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By unhinged pumos about you · Past 6 hrs / 24 hrs / week / month
Phish tour opener will be either "Free" or "DWD"    07/28/21  (25)
If the South were its own country it would become 3rd world within a month    07/28/21  (4)
Nadia Comaneci is still the greatest gymnast    07/28/21  (1)
12 monkeys but it's jurisprudence tp sent back in time 2 kill semiconductor inve    07/28/21  (8)
how do you end up with "multiple job offers"?    07/28/21  (4)
we use cookies to personalize your bemusing experience & widen rsf's ass (flytr)    07/28/21  (7)
4am phone rings. Trump has been up for hours already doing Jew shit for Israel    07/28/21  (2)
Slasher murdered and disfigured woman/dog two blocks from my place (Atlanta)    07/28/21  (2)
My sister in law just continuously flashes her tits, ass and puss at me    07/28/21  (128)
not one penny of blue state money should go to red state hospitals re covid    07/28/21  (9)
Djokovic sides w/Biles, says she was "brave" for withdrawing from Olympics (link    07/28/21  (9)
Is it gouche to mention salary of other offer when negotiation salary?    07/28/21  (7)
Why do the Chinese DOMINATE Olympic Weightlifting?    07/28/21  (10)
Breaking point: Shrew responds to new lockdowns    07/28/21  (19)
literally flew past my condo in Microsoft Flight Simulator this morning    07/28/21  (7)
Rate this CIA safehouse for sale in Dallas    07/28/21  (62)
what the hell goes on in Mormon temples?    07/28/21  (35)
faggot lawyer tp    07/28/21  (2)
Biden gets big warm welcome in Allentown, PA (video)    07/28/21  (18)
Nudity in major movies is crazy if you think about it    07/28/21  (29)
Gonna start nodrink. Five years of alcoholism is enough.    07/28/21  (90)
Nobody believes me that I dated Amy Adams for a few months in 2013    07/28/21  (16)
But call him a Upset Jew and you will be astonished at how he recoils    07/28/21  (4)
If Tsinah survives will libs admit this is fraud?    07/28/21  (1)
Med Schools Are Now Denying Biological Sex    07/28/21  (8)
Remember when chilmata spent months freaking out about COVID?    07/28/21  (1)
SI reported on Biles quitting months ago...    07/28/21  (8)
Only a few days left in St. Tropez bros 😭    07/28/21  (132)
Can one of you explain why the person delivering my food deserves a tip?    07/28/21  (2)
Please god let epsilon kill half the population    07/28/21  (1)
Anyone have a good telehealth experience getting an ivermectin rx?    07/28/21  (7)
keep thinking about hot naked guys    07/28/21  (1)
Rate this 1897 quote on American conservatism    07/28/21  (176)
I live the life of a der sturmer cartoon character (CSLG)    07/28/21  (5)
I had inserted a turkey baster into my bum and injected the feces of a Hadza man    07/28/21  (5)
Just checked into the ER, suddenly couldn't breathe (TSINAH)    07/28/21  (8)
Another antivax Trumpmo couple dies of COVID after likening vax to “experiment    07/28/21  (6)
lol Capitol Police Officer who testified was also a rioter?    07/28/21  (4)
After TSINAH dies of covid will board Trumpmos finally take it seriously?    07/28/21  (5)
Most embarrassing trend of past 5 years: Game of Thrones watch party at bars    07/28/21  (12)
Lizzo forced to address rumors that she staged dived and killed someone    07/28/21  (3)
would you rather go to jail repeatedly or be a manchild with an allowance?    07/28/21  (6)
Want to quit law, buy bicycle, do Uber Eats delivery in Manhattan    07/28/21  (4)
benzo knows the law much better & more personally than most lawyers here    07/28/21  (3)
violent orca tank water displacement catapulting henry to his death(rsf fell in)    07/28/21  (9)
Mad Men girls reunite (pic)    07/28/21  (10)
