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Columbus Marion Joiner, nicknamed Dad Joiner (March 12, 1860...

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Date: October 12th, 2018 12:47 PM
Author: cannon

Columbus Marion Joiner, nicknamed Dad Joiner (March 12, 1860 – March 27, 1947), was an American oilman who at the age of seventy drilled the discovery well of the East Texas Oil Field of the 1930s.[1]

Joiner had only seven weeks of formal schooling. Tutored at home, he was taught to read using only the Bible. He learned to write by copying text from the Book of Genesis.[2] In 1883, he entered into the practice of law in Tennessee and was from 1889 to 1891 a member of the Tennessee House of Representatives. He relocated in 1897 to Ardmore in the southern Oklahoma Territory, where he farmed[3] and then made and lost two fortunes in oil both before and during statehood. He came to Texas in 1926.[4]

In 1930, Joiner and A. D. Lloyd discovered the East Texas field, the largest petroleum deposit yet found at that time. Based in five counties, it was centered about western Rusk County. Facing thereafter financial problems, he went into voluntary receivership and sold his well and leases for $1 million to H. L. Hunt. As of 1938, Joiner's estate was estimated at $3 million in value. However, at the time of his death nine years later, his assets were described as of "nominal value."[4]


HL Hunt went on to become one the wealthiest men in the world. LJL at lawyers.