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Cunt: A Cultural History

Maroon bat-shit-crazy den shitlib
The sheer extent of the 'cunt' lexicon supports Scott Capurr...
Dull beady-eyed gas station
I'm a fan of the bucket cunt
Maroon bat-shit-crazy den shitlib

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Date: October 1st, 2006 1:09 AM
Author: Maroon bat-shit-crazy den shitlib


See also Gropecunt Lane http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gropecunt_Lane


Date: October 1st, 2006 1:13 AM
Author: Dull beady-eyed gas station

The sheer extent of the 'cunt' lexicon supports Scott Capurro's assertion that it is "plainly the most versatile word in the English language" (2000). Its versatility is demonstrated by the following 'cunt'-related words and phrases:

'Army Service Cunts' ('Army Service Corps')

'big cunt' ('large vagina')

'bucket cunt' ('large vagina')

'bushel cunt'/'bushel-cunted' ('large vagina')

'c and c'/'c and c shows' ('clips and cunts': television programmes consisting of extracts from other programmes ['clips'] with minor celebrities ['cunts'] as commentators)

'CGI' ('Cunt Gap Index', 'measurement-scale for vagina sizes')

'CHODA' ('Cunt Hair On Da Ass')

'cooint' ('vagina', Yorkshire variant of 'cunt')

'cow-cunt' ('large vagina')

'cunker' ('cunt')

'cunch' ('cunnilingus', 'combination of 'cunt' and lunch')

'cunnimingus' ('performing cunnilingus on a diseased vagina', combination of 'cunnilingus' and 'minger')

'cunnylicious' ('attractive vagina', combination of 'cunnilingus' and 'delicious')

'cunshine' ('pornographic images printed on highly glossy paper')

'cunt and a half' ('very idiotic')

"cunt-arse" ('idiot'; Verne Graham, 2005)

'cuntbag' ('idiot')

'cunt-ball' ('idiot')

'cuntbitten' (infected with venereal disease')

'cunt book' ('in the bad books')

'cunt bread' ('vaginal yeast infection')

'cunt bubble' ('vaginal fart')

'cunt buster' ('erection')

'cunt butter' ('vaginal fluid')

'cunt cap' ('military hat')

'cunt carpet' ('pubic hair')

'cunt-collar' ('pussy whip')

'cunt cock' ('clitoris')

'cunt cork' ('tampon')

'cunt-cuddling' ('masturbation')

'cunt-curtain' ('pubic hair')

'cunt down' ('pubic hair')

'Cunt Dracula' ('idiot')

'cunted' ('drunk')

'cunteen' ('something unpleasant, in a quantity of between thirteen and nineteen')

'cunt-eyed' ('narrow-eyed')

'cunt face'/'cuntface' ('ugly')

'cunt-faced' ('shit-faced')

'cunt fart' ('vaginal fart')

'cunt for hire' ('prostitute')

"cunt-fucked" ('vaginal sex'; Jim Goad, 1994[d])

'cunt grunt' ('vaginal fart')

'cunt guff' ('vaginal fart')

'cunt-hair' ('hair's breadth')

'cunt-hat' ('felt hat')

'cunt-hatred' ('misogyny')

'cunthead' ('idiot')

"cunthood" ('femininity'; Jim Goad, 1994[c])

'cunt hook' ('car used to attract women')

'cunt-hooks' ('fingers', a pun on 'cant-hook')

'cunt-hound' ('sex-obsessed')

'cunt-house' ('venue populated largely by women')

'cunt hunt' ('on the pull')

"c[u]ntie" ('little cunt'; Robert Burns, 1786)

'cuntikin' ('little cunt')

'cuntinental' ('patron of an outdoor British cafe')

'cunting' ('fucking')

'cuntino filet with white sauce' ('cunnilingus')

'cuntion' ('gumption')

'cuntish' ('stupid')

"cunt-ist" ('heterosexual man'; Jeffrey Merrick and Bryant T Ragan, 1996)

'cunt-itch' ('sexually aroused')

'cuntitude' ('bad attitude')

'cunt juice' ('vaginal fluid')

'cuntkin' ('little cunt')

'cunker' ('vagina', euphemism for 'cunt')

'cunt-lap' ('cunnilingus')

'cuntlashed' ('very drunk')

'cunt-leg' ('penis')

'cuntlet' ('little cunt', a pun on 'cutlet')

'cunt-licker' ('cunnilinguist')