"living large" (new tlc show about rsf's weight issues/wasting his dad's money)    07/28/21  (12)
Adam Ant was so much more than "Goody Two Shoes" why dont you get that    07/28/21  (1)
i can cum only from receptive anal intercourse    07/28/21  (2)
"Unvaxxed" were engineered to exist as "Trump voters" fades    07/28/21  (1)
Trumpmos are deranged    07/28/21  (3)
ln(x) - what are you listening to these days? I need some fresh blood.    07/28/21  (3)
California: 40M people. Past week: 5 dead from COVID, 70 from car accidents    07/28/21  (2)
Bob Odenkirk (October 22, 1962 - July 28, 2021)    07/28/21  (30)
What drugs is the box on? Definitely some    07/28/21  (1)
DIDI is mooning!! here we go    07/28/21  (19)
Nudity on major law school message boards is crazy if you think about it    07/28/21  (1)
Know anyone in law with gauge earrings?    07/28/21  (4)
Adopting an older kid is TCR IMO    07/28/21  (36)
MSM: Don't do research, ask Qs or think for yourself. Trust the Science.    07/28/21  (4)
Le Monde: Paris McDonalds' Gear Up for Record Sales as RSF Plans Visit    07/28/21  (26)
Help me decide between offers    07/28/21  (5)
Looking back at it. I appreciate Gabby Douglas a lot more    07/28/21  (2)
GC horror company "WeLive": communal living for workaholic Millennials    07/28/21  (43)
Too Big to Yale    07/28/21  (3)
I think I'll fuck a 24 BBW tomorrrow (enemadood)    07/28/21  (46)
Most of Bolivia and Peru have really unattractive women    07/28/21  (1)
Why is an autoadmit Lawman8 thread in Tezos litigation?    07/28/21  (19)
jurisprudence tp where is the schelling point going to be when "it" starts "happ    07/28/21  (8)
Over 100,000 new covid infections on July 27, 2021    07/28/21  (6)
I fucking LOLed when I read RSF's terrible "travel articles"    07/28/21  (25)
Toto - Africa plays as smiling jurisprudence tp leans back in chair and hits F5    07/28/21  (5)
🤢    07/28/21  (1)
Aaron Rodgers shits on the city of Green Bay (link)    07/28/21  (10)
Let’s see Paul Allen’s fake vax card    07/28/21  (1)
i miss jurisprudence tp    07/28/21  (26)
Me n Emilio Estevez blasting the Ben Hur soundtrack while we oly lift for time    07/28/21  (1)
Renaissance fairs seem like 180 place to meet dorky bbw sluts w huge tits    07/28/21  (18)
Ate an otter today    07/28/21  (1)
So let me get this straight....    07/28/21  (2)
N🐵I🐵G🐵G🐵E🐵R    07/28/21  (59)
Quarter-squatting, deadlifting 1.25x bodyweight, kicking nazi *ASS*    07/28/21  (3)
90s classic with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan: "You've Got Yale"    07/28/21  (7)
LSD doesn't do shit to me    07/28/21  (4)
TikTok girl with huge knockers calls out the XOers who watched her vid    07/28/21  (15)
WH phone rings at 4am: Biden answers wearing mask in separate bed next to Jill    07/28/21  (1)
Mayor of Seattle suburb: "I"m a victim of hate crime. Someone called me corrupt"    07/28/21  (7)
DrakeMallard's Punjab parents shed thwarted tears looking at his baby photos    07/28/21  (2)
DrakeMallard: "Actually, in some cultures pockmarks are considered attractive"    07/28/21  (3)
Not much in UFO news lately.    07/28/21  (14)
Lawman8, is your name Jack?    07/28/21  (10)
tbtp: have you considered being a "sugar baby"?    07/28/21  (81)
Marry prince, and then QUIT monarchy, try to fuck it up. Become top gymnast,...    07/28/21  (1)
non-PI practice with high contingency potential?    07/28/21  (1)
Just went outside for 15 minutes and remembered everything is online    07/28/21  (1)
It's been 1.5 yrs. Obvious Covid is here to stay, forever.    07/28/21  (25)
Why is Upset Jew stalking and trying to doxx lawman8?    07/28/21  (9)
Two years later, Fauci still saying “wait two weeks”    07/28/21  (4)
black guy gets ass kicked by women (video)    07/28/21  (2)
