    06/17/19  (31)
ITT: The biggest LIE you were told while interviewing for a job    06/17/19  (28)
Guess the settlement for the car in the photo (CSLG)    06/17/19  (24)
LMAO at these depo transcripts from the Oberlin Bakery case. Libs r insane    06/17/19  (24)
Chopsticks fading from Kyle Kashuv’s future wedding reception photos    06/17/19  (22)
Humanity should be investing most of its money into moving off of Earth    06/17/19  (22)
Breaking News... Moneygram is exclusively partnering with Ripple WILL USE XRP    06/17/19  (21)
Why Can’t Everyone Get A’s? (nyt)    06/17/19  (20)
Adults who wear Jordans with formal/semi-formal wear    06/17/19  (19)
one of my friends moved 2 philippines and talks about how he has trad wife dream    06/17/19  (18)
Guess how many FBI/NSA agents post here    06/17/19  (18)
Just ordered knee braces. I feel so old    06/17/19  (16)
Did the English basically copy French culture? Or vice-versa?    06/17/19  (16)
RATE this photo a reporter snagged of the Dallas gunman getting ready to attack    06/17/19  (16)
130K salary. Honda Accord or Lexus ES?    06/17/19  (16)
Truly bizarre how few American women that are actually feminine these days    06/17/19  (15)
Look at these shitlibs get knocked out with a helmet    06/17/19  (15)
commute home is the loading screen for ur inner world    06/17/19  (14)
HONK HONK alert: "Kidz Bop" now does kiddie versions of Cardi B songs    06/17/19  (13)
Stock prices flat for the rest of our lives LJL    06/17/19  (13)
Catcher in the Rye is woke, teen realizes degeneracy that riddles his society    06/17/19  (12)
ITT: What is your favorite tool that you own?    06/17/19  (12)
Most Prestigious GOLF HOLE In The World #golf    06/17/19  (12)
Olympic figure skating champion Alina Zagitova plays clay court #tennis    06/17/19  (11)
Can Kyle Kashuv get into any other school with this mark on his name    06/17/19  (11)
who needs gigabit internet?    06/17/19  (11)
So this Zion Williamson fag is only 6'5? This is the future of the NBA?    06/17/19  (11)
Odd case. The same white trash proles who do heroin are also doing meth now    06/17/19  (10)
Bar owner told me barely anyone under 30 goes to bars now. Lots closing down    06/17/19  (10)
ITT, I rank the top 5 states for the Most Prestigious Golf Courses.    06/17/19  (10)
Taylor Swift thinks anti-LGBT people are toothless hillbillies (link)    06/17/19  (9)
What Really Happened to Malaysia’s Missing Airplane [The Atlantic]    06/17/19  (9)
exploring each other’s minds and lives, and not just bodies haha    06/17/19  (9)
found a vid of whoa cr friend (link)    06/17/19  (9)
Dallas shooter had a sweet 90s buttcut (pic)    06/17/19  (8)
Best New England Clam Chowder in Boston?    06/17/19  (8)
What does "common sense" gun reform involve?    06/17/19  (8)
This inner world shit has genuinely changed my life    06/17/19  (8)
enjoying sex is prole    06/17/19  (7)
“The waiting will only make it better,” said MPA to his therapist    06/17/19  (7)
chill inner world collapsing like Inception as extrovert coworker comes into vie    06/17/19  (7)
What's up fags    06/17/19  (7)
Fuck my dick this inner world is tight    06/17/19  (7)
LJL@racist pussy Kashuv meeting with Trump    06/17/19  (7)
Money isn’t real, people just made it up    06/17/19  (7)
There’s something about old construction houses that’s so much more comforti    06/17/19  (7)
Global warming is fraudulent but well-intentioned    06/17/19  (7)
What's a good brandable name for a 3rd political party?    06/17/19  (7)