'cuntlifters' ('old ladies' knickers')

'cunt light'/'C-light' ('pornographic film lighting')

'cunt-like' ('vaginal')

'cuntlines' ("The surface seams between the strands of a rope", a variant of 'contlines'; Clifford Ashley, 1944)

'cuntmeat' ('women')

"C[u]nt-mending" ('gynaecology'[?]; John Wilmot, 1680)

"cunt-mutilation" ('vaginal mutilation'; Jim Goad, 1994[e])

'cuntock' ('idiot'; abbreviated to 'ock')

'cuntocks' ('labia'; abbreviated to 'ocks')

'cunt of all cunts' ('incredibly stupid person')

"cunt-palaces" ('attractive vaginas'; Raymond Stephanson, 2004)

'cunt-pensioner' ('pimp'; abbreviated to 'cp')

'cunt pie' ('vagina')

'cunt positive' ('liberal feminist')

"cunt-pounding" ('sexual intercourse'; Media News, 2005)

'cunt-power' ('female energy')

'cunt-rag' ('sanitary towel')

'cunt-rats' ('tampons')

'cunt ruffler' ('provoker of women')

'cunt rug' ('merkin')

'cuntryside' ('large vagina')

'cunt's blood' ('idiot')

'cuntsman' ('womaniser')

'cunt smoke' ('no problem')

'cunt scratchers' ('hands')

'cunt-screen' ('pubic hair')

'cunt-shop' ('knocking shop')

'Cunts In Velvet' ('City Imperial Volunteers')

'cuntsmith' ('gynaecologist')

'cunt splice' ("Two [rope] ends side spliced together, with a gap between the two parts", a variant of 'cont splice' and 'cut splice'; Clifford Ashley, 1944)

'cunt-stabber' ('penis')

'cunt-stand' ('sexually aroused')

'cunt-starver' ('errant ex-husband')

'cunt-sticker' ('penis')

'cunt-stirrer' ('penis')

'cunt-stretcher' ('penis')

'cunt-struck' ('sex-obsessed')

'cunt stubble' ('constable')

'cuntsucker'/'cunt-sucker' ('cunnilinguist')

'Cuntsville' ('hometown')

'cunt-teaser' ('prick-teaser')

'cunt-tickler'/'cunt tickler' ('moustache')

'cunt torture' ('sadomasochistic sex')

'cunt trumpet' ('cunnilingus')

'cunt-up' ('mistake')

'cuntuppance' ('punishment for male infedility', a pun on 'come-uppance')

'cunt wagon' ('passion wagon')

'cuntwank' ('meaningless sex')

'cunt warren' ('brothel')

'cuntweep' ('vaginal fluid')

'cunty' ('idiot')

'cunty booby' ('confusion')

'cunty chops' ('beard')

'Cunty McCuntlips' ('idiot')

'decunt' ('withdraw the penis from the vagina')

'dirty cunt' ('unclean vagina')

'doss cunt' ('stupid idiot')

'double-cunted' ('large vagina')

'dumb cunt' ('stupid idiot')

'eyes like sheep's cunts' ('hangover')

'full cuntal lobotomy' ('male sexual arousal', a pun on 'full-frontal lobotomy')

'get some cunt' ('male sexual gratification')

'go cunt up' ('go wrong')

'ICBM' ("Inter Cuntinental Ballistic Missile": 'penis'; Roger Mellie, 2005)

'KFC' ('Knob Filled Cunt')

'kipper's cunt' ('very smelly')

'LC' ("LOW CUNT" and "LAP CUNT"; James VanCleve, 19--)

'mouth like a cow's cunt' ('talkative')

'petit-cunt' ('petit-bourgeois idiot')

'pox-ridden cunt' ('diseased vagina')

'RCH' ('Red Cunt Hair', 'hair's breadth')

'scabby cunt' ('diseased vagina')

'siffed-up cunt-hole' ('diseased vagina')

'silly cunt!' ('stupid idiot')

'sluice-cunted' ('large vagina')

'smelly cunt' ('malodorous vagina')

'stinky cunt' ('malodorous vagina')

'sweet cunt' ('lovely vagina')

"Two C's in a K" ('two cunts in a kitchen': two housewives in an advertisement; Stephen King, 1981).


Date: October 1st, 2006 1:15 AM
Author: Maroon bat-shit-crazy den shitlib

I'm a fan of the bucket cunt