Would you marry someone who's had sex with 20 other guys?    07/28/21  (15)
how do you give notice when working remotely?    07/28/21  (19)
did AJiP retire    07/28/21  (3)
Is AP Royal Oak overrated?    07/28/21  (3)
Phone rings. Solo looks up from XO, answers. "Haha no I dont do that kind of law    07/28/21  (2)
Worked at Tesla for Elon. AMA.    07/28/21  (71)
Rate this employment situation    07/28/21  (27)
Anyone see baseball umps with “FTX” ads on their black shirts?    07/28/21  (2)
Libs fawning over how brave, powerful, applaud worthy Simone Biles quitting    07/28/21  (36)
Why white Supremacy drives Black gymnasts to the breaking point (Vox)    07/28/21  (3)
NYT: Simone Biles "I dropped out because there was too much pressure to win"    07/28/21  (92)
what the (historically important) SECOND SHOOTER singer looks like now    07/28/21  (125)
XOer poasting on Stocktwits (not flame)    07/28/21  (36)
Fauci: "Nothing has changed, just the virus has changed"    07/28/21  (1)
How embarrassing that xo posters would get pinned down and bred by male gymnasts    07/28/21  (48)
*searches "Puddle of Mudd - Blurry" on songmeanings.net*    07/28/21  (16)
Anyone listen to Elliot in the Morning?    07/28/21  (3)
"do u reject satan, and all of his works" shirtless mel gibson&scott stapp: we d    07/28/21  (5)
Guy who pays for naked women to give him handjobs/titjobs, taking Qs    07/28/21  (36)
if u r 'str8' and look at the penis at all during porn, isn't that kinda gay?    07/28/21  (2)
Candy Ride: reposting my honest review of VR porn on a VR headset    07/28/21  (67)
Really nervous what COVID will look like in two weeks    07/28/21  (4)
does "trans" exist in the animal kingdom?    07/28/21  (19)
Bosom Buddies (1982 Sitcom), about a pair of straight white men who dress as    07/28/21  (1)
Dommes mandating their subs get vaxxed (link)    07/28/21  (1)
People should still get vaccinated even if they’ve had COVID-19, experts say    07/28/21  (7)
CDC warns COVID-19 may be a few mutations away from evading vaccines    07/28/21  (2)
The Da Vinci Code but it’s Luis discovering he’s the heir to Panda Express    07/28/21  (7)
oi mate, thats the whole bit innit? (Meta tp)    07/28/21  (1)
How mad are shitlibs that the Olympic covid storyline hasn’t panned out?    07/28/21  (11)
Life in the past: ruled. Life today: sucks.    07/28/21  (1)
does anyone know the man in this video?    07/28/21  (1)
New mask mandates just mean the vaccines are working    07/28/21  (2)
Afghanistan Air Force doesn't know how to fix planes, will get zoom lessons    07/28/21  (33)
The delta variant just means that the vaccines are working    07/28/21  (5)
Gymnastics mfes does Biles quitting individuals fuck over USA bc of top 2 rule    07/28/21  (7)
Will return to office be delayed?    07/28/21  (2)
Going to subway for lunch    07/28/21  (25)
Can NYC use cellphone data for tax audit ?    07/28/21  (21)
These liberal guys are weightlifting so they can be strong enough to fight Nazis    07/28/21  (48)
Lawman8 - do you have a beard & do you speak with a southern twang?    07/28/21  (1)
Is TSINAH alive?    07/28/21  (9)
computational sentience    07/28/21  (2)
Project Veritas confronts AOC, her handlers step in    07/28/21  (20)
lol libs are now shitting on kerri strug    07/28/21  (46)
According to quantum physics, we're all both gay and straight at the same time    07/28/21  (1)
I'm a fat Trumpmo who hates sports but here's my take on Olympic gymnastics    07/28/21  (5)
*COVID kicking the shit out of TSINAH's obese immune cells, "Milkshake" playing*    07/28/21  (2)
any shitlib governors reimposing mask mandates?    07/28/21  (11)
How’s Simone Biles brothers murder case going?    07/28/21  (1)